Twitter should fact check Kouk

All day, every day he demands more stimulus:

While berating government debt:

Twitter should fact check, Kouk. Doing so is doing my head in.

And if you want some more balderdash then cop a bit of Shano:

We didn’t have a recession with the entire economy shut down. Go Straya!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      nah, people aren’t that interested in the kouk.
      Although, if the kouk never opined about anything ever again – that’d do me just fine.

  1. So if we go 0.1% for March Q, -10.1% for June Q and 0.1% for Sep Q, we’ll have a depression but avoid a recession.

    That would be pretty funny.

  2. how good is the arbitrary definition of a recession
    … imagine if we introduced measures only after April 1st … we would definately have growth in Q1 and we could have had economy collapse by 50% in three months of Q2 and then recovery (growth) by 1% for every quarter over the next 10 years and officially we would still not be having a recession for a decade while our GDP would be still lower after a decade

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      An executive order cannot override a law. It is an empty gesture.

      The whole thing about ‘massive voter fraud’ through the mail is not backed up by any evidence. Like most things in the US, it has become a political litmus test.

      • keep in mind that executive branch in USA (president) is directly elected and thus has as much legitimacy as legislative branch …

      • “Not backed by any evidence”
        Only an idiot thinks where fraud is possible, and incentive exists, that there is none.
        Since when has humanity been such a shining paragon of virtue to make you think that wouldn’t be true eh?

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          Hundreds of cases of fraud does exist, but out of 230 million postal votes. It is an issue, but not a big one. It gets blown up along the political divide as a litmus test.

  3. bskerr2MEMBER

    Twitter fact checking is rubbish in itself using CNN and others as fact sources, ludicrous. Trump will regulate these social media morons for sure.

  4. mikef179MEMBER

    The comment about the “retain its record run without a “technical recession” ” says everything that needs to be said about the “technical recession” definition. ie. it’s useless.

  5. I think DLS is jealous ABCs PM gets the kouk on for comments

    I agree it doesn’t make sense but then the world does not make sense