The Fed vs Wuhan flu

Funny stuff:

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. migtronixMEMBER

    “One day we wake up and it’s gone. It’s like a miracle ”

    I think he was talking about the economy.

  2. So the drongo defunds the WHO.

    Fantastic news.

    The sooner the Failed States removes itself from the world stage and back up it’s own A-Hole, the better off humanity will be.

    (only a sick individual defunds the WHO in the middle of a pandemic)

    • Why would they continue to fund an organisation who is supposed to represent the world “W” when it clearly is biased towards Chyna?

    • The US is about four years in arrears. How then do you stop payments you’re not making? If Trump wants to whinge about the WHO, then pay up and you’ll have a legitimate argument.

      • US still contributed 537m cash last year according to … regardless of how much it is in arrears. Still way more than China. Try your disinformation on someone else.

    • What does the WHO actually do?

      Is it necessary in any way? Are they actually co-ordinating anything useful? (While Tedros has his head embedded in Xi’s ar$ehole)

      Serious question.