Australian dollar still overvalued

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Iron ore will put a dent in that ahead.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Always amazing how market ‘experts’ can have completely different viewpoints . The excellent Damien Boey thinks aud massively undervalued after all……….
    Of course these gutless wonder perma-bulls are ALWAYS ‘right’. Until of course they’re not and the system just snaps. They prevent the system from making the necessary adjustments in an orderly fashion
    It is strange to me how Macrobusiness never talks about the elephant in the room ie gold and bitcoin. I feel like I’m mentioning the unmentionable just typing these words.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      They talk about gold frequently ….. Bitcoin is ….. well Bitcoin …… it’s made up of believers and the headshakers.

      • bleeterMEMBER

        exactly its ridiculous hw often he’s referred to as “the excellent”, so glad I’m not the only one finding it amusing…

      • DLS has a very low threshold for calling people excellent. I’ve followed a lot of Boey’s work and it is an absolute 0. A whole lot of models to say basically nothing.