How does this fake world end?

It’s all fake now. Our entire political economy.

Right wing politics is an oligarchic fake pretending to compete.

Left wing politics is an oligarchic fake pretending to care about workers or the environment.

Government is a fake, pretending to do reform but really just stuffing the nation full of coolies to disguise falling living standards. Housing, energy, manufacturing, everything tax, budget, borders are all fake.

China is a fake, pretending to be a part of global liberalism while building itself backwards into oblivion and corrupting everything it touches.

The US is a fake, pretending to lead global civility as it disappears into virtual civil war.

Multilateralism is a fake, a zombie with corrupted core values.

Free trade is a fake, dominated by trade diversion deals and threats.

Climate change mitigation is fake, ruined by the rise of China and energy interests.

Media is a fake, destroyed by the internet.

The internet is a fake, overrun by nutters.

Markets are a fake, nationalised and decoupled from all pricing sense.

Collective identity is now fake, killed by all of the above, and a plague of pretending to care while extracting your rent.

It is a daily stab in the eye for the truth-seeker monitoring this fake system, which has gone from troubled to completely phony in one short decade.

Where does it end? The last time the world lost its anchor to the truth so comprehensively was in the 1930s. Post-truth environments empower nutjobs while suppressing the rational.

As the truth is either strangled or reasserts itself in a brutal consensus, it ends in violence.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Great piece, I find myself thinking those types of thoughts on almost any given day.

    We do live in a world of unending bullshit………

    And from there the question becomes one of how much bullshit do we take? And what could possibly bring an end to the bullshit? Which is all of course before we start posing ‘There are others about me identifying ‘bullshit’ but is their bullshit the same as my bullshit?,  and from there make our way out to ‘are we in a world of infinite and ever expanding bullshit possibilities, representing a domain of ever evolving bullshit forms – from concentrated to dilute, from microscopic to universal, from simple to the outermost reaches of complexity?’

    I look about and find myself appalled.  For ages I thought it was just me, but if you bump into enough people you start to realise that lots of punters are onto a broad general suspicion that ‘this is all bullshit …..’

    At the moment I think the people we have in parliament, egged on by major corporates and universities and politicized public services etc, all deploying managerial mindsets which their own employees will all too often note is bullshit, with their clients or customers are invariably recorded for coaching purposes, after ten minutes of muzak and corporate exhortations to get you to go online, before getting a peon reading a script to tell them what they think.  The bullshit of their worlds, both inner and outer, is often very complex, but generally surprisingly overt.  Their organizational branding and public interaction processes, as well as the detail, data and narrative of their messaging, and the messaging vehicles chosen in a rapidly changing media landscape represent another high grade ore body of bullshit.

    My current guess is that they – whoever they may be and no matter why they they do – will try to bullshit us.

    ……..and I think that would be the base case.

    • T.S. Eliot’s Hollow Men have won. They are the fakes who colonised once great institutions that stood for principle. Today they only mouth the words, believing in nothing but power for the sake of power and ideological shadows on the wall. We’ve gone along with it too, pretending and playing our part as everything was dismantled in a fire sale to give ever more to those who could never have enough. Most believed that it could never be this corrupt, contemptible, fragile and truly lacking in meaning and purpose. But now we see that the cupboard is truly bare as the soul of the nation has been sold, trampled and spat upon and public spirit and unity has been bled from us. And like the 1930s the resentment and shame of it all is a powder keg awaiting a spark as western democracies slumber, apologise and use endless BS to paper over a dry rot in our institutions that has been painted over for 35 years.

      We are the hollow men
      We are the stuffed men
      Leaning together
      Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
      Our dried voices, when
      We whisper together
      Are quiet and meaningless
      As wind in dry grass
      or rats’ feet over broken glass
      In our dry cellar

      “Shape without form, shade without colour,
      Paralysed force, gesture without motion”

      “This is the way the world ends
      This is the way the world ends
      This is the way the world ends
      Not with a bang but with a whimper”

    • Yes, a great piece. The irony is that it was split into three line segments interspersed with giant ads rendering it so fragmented as to be virtually incomprehensible…..says it all really

    • Gunnamatta, I recall reading an epic rant of yours on the subject of ‘bullsh*t’ some years ago (I cant post the word) – which one of my clients had actually printed off and had on the wall of his workshop for a while.

      Any idea where a fella can find that? From memory circa 2012 or 2013, and from memory it was a Leith post. I wanna print off my own copy for the apprentices

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        Rise of the bullshit job

        August 22, 2013 at 2:42 pm

        Its all bullshit when you think about it.

        I came out of the Federal court years ago with another young lawyer and we looked at each other and said ‘this is all bullshit isnt it?’

        He did the honorable thing and took off into 50 acres of Tarkine Wildrness chowing down on mung beans for twenty years. I just opted for different bullshit.

        I ditched law for industrial relations and sorting out agreements and intractable issues for some of the largest employers around. The issues that invariably drew the most heat were the ones I had earmarked as ‘bullshit’ and it didnt matter whether it was the Union side or management side there was always loads of ‘bullshit’ in the equation. Chat with line managers and most often they wanted to chat about ‘bullshit’ the ordinary mug punters would want to bring up issues too, or union officials, and they were all ‘bullshit’.

        More than once I was offered some very good gigs but always held off with a little man in the back of my head saying ‘this is bullshit’

        One day after resolving some particularly gnarly issues for one outfit involving a psychologist I shared a beer with him and basically downloaded my thought that it was all ‘bullshit’ – he told me he thought it was nearly all bullshit but that I should drop what I was doing and go and see if there was anything out there I thought wasnt bullshit.

        I ended up working in TV business news media and print media (mainly bullshit) in Europe and the mid east and working offside for finance and investment types making sure their bullshit is tailored to the bullshitees (as we used to refer to them).

        Eventually I come back to Australia and find a whole society sucking up ‘bullshit’ every time it turns on the TV or radio, opens up a paper. Then I look at politics and think to myself ‘those men (and women) are talking bullshit’

        For sure the powers that be have cottoned on to the fact that idle thinking types represent a danger. Their response has been to either make sure the populace is dumbed down or to make sure they are so deeply in hock that they will put up with loads of ‘bullshit’ just to service the debt. Uncle Rupert has cottoned on to the fact that if you spread the ‘bullshit’ far enough then everyone thinks it is normal.

        Of course we have bullshit jobs.

        Its Bullshit. Bullshit everywhere. Bullshit in the home straight by 8 lengths. Bullshit bowling a marathon spell from the Members and and Bullshit carving up the opposition with hard ball gets in the middle.

        Management is bullshit, strategy is bullshit, 95% of the people you will ever meet are bullshit in the context in which you will meet them.

        The one thing I will be explaining to my son and daughter is the view it is all bullshit, and why I have bent over backwards to avoid immersing them in it, to give them an out from the bullshit should they want it, in circumstances where they dont have to pay a bullshit ransom to some rent seeking bullshitter who think is they have a right to impose a bullshit tithe on others.

        A bullshit free world. That is something to dream about.

        • GlendaFMEMBER

          Thankyou, I’m so glad someone else feels the same as I do, sometimes it’s very lonely out there when you can see the bullsh*t that others either don’t see or choose not to see for whatever reasons.
          You have made me feel not so alone.

          • Agree, I think that’s what attracts us to MB to be honest. We all feel the same about the BS.

        • Thanks Gunnamatta. Your rant cheered me up, not because it suddenly became fun to live in a Bullshit society but because acceptance is a weight off this Bullshitter’s small and troubled mind.

          I wonder what you call someone who is simultaneously a Bullshitter and Bullshitee? An Australian I guess.

          • GunnamattaMEMBER

            I think that simultanous bullshitting and being bullshitted would make you (and me and everyone) a bullshit market maker

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      I look about and find myself appalled. For ages I thought it was just me, but if you bump into enough people you start to realise that lots of punters are onto a broad general suspicion that ‘this is all bullshit …..’

      Yet basically none of them seem to want to change it by, say, voting for someone different.

  2. To challenge power is not a matter of seeking some ‘absolute truth’ (which is in any case a socially produced power), but ‘of detaching the power of truth from the forms of hegemony, social, economic, and cultural, within which it operates at the present time.

    Don’t give up on it, David. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthy and staying active.

  3. People think we need to come together to fix climate change. I say they only thing that could bring the world together would be climate change. Imagine how quickly we would forget our differences if the ocean rose a metre and took out Shanghai and New York.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Yeah at the end of the day, if everything finally does fall to pieces, low density and natural resource rich countries are THE place to be. And Australia ticks all those boxes, though I wouldn’t want to be living in certain parts of inner Melbs or Sydney when the time comes. Rural and regional living looks increasingly inviting.

          • Dunno if you’re a reader, but Gary Disher’s novels set in Burra are really good…I have read Bitter Wash Road and Peace.

          • adelaide_economistMEMBER

            I don’t read as much as I’d like to but it makes a nice change from staring at numbers on a screen all day. I’ll look his stuff up, thanks.


    ABC always pushing the fake collective identity. That sickening song.
    “I am, you are, everyone on earth is Australian”. If everyone is then no-one is.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Great and simple song written by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers fame in 1987 and having some validity then. Now almost being played on loop on ABC TV. At least Scotty from Marketing couldn’t complain that the ABC isn’t supporting his Team Straya BS and hypocrisy.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      When I hear this ditty I quietly vomit into my mouth. Like all beat up collective conscious new agey w angst it pokes fun at m asses of people as they emotionally hum along. Me I hear. I am you are an F wit. I AM I AM I AM I AM ….research Je suis I AM JE Sus Je I sus – pig pork porc porca swine. Casting pearls before swine:)

    • Fk you lot are bleak

      Looking for outrage wherever it can be found

      Aside ABC’s signal desire for this signalling, Love the song, love the key message in the ad

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            I reckon I’ve got a better handle on it than the bloke whose idea of unity is basically ‘my way or the highway’.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            For someone always complaining about others seeking to control the use of language, maybe you should start by buying a dictionary?


            At least mine has all the lines in it.

            It is not at all difficult to develop unity of purpose out of diversity in belief. Most complex organisations do it all the time. The so-called “American dream” (at least the one they advertise with) is built on it.

            Authoritarian constructs, especially ones built primarily on fear, are brittle.

            Oh and in case you missed it, for FYI

            Yes, yes. The usual smorgasboard of bigotry and fallacies. Though the shoehorning of eugenics in there is new, and hilariously incoherent.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            LOL – the American dream was built on European migration, it ended in 1965 when they changed the immigration Act.

            Only the momentum from prior to 1965 has helped carry the US forward, as the dreams of the average American has declined from being an Astronaut to having their own YouTube channel – progress under its new cultural elite I suppose. Pretty much EVERY measurement of success and quality of life has decline in the US from that date…. unless of course you are a moralising elitist being waited on hand and foot by your imported servants.

            Building a consensus is hard enough when everyone in an organisation shares the same goals – why do you think they spend so much effort on creating a unified corporate culture? If diversity was really a strength then organisations would pursue different cultures in each department – yet weirdly that is the complete opposite of what you find in successful organisations.

            What you describe as a fallacy most people recognise as reality – which would make sense give your fantasy outlook on human nature.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Ah, yes, I keep forgeting that Europe is homogenous. I guess that’s why it’s always been so “unified”.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            …because it’s hard enough to build a Union across, multiple nations that are broadly comprised of similar Christian based cultural values, yet you seem to think it will be easier to build a consensus across Muslim, Confucian and Hindu right?

            Sure Professor.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            I don’t need to move the goal posts – we’re not playing a game. I shoot facts and you stand there with your feelings.


    The One Nation leader also commented on the harsh tariffs China has recently put on Australian barley, which many have suggested may be a punishment for advocating an investigation into the coronavirus pandemic.

    “They have been putting their tentacles throughout Australia and their attitude is we’re in a great position in the world for the Chinese to actually have infiltrated Australia more and take over more of Australia and utilise our production of food her and ship it back to their own country,” Ms Hanson said.

    Pauline Hanson has called for exporting baby formula to China to be made illegal, saying she doesn’t “give a damn” about the Asian nation and that the focus should be on Australian mothers and children.

    Again imagine if one nation was run by some one articulate and personable who could get the point across.
    One nation could have become the second party with labor and the greens dying the painful death they deserve.

  6. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    Yep, I think those thoughts in less ordered and well structured form in my head daily. It’s weird turning up to work everyday, playing the game, churning out whatever is required… when you know at the macro level it’s completely pointless. And not in the existentially pointless way, but in the ‘my savings are being evaporated by the minute and my country is being sold out beneath me so why am I doing this’ kind of way.

    I keep thinking there has to be a turning point here, somewhere, but things just sort of keep keeping on even as they are clearly changing at an ever increasing pace. Covid19 and the crazed China we are witnessing should be way more shocking than they are but weirdly it only feels slightly unusual.

    There’s a minimal (obvious) response by the ‘powers that be’ to what is clearly a threatening and dangerous situation. Does this thing keep going if we all just keep doing what we are doing even as it becomes untenable? It feels like as bad as things were everyone just wants it to be like it was so we’re all going to do what we always did regardless of whether there is a point to it or not. Who are we awaiting the signal to let loose from?

    By the way I think this is one of your briefer ‘op eds’ but one of the most poignant.

    • Totally agreed, I also think along those lines. It’s a less structured train of thought and more tangential. Usually depending on what I’m currently working on or what I’ve observed in work/along my travels.

      Have you returned to work in the CBD yet adelaide_economist? I popped in to collect something from my parcel locker the other day, which is conveniently right next to my empty building, and the city looks even worse now. Only the homeless and the police traverse the streets. You see the odd worker heading home and masked person of oriental persuasion.

      Human beings are resilient and we can adapt to any situation. I really think the numbness you describe is a direct result of the shift in ideology or reshaping of the cognitive map:

      • adelaide_economistMEMBER

        Hi, yeah I am back full time although in a near empty office. Most eateries are still closed or barely functional although things have picked up a bit in the last week or two. I’m wondering how many of the shops with near zero customers are only viable due to jobkeeper. Funnily enough I have visited the parcel lockers quite often and I would concur with your description. Place isn’t dead but it’s not exactly going back to ‘normal’ in a hurry either.

        • I know of a couple of coffee shops that have reduced their trading hours and have limited staffing now. Many other eateries have resorted to take away only (particularly higher end restaurants on Pirie, Hutt, Waymouth St). Some other businesses are unaffected and doing quite well.

    • >Covid19 and the crazed China we are witnessing should be way more shocking than they are but weirdly it only feels slightly unusual.<

      That's because Trump's paved the way for the last four years. We've become conditioned to lunacy.

  7. Lot of us up late tonight.
    Or maybe this piece just hits a nerve.
    I think we’re all so over the BS that seems to permeate the air around us. It’s getting so thick that it’s hard to breath at times.

  8. Fascist China

    The markets do not care what any of us think.

    Of course it’s a rigged game. 8 weeks ago I got back into the markets after selling late January and haven’t looked back.

    Did anyone seriously think governments would let stock markets and property markets burn? There is no limit to what they will do to protect these markets.

    Everyone got their 30% correction but didn’t know what to do with it.

  9. Super Phoenix

    Someone said 20 years ago; “You don’t need to do any productive work, all you need to do is leverage up and buy an existing property or two, sit back and watch them double in value every 7 years. You don’t even need to pay taxes for them if you do the negative gearing right – the clever governments will be swimming in cash from the never–ending stamp duty receipts. Never mind where all these extra money is coming from.”

    Did it sound fake? Well, the majority of Straya didn’t think so!!

    Do not underestimate the power of the Moron Side of the Force.

  10. migtronixMEMBER

    Plandemic now seems pretty fake.

    “10 people are in hospital, including five people in intensive care. 18 people have died. 1,465 people have recovered.”

    • And if no one had died, because the preventative measures taken had worked so well, would that too have been fake?
      Or would 10,000 dead have been a better result to show that it was all necessary?
      It’s all easy looking back……

          • Super Phoenix

            If you take the numbers in face value, 1 in every 2 people admitted to hospital is gravely ill and the mortality rate appears alarmingly high. How do these numbers square with the actual numbers for Straya, which are low for now, assuming these numbers are indeed for Straya?

            You can say small sample size, for sure.

          • Super Phoenix

            Well, I would say it is more likely a sort of screw up somewhere along the line. Like, someone inadvertently left out a zero here or there. And no one picked it up before the numbers were published, cos no one was there to supervise.

            If you were the unlucky person in charge, you would just shrug and say “Well, that’s a kind of mistake anyone could have made” and the business goes on as usual!!

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            If you take the numbers in face value, 1 in every 2 people admitted to hospital is gravely ill and the mortality rate appears alarmingly high. How do these numbers square with the actual numbers for Straya, which are low for now, assuming these numbers are indeed for Straya?

            They appear to be for Victoria.
            18 out of 1465 is 1.2%

            Nationwide numbers are here:

            ACT: 3 / 107 = 2.8%
            NSW: 47 / 3081 = 1.5%
            NT: 0 / 29 = 0
            QLD: 6 / 1058 = 0.6%
            SA: 4 / 439 = 0.9%
            Tas: 13/228 = 5.7%
            WA: 9 / 557 = 1.9%

        • Super Phoenix

          One possible interpretation of these numbers would be; a total of 1493 (1465 + 18 + 10) people were admitted to the hospital, 747 (half of 1493) of them were in the intensive care unit and 18 of them died. 1465 of the survivors recovered and the other 10 still remain in the hospital.

          The remaining 10 patients are likely weaker than the 1465 and hence over-represented in the ICU. Then, the actual number who were in the ICU must have been substantially lower than 747.

          I see, it is all good then. Open teh gates!!

          • I say most of them actually really need a diet. If a violent push is what was needed, chalk it up to the greater good.

          • Thanks Col, good piece. It ends ‘Cuomo … is now only able to attain praise for his actions because his earlier failures made those actions necessary. He’s lauded for addressing a problem that he himself partly caused. Of course, part of this is because Donald Trump has bungled the coronavirus response even more badly, so that Cuomo – by not being a complete buffoon – looks like a capable statesman by contrast. But this is the problem: for too long, Democrats have measured their politicians by “whether they are better than Republicans”. This sets the bar very low indeed, and means that Democrats end up settling for incompetent and amoral leaders who betray progressive values again and again.’

      • what measures worked?
        why the same or stricter measures didn’t work in many other places around the world?
        our response was slow, weak and inconsistent relative to other countries around the world yet they “worked” here and didn’t there?
        how does the science explains that? it doesn’t, even here in Australia data is inconsistent … we had number of new cases dropping by 80% before any serious measures had even time to act and show up … if we subtract cruise ship debacle directly imported cases … we would have seen number of cases halving just a day after any measures have been taken.

        On 14th of March we had infectious people freely entering the country and footy games going on in front of tens of thousands of spectators,
        on 22nd of March we had clubs, hotels and bars, entertainment venues, cinemas, casinos, nightclubs and places of worship open and a week later we had less new cases while two later we had number of new cases down by 80% from the peak

        basically what happened is that we never really had any material local transmission of SARS-COV-2 in Australia, majority of cases (almost 2/3) were imported and local transmission rate was extremely low effective reproduction number was always below 1, even before any measures were introduced.
        Reasons for this could be various, like climate, humidity, lifestyle/culture, … but it definitely wasn’t measures imposed by the government because almost nothing has changed after the measures but less infected people arriving.
        by 16th of March when government started taking measures against people arriving into Australia we had 300 confirmed cases, and almost three thousands later tested positive, entered the country before that date of released from cruise ships to go home few days later. Yet despite having thousands of infectious people freely walking around we had only confirmed 2500 locally acquired cases in total (usually close family that “shared a spoon” with infectious people).
        At the same time some places around the world saw 70% of population being infected in matter of few weeks from not more initial cases.
        Simply, virus was not spreading in Australia, nearly as easy or fast as in other places ….

          • What reality?
            One in your head …
            Ok lets show us any evidence that mesures implemented in Australia beside obviously border closure had any influence on actual sars-cov-2.

            I would be happy to see even a correlation between the two, anything …

    • And of the 18 who have sadly passed away, I’d like the Govt to publish their comorbidities, to get a true sense of the cause.
      It’s now widely accepted that people die with COVID-19, not from it.
      There are great doubts about the accuracy of the numbers being reported by the one source the entire [fake] world is relying on – John Hopkins University.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The lucky country.

      France and Germany share a border and have a similar level of technical prowess, yet the Germans have one quarter of the cases.

      France is run by a banker. Germany is led by a Scientist.

      We are run by a gaggle of bvllsht artists. Pure good luck.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      It is & always has been.
      Doesn’t take much to join the dots if you step away from TV radio, sci ence, Medsin academics and my favourite indicator all the newly minted EPI demin ologists (epidemiologist ) who have recently stepped on to the world stage around the globe to annial hate the populace with fear monger omg:) such non sense. All the world is a stage hence everything that occurs in media land is referenced as an ‘event’ fire flood rain thunder etc etc etc etc

  11. This is the beast (system) in which we live. Very little of it has formed by accident. In principle it has never changed. Truly there is nothing new under the sun. Just rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. The only thing that really matters about all this is what it does to people’s minds and hearts. Look at the hatred that comes out of people online against anyone who has an opinion that varies from the fake media’s mouthpiece.

  12. DominicMEMBER

    That’s a long list of ‘fakes’ but it forgot the single most important one:

    The ‘money’ is fake.

    Fake money corrupts and leads to all the other fakes.

  13. Great piece! Of course, historians will point out that this fakeness existed all the way from antiquity until about 100 years ago. There was a brief period of sanity in the late 20th and early 21st Century, and now we have returned to chaos. Bertrand Russell famously wrote: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt”.

  14. scottb1978MEMBER

    Australia truely is the lucky country. In spite of everything that we do to wreck our good fortunes somehow it always turns out ok.

  15. working class hamMEMBER

    So close to 1984, well a messed up Straya’ version of it.
    So many good points mentioned, this stuff weighs people down. Most people just buy something and it all goes away.
    Even natural disasters are corrupted these days, “channel the spirit of the mud army/anzacs/great depression”. I thought corona would give it a nudge, not enough deaths.
    WW3 is the only real answer.
    People need to feel the pain of loss, be threatened with real annihilation. You can’t dbl speak someone who has watched their living room blown apart, their hand blown off or been tortured.
    Until then it’s just the slow boil of oppression.

  16. The final fake award should go to the Australian people for letting this happen to them. All of the above have won because the people let them and never once put up a fight on mass. Fat, dumb and miserable should be the Australian motto.

    • Really – and what more could they have done. I’d say they did as much as they could have, but it did not work. The forces they were trying to hold back are much too strong.

      Australia is not capable of retaining its sovereignty in this new world. We had a shot at keeping it. But we failed. This used to be a real country. It no longer is.

      I guess it is what it is.

  17. world was as fake before but maybe it wasn’t so obvious to as many people as it’s now

    even now, with all these information on a fingerprint, not very large percentage of people see it as fake

  18. robert2013MEMBER

    Even sex is fake. A sterile, neutered caricature of the process that propagates our species. This leads to fake families. Weird fragile combinations of people that we are told to celebrate because all love is the same. Life is all about survival and reproduction. Without the reproduction, survival is pointless. It had been said before but it is no longer fashionable: the root of society is family. Cut the root and watch the plant die.

  19. Fourth Turning……..get yourself a house that will hold an extended family and room for household industry for barter.

    Corporations are going to be at extreme political risk as their gov. backers have to retreat……the future is hopefully mutuals and households. Still can’t see a likely leader of any new movement though, but maybe for once people might act in their own interest without needing someone else to convince them.

  20. Not violence. The answer is to baseless Positivism was/is Jean-Paul Satre and Nietzsche.
    Satre. No exit. Being and Nothingness.
    Nietzsche Madness. Mental illness. Torment.
    Interesting article. Conclusions, mostly correct but for violence. People have lost heart and motive. Free money will do that. Causal analysis is shallow, but its pure reactionary so it is a pass.

    • Hill Billy 55MEMBER

      interesting comment, thanks. I would postulate that your reference to Nietzsche is very apt. The God is Dead rhetoric is anathema to a healthy lifestyle. No wonder he descended into madness.
      Its disappointing that a professing Christian who has taken the propertology pill is leading or country. No wonder that Jesus said its difficult for the rich to inherit the Kingdom. When wealth and greed are given free reign, the compassion of Christ is not evident. I really struggle to juxtapose Christianity and the LNP ethos. To me they are incompatible.

  21. Thanks for being brave enough to put it out there. Many of us know that “ fake” is everywhere but don’t always have the platform on which to spread the word. Good to read it on Macro Business. We expect no less. Sobering and true.

  22. GlendaFMEMBER

    Depressing isn’t it?

    will read all the comments when i have time, so many people are in sync which is good…

    How does it end? REVOLUTION or nature will send us the way of the dinosaurs….

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      There will be no revolution until people who want Change push, to their limits, the mechanisms that exist for change within the Democratic institutions that we, unlike China, luckily have and then,…only then when it is discovered that what the majority of people want can not be achieved within the confines of our current systems will people raise up in revolution.
      This means that untill a large percentage of our population becomes politically enguaged through participation, and genuinely attempts to take democratic controll of our political parties and different levels evels of government,… and fails,…only the can a meaningful revolution happen.
      Not before such efforts are made.

      The first 2 mins here articulates my point much better than me.

      • Don't you know it's magic...

        Well, the chinese could join and take over the CCP in exactly the same way you suggest taking over labor but with the added bonus of not having to worry about losing funding or elections as they will always be in power. The internal heirarchy and power structures are fairly similar across all organisations.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          An Australian Government (or any western government) trying to shut down protests for greater Democracy with Tanks, aka Tiananmen Square, isn’t going to still be in Power over 30 years later without the widespread understanding of the population that extream cutting edge military violence awaits those who doth wish to protest and actuall challenge REAL Authoritarian power.
          To put our courpted democract into the same category as the police state dictatorship that is China is drawi g a very long bow.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        The revolution will come when the system fails the majority of the population.
        I don’t mean discomforts or diobliges them, I mean really fails them.
        Coming out of Corona V lock down, if mishandled by the govt. ( do they know any oyher way) could well be the trigger.
        30% unenployment, mass mortgage defaults, homelessness, cutting dole back to utter poverty levels, starvation,the resurgence of the Virus, these could bring about revolution.

  23. I feel the fakeness we can handle. It is the gaslighting from all parties to ask us to accept the fake as reality and denial of the fake that gets me. And this mechanism and channel where the gaslighting is inflicted is via the media.

    So the phrase “fake news” – I sometimes think was Trumps biggest acheivement. Coining the phrase “fake news”. That must have hit a nerve noone was willing to acknowledged was there.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      My Grandmother had huge tits and as a result ive always associated big norks with overweight, sexually unattractive old ladies.
      Anything bigger than a full handful has me thinking of 2 big fat guts on a womans chest.
      I find so many women getting these ridiculous boob jobs a bit bewildering.
      I just dont get it.

    • They can be great as long as they don’t overdo it.
      I once met a lass who had gone from an A cup to a B cup and it took me some time to figure out that they had indeed been enhanced. The added firmness should have given it away but she didn’t let on.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      Install AdBlock Plus if yer on Chrome. It works brilliantly.
      Yeah, yeah, people will say that it reduces ad revenue, blah, blah, blah, but you can control it easily enough. Watching YouTube without ads is great.

    • Hey homie, read it in Brave or Firefox on iOS

      No ads!

      I have to say it’s absolutely terrible there are ads for paying members. Just lazy. There are wordpress plugins that will handle that for you.

  24. Poochie the Rockin Dog

    The world never stops being disappointing. I like to imagine a society not government by bullshit – an underwater city deliberately cut off from the rest of the world, where people have higher principles than greedily grabbing whatever they can get. No one can prove that this place doesn’t currently exist 😀 – and rather than fighting against all the corruption, an impossible task there’s too much of it, it’s better to retreat into unreality.

  25. Fake recovery.

    After FLORIDA TODAY first reported Jones’ removal from her position in charge of the Florida COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard she created, she confirmed, as reported by CBS-12 in West Palm Beach that she was fired because she was ordered to censor some data, but refused to “manually change data to drum up support for the plan to reopen.”

  26. mikef179MEMBER

    What’s that saying about when the last bear capitulates? I know DLS isn’t a bear as such and this isn’t capitulation as such, but it’s kind of analagous in a way. The height of frustration.

    • Super Phoenix

      The saying about the last bear is a bit misleading. You see, the last bear that capitulates can only be identified in hindsight.

      Why is that so?

      There are always a small group of die-hard believers who NEVER capitulate no matter what. So the last bear that capitulates cannot come from that group. Then, where can one come from? It depends on the circumstance, of course, but there is no universal map that can locate one. Basically, whoever happens to capitulate at just the right (or wrong?) moment when the tide turns will become one. But there is no way of telling at what part of the spectrum (that spans from the most bullish to the most bearish) the market is going to be when that moment arrives.

  27. ” Right wing politics is an oligarchic fake pretending to compete. Left wing politics is an oligarchic fake pretending to care about workers or the environment. ”

    Like I have said neothingy is just the colour of the get-away car; plutocracy has a carpark full of (cars) means to crush the 99.9%.

  28. the growth of FAKE has coincided with the the growth of the SELF.
    As generations over the last century have turned inwards focusing about ones own desires and expression of those desires they have blurred the lines between who they really are and who they want to be. This ultimately lead to the rise of FAKE and populism

  29. My marriage was fake, thot I married a woman but reality she was a Witch….shud have realized earlier as IT was always sweeping the floor with the broom…

  30. All the more reason to think for oneself and to do the best to educate and inform oneself by thinking and reading critically and keeping in mind about who benefits from any information that is provided out there.
    It’s no wonder that you have more and more crazies espousing various kooky conspiracy theories.
    We are indeed living in a post-truth, crazy clown World.
    I hazard a guess that full throttle, full retard Neoliberalism is partly to blame for all of this.

  31. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    It’s all fake now. Our entire political economy.

    David’s taken the Black pill, welcome to clown world.

    Your conclusion is correct.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        We’re in living in the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia now…. you can’t have a strong united society, when it isn’t bound by a strong united culture.

        But Sennacherib, king of Assyria, had already come, and through his policy of forced population transfer he had scrambled all the nations of the lands, as it is stated in reference to Sennacherib: “And I have removed the bounds of the peoples, and have robbed their treasures” This indicates that the children of Simeon were also exiled

        (Isaiah 10:13).

        Maybe David might be getting closer to the point where he realises that culture forms the bedrock of any society, and that all those liberal policies that enhance individual rights at the expense of civic obligation do come at a cost… if they hadn’t then those liberties would be found right throughout every great civilization, instead of just that small point of time just ahead of every civilizations collapse.

        MultiCult and mass migration is a tool of oppression and cultural warfare – and has been used as such right throughout history.

  32. honestly one of the best books i have read which really resonates with world today – The Death of Democracy – Ben Hett. The issues post WW1 and Germany and the world could be today and almost any Democracy around the world. Substitute Soviet/ COmmunist with China/ Socialist/ Democrat …

  33. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Step back a bit and look at the world history : have the truth ever mattered? Real or not, what matters is what people believes.

    The world’s current problem is not due to being ‘Fake’. Rather, it’s due to the kind of lies being told.

    • I think that as long as you are reasonably well off financially, you can sit back and watch the crazy clown show from poolside.
      I really isn’t worth losing any sleep over any of it.
      When things really get dire, then our collective thumbs will be pulled from out of our collective asses and something will get done. The COVID19 has demonstrated this.
      Nothing sharpens and focuses the mind quite like the likelihood/high probability of impending catastrophe or death.

  34. Rubbish, an incoherent attempt behind US libertarian right cum alt right style headlines to conflate anything centre right to left, liberal, humanist or international with f**ked up US (Koch/corporate owned) GOP style influence on politics, media and power; at best conserving the crazy status quo LNP govt. is in with the GOP, at worse promoting nativist libertarianism (some would suggest national socialism manipulated by oligarchs). Careful what you wish for….

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