Manchurian Dan drives CCP stake into federal Labor

Via Domain:

The Victorian government looks set to pursue the next step of its controversial Belt and Road deal with the Chinese government, despite widespread criticism of the deal.

Premier Daniel Andrews indicated on Wednesday that the timetable for agreeing to the next step of the deal, a “co-operation road map” between the state and the Communist country, had been pushed back by the COVID-19 pandemic but that “further announcements” were on the way.

The state Labor government has come under fire from the conservative side of politics, defence commentators and even some federal ALP party figures for agreeing to the deal despite federal government objections.

This is destroying Labor. It is now going hand-in-hand with the wolf wankers, at The Australian:

China’s Melbourne consulate has accused critics of Victoria’s Belt and Road agreement of making “distorted interpretations” and “unwarranted attacks” in a statement.

As well, the consulate has labelled negative remarks over the memorandum of understanding between the Chinese and Victorian governments as “deliberately discrediting for political purposes”.

“The negative remarks against the “Belt and Road” initiative, as well as the questioning and criticism of China’s cooperation with Victoria in the “Belt and Road” initiative, are obviously distorted interpretations, unwarranted attacks and deliberate discredit for political purposes, and they do not really care about the benefits of “Belt and Road” cooperation brought to the people of both sides,” the statement said.

What can I say? There is no Victorian opposition so Manchurian Dan has a free hand.

But he is killing federal Labor stone dead.

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    • Fascist China

      Manchurian Dan looks like a harmless left wing simp but he’s evil incarnate.

  1. The Victorian government looks set to pursue the next step of its controversial Belt and Road deal with the Chinese government, despite widespread criticism of the deal.

    how is Victoria on the way to any other place on this planet? LOL
    even to get from Sydney to Adelaide it’s easy to avoid Victoria

    • BoomToBustMEMBER

      So the FedGov opens the floodgates for immigration and packs them into Vic (and syd), leaving Melbourne under crush load and massive infrastructure deficits requiring our politicians to do something to stay in power. Along comes the CCP promising money which of course our Premier signs us up in the hope of getting another term in power and to hell with the long term consequences.

      • Add in that Victoria has pretty much an empty cupboard as there is not much left to sell. The government flogged off the Port, Snowy Hydro and Land Titles since in power. Stamp duty has collapsed and GST was flat.
        Major projects have paybacks less than 1. Anything to get the economy going again is just more of the same. Pure madness.

      • mikef179MEMBER

        This is a good point. I don’t agree with what he is doing with the Chinese but the government are hardly one to cast aspersions when they have deliberately created a mess there in the first place.

  2. can the Feds somehow block this?
    in any case, why is the Liberalist Nationalist Party not making hay with this?

    Manchurian Dan?
    Hmmm how can they devastatingly parlay that into a nom de plume for Albo?

    • Yes. Where are the FED’s on this – Not a Peep, No Leverage, No Laws? Or perhaps Something Else???

    • TrooDohMEMBER

      Agreed – where the hell are the Feds?

      This whole episode makes ScoMo and the Federal Government look incredibly weak and impotent. It raises some big questions about Commonwealth power and the unity of the country.

  3. Surely this all just a bit racist? After all the Chinese have been here since 1840.

  4. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    He basically said today that we have no choice.
    Dealing with and having a partnership with China = jobs
    Not doing it desroys jobs.

    That’s it. So by that logic, if siding with Nazi Germany delivered jobs, he’s all over that too.
    At least we know where he stands. Terrifying.

    I don’t get Dan at all. He did a good job on the virus and gets Euthenasia laws through which I actually respect, but disgraces himself with the Chinese Communist party and the East link $1.3b torching. He is so arrogant he just does what he wants….sometimes Jedi sometimes Sith

    • The mistake the Nazis and Soviets made is not bribing all the foreign officials and corporations. If they had done that things would be very different right now.

    • “He basically said today that we have no choice.”

      In his playbook this Is the only choice. It’s stamped on the rego plates. Victoria is “the education state”. That required a pact with the CCP. There is no plan B as Manchurian Dan decided that the future was Chinese and you were a racist if you didn’t go along with it and sell your cultural security. There is no manufacturing and the silverware has been flogged off. Stamp duty from a never ending real estate boom and the corporatisation of government has gone further to the Right than Kennett, whilst embracing an old world communist party that is a an authoritarian anathema.

      Dan is a Pig Iron Bob on the wrong side of history. He is inflicting the Port of Darwin ignominy upon Victorians.

      Dan Andrews will kill off those in the ALP who are globalist free market opportunists – a good thing. They will go down with the CCP rickshaw. It may once again raise the question “What is the ALP supposed to believe in? Who does it represent? What are its values?”. Dan thinks it believes in partnerships with anyone who allows the asset bubble to be kept inflated using mass immigration and a dog box economy.

      Dan IS a dangerously ideological simp. History has caught up with him and his fall from grace is going to be spectacular.

  5. As Dan Andrews continues to remain popular, the perception that he and Gladys B have been leading the National Cabinet while Hillsong Morrison was telling people to “go to the footy” has triggered Morrison’s narcissistic rage. We have seen since seen attempted hit jobs from Dan Tehan (who ran away with tail between his legs), Kew MP Tim Smith (who ended up looking utterly unhinged) and now this latest BRI revelation which we’ve all known about for ages.

    If the LNP is so concerned about the CCP, why hasn’t anyone asked CCP plant Gladys Liu what she thinks? She has links to the Australasian Belt and Road Advocacy Initiative which is all about pushing Belt and Road.

    We also had the 60b dollar man Frydenberg sign off on the sale of Bellamy to China, as well as the Port Darwin lease and China FTAs that allowed companies to bring in Chinese workers to take Australian jobs. They are all China’s b!tches.

    • too much truth for us here… tone it down a bit so we can all have our 5 minutes of hate alright?
      A bit of background of the vile, heinous crime Mr Andrews has committed might be in order here for
      those who still have a functioning brain.
      Just “Andrews Bad!!! OMG!!” is not enough for me.

      • It’s not simply ‘Andrews Bad’ without context. He embodies the end product of 30 years of a “neoliberal” view of Left governance that has come from the ALP and infects it still. At its core was the idea of Australia was to be a “service economy” and that the rise of China was a free lunch with no down side. Dan is an apparatchik of the ALP – a sponge for ideology that began with Keating and was made into a ridged form of state economics by Brumby before being merged with an identity politics by Andrews. This made him popular and gave him votes as the opposition were perfectly dreadful, yet not all that much different in economic ideology. We are now seeing the end game of an era of political naivety by the ALP where the charge into the jaws of oblivion is led by the Andrew’s government. No manufacturing base, asset bubbles that feed government, private/public partnerships driving policy and now foreign labour intruding into an economy already hyper-dependent upon a population Ponzi scheme and debt.

        Yes, Andrews is bad. Bad because these policies are bad and based upon a political ideology that is naive, culturally divisive and deeply flawed. Nice guy perhaps, but in the model of the political apparatchik that cannot and will not govern for the long term interests.

        • what policies…
          That is the point I make.
          We are pointing at him, but we need to show the policies and dissect them.

          • The policy? Thirty years of a bipartisan agreement that we should get out of making stuff and embrace financialisation and a service economy based on mass immigration with a tight focus on China as the lynch pin of everything. Dan has been the darling of this policy, aligning the state to it. But it has has reached the end of its tether. Wrong way, go back – we must have a diverse, self sufficient and truly innovative economic model that does not depend upon the benevolence of one state where we share little in the way of common values.

            Whether you want to look at the environmental, cultural, political or health sustainability of this approach it has to change. Federal and state (the two are inseparable) have bet the farm on the CCP being a benevolent partner and not an authoritarian bully. It also suggests that a Chinese diaspora is a good thing, when the CCP has an open policy to use ethnic Chinese to advance its own national objectives. This is a nasty issue that no one wants to face up to.

            And what are Victoria’s objectives? Aa bag full of money, ever growing cities and never ending infrastructure demand filled with ever more dodgy private-public schemes? That’s insane, but there are no sensible objectives that embrace kicking the crazy growth and endless development merry-go-round.

            Australians would all be better off poorer if it meant securing their cultural, environmental and national security based upon values they want to live by – not progressive encroachment through state compromise that allows us to build cities beyond out long term needs and interests because that’s the state model of good governance.

            Dan is no more than an apparatchik and can’t be blamed for being the organ grinder’s monkey. That he lacked foresight and imagination is almost a prerequisite for Australian politics – he does not need it if he is an opportunist. But opportunists never see that the light in the tunnel was a goods train. Pavlovian governance taught by ALP neoliberalism that has Simple Andrew on the growth treadmill.

          • Thanks Clive, I needed a bit of background. I tend to agree, the 30 year project of
            dismantling manufacturing, getting it all offshore etc is not a long term good for the nation.
            (It might make certain few rich, but not build a nation.)

        • I’ve come to back to this article and should have said it last time, very well described Clive. That’s Dan Andrews really represents, 30 years of policy made flesh.

  6. SanchezMEMBER

    Sorry how the hell does this happen?

    “co-operation road map” between the state and the Communist country

    Where is ASIO”
    From ASIO website
    “Countering espionage, foreign interference, sabotage and malicious insiders

    Australia has long been a target of espionage and foreign interference by hostile foreign intelligence services.”

    The CCP is hostile, look at the human rights track record, look at UQ, look at their actions on trade after covid.
    Dan Andrews should be in jail.

    • A fair question.
      If Dan takes the deal off the table, would China’s tone become more aggressive? Perhaps it’s a carrot?

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      What does Victoria offer to the CCP apart from a back door into politics ?. Rhetorical question I know….

  7. Everything in Australia is a Property play. Dan Andrews, CCP, every 2 bit punter, etc it’s all about property. (Fed & State Govt stimulus from now on will most likely be directed at property, ’cause you know we need more property….!!). There is nothing else. I mean, what does Victoria (or more accurately Melbourne) actually add to the Australian economy other than access to property & property price increases (for the buy & flog) for external & internal immigration into Melbourne? I guess they have Head quarters for some extremely large Building Societies, what else does Melbourne actually do? (Question can be copy & paste for any OZ capital city!)

  8. And here I was thinking that under the constitution only the Federal Government had ultimate authority in foreign affairs and trade. Silly me! Who could have known that Vic was a sovereign state or that the Fed’s would allow it to act as one? When did Vic succeed from Australia? When are the Feds going to nix what is effectively a treaty between Victoria and a foreign state?

  9. Who gives a hoot. Its his destroying Vic that concerns me … I honestly believe all Aussie political parties need to be broken and started again … might as well believe in flying pigs and the yeti

  10. Peter SMEMBER

    The final word:
    Compelling viewing!
    MLI’s Ambassador on Canada-China Policy, Anastasia Lin, delivered a speech before the Oxford Union Society as part of a debate on the following motion: “This House Would Start A New Cold War With China.”

    As Lin points out in her remarks, the question is inherently flawed. She argues that China is already engaged in adversarial, aggressive behaviour; authorities in Beijing are already on a Cold War footing. Lin warns that it is time for the world to come to terms with the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party and respond accordingly.