Sydney Lord Mayor feeds golfers to developers

The lengths politicians will go to support the mass immigration ponzi knows no bounds. Rather than slowing the deluge by halving immigration, Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore wants to gobble up Sydney’s golf courses:

Clover Moore renewed a push to halve the size of Moore Park Golf Course to free up more parkland for the public…

Cr Moore said reducing the course to nine holes would free up “much-needed space” for 70,000 people who would be living and working in the nearby Green Square precinct by 2030, making it Australia’s most densely populated urban area…

“There has been tremendous pressure on our parks right across the metropolitan area. It is vital that this land is shared with the broader community.”

I am not a golfer. Therefore, I personally have no problem with allowing more public use on golf courses.

But let’s not ignore the fact that Infrastructure Australia’s projections for Sydney show that access to green space, along with access to roads, public transport, jobs, schools and hospitals, will worsen as the city’s population balloons to 7.4 million people by 2046, irrespective of whether Sydney builds upwards or outwards:

The ABS also projects that Sydney’s population will nearly double to 9.7 million people by 2066, which will obviously further erode Sydney residents’ access to open space:

Stop the policy smoke screens. Address the prime cause of Sydney’s liveability destruction and cut immigration.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

    Slow mover Sydney. Copying Brisbane’s efforts to rid us of a city fringe PUBLIC golf course. Lots of green space on the current master plans, but we all know how those will get ‘optimised’ by the developers in the 10 years it will take to finish.

  2. Charles MartinMEMBER

    “There has been tremendous pressure on our parks right across the metropolitan area. It is vital that this land is shared with the broader community.”
    What better way to share the space than to build highrise schitboxes on it.
    Clover Moore is a menace. Not surprising when you hear that staff at Sydney Council cannot call her by her first name and they must also drop rose petals at her feet as she walks the corridors.

    • I thought that was a bizarrely self-contradictory sentence. Like ‘The only way to save the village from communism was to destroy it”.

  3. GlendaFMEMBER

    I thought that ‘park rage’ was taking over from ‘road rage’…..go Sydney!!!!

  4. DingwallMEMBER

    Hmmmm cannibalize every green space to build houses and apartments……………
    Hmmmm our runners, cyclists and strollers now want fresh air to do what they do

    Why don’t these fvcktard town planners etc actually plan for a town … not wall to wall buildings

  5. LabrynthMEMBER

    Can you guys not read, it is about turning the golf courses to green areas reserved for a tiny minority of people to a green space accessible to the entire community. This is good policy for inner city golf courses regardless of our population growth rates.

    • Indeed. Just as long as ‘freeing up that space’ doesn’t = “well it will have 4,000 apartments but the developers will also include green space, promise”

    • I’m no golfer, but golfers shouldn’t have to lose their course for the dodgy goal of letting some ponziteer developers successfully frick up Sydney. Unless said golfers and ponziteers are one and the same, which is quite likely, in which case it’s a fair outcome.

  6. Golf course should be converted into a park (it’s just ridiculous to have barely used golf course next to CBD (2km from Central Station) in a large city) but that must not be an excuse for Clover and Gladys to let tens of thousands of new units be build near by

  7. QuentinMEMBER

    Calling it barely used is a massive stretch. It is a course available to the public that is rammed 24/7 with the course and driving range a huge chunk of revenue for Centenial Parklands.
    The farce is overdeveloping the entire surrounding area, not making developers provide green space but then blaming the course. Reckon Clover has hated it all along and opportunisticly uses Covid to strike…

  8. Inner Sydney is already losing two golf courses in Balgowlah and Cammeray due to the Northern Beaches tunnel. So Moore Park will soon enough be just about the closest course to me.

    Moore Park already has a big hole in t be right back ground not being used – the old Football stadium. Convert that instead.

  9. WOw, surely she’s copping sweet kickbacks from developers for this? WHAT a SELLOUT…. how is the loss of green open space permissible in such a dreadful already-built-out city like Sydney? LOL. Why would anyone want to go live there beats me! #Crooks #greed

  10. Seriously LEITH VAN ONSELEN you are seeing everything through an immigration lens. This has nothing to do with immigration – and even it there’s an angle – that’s not what this is about! Clover Moore has so many credentials when it comes to making a city more liveable that you putting this slant on it just shows how one-eyed you have become in your anti-immigration stance. Get out of your bubble.

  11. Quality of life and big cities just do not go together. Adding a golf course to the “green space” just allows you to fake the stats that justify even more dog box living. The Sydney that I left 20+ years ago is looking more and more like Sao Paulo every day.

  12. plebngineerMEMBER

    Probably the only good public course, if this did happen, she’ll be out next time.