Immigration extremists turn demagogues

George Megalopolis produced some basic data on the weekend with a very strange conclusion:

Australia faces a realignment of the economy at warp speed. Almost a third of the 950,000 jobs lost across the economy since March 14 have been in accommodation and food services. Most were casual positions. They are not easily restored without a vaccine for COVID-19.

Before the coronavirus, accommodation and food services was the sixth-largest employer in the country with 940,000 workers, representing just over 7 per cent of our entire workforce. Ahead of it in fifth place was education and training services (1.1 million) but behind it was manufacturing (920,000).

Today, it sits in ninth place, with around 630,000 workers. Manufacturing (880,000) has replaced it in sixth place, while public administration and safety, and transport, postal and warehousing have also risen one rung each. The irony is that accommodation and food services were safe havens in the early 1990s recession, with more jobs at the end of the crash than at its commencement.

…Labor’s homes affairs spokeswoman Senator Kristina Keneally used an opinion piece in last weekend’s Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age to call for a review of the temporary migration program. It came with a catchphrase of old Labor. “We need a migration program that puts Australian workers first,” she wrote.

For Labor, it was the wrong fight to pick in a pink-collar recession. Any appeal to the prejudices of older Australians, who are actually hanging on their jobs, will only divert attention from younger Australians who have been short-changed by the lockdown.

These are precisely the sectors where cheap migrant labour has gutted wages and industrial relations. The 2016 Census was very clear that temporary visas of all kinds congregate most heavily in accommodation and food services, competing head-to-head to with Aussie youth for entry-level employment:

In 2016, temporary residents were most likely to be employed as Labourers (19%), Professionals (16%) and Technicians and Trades Workers (15%).

Main occupations varied across the different temporary visa holder groups:

  • Almost a third (30%) of Student visa holders worked as Labourers (such as Cleaners, Food process workers and kitchen hands) while 23% worked as Community and Personal Service Workers (such as Carers and aides, Waiters and Hospitality workers).
  • Similarly, Working holiday makers most commonly worked as Labourers (39%) and Community and Personal Service Workers (21%).
  • 36% of Temporary Work (Skilled) visa holders were Professionals.

10% were Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals such as Accountants and Financial brokers.

9% were ICT Professionals such as Business and Systems Analysts and Programmers.

7% were Health Professionals such as Medical Practitioners, Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals.

The conclusion is obvious, cut migrant numbers so that the sectors most badly hit by the pandemic are not overrun with cheap foreign labour. Unless you’re an immigration extremist.

The incorrigible ABC pumped more propaganda with the tiresome Liz Allen:

“Too few migrants places enormous pressure on an already over-burdened workforce to be more productive and to make increasing income tax contributions to ensure the nation’s vital infrastructure and essential services are funded.”

Dr Allen, the author of The Future of Us: Demography Gets a Makeover, predicts a project similar to the migration-driven Snowy Mountains Scheme as a way out of the coronavirus economic slump.

“I suspect we’re heading for a nation-building scheme similar to that we experienced as a nation post World War II,” she said.

“Australia will need to literally rebuild: build physically and socially.”

The absurdity of that position is self-evident.  Liz Allen is not an economist, she is not even a population demographer with a PhD in obesity, and has no understanding that the point of public policy is to advance living standards by doing things more efficiently. It is NOT about endlessly running on the spot trying to remedy your own crush-loading as the environment collapses around your ears. Unless you’re an immigration extremist.

Finally, we turn to the big daddy of media bully boys, The Koch:

‘(China) are our biggest trading partner, our biggest customer… and using football to build a bridge with China through community and trade has become really important,’ Koch said.

‘So Mick Malthouse doesn’t know what he is talking about and with comments like that – if it was up to Mick Malthouse he’d bring back the White Australia policy of the 1950s.

‘In this regard he is a bit of a dinosaur, because it is important to keep that bridge (between Australia and China) being built on a business and community level and we play an important role in that and will in the future.

‘If Mick Malthouse made a comment about footy maybe I’d give it a passing glance of attention. But when it comes to China absolutely zero relevance whatsoever.’

Obviously, one smog-choked and barely visible game for a few expats is the definition of irrelevance to the national interest. But it’s useful to observe the hysteria and bullying of the immigration extremist. Mention your discomfort with the pandemic-spreading CCP and you’re suddenly a cheer squad for “White Australia”!

A sensible migration program is modulated to its context to prevent these kinds of abuses. It rises when the demand for labor is strong enough to support wage rises and infrastructure is planned accordingly. It falls when neither is true.

It should never be beholden to extremist carpet-baggers and media demagogues.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The irony is that they are all (consciously or otherwise) fighting to preserve the vested interests of this country’s cosseted billionaires. “Big Australia’s” useful idiots, all three of them.

    • Economics 101

      Yup its called “wedge politics” and was implemented with the by Howard with the Tampa Crisis. Call him what you will it was genius.

      Forcing the left to self flagellate over the Tampa crisis forced all left leaning voters to become forever open border advocates. At the same time a huge staging post, or “cause celebre”, “Cause Bellus” for middle Australia to rally around the defense of our shores from the hordes of invaders.

      And they fell for it.

      And how easy has it been. Need some cheap labor for the factory – “highly skilled”, don’t like it “RACIST”.

      It works on a million levels – helps their home countries, stops them risking coming here by boat, shares the spoils of the western world etc. The far right has become this uber socialist left wing card carrying communist party for global labor.

  2. SchnitzelEaterMEMBER

    I really wonder if the Big Australia propaganda being pumped out of the ABC correlates with all of the corporate types that the Coalition has loaded on to the ABC Board.

    • No. You could stuff it with academic and intelligentsia types and the result would be the same. Different driver (cosmopolitan globalist who is less racist than you versus corporate slave master) but same modus and outcome.

      • There is actually a comprehensive study on this about how the demographics of voters left and right are skewed towards extreme neo liberalism. It is done by thomas pikkety and its available online.

  3. What’s the image of the Daily Mail supposed to show?

    And what on earth is a pink collar recession?

    • Economics 101

      Women missing out on work. As they attempt to strike a fetching moral pose for the left wing, they inadvertently strike the most robust gender stereo-type they can possibly hit with their almost total lack of ability to read the room.

      Women love pink – totally not offensive.

      • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

        The cognitive dissonance in that article is huge – I’ll take it as given that women are suffering disproportionately in this turndown, how is importing a few million more 2nd and 3rd world people (mostly men) help? Even if there is a ‘nation building’ project to execute?
        I’d also be interested to hear any project of such a scale that will bootstrap us back to prosperity that the Greens won’t block on some grounds?

        Renewable energy – great, but good luck with industrial scale generation with all the NIMBY’s. And inevitably all impacts (power factor/stability) will be nationalized and the profits privatized. And don’t mine for the rare earth metals you need for the project in my back yard as well. Mining bad. Windmill also bad.

        Super Dam – nope. There is a native snail that occurs on a 5 acre area that will be flooded. Also no compulsory acquisitions or evictions (The Castle was awesome). So no agricultural renaissance and no hydro power revolution.

        Manufacturing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

        Education – actual education of Australian citizens would be great. We got sold that pup in the 90’s and that paved the way for today’s educational ‘exports’.

        Anything else?

        • “I’ll take it as given that women are suffering disproportionately in this turndown”

          Not so. Due to the gender wage gap, for every $0.86c that a women loses a man loses $1.00!!!

    • codeazureMEMBER

      It’s the proposition that more women are losing jobs because they tend to be employed in larger numbers in the service industry. They are saying that since areas which employ more men, like construction and (what’s left of) manufacturing has been less hit, this is unlike the pattern in previous recessions.
      True as far as it goes, but it’s just a part of the big “look over there” response to direct attention away from the effects of immigration on the service industry. Oh look, it’s now a gender issue!

  4. You’re too kind to Liz Allen; heard her interviewed on (where else?) ABC radio: nauseating. Like others before her, she trumpets high immigration via her own personal hardship story with no intellectual credentials or proof of research.

  5. All bumbling amateurs compared with Rizvi, who’s made himself the indisputable go-to “independent expert” for “mainstream media” and “independent websites” wanting “informed and balanced” commentary on mass migration.

    • The best study which used rizvi was the grattan institute one, it basically referenced rizvi and then actually slammed australian immigration program for causing low wage growth.

  6. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    liz and George deserve each other – they would make a beautiful couple

  7. I wonder how many of these migrants want to leave but can’t because of the lockdowns. I could not imagine a worse situation than being stuck in an eye-wateringly expensive country without work and the government making it hard or impossible to give you support. We keep assuming that everyone wants to come here. The GFC proved that in many countries that has relaxed immigration programms saw a massive outflow during hard times.

  8. The unemployment rate in Australia in Feb 2020 was 5.1%. The Feds have forecast a rate of 10% for the June quarter instead of the expected rate of 15% if the time limited Job Keeper/Seeker rodeos weren’t implemented. Only an ignorant fool would advocate pushing the migration pedal when we clearly haven’t got enough jobs for people already here. Otherwise it’s self interest to the fore.

  9. Awwww Give Dr Demography a break. She had a hard childhood, she is sad about all the Sinophobia (re -buy Australian – see her tweet today) and the mad male sexism. And she is trying to sell her book

    • which i bought (full disclaimer) as strongly believe in understadning all views

    • So why isn’t her book called “The of future China”? By her logic calling it “The future of Australia” is clearly sinophobic.

    • Boomerang Books claim “She also dissects how the word ‘population’ became so charged, daring to ask what Australia might look like in 20 years if we had zero immigration.”
      I wonder what picture she paints in her daring expose of 20 years hence with zero immigration? Personally, I don’t dare think what it will look like with it.

        • can you pdf excerpts so we don’t have to buy it? I will check if the library has it. would also be interested to read it but don’t want to give her $$$ she doesn’t deserve.

    • Anything is possible.

      Have enjoyed reading posts by WA and SA football fans ranting about the AFL making rules that favour Victorian clubs. Football fans seem quite good at holding sports journos to account when they make stupid calls
      eg. here is one muppet being busted for removing his wrong predictions

      If we had more of that happening, perhaps we’d get some more accountability from the MSM when they publish the usual tripe and puff pieces about politics.