China beef ban smacks Australian dollar

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

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And there you have it, ban away:

And the result will be a lower AUD over time, lifting all other export revenues and making us more competitive in other markets that don’t come with “no freedom for you” strings attached.

Thanks China!

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  1. Great for the Aussie consumer.

    I’m not sure what China expects.

    They tried to cover up a virus that was let loose which has gone on to infect every corner of the globe casusing the biggest economics crisis since the depression. It’s criminal negligence at a bare minimum.


    China ‘deplores’ New Zealand’s stance on Taiwan and WHO, says it could damage relations … Thomas Manch … Stuff NZ

    … extracts …

    China has heavily criticised New Zealand’s support of Taiwan joining the World Health Organisation, saying the “erroneous remarks” could damage relations between the countries. …

    … New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters on Thursday said Taiwan had been a “standout world success story on Covid-19”, and that New Zealand had joined others in asking for the island nation to be added to World Health Organisation (WHO) as an observer. …

    … Finance Minister Grant Robertson said the diplomatic war of words would not damage bilateral relations.

    “There is a place for Taiwan as an observer, they have a lot to offer from their experience of Covid-19,” he said. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … Essential viewing …

    Taiwan’s vice president says ‘possibility’ that Covid-19 came from Chinese laboratory … France24 English

  3. bleeterMEMBER

    I think China is really starting to panic behind the scenes. I’m wondering if it’s not a case of the bigger the bluster the bigger the fear

  4. China is carrying on like a badly parented toddler, jacked up on blue cordial and not enough sleep.

    Know the type? Like an old friend’s really sh1t kids.

    Just need to be locked in their room and ignored …. or a whalloping.

    • Glorious Taiwan

      It would be funny if they weren’t soon to be the biggest economy in the world and had 1.4 billion obedient nationalistic slaves at their disposal.

      It’s Nazism on steroids.

      • I reckon they are a fair way off being the biggest.

        China will get old before it gets rich and that’s before we normalise for the decades of CCP lies embedded in its economic stats.

  5. Maybe the Australian government should see what minerals China takes that they need from Australia and can’t obtain elsewhere and simply buy the supply and stockpile. I’m sure that there’s an exotic metal out there that you guys can squeeze China back on.

    Or maybe just shut Pilbara for a month and enjoy the chaos…

    They really don’t understand us at all. This behaviour doesn’t “bring us into line” it makes us more stubborn.

  6. Over last few weeks have been making a real conscious effort to avoid buying anything made in China. Almost impossible task. Even my gout tablets are made in China. Looked at some other brands and there is no country of origin stamp on the box – so presume they are all made there.

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      I’ve made a choice to not buy any chinese brands personally – can’t escape the made in china sticker at this stage. Mainly impacts technology purchases at this sage.

  7. MajulesMEMBER

    Oh come on, you’re all debating this like Tianamen Sq never happened. Consider that history will always be adjusted to suit those in charge. Now trust your instincts and assess in your own mind as to Who Wants the power?

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