Kowtowing Kevin leads Labor on long march to oblivion

Check this out from Kowtowing Kevin Rudd on the weekend:

Seven years into this Liberal government, there is no evidence of a serious China strategy. Lots of tactics, but no strategy. China respects strength, not weakness. It also respects consistency.

So here are seven simple principles for the future. First, be unapologetic in our dealings with Beijing about the enduring nature of our US alliance. Second, be equally unapologetic about our support for universal human rights. Third, be unapologetic about vigorously prosecuting our bilateral economic interests with China, while also diversifying our trade relationships to the extent we can. Fourth, maximise our engagement with China through the G20 on global climate, financial and pandemic governance. Fifth, most importantly, we should build robust “coalitions of the policy willing” in Asia, Europe and elsewhere in areas where our interests are opposed to China’s. Sixth, policymakers should understand the difference between operational and declaratory policy – i.e. taking a tough line through our actions, as opposed to just mouthing off for the sake of it. And seventh, protect the Australian Chinese community from the sort of racial vilification that has been unleashed most recently.

Exactly which of these did Labor follow over the past twenty years? It’s not easy to judge because it has rarely seen power. From opposition, at least, it has been:

  • at times, highly critical of the US alliance;
  • silent on human rights vis China;
  • thoroughly welcoming of Chinese cash bribes;
  • ditto as it hid behind the difference between declaratory and operational policy;
  • zero diversification on trade;
  • obsessed with race over national interest.

It was not alone. Until 2017, Kevin Rudd, Labor and the Coalition Government all pursued a “keep your head down” approach to China for two decades. We had a twenty-year “humans rights dialogue” behind closed doors. Deep trade integration, including an FTA in 2015. And, unbelievably, almost an extradition treaty as well.

What did it achieve? The growth of China amid the suppression of anti-CCP voices. Does anyone even remember the Dalai Lama and the “free Tibet” movement these days? Let alone the Uighers. It culminated post-mining boom in Australia getting its first taste of the real CCP, as its United Front insurgents violated our sovereignty in a wave of “sharp power” influence that included bribes, threats, lawfare and media manipulation.

Of course it did so. The “keep your head down” policy approach was born of a lie. The lie that China would liberalise. The lie served the interests of the CCP to disguise its rise because it projected a veneer of liberal civility and patriotism over a sordid truth of oligarchic corruption and treason.

But that time has passed. Since 2017, CCP activities in Australia have been exposed for what they are: a white-collar insurgency operating in the shadows that aims to sweep us into the Chinese sphere of influence and system of government while nobody is looking.

Alas for Kowtowing Kevin and other Labor apologists for the CCP they had staked their careers on that rise. It’s no wonder, then, that they fight to sustain the system that gave rise to it.

But the truth of the national interest is now the complete opposite of Kowting Kevin’s claims. The best, indeed only, defense against sharp power war is transparency. One must unfurl the sunlight. Prosecute the corrupt. Push back hard against coercion. Be open and assertive about what we want. Above all, throw out the “difference between operational and declaratory policy”.

That is, be a straight-shooting liberal democracy not Kowtowing Kevin’s silent satrap.

If China can’t handle that then it’s better we find out now. If the CCP shadows lengthen then one-day in the foreseeable future Chinese influence will express itself as an aircraft carrier parked off Bateman’s Bay as Labor deploys Hong Kong-style security laws (to fight racism of course). The US alliance will have already quietly died.

That’s the bad news. Thankfully, there’s some good. Labor is so blinded by Kowtowing Kevin and the corrupted China greybeards that it has missed the critical historical and political turning point.

It started three years ago with the Dastayari Affair. The responding blueprint for a defense against CCP influence and takeover was born in the hands of John Garnaut under Malcolm Turnbull, his one great, lasting legacy. It was a plan to bulwark Australian liberal democracy against CCP encroachments across the legislature, bureaucracy, business, and society.

At its core, that plan was to bring cleansing sunlight to all of the shadowy areas inhabited by Kowtowing Kevin and the CCP.

For a few years, the plan sat in Peter Dutton’s bottom drawer but as the scandals mounted it has steadily been deployed. There is now a fully-funded National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator within Home Affairs bringing together an “all of government” approach to expunging CCP influence in everything from bribery to cyberwarfare.

The bureaucracy has started to get the message that there is no free lunch in kissing Chinese butt before shifting into private consulting to get your own slice.

As the Canberran oil tanker swings about, the media has increasingly gotten the message too. The conservative press has turned hawkish and the progressive has also shifted the dial, though it still has a case of severe Trump derangement syndrome. Even the pathetic ABC has done some good work on foreign student scams and spies.

State Governments, especially Labor run, are still a major problem, but they are under siege from this increasingly hostile media.

Universities that jumped the shark on Chinese influence are suffering from mounting brand damage and will, over time, fall into line as they realise federal funding depends upon it. Confusion Institutes are withering on the vine. The astonishing Drew Pavlou scandal is a measure of both the degree of debasement in the system and the intensity of cleansing light now brought to bear.

This broad national shift was already material before COVID-19 but afterward it is tectonic. Kowtowing Kevin can split hairs over how Australia pushed for an independent inquiry into the Chinese virus but the backlash against doing so was inevitable. The most important outcome of the process was that, when it came, Cabinet responded with a united counter-coercion strategy. As Chinese wolf wankers howled, Cabinet responded with one, confident voice instructing business to diversify away from China rather than return to Kowtowing Kevin’s malevolent shadows.

This is the truth of where we are today. Twiggy Forrest and China oligarchs are yesterday’s news. Australians themselves have turned on China and the Government knows it.

Enmity in the polity has been creeping up for years as the CCP operated undercover. Now, it’s broken into the open, stoked by a sharp power war that turned hot during the pandemic. Not only did the CCP lie about the virus, it demanded we keep borders open to spread it, while it stole our personal protection equipment. Since then, it’s done nothing but obfuscate.

The Australian community has now experienced CCP evil first hand. The coming slaying of Hong Kong will send its reputation to all new lows.

The same shift has transpired worldwide, especially within the Five Eyes alliance, which has also moved swiftly to reasoned if not co-ordinated counter-insurgency strategies for technology, trade and critical supply chains.

The great decoupling gives the Coalition the political bedrock to push forward with its profound national interest counter-influence and counter-coercion platforms. Indeed, as Labor bizarrely sides with the daily abuse of CCP wolf wankers, and its diplomatic niceties become indistinguishable from treason, it offers the LNP an irresistible political chance to rule interminably.

Blinded by greed, fame, corporate memory or pathology, Kowtowing Kevin and his ilk of dated ALP Sinophiles are leading Labor into political oblivion so complete that, ironically, we’ll also be a one-party state.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Super Phoenix

    Kevin Rudd is guilty of many things but the worst of all is the $10B FHOG during the GFC, which set the course of Straya for the following decade.

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      I disagree. The very worst was the decision to permit the sale of residential property to foreign kleptocrats, a decision that has been approved by omission by all subsequent governments by inaction. No criminal laws preventing this were ever enforced It was done to stop house prices falling too far. This has changed the cogency of Australian political culture by an erosion from within as described above by HnH

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Nope, the worst thing was giving free money to poor people who had never lifted a finger to earn it and installing pink bats in people’s houses who weren’t [email protected]

  2. I think a large segment of then voters here sense this very disquiet with the Labor. Can see the Labor being in opposition for at least the next 15 years or more. Its not like we have a great choice anyways. Crooks to the left of us, crooks to the right. Its just somehow voting for labor knowing they are insidiously selling out this country to the china more than the libs are makes it harder to vote for them.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Yep. And meanwhile, we move on through the phases of dictatorship – starting with benevolent?

    • DominicMEMBER

      TBH mate, democracy is simply two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner …. here and everywhere else. The only real exception is Switzerland.

    • There’s a member on MB (ca’t remember which one) who relentlessly spews hatred at Labour only. When challenged he says he hates the LNP just as much.

      I’ve always thought his mindset was a form of cognitive bias.

      Now, having seen how pathetic Albo is, and how Labour is so clearly sold out to Chinese interests, I’m coming around to his way of thinking.

      I do detest the LNP, but maybe Labour is the root cause of all problems because they’ve sold out on working Australians.

      Perhaps without Labour’s complicity the LNP could not operate from so far from the center.

  3. Treasonous Twiggy

    We’re in this mess because of China. If we let the planes keep flying in as China demanded we do or else we’d be in a bigger world if ****.

    The biggest issue right now is the free democratic sovereign nation of Taiwan because it seems China is prepared to invade and crush bones (Xi Jinping’s words) to achieve their goal.

    Invading a free, well functioning democratic sovereign nation with an advanced economy is unprecedented. Taiwan is a model country for the rest of Asia. This is not Iraq, it’s not Afghanistan where horrors were inflicted on the population by tyrants and zealots.

    And if China are prepared to invade a country like Taiwan and kill Han Chinese, what’s stopping them going after any nation in south east Asia, going after Australia, taking North Korea when Kim dies.

    • No, we’re in this mess because we let it happen. Don’t pull a Trump and blame China for your own failings.

      • Yep. The Chinese never said no evidence of human to human transmission when there most definitely was. They never said keep your borders open while shutting theirs.
        They never shut down the whistleblowers.
        Amazing we were so slow on the uptake.

      • Hello Wingnut, where is your home, do you catch a train or bus, is it sad? When you get older you will have nothing to tell your children because working for communists is a shameful thing. Then one day you are gone achieving so little in your one room apartment with no legacy.

        • Don’t waste you time Daniel, TDS has infected his brain.
          Everything is the Orange Man’s fault….even pre Orange Man.

      • Australia has had the most success of any country in the world in suppressing the virus yet it’s still caused the biggest economic downturn since the 1930’s and put Australia is debt for decades to come.

        That’s China’s fault. 100%. We couldn’t have had more success against the virus. If we listened to China we’d be in much bigger mess.

        China’s gift to the world.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          We couldn’t have had more success against the virus.

          We could have closed flights (from *everywhere*) a week or two earlier and not allowed hundreds of known infected people off a cruise ship and into the community, thus likely completely avoiding the need for “lockdown”.

          We are one of the few countries in the world lucky enough to have a moat, and we left the drawbridge down with a honking great “come on in” sign flashing.

          If we listened to China we’d be in much bigger mess.

          Sure. And ? Why would we assume they’d be doing anything in our best interests ?

  4. Look, I agree the Coalition is more capable of China-Rationalism, being less hung up on imaginary racism. I also agree that “woke” Mandarin Labor is misreading ordinary community feeling on COVID China.

    But where’s the Coalition going to get its endless “jobs n growth”, if not from us still being a China quarry? Even China itself has dropped regular “growth” targets. Lunatic RBA has got Australia rebounding to “5% growth” in no time.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Ah, the RBA … another criminal waste of taxpayer money. While not gazing at their faulty ‘models’ they’re busily hoofing large quantities of kool aid. The world always looks different from an ivory tower.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The LNP have adopted Joh Bejelkie-Petersen’s hate of manufacturing/added-value industries because they employ people and those people tend to unionize. It set Queensland back 30 years.
      Wouldn’t it be great to see an A3 chart that simply mapped the rebuild of Australian industry, just like the Corona plan.
      If Israel, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden can do it, we can do it.

    • The FNG.MEMBER

      “Racist” is the woof warrior/50 cent armies fav slur.

      Sadly for them we have endured many years of such slurs at the hands of our own wokesters and it has lost its bite.
      I suspect Labor and the wokesters however are still very vulnerable to such attacks. Dont worry wokesters, you can hide behind us on this one.

      As for misreading community sentiment, I half feel like this could end up being decided in the streets, unless Ive been spending too much time in progressive forums that seem to dislike the USA and LNP a lot more than the CCP.

  5. The biggest decision since WW 2 is looming for us, when we went from GB to the US protectorate. What are we going to get for joining the oncoming Alliance based trading bloc ? Our brains trust needs to be studying this now, because you need your position set in stone before the negotiations start or the US will roll right over us.

  6. ALP had so little time in power cause internal fractions were worse than terrible. Rudd Gillard looked alright but it proved to be all show. They were both buearucrats elevated beyond their grade. Though Kev won a very interesting election to be fair. t has set a reckless horrible destabilizing precedent for the political class and the MSM to follow since.

  7. Add in not supporting KRudd for a UN role as another achievement for the Turnbull government.

  8. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Kevin Rudd doesn’t stand for the ALP : he stands for Kevin Rudd. He is kowtowing to China because he still wants to be the UN Secretary General. Maybe China will nominate him?

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Kevin is for Kevin. Tony is for Tony. Malcom is for Malcom. Scott is for God! Amen 🙏.

  9. drsmithyMEMBER

    Seven years into this Liberal government, there is no evidence of a serious China strategy. Lots of tactics, but no strategy.

    You could substitute just about any issue facing the country into this sentence and it would remain accurate, and fair.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      To be fair…. 30+ years not 7….. so all governments in power had nothing to give (but they took a lot).

      None of our lot have done strategy for decades………

  10. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    All true, though I think on China, so far as leaders go, Kev was the best of a too woke bunch.

  11. Brilliant commentary DLS. But what about the mind-numbingly stupid Aussie electorate? If this board is any indication, it’s going to be a rough ride. And I’ll be living as far as the Erse and China as possible.

    • Plus 1000. This is the cutting edge issue of our times. We have been adversely conditioned by rampant greed to turn a blind eye to this issue for more than a decade. The Australian public need to be persuaded CCP are evil and against our national interest. Fortunately there are a group within the Liberal Party wise to this thanks to heeding ASIO advice. COVID 19 is good cover to act against CCP and rid our nation of their evil.

  12. slatteryMEMBER

    Entertaining thread, but there seems to be more name calling, chest beating and declarations of superiority than actual substance here.

    For all that he’s pretty obnoxious, Rudd’s statement doesn’t seem to merit the angst he’s provoked here. And not one of these respondents [or DLS] took on any of his propositions [as opposed to his past practice]. What’s wrong with being forthright on human rights? with building a coalition to defend our interests against China?

    Of course, it’s fun to call people names. I’ve enjoyed it myself from time to time, but mostly over games of marbles when I was ten.