NSW to reopen for international students

As reported by Sky News this morning (above), the New South Wales Government has unveiled a plan to save universities that are struggling without the annual influx of international students.

The plan would allow international students, who contribute $13.9 billion to the state’s economy, to travel to New South Wales where they would be required to enter a mandatory 14-day quarantine period in hotels before returning to the classroom.

So, while Australians are blocked from travelling around Australia and abroad, in order to suppress COVID-19, we will let in tens-of-thousands of international students from nations with higher infection rates.

The New South Wales Government’s capitulation is not surprising given the state is most exposed to international students, especially those from China.

As shown in the next chart, New South Wales (367,000) had the highest number of international student enrolments in 2019, followed by Victoria’s (310,000):

New South Wales (101,000) also had the highest number of Chinese student enrolments in 2019:

Data from Professor Salvator Babones also shows that Sydney’s universities are the most exposed to a collapse in Chinese international student enrolments:

The University of Sydney and UNSW lead the country in numbers of Chinese students, with roughly 17,000 and 16,000, respectively. Both universities depend on Chinese student tuition for as much as one-quarter of their total revenues from all sources…

Money talks.

Leith van Onselen


        • happy valleyMEMBER

          And in terms of important calendar dates for SFM one of them would possibly be whenever the next happy-clappy Hillsong mega-meet in-situ is? That could be pretty much up there in importance with late September for the burial of JobKeeper if it is not buried earlier and Josh Rainbowberg’s deferred handing down of the budget in early October? Save all these dates.

    • Exactly, this is disgusting.
      A influx of third world lowlife migrant guestworkers – on pretext foreign student visas – only here to live and work illegally / whilst we have millions of Australians unemployed,
      And now a massive bio security risk in spreading their contagion and creating a second wave.

      “The 361,000 foreign students contribute $16.9 billion to the NSW economy” ($37,800 each)

      See that nonsense in the article??

      The foreign students enter Australia on a false declarations of funds.
      They only pay their first semester fees.
      They come in already in debt to foreign money lenders and agent procurers.
      Their money is earned here.
      They are poor lowlife mature age third world lowlife recruited from the slums of the third world to enter Australia on this pretext visa to live and work illegally.

      Remove all work rights and enforce it?
      They wouldn’t be here.
      Give them their ‘education’ for free online in their home country. They wouldn’t do it.
      They are not here to be educated.

      They are here to live and work illegally, to repay agent procurer debt, to send back remittances.

      They are a net debt & a parasitic drain on our economy.

      🔻At $38,000 each / they lower our GDP
      🔻They work illegally (75%+ do according to UTS & Uni NSW studies)
      So 361,000 foreign students * 75% working illegally means they displace or steal 270,000 Australian jobs.
      270,000 Australian unemployment costs = $8.4 billion.

      🔻The 361,000 foreign students occupy over 90,000 ex Australian dwellings.
      Invariably an ex Australian modest unit or small house purchased with foreign dirty money.
      Then run as a lucrative cash in hand goldmine, the illegally working foreign students living in crowded unsanitary fetid bunk share.
      The Chinese or Indian etc land lord pulling in $1,000 a week cash but declaring no or a minimal rent.
      And claiming negative gearing.
      Pushing up rents and housing costs for everyone else. Tens of billions of cost impact to Australians.
      🔻Let’s say $50 a week extra rent cost for most of Sydney renters = $6 billion

      🔻And the ex Australian occupants of that ex Australian housing on the street? Evicted by the new Chinese owner so he could run the dwelling as cash in hand migrant only bunk share?
      🔻116,000 Australian homeless and 370,000 seeking affordable housing. Another $4 billion in social welfare and refuge housing costs.

      So there’s $18 billion in direct tangible costs caused by these migrant guestworker parasites posturing on foreign student pretext visas.

      🔻I could then add road & public transport congestion, vice, criminal activities, the complete degradation of our education, the misuse of public infrastructure and many other costs of tens billions.

      👉🏽How is that a ‘contribution’ to the NSW economy?

      The foreign students are negative factor in any economic and social measure.

      The whole crooked racket needs a Royal Commission and to be shut down.

      • Mike, will the “students” still have an incentive to come here when much of the industry they would have worked in to pay off their debt and for remittance monies remains closed or severely throttled (hospitality, retail)?

        • No it’s the opposite.
          The China virus economic impact & recovery will see most distressed businesses take advantage of job keeper & rort it but accelerate the underlying move to off the books cash and foreign run migrant guestworker labor.
          Basically Australian made unemployed will stay unemployed and be swapped to the pool of 2.5 million TR migrant guestworkers on pretext visas.
          Examples already abound.
          That was the mistake in not force exiting the 2.6 million TR back in March when these TR had no valid visa or Coe to even be in Australia ( no skilled job, no classes, no backpacker travel to rural and remote and so on).

          The fake universities & colleges providing the foreign student visa alibi will all further soften their curriculum and controls (already extensively corrupted) to allow more online less face time or classes and even lower standards of ‘achievement’.

          An Indian or Chinese lowlife here on a pretext visa also has a much lower minimum cost of living than an Australian.
          Only $120 a week to live in a crowded fetid foreign owned bunk share. Bag of rice & free wifi for the 8 of them in the 2 bed unit in Burwood. No fees paid. No assets, working illegally in vice or cash economy.
          Or deliveroo – 3 Pakistani or Nepalese 24×7 sharing a fake identity and electric push bike.
          They can live on that & once the economy starts up again will be well placed to thrive in the cash economy once more employers turn to using contract or labor ring or gig labor.

          So effect / impact – exactly the opposite.
          Increased accelerated destruction of Australian jobs now and near future by 2.6 million migrant guestworkers on pretext visas.

      • Yep.
        International student work rights must be removed. There is no need for students to work here to support themselves, it is a requirement of the student visa that the student has sufficient funds to support themselves over the time of their course
        They are here to study… let them study.
        Remove the permanent residency pathway for international students, they should all be required to leave Australia for two years before any residency application is even considered.

        These two measures will go a mighty long to clearing out the corruption
        Not long ago there weren’t work rights or residency pathways… a better time

      • You’re on the money Mike. Let me give you a bit of factual background.
        1. The foreign students enter Australia on a false declarations of funds.
        Correct. The level of fraud in the student visa caseload in New Delhi is out of control and has been for a number of years. Immi does not have resources to investigate extensive scams involving transfers of funds into applicants to maintain the illusion that they have the means to study in Australia. Other rorters are the Nepalese and South Americans who all seem to want to come here to study. These groups also are rorting the onshore migration scheme made easy due to TRA doing skills assessments on the papers (since 2007, when all this shite started)
        They only pay their first semester fees. Correct
        They come in already in debt to foreign money lenders and agent procurers.Correct.
        Their money is earned here. Correct. The deaths of VicPol officers will expose the dangerous driving behaviour of Punjabis who in Melbourne are flooding into the trucking industry.
        They are poor lowlife mature age third world lowlife recruited from the slums of the third world to enter Australia on this pretext visa to live and work illegally. Correct. Just ask Indians who have been here a long time as to the background of the new arrivals. Easy enough to spot if you’re not Indian, they’re wearing thongs in winter.

        2. Remove all work rights and enforce it. Correct. The whole education export claim is one bright shining lie.be here.
        🔻They work illegally (75%+ do according to UTS & Uni NSW studies)
        So 361,000 foreign students * 75% working illegally means they displace or steal 270,000 Australian jobs. Correct. ABF do not have the will to start investigating breaches of the 20 hour work right.

        🔻I could then add road & public transport congestion, vice, criminal activities, the complete degradation of our education, the misuse of public infrastructure and many other costs of tens billions. Correct. If you have scammed the immigration system to get PR, why stop there?

        The whole crooked racket needs a Royal Commission and to shut down. I agree wholeheartedly but fat chance.Too many people are making money out of high immigration and cheap labour..

  1. Who pays for the hotel? If student, might still be pretty dissuasive. Also means an end to popping back home every time a second cousin gets married.

    • Andy McPherson

      The problem is that the 14 day quarantine is not magical. There is a 1 in 20 (5%) chance that you can still transmit the virus after this.

      5% of 40,000 international students is 2000 festy Chinese.

      It is no coincidence that on of the biggest outbreaks in NSW was at a care home at Macquarie Uni, which has 39% foreign students.

      Gladys is killing Australians for foreign money.

  2. Would they not need federal approval for this? Isn’t it the federal govt’s responsibility to open and close intl boarders (acknowledging that there are still some questions around how this was actually executed from a legal perspective).

  3. Now for Victoria to do better than that!
    I’m guessing something like Victoria government chartering planes to China to bring them back. Then setting them up at Crown or a high end real estate agency for 2 weeks (surely monika tu could help?)

  4. So glad I don’t work in the education sector or live in Sydney. You’ve got to feel for the lecturers and aussie kids exposed to this nonsense. I don’t see this ending well.

  5. run to the hillsMEMBER

    No doubt the timing of their arrival and release from quarantine will be perfectly synchronised with the reopening of all the rub and tug joints.

  6. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Economically, even if the education sector and property benefit from this, chances are more covid cases keep the rest of NSW locked down for longer. Good bye retail, good bye tourism, good luck healthcare….

  7. happy valleyMEMBER

    Just love the way that Scotty from Marketing’s Team Straya is now devouring itself, due to good old stupidity, moral bankruptcy and greed?

  8. This is a very presumptuous health policy – it only takes a single international student to not meet the 14-day quarantine assumptions, and then we’re back off to the (virus) races…

    How about restructuring the economy, rather than assuming that the staus quo, whatever its form, needs to be protected? Some businesses shouldn’t exist, or shouldn’t exist as they currently are. That’s life.

    But now we bail out almost everything.

  9. Real uni students are not the problem because they are only a fraction 1/10 of total number of “students”

    These fake students will not come because there are no jobs

  10. blindjusticeMEMBER

    so when some get sick, our doctors and nurses then have to keep risking their lives and the lives of their parents/grandparents so universities can make a buck?

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      These contributions to economy bandied about by lobbyists reminds me of a previous working role. At one point when you added up the claimed contribution of a few sectors to the economy you ended up at about 120% of GDP (from what was probably 30% of the economy). I would suggest little rigour has been applied to any of these estimates (not least the likely difference between net and gross) but they play well in the media.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      It’s a feel good number designed to make people who might have questioned why we have so many foriegn students from actually looking into it. Kind of like “housing values double every 7 years”.

      The problem is that it works and has done for years.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Someone probably took the money spent by the most profligate foreign student the first month they were in the country and then extrapolated that out linearly for 5 years and multiplied it by the number of students.

      Same way you calculate how a stop/go sign holder earns $200k+.

  11. SupernovaMEMBER

    Gladys has sadly missed an opportunity with the FEDS to restructure Australian universities and return them to the pre-1989 models of excellence that did not require Chinese Communist Party money for their survival. COVID 19 remains problematic in many areas of China closing off cities of 30M or more, yet Gladys suddenly turns a blind eye “come on over yea Chinese Communist party students” and submits to University pressure. Sydney-centric Gladys also owned by the property sector also supported by Chinese Communist party money. Another missed opportunity to restructure the country by our latest crop of “don’t rock the boat, sit on the fence, do nothing politicians”. It especially becomes serious when Western university employed professors are caught working for Chinese Communist Universities enabling them to sell research to China…….
    Yep…….Gladys keeps us locked and restrained whilst welcoming the Chinese Communist students, trusting them to self isolate. Unbelievable there is not more anger to Gladys and her hypocrisy.

  12. codeazureMEMBER

    Let’s look on the bright side. Having a foreign student influx increases the chance of a severe second wave in Sydney, which will squash the real estate sector again. No chance of a Chris Joy property boom if that happens.

    Of course, I’m being flippant. People will die because of this decision. We can only hope the penny will drop in the electorate about this.

  13. Ronin8317MEMBER

    So QLD and WA is right close off the border with NSW. This is worse than the Ruby Princess, by 1000 times.

    14 days is also not enough, it should be 30 days at least.

    • Good on QLD and WA. At least there are still some sensible states around. NSW can do whatever they want and their population will suffer for it. Just don’t expect the rest of the country to follow its insanity.

  14. Two weeks in quarantine is wasted time in which these keen students will not be able to participate in high-quality Australian face-to-face learning. I have a better plan which I will outline here:

    * Certain entire University campuses (campii?) to be allocated exclusively for foreign students (no whites allowed). There is one Uni in Queensland that would be particularly suitable.
    * foreign students who fly-in are taken immediately to their place of study and quarantined from the rest of NSW until the studies are complete.
    * Once the studies are complete, the students are flown straight back to their home country so they can employ their new-found knowledge without further unnecessary delay. Hopefully the home countries will recognise the legitimacy of this scheme and recognise the value of their qualifications and allow them entry without unnecessary quarantine.

  15. It’s going to take a long time for some to realise it, but Melbourne and Sydney are already lost.
    Not to coronavirus, but to foreign born voters allowed to settle in both cities due to migration.
    They can no longer be democratically or demographically aligned with the rest of the nation.
    Different demographics – different INTERESTS.

    The rest of us would be significantly better offer if Sydney and Melbourne were ring-fenced to become their own self-governing city states, similar to the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia, or alternatively if Australia was split in two.. a left of centre, globalist multicult nation comprised of Victoria, NSW and ACT, and a conservative, anti-immigration, Anglo-Celtic “real Australia” comprised of the rest of the nation. Melbourne and Sydney will never turn away from globalism, the rest of the country has never been for it. Stuck together Sydney and Melbourne will eventually drag the rest of the nation down.

    • Luke this a great idea. Rather like la and NYC not being america. Better still nuke them both from space tbh. They aren’t Aussie cities anymore so who cares.

      I would never live in those places I would rather live O.s

      • Thanks. It was a long and hard fought endeavour acquiring it (though so personally, if not financially, rewarding; I’m a much better person for my China experience and eternally grateful I had it). I’m glad there are those who appreciate it!

  16. ‘New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian suggested closures were partly about winning popularity.

    “I’m sure those premiers are getting more popular in their states for keeping their borders closed,” Ms Berejiklian told ABC News Breakfast.’
    Show you how much difference voting makes and where her bread is buttered. Stephan Morris is correct when he talks about politicians being more akin to arbiters than representatives and the citizenry gets outweighed.

    • I’m not sure but I can tell you that many Chinese asked the same question of foreigners in China up until around 2010 (and some still would, and they were right in many instances to do so). It is an interesting question to ponder

  17. happy valleyMEMBER

    I am truly enjoying the dog-eat-dog Strayan attitude now resurfacing after it had been silenced by the stillborn Team Straya BS for the last little while. Yep, back to BAU for Straya. How good is Straya.

  18. Is there any word on whether DoctorX will be boarding any of these students? And people wonder why the QLD border is still closed. If you keep coming up with “great” ideas like this and it will stay closed forever.

  19. south54MEMBER

    If you want to stop this rort, vote for the Sustainable Australia Party, it strongly supports a cap on permanent immigration, affordable housing etc

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