Seek job ads climb off canvas

Seek has released its job ads data for the week ended 17 May, which registered a strong percentage improvement off a very low base:

    • New job ads posted on SEEK during the fortnight ended 17 May are up 26.8% compared to April 2020 average.
    • The biggest contributors to job ad growth are Trades & Services (+45.1%), Administration and Office Support (+88.5%), Education & Training (+75.3%), Hospitality & Tourism (+101.6%) and Sales (+97.1%).
    • All states are showing an increase in job ad activity.
    • South Australia showing the largest job ad growth out of all states in May, up 36.2% in the fortnight ended 17 May.
    • Roles within Consumer Services showing the biggest growth of 84.4% making up 37% of opportunities advertised on SEEK.
    • Employees perception of job security at the highest levels for 2020.

Kendra Banks, Managing Director, SEEK ANZ comments: “In the fortnight ended 17 May we saw an increase in job advertising of 26.8% compared to the average of the month of April. As Australia begins its long road to recovery, we are looking at comparing job ad volumes to April. We are using April as a baseline as we hope this is the low point for job ad numbers and we can use this as a comparison for how the employment market is progressing. It is important to remember that these figures are a long way shy of the pre-COVID volumes and there is a long road ahead.”

“There are some promising signs with all states and territories showing an increase in job ad volumes compared to April, suggesting we have turned a corner as long as we do not see a return of restrictions or a further outbreak. South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland are showing the biggest growth in job ad volume in the last two weeks.

The states showed:

  • South Australia up by 36.2%
  • Tasmania up by 35.7%
  • Queensland up by 35.1%
  • Victoria up by 28.8%
  • Northern Territory up by 28.1%
  • Western Australia up by 27.4%
  • New South Wales up by 21.2%
  • Australian Capital Territory up by 13.6%

Industry sectors

Sectors within Consumer Services have shown the biggest growth in the last two weeks with an 84.4% growth compared to the April average, making up 37% of the total jobs advertised on SEEK. Consumer Services includes Administration & Office Support, Hospitality and Tourism, Sales, Retail and Consumer Products, Real Estate and Property, Call Centre & Customer Service, Sport & Recreation and Advertising, Arts & Media sectors.

Other sectors also showed positive growth, and include:

  • Public Sector increasing 24.6% making up 26% of ads;
  • Construction increasing 29.4% making up 20%;
  • Professional Services increasing 9.9% making up 10% and;
  • Industrial 12.9% making up 7%.

This data aligns with rival jobs site Indeed, which has recorded a similar bounce in job postings:

These are obviously positive signs for Australia’s jobs, although there is a long way to go before we get back to ‘normal’.

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  1. A job I applied for was retracted after I’d got through to the second round, really wanted it too, good job working on the rail line. Haven’t been looking too hard while moving but a lot of jobs I’d applied for that were put on hold due to covid shutdown have started the recruitment process again and competition is fierce. Very intrigued to see what happens to Brisbane warehousing/transport and logistics jobs after all this. Pre-covid, seek ads were getting 300-700 applications for a single role, massive oversupply of imported labour swamping the sector (I count southerners as imported as well) – who knows what it’ll be like now….

  2. Marcus L'Estrange

    Before Covid 19, the real unemployment figures showed a ratio of one vacancy for every 16 unemployed. I wonder what the next three months will show?

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