UQ collaborated with CCP in attack on freedom fighter student

Fark me:

This now demands a royal commission. How can our universities possibly have come to this? It is bald-faced treason, seeking to directly harm Australians in the service of a hostile foreign power.

UQ’s behaviour is an outrageous violation of an Australian citizen’s free speech, egged on, and directed by, CCP agents of influence and the dollars they channel via the international student trade.

The federal government should pull UQ funding until it:

  • clears out China-corrupted management;
  • reduces its dependence on Chinese international students;
  • removes the Confucious Institute from campus,
  • and apologises plus makes reparation to Mr Pavlou.

UQ is operating out on some autocratic limb that in violation with community standards, intellectual principle, democractic rights and national interest policy.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. I’ve been following this whole matter and the behaviour of UQ has been quite vile.
    Having said that, on the face of it this email isn’t particularly revealing. It just says they were putting safety first and got police involved.
    Now we could speculate what their motives were, etc, but on the face of it this email does not appear to be a smoking gun. Other evidence has been much more damning.

    • Are we reading the same email?
      The preamble says they are sending the message to the consulate for review and that once the consulate is happy it will be passed on to the Confucius Institute.
      It sounds very much like the University is letting the consulate vet it’s China and Hong Kong-related communication. On the face of it, it is extraordinary and craven.

      • Yes, they could say that their relationship with the consulate and institute was important, and that they are being careful with answering them diplomatically — hence the need for review.
        I don’t see how this proves collaboration using any reasonable legal burden.
        “We complied with the law and protocol, and then were careful to communicate this with the consulate and institute”
        is not the same as
        “We did what we did to make the consulate and institute happy”

        So I ask you back whether you are reading the same email as me.

        • Stormy Waters

          I think the key is to ask, what would have happened if the Consulate didn’t like it?

          The answer is where UQ’s culpability lies.

          • If we could answer this question sure, but it remain hypothetical.
            Certainly there is nothing in this email that suggests that they were asking the Consulate for what the next step should be.

            At best this email is another piece of evidence indicating how important the approval of the Chinese is to UQ. But by itself it falls far short of the smoking gun that wishful thinkers here are reading it as being.

        • I’m inclined to agree Davey.

          I’m no fan of how UQ has acted throughout this affair but my read is that the email was to be reviewed by the recipient prior to being sent to Chinese consulate rather than to be reviewed BY the Chinese consulate prior to further distribution.

          Unfortunately Drew Pavlou lets himself down by misquoting the email in his tweet.

        • Not sure I agree on that point to be fair. I think UQ has acted pretty poorly throughout this affair, so it’s unsurprising everybody is ready to think the absolute worst – I read the email the same way as most others on the first occasion.

          The problem is that I think this will ultimately hurt the cause. If the accusation is that UQ was vetting communications through the Chinese consulate, as evidenced by this email, than that will be trivial to disprove (presumably but the very next email in this chain, which likely says something to the effect “I’ve reviewed, please send”).

          Once they’ve done so, the university can label this episode a beat up and move on.

        • Oddly enough The Australian, which has been covering this story so far in huge detail, has (at least so far) not regarded this new development as new-worthy.
          Perhaps this site sees something in the email that normal humans don’t?

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      It is time for

      A Royal Commission into Chinese State links to Australian political, public service, education, and corporate entities

      • DingwallMEMBER

        10 years and 15,000 lies later it would be consigned to the too hard and embarrassing basket

      • surfbeach2536

        The Federal ICAC that both major parties are preventing is needed urgently. Like Marisa has said it needs to be “Independent, Comprehensive and Transparent”

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        Straight to ASIO first.

        This level of collusion with a foreign government by a research and educational institution must breach all sorts of guidelines for national security.

        I’d also like to see accountants go through financial records of the Dean and other staff involved in this debacle. I suspect there are some really big kickbacks being paid.

        A police friend of mine says crimes are generally committed for passion, revenge or money.

        This looks like money.

        • I think ASIO would have watched (and is watching this) and has briefed relevant people who have chosen to let things take the course they have. And will continue to let it run its natural course until the least amount of effort to appease the momentarilty outraged MSM is required i.e. not much. Look, a squirrel!

          • BubbleyMEMBER

            Lol! Damn squirrels get a lot of attention for a country that doesn’t have any.

            Sadly, you’re probably right. The relevant people probably do know and are knowingly doing nothing.

  2. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    As a priority there needs to be Royal Commission into foreign infiltration and influence in the sector, and all the gaps in governance. It has been advocated for some time to deaf ears. And our grant funding system needs a substantial overhaul too.
    I posted elsewhere that Hoi will retire at the end of June. Remains to be seen where is heading next, who sponsors that position, and whether it’s completely unrelated to the people at the other end of the phone line.

    • stock twitter

      silks know the power structure of this country is directed by the CCP. They won’t touch this with a 40 foot barge pole

        • Queensland barrister Anthony Morris QC has been one of the key defenders of free speech in the 2016 war over political correctness.
          Mr Morris is the lawyer who represented two of the Queensland University of Technology students embroiled in the now infamous 18C case.
          Mr Morris acted free of charge in representing the students in the case because of his unwavering belief in free speech.

        • Other comment awaiting moderation for whatever reason…Tony Morris successfully defended the two students in the 2016 QUT 18 c case, without charge due to his believe in f r e e s p e e ch.

        • BubbleyMEMBER

          I can’t decide if he looks like a grown up version of the kid from Jerry Maguire or a French Fry.

  3. The confusing bit is who is doing the reviewing. The first sentence suggests it is the Chinese consulate. The second sentence could be read that the receiver of the email at UQ is doing the reviewing. Either way the person writing the email seems to struggle with being unambiguous with their English. Overall and either way, it is a damage control message to their important ‘clients’.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Right now email accounts and histories being mass deleted at USYD, UNSW, ANU 😆

  4. When is UQ, sorry Queensland, going to announce that its borders remain closed to Aussies but its airports will be reopened for foreign $tudent$?

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Soon very soon… UQ can’t cope without the sugar and we have many, many high rises with non-tenanted apartments and some were specifically built and marketed for wealthy students……….. the pain must be there .

      • The ownership of those empty apartments would be good to know. Perhaps most of the owners live OS. There could be opportunities to transfer ownership soon. Reminds me of when so many Gold Coast properties were built and owned by Japanese companies back in the 1980s. That didn’t end well for them.

  5. Given that the anti Hong Kong democracy protesters on campus at UQ appear to have been organised by the Chinese Consulate/CCP via the Confucius Institutes this is truly disturbing and cannot be tolerated.

  6. Tumbleweeds from Dan Tehan so far.

    Or maybe he is too busy trying to score political points against Dan Andrews.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Tehan is far too busy working hard with India to get them more access to Australia’s “education market ” That is one minister who has totally lost the plot on what is job should be .

    • JC Tehan is underwhelming

      And that’s saying something amongst the dross in Parliament (on all sides)

      He sounds like an average homeboy, seriously.

  7. Focus too on foreigner Chancellor Varghese. He now busily trying to cover tracks via foreign policy pontifications.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Actually he is on record as not being very Pro-China. Apparently part of the reason he left as head of DFAT early – Julie Bishop was not amused.

  8. where is asio on this?? federal police??? they should be involved in this investigation

  9. arthritic kneeMEMBER

    Thought I would swing by the Brisbane Times to read more into this but was amazed when not an article was to be found.

    • Nope, the Fairfax papers and Guardian are avoiding this like the plague. Doesn’t quite fit their progressive/globalist/multi-cultural narrative to be shining any harsh light on our links with China.

  10. mild coronaMEMBER

    Hope everyone is listening to Peter Varghese on RN with Tom Switzer. No question on the Pavlou affair.

      • mild coronaMEMBER

        He’s meant to be but I often find his interviews reasonable. Peter V is always a voice for calm regardless of his current situation at UQ.

    • PlanetraderMEMBER

      Wasn’t Varghese on the board of AMP in the past few years when SHTF there?

  11. bhandleyMEMBER

    The person who wrote the email needs to take a class in grammar so as to avoid writing ambiguous messages in future.

  12. Cost IndexMEMBER

    Gong Fei the lot of them!

    High Treason for the University of Queensland!

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      Which one?
      公费 Trad. 公費
      gōng fèi
      at public expense

      gòng fěi
      communist bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))

  13. Photos of him at least ten years apart show him wearing the same fetching pair of goggles too.Clearly not a fashionista