Labor trumpets treason

Awful to watch. At the AFR comes Joel Fitzgibbon on his long march:

Indeed, China is the customer for 36 per cent of Australia’s exports – more than $120 billion worth each year. Their demand for our food and mining products creates hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs. So too does the money invested here by companies such as Yancoal.

China and Australia are very different countries: one big, one small. We differ in both ethnicity and culture. We must therefore always be mindful of our different systems of government and be robust and strong always in matters involving our national security.

But that does not have to involve unnecessarily offending our biggest trading partner. For example, the global community was always going to have an inquiry into the source and spread of COVID-19; it is plain silly to suggest otherwise.

We are a proud middle power. We have always punched above our weight in defence of the values and principles we share with countries like the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

But when our government starts chasing votes at home at the expense of our important international relationships and export markets, we all lose. That is exactly what Malcolm Turnbull began to do three years ago and it is a practice that Scott Morrison has unfortunately followed

I don’t know any other word for that paragraph than treasonous. It’s not that China doesn’t matter as a customer. Nor that we can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. Nor that we shouldn’t aim to maximise our take from the bastards.

The problem is Fitzgibbon excludes the following:

  • the Dastayrai affair;
  • the endless bribery scandals across all levels of government;
  • numerous attacks on Aussie journos via lawfare;
  • all of the spy scandals;
  • all of the university scandals;
  • all of the security services and academic warnings;
  • CCP interference in the Chinese diaspora;
  • CCP cyber attacks on Canberra;
  • the deteriorating US/China relationship;
  • the crushing of Hong Kong.

These are not disconnected events. They are the result of the CCP “sharp power” war on the wider region and Australia in particular.

By ignoring all of this and blaming Coalition Governments for pushing back against it in the prosecution of its most basic duty, protecting our sovereignty and freedom, what is Fitzgibbon doing if not jeopardising both?

It’s alarming that Labor can think this way, let alone that it gets printed in a major newspaper.

Unfortunately, the problem runs deeper, at The Age:

The Chinese government has lashed out at Australian critics of its Belt and Road infrastructure deal with the state of Victoria with a fresh attack on a senior Morrison government minister.

Beijing has dramatically increased tensions over the controversial trade and infrastructure deal by accusing Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton of “negligence” and “sinister intentions”.

…Despite the growing criticism from national security experts about the deal, Premier Daniel Andrews defended his state’s involvement with China’s global program and indicated his government was pushing ahead with the next phase, after a delay imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Greg Sheridan has more:

This week the federal Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, and his deputy, Richard Marles, explicitly repudiated Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews over his decision to sign up to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

In signing a BRI memorandum of understanding, Andrews contradicted and defied Australian foreign policy on a matter of geo-strategic importance. That is irresponsible and damages Australia’s national interests.

Andrews contradicted federal ALP policy as well. This was more explicit when Bill Shorten was Labor leader because Shorten had decided to back bipartisan Aust­ralian policy.

In all of the debasement of Australian public policy that MB has chronicled for a decade, this wave of Labor treason is the worst.

With daylight second.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    The Chinese govt needs to familiarise themselves with the concept of (psychological) projection. Without fail everything they accuse others of – sinister intentions being one example – just provides insight into their own thoughts and actions.

    I’d also like to say the ALP is lost but I doubt they are. Plenty of electoral support for this kind of sell out. Don’t say anything about China guyz and we’ll all be just fine m’kay.

    • If a leftist is blaming you for something, they are accusing you of whatever they have been up to. Leftists always project.

  2. Shades of MessinaMEMBER

    Is the Victorian OBOR approach based on Chinese entities agreeing to bail-out cruddy high rises/developers and agree to keep sending students/tourists ?.

    Doesn’t really require much effort on their part if so.

  3. We have been playing both sides for a while now.
    Unfortunately both sides know the jig is up except Australia.
    It’s getting embarrassing.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Accepting Chinese money means accepting Chinese influence. After hollowing out our manufacturing sector and vastly increasing our population, Australia only have two choices : a generation of economic devastation, or eternal servitude to China.

    Anyone who believes Rio Tinto and BHP will let the Australian government endanger dirt-selling to China is naive. They have gotten rid of one PM, and they can get rid of another just as easily.

    • I’m not sure. If the liberals go against mining it would be different than if Labor did the same. Those voters are unlikely to switch to Labor based on that in all honesty. They do need to frame it right – i.e. compare us to Qatar (richest country per capita?) and Norway; show our export resources compared to them; and show images of roads paved with gold in Australia if we got to keep the money ourselves. Show the lax of tax the above are paying, etc. No tax, all services, as a self centered voter I would sign up to that.

      • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

        Why would the Libs and their advisers do anything of the sort ?!.

        It would damage their chance of corporate appointments post-politics for a generation.

  5. what’s good about our labor is that in case China occupies Australia we are more likely to get a softer puppet government (Quisling regime) composed of our own local politicians rather than hard military administration by People’s Liberation Army

    there could be some benefits in that … LOL

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Yes, until the demographic transition (as per flooding Hong Kong with mainlanders) has achieved critical mass. Obviously it’s happening anyway, but will be a lot quicker under (overt) CCP administration of Australia.

  6. SoCalSurfCreeperMEMBER

    Under Labor Australia is a battered wife who blames herself. If we could only change he’d stop doing it.

  7. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Labor trumpets treason

    A lot of contemporary inner city ALP types are probably scratching their heads thinking ‘what is treason?’ or thinking ‘Doesn’t ‘treason’ imply some sort of sense of ‘”us” and “them” when there is only really “us” and we are all “us” ? , and then cogitating some more to come to …and if there is a “them” then we couldn’t identify them by race, ethnicity, gender preference, cultural toleration, respect for women (or even gay men), culinary traditions, openness to corruption, or system of government, because that would be bigotry

    Joel Fitzgibbon, like the ALP, long ago passed the fork in the road – where the sign pointing one way says Australian working class socio-economic outcomes and quality of life and the sign pointing the other way states Lickspittles for contemporary NeoLiberalism

    We know which road they took…..

    • It’s their (Joel and the ALP gang) lickspittling behaviour towards CCP that is the issue. They have abandoned the working class progressively for years. Their lack of respect for our sovereignty and security is the issue now.

      • Joel was an automotive electrician (1978-90) who got a job in his dad’s electorate office (EJ Fitzgibbon) between 1990-96 before taking over the electorate. In this parochial tale are the seeds of the political beanstalk many others climbed to become noxious apparatchiks that infest the ALP. Born to rule via inheritance offered by the ALP machine, very few of them are people who achieved anything before being thrust into ministries (Defence Minister in this case for f#ck sake) and placed on committees that they stack up as pseudo qualifications on their CV like an American High School student. Such is the case with Albo, Dan Andrews and all the new blood that are professional politicians raised up by the old guard with old obligations. Thickheads go with the flow and find the path of lest resistance within the machine that built them. They don’t see the big picture, because they can only see as far as their party horizons from election to election.

        The ALP is like a specially designed lawn mower that harvests neoliberal dogs#it on the electoral nature strips and leaves the grass uncut. We’d hate the ALP to be an organisation filled with talent that reflects community values.

    • Quite counter intuitive as Labor is not in power federally to make economic policy and legislate the same. On the other hand the LNP are in government, with strong media support, enabling them to develop economic policy and legislate, on behalf of the workers and social well being?

      Makes about as much sense as supporting Trump, the other side is even worse so keep supporting radical right libertarianism; suppose that is the objective…

  8. How many “Study Trips” to China has Joel been on? Do they have incriminating photos or something? Why do these Labor fools want to sell their country out so badly …

  9. Sovereignty is more important than boosted income.
    The longer it takes for us to realise that the worse our future will be.

  10. I would hazard a guess Dutts has the interests of Australia at heart more so than Xi or his diplomats.

  11. Greg Sheridan, god help us, pardon the pun. A god bothering political activist masquerading as a journalist at NewsCorp which promotes radical right libertarianism on behalf of the LNP and IPA… meanwhile the same Christian conservative dribbles and complains about an ethical Christian conservative leader (unlike Trump, Morrison and err… Johnson) over whom Murdoch has no leverage, Angela Merkel.