Manchurian Dan threatens ANZUS

This is what happens when Labor takes the China bribe to its logical extreme, at ABC:

The US ambassador to Australia has played down a suggestion from his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that his nation could “simply disconnect” from Australia if Victoria’s trade deal with Beijing threatened its telecommunication security.

On Sunday morning, Mr Pompeo said while he was not aware of the detail of Victoria’s agreement, it could impact his nation’s Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partnership with Australia.

In an interview with Sky News, Mr Pompeo warned the Belt and Road agreement with the Andrews Government increased the Chinese communist regime’s ability to do “harm”.

China’s trillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative (BRI) is a global infrastructure push aiming to recreate the glory days of China’s ancient Silk Road trade routes.

The highly controversial scheme has been panned by many Western democracies, including Australia.

More and more countries are choosing to ink agreements with China on its trillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative, but what are countries actually agreeing to when they sign on?

But Victoria has gone it alone on signing up to the infrastructure initiative, with Premier Daniel Andrews inking a Memorandum of Understanding with China in 2018 and committing to deepen the state’s involvement in 2019.

The non-legally-binding agreement allows Victorian infrastructure experts to get access to the hundreds of billions of dollars of projects slated for the Belt and Road.

It also encourages Chinese infrastructure firms to establish a presence in Victoria and to bid for major infrastructure projects.

“I don’t know the nature of those projects precisely,” Mr Pompeo told Sky News today.

“To the extent they have an adverse impact on our ability to protect telecommunications from our private citizens, or security networks for our defence and intelligence communities — we simply disconnect, we will simply separate.

“We are going to preserve trust in networks for important information. We hope our friends and allies, especially our Five Eyes partners like Australia, do the same.”

Mr Pompeo said the scheme broadly came at “some cost” to those who signed on.

“Every nation has its own sovereign right to make decisions for itself, and I suppose Victoria has some rights that it can undertake but every citizen of Australia should know that every one of those Belt and Road projects needs to be looked at incredibly closely,” he said.

On Sunday afternoon, the US ambassador, Arthur Culvahouse Jr, released a statement in response to coverage of Mr Pompeo’s interview, saying he wanted to “set the record straight”.

He said after Mr Pompeo was asked about a “very remote hypothetical”, he had carefully noted that he was not across the detail of Victoria’s Belt and Road agreement.

“The United States has absolute confidence in the Australian Government’s ability to protect the security of its telecommunications networks and those of its Five Eyes partners,” Mr Culvahouse said.

“We have made no secret of our concerns about 5G, and we commend Australia for its leadership on the issue.

“We are not aware that Victoria has engaged in any concrete projects under BRI, let alone projects impinging on telecommunications networks, which we understand are a federal matter.

“If there were telecommunications initiatives that we thought put the integrity of our networks at risk, of course we would have to take a close look at that, as the Secretary suggested.”

Put yourself in the American’s shoes for a minute. Why would they sacrifice the blood of their young men for a few sell-outs Downunder? There are many other considerations in the alliance than that but in pure relationship terms nothing else matters.

What strikes me about it is the arrogance of Australia to think it can have its cake and eat it too. It can’t. It never could. It was just convenient to think so for a while.

Anyways, the heat on Manchurian Dan is developing into a blowtorch, at The Australian:

A pro-Chinese company was promoting the Belt and Road Initiative to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews while at the same time being paid by the Andrews government to provide advice on the controversial investment and trade deal.

Mr Andrews’s office confirmed the Melbourne-based Australia-China Belt and Road Initiative company was awarded two taxpayer-funded contracts in 2017-18 and 2019-20 totalling $36,850 to advise on China’s global commercial play.

The organisation was set up by young former Chinese television journalist Jean Dong five years ago.

Ms Dong, now 33, was present at the signing of the Australia-China free-trade agreement in 2015 and recruited former federal Liberal trade minister Andrew Robb and former Labor finance minister Lindsay Tanner to the company’s advisory board.

Scott Morrison on Sunday ­repeated the commonwealth’s ­opposition to Victoria signing on to the Belt and Road Initiative as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned any BRI project was designed to boost the power of the Chinese Communist Party.

America’s most senior diplomat says the COVID-19 outbreak has revealed China’s authoritarian nature, including its desire to exert hegemonic influence over countries via proje…

The Andrews government conceded on Sunday it had breached disclosure rules in failing to report the expenditure on the consultancy, blaming an “administrative error”.

And more at The Age via Clive Hamilton:

Like many influential members of Australia’s elites, Andrews has over many years been carefully cultivated by the CCP using subtle psychological techniques so that they come to believe that anything that upsets Beijing is against Australia’s interests.

A politician committed to multiculturalism, Andrews has been diligent in mixing with a range of Chinese community organisations and befriending their leaders. Unfortunately, most of these organisations belong to the CCP’s United Front influence network.

He has also been guided in his China entanglement by senior staff members linked to the United Front network.

As opposition leader, Andrews’ senior adviser on China was Mike Yang, who has also been a vice president of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, until recently the foremost CCP influence agency in Australia. It became notorious through its president Huang Xiangmo.

Today, Marty Mei is a senior adviser to Premier Andrews, and accompanies him on visits to China where the Premier is given the full treatment reserved for useful foreigners. Mei too has links with the United Front, including being named as a “special consultant” to the Shenzhen Association of Australia, known to be a front group.

In 2015, he told a Chinese state media outlet that his role is to “prevent the state government from doing things that might damage the interests of the Chinese community … [and] negotiate more benefits for the Chinese community”.

In March, the Premier met with China’s Melbourne consul general, Long Zhou. It was an amicable meeting. The consulate reported that Andrews praised China’s tremendous efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and its important contribution to global public health and security.

The phrases are the same ones repeated over and over by Communist Party organs and Chinese diplomats. As Mareike Ohlberg and I explain in our forthcoming book, Daniel Andrews was engaging in biaotai, which in CCP lexicon means expressing allegiance to the Party by repeating its political phrases.

Let’s not forget that as China lied about the virus earlier this year, and demanded that Victoria kept its borders open to spread it, it siphoned off the state’s personal protection equipment. While this act of sharp power war transpired, what did Manchurian Dan do? He lit up Victorian public buildings in CCP colours.

That’s how naive and deep are Labor’s corrupted CCP normatives.

Herein lies the problem with the seductive notion that we can quietly disengage from China over years without upsetting anybody. Those are the shadowy circumstances in which Chinese sharp power increases.

The only strategy to defeat China’s sharp power war on Australia is loud, open, copious, raucous and chaotic objection to every political, and many businesses, links to the CCP.

It’s a battle to define the national normatives. A battle that Labor’s treasonous states have already lost.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Charles MartinMEMBER

    I can’t wait to see Daniel Andrews in a Mao suit.
    And seriously, we have to stop referring to the likes of Daniel Andrews, little krudd and their ilk as elites. Start describing them as what they really are.

  2. Totally agree. Unfortunately I hold little hope in him and others being brought into line as there doesn’t appear to be a politician in power who truly has a patriotic sense of pride or duty or with the fortitude to weed out these treasonous acts.

    • Hastie. We need him to have a more prominent role. However, I fear that he never will, given the powers that be realise he might seriously challenge the status quo.

      • Yes Hastie would have my support but like you say he’d be seen as a threat from our do nothing corrupt politicians and unfortunately will be stifled before being given a chance.

    • Andy McPherson

      Andrews has probably been offered the Prime Minister post by the CCP, when they complete their takeover of Australia.

  3. The state opposition is useless in Victoria, so he has the 2022 election in the bag. He’ll resign in 2024 and end up on the boards of the Australian arms of Chinese Construction companies. It is a well worn path for our greedy treasonous politicians.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      H&H doesn’t seem to realise that the only way you can fight a Cultural War is by having a strong. patriotic culture of your own.

      Instead Australia (and most of the West) have had 40 years being lectured to by their neo-intellectual class and the institutes of wealthy entrepreneurs on just how lacking our cultural values are, and how badly they need to be replaced and have other cultures imported to compete alongside other values.

      Despite all the crap and evil of China’s CCP, I do admire their determination to see their culture, people and influence endure – unlike the West who have basically been brain washed into committing suicide.

  4. The Labour party is deeply stuck in a relationship of financial dependence with the cronies working for the CCP.

    It is disgusting and ensures Labour are even less trust worthy that the complete c₩nts running the LNP.

    Labour needs to get back to its post 70s roots of selling out working Australians by taking donations from big corporate interests.

    • The Victorian ALP got back into power by taking a leaf from the Kennett government playlist. The pro-development politics of Steve Bracks/John Brumby gradually saw public-private partnerships that allowed public servants to sit of boards and hide behind ‘commercial in confidence’ decisions. This became a full blown sellout of political transparency and democratic rule. The ALP is stuck with this model as it is how they maintain a donor base, generate revenue (stamp duty, mass immigration etc) and sell their governance success – development and tertiary education. It has allowed the CCP to slot itself into a model where decisions and discussions are done on a commercial basis and hidden from view.

      Dan Andrews is a professional politician with no life experience other than politics. His politics uses an MO that smells the ideological wind and play to the mob. It is opportunism and his mix of identity politics with market-based economic focus plays with cultural and economic explosives. Many issues distract the masses (transgender, safe schools, toxic masculinity, race, violence against women etc) but are not what they seem to be if analysed objectively. Victoria is not being made by a political plan, but by riding tidal wave that the CCP is a big part of as the crowds are fed a diet of issues that keep them chattering as deals are done in the back rooms and “administrative errors” hold back processes of disclosure. Because you must have the similar opaque decision making to roll out the Far Left freak-shows that use ‘hard evidence’ that has escaped proper analysis i.e. the Far Left get their work done in the same way as big business and the development lobby.

      Dan Andrews may well be the man who runs this form of state politics onto the rocks.

      • Do you think Dan’s Aussie drawl as a way talk is an affectation?

        Sounds like he’s struggling with vowels or has marbles in his mouth.

        • A lot is crafted. Dan is a dash of ‘country boy made good’ in a blue suit with nerd glasses in touch with his feminine side in order to be political androgynous and a non threatening family man. His accent is a similar chimera designed to bridge the East and West divide. It’s the daggy dad persona that hides the sort of guilty hankering for power that a suburban Catholic can best disguise by ordinariness and a crusade. Lurking beneath is a Robert Crumb cartoon character.

  5. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    I think it is wonderful that Dan is taking MultiCult to its logical conclusion by embracing other cultures – why shouldn’t we accept that we live in a Multipolar world now?

    Obviously these tensions are merely a result of minor cultural differences – Dan should invite the Chinese and Americans to sit down to some Chai Tea and cricket and mealy worm biscuits and after a smoke welcoming ceremony I’m sure all their differences will be sorted out.

    I don’t know why MB is so against the diversity that China offers, I mean why pick on the Chinese? The Sudanese have been wonderful additions to our nation as well, so many doctors, lawyers and engineers. How about the Indians and Pakistanis – they’ve certainly taught us a thing or two about how to peacefully resolve domestic arguments, no longer will white Australian males resort to a jerry cans of kero to sort out arguments over appropriate size of dowry’s.

    Just why should we pause to consider just how many Chinese we have welcomed into Australia over the past decade? China have only been sending us those with the very highest social credit scores, their best and brightest, most patriotic Chinese citizens who will be both the best ambassadors for both China and the CCP. These are the best Chinese that the CCP have to offer – and yet there are so many nasty things being written about them.

    They are all Australian now – even the ones who’ve just stepped off the plane with their freshly printed Australian passports – if they want closer bonds to their mother land, what right do do we have to say “No”? That would be rac!st.

    Their cultural distinctiveness has now been added to our own, this is who we are now – isn’t it wonderful.

    • 1000

      The worst part is the average Anglo being intimidated into not talking about it. I find that it’s been a very deliberate and protracted campaign of gaslighting for 40 years, capitalising on the guilt and shame aspect of western societies that are overwhelmingly founded on Christian heritage. Guilt, shame and appeasement are the easiest way to go about getting people to destroy themselves – no blood on your hands physically.

      • No one in the ALP wants to admit that the labour movement was a big supporter of the White Australia Policy as a way to protect a working class standard of living. Guilt drives people like Sally at the ACTU who don’t want to face history; that Australia avoided a slave class similar to the model of the USA by largely keeping Australia free of slave/cheap labour in the 19th/20th century using a racist selection criteria that was no different from other developed Asian nations (i.e. Japan) operated. The Left disallows a proper conversation in case horrible facts emerged – i.e. that Australia owes its success to British institutions and cultural unity where the cost of labour was kept high – until this point. The world in the 21st century has changed dramatically from the 19th and 20th where the same reasons no longer exist. If immigration is based upon cultural compatibility and skills, skin colour and race matters not as it does not reflect generalised notions about culture and skills as was the case in the 18th, 19th and first half of the 20th century. The lie being progressed by the far Left is that culture does not matter and that the selection of a the largely Greek/Italian immigrants based upon cultural compatibility post WW2 was racist. We are expected to believe that an immigration programme that instead took in people from e.g. the Horn of Africa, would have had the same outcome. It’s a lie. It does not mean that the human rights of people from the Horn of Africa should be any different to our own. But serving human rights and cultural needs and security are two different things.

        It would be far better NOT to have to discuss these issues – they are divisive. The best way to avoid such discussions is to not force people to accept lies and invented history to suit ideologically based views that require mistruth and blindness. The far Left is thus creating the ideological opposition that it fights.

  6. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    Dan has to support his Melbourne Ponzi somehow. He is easy pickings for CCP.


    It’s our heritage; veneration of those in power who ‘might’ bestow a favor or two for those that show loyalty and unwavering support.
    The same attitude worked brilliantly for centuries where the monarchs ‘enjoyed’ (required and demanded) complete suppport for all of their ventures.
    As we revere the ‘royal’ model but have none we can call our own, we’ll find comfort in the next closest option; licking the patent leather boots that are made in China.
    Not one single leader on both sides of the aisle has a ‘vision’ for this country’s future that the citizens can get behind. Hence, any ‘vision’ that we’ll evolve toward will therefore come from others.

    • Agree. Where is the vision and where is the identify that Australia can hold on to as we March towards that vision. No where, we are lost and not a powerful enough political force to be seen that could change this.

  8. Dear Daniel Andrews
    You can choose from the following.
    One belt one road or be in line to get your ‘unquestionably strong’ banks a Fed USD bail out like in 2008.
    If the banks don’t get such a bailout is it possible we are going to become like Argentina? I think yes.

  9. Ronin8317MEMBER

    What would the Victorian real estate market look like without money from China? That should tell you why Dan Andrew is pro-China, because the state is addicted to stamp duty.

    The ‘One Belt One Road’ is over-hyped. So far in Australia, all that happened is a few press release and some ‘feel good’ meetings. The money from China hasn’t come, and given the current state of the Chinese economy, the money will never come.

  10. ignoratio elenchiMEMBER

    I have 20 or so years of my working life in front of me. On the weekend I realised that there will come a time when I will work for a chinese government owned institution in order to support my family. I’m watching the man in the high castle and Melbourne’s realationship with the CCP already feels like the Japanese occupied San Francisco.

    I have accepted that I will live on my knees rather than die on my feet.

  11. bolstroodMEMBER

    Soooo, the cloth cuts both ways.
    Look what happens when Scotty from marketing parrots our largest foreign investors accusations about China’s irresponsability about Corona virus, and calls for Weapons Inspector grade access for International investigation into China’s outbreak,; trade cuts in Barley ,Beef , Coal and maybe Iron Ore into China.
    Now look at US response when 1 Australian state premier talks up his states trade with China,

    “We’ll cut you loose.”
    There is a very important lesson here for Australia to learn .
    We are caught between our biggest trading partner and our biggest security ally as they go about the Great Game.
    We must become far more agile and nuanced in our dealings with both.
    Mungo has a goodtake on it

    • Exactly, quite transparent while most media like MB fall into the same trap. Saturday Nine Fairfax editorial really backpedalled on the previous promotion of Federal govt and indirectly the White House; too many complaints including LNP voters me thinks.

  12. TrooDohMEMBER

    “What strikes me about it is the arrogance of Australia to think it can have its cake and eat it too. It can’t. It never could. It was just convenient to think so for a while.”


  13. The Sultan of Victoria and his cabinet friends should have it clearly spelled out by the Federal government, that their personal wealth and any sheltered in trusts will be used as first-loss reserves in the event of any losses accruing from these so-called deals.

  14. What is the Liberal Party doing, and what does it want, apart from allowing the IPA make policy; branches age, decline and replace with Mormons and/or evangelicals; Federal govt. and NewsCorp doing their bidding.

    Meanwhile many Liberal voters see Federal govt. and NewsCorp encouraging antipathy towards not just the Andrews govt. but Victoria, or least Melbourne e.g. like too many here regarding ‘immigration’ and ‘vibrants’; they may not vote for Labor but nor do they disapprove of Andrew’s govt. (and predecessors), much.

    German friends, like others internationally, used to view Australia positively but is now seen as a lap dog of the US (like too many Americans as ‘redneck losers’), conservative, shallow and racist; Melbourne is viewed more positively.