Mass murdering Trump on easy street with doddering Biden

Congratulations to the Fake Left which has put forward the only candidate incapable of beating a mass murdering Donald Trump at the next US election:

No wonder this:

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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Biden won’t make it to November. The idea is to use Biden to see off Bernie, then have him ‘medically retire’ and install someone else into the spot, thus bypassing primary all together. (Yes, this is legally possible).

  2. It’s only problematic if you’re not with the programmatic specificity.
    I love these people.

  3. The election is about Trump, or the incumbent, not about his oppoent whoever that might be.

  4. Well you can lay Biden at 1.18 on Betfair at the moment. Cuomo is next fave, the Sanders then Hilary FFS.

    Bloomberg is paying 400s.

  5. So Trumps actons or inaction have definitely resulted deaths. But is there anyone you think that would have done more. I mean when he closed to border to china they called him racist. Nancy Pelosi was encouraging people to go eat out in Chinatown after the virus had already arrived in the USA.

    Amazing to look back on how stupid these smart people are.

  6. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    “Tump the Mass Murder”

    Anyone who thinks that this moniker is going to stick is deluded – it’s nearly as bad as Albo the pansy.

    Without a doubt the media elites, those who own them and the “Democrat” financial titans will try and run with that – because that it truly who this election is between. Not Trump and Biden, not Trump and nipple pierced Cumo, but Trump and our Neo-Establishment.

    Sure Trump was far slower to react than he should, but then as I said elsewhere last night, it takes time to turn around a nation like it takes time to turn around an oil tanker, just like it takes time for people to believe the unbelievable – that China was conducting research into deadly viruses, and through the arrogance or ineptness of its scientists, feasibly unleashed the most deadly plague upon humanity since the Black Death.

    The mainstream media has until now totally down played both the culpability and involvement of the CCCP in the spread of this virus, but that it starting to change:

    China then fed the world (including the US) absolute bullsh!t as to the virulence, transmissiblity and lethality of this virus for the first 2 months of this year. Not only did they know of its deadly qualities, they deliberately destroyed evidence as to its lethality and transmissiblity:

    In addition to this, they bent WHO to their nefarious ways by getting WHO to repeatedly downplayed the seriousness of the disease, and the possibility of human to human transmission.

    There was virtually no reliable information put forward until the disease exploded into Iran and Italy. Most of the world (apart from ZH readers) thought they were dealing with SARS 2.0 until the start of March… look at the stock market peak in Feb. It wasn’t just Trump who was wrong.

    Now again consider who Trump is competing against, not Biden, not Cumo, not Warren, but the main stream media and our neo-establishment. They have ZERO credibility – FFS they spent what little bit they had left scolding Americans on the implied racism of calling it Wuflu!!

    The Neo-elites will direct their machine to use that narrative that Trump is a mass murderer, but do you know what – the only ones who will believe it are the deluded progressive liberals and their neo-elite masters who hand them their moral code.

    Americans rage won’t be directed at Trump, their righteous fury is going to come down on China.

    • Sorry Stewie, that is complete nonsense. I’ve seen news reports from China in Early Feb clearly stating the seriousness of the disease. China had no idea until early February the severity of the disease, it was only being noticed as serious around mid January. No one knew early on a complete shutdown of all travel was the only way to deal with this. China did stuff up but I’m sure it was not a conspiracy but an innocent, yet terrible mistake to not shut down. Hindsight is a fair excuse in my opinion until beginning of Feb as it does take a few weeks to do any decent research. This virus exploded in two months, now 3 months on 1 million infected around the world.

      Trump and USA media did not listen to their own experts just like climate change and are now looking to point the finger.

      Morrison and Dutton royally stuffed up yet again by not stopping incoming travelers at least a month after they knew exactly how deadly this virus is.

      Diamond Princess, the one boat they let in was the one boat that was actually a danger to us.

    • Chinese Virus

      We all knew the Chinese were lying through their teeth. They were abducting suspected carriers in their homes, in the street, welding people shut, arresting and disappearing whistleblowers, the kilns fired up 24/7 throughout Hubei.

      Only the dumbest and thickest governments didn’t know what they were dealing with.

      That’s what makes this all the more galling. Western governments had weeks to react but didn’t.

      It was just a couple weeks ago that Trump thought this virus was of little threat.

      Three weeks ago in Australia a F1 was still going ahead with 300k people to descend on Albert Park throughout the weekend, teams flying in straight from Milan Airport. We had a PM gung go about watching the footy with 20k other people.

      That was a good 6 weeks after China had gone into lockdown.

  7. 1. the elections won’t be held this year. 2. lets see how many of them make it through Corona Virus alive, 3. it does not matter a hoot what the public think.

  8. Sleepy Joe going to get nominated and Hilary will slip in as deputy….then she will have him poisoned and she will slip in as Madam President by default…only way she can grab power…sleepy joe will be treated like a weekend at Bernies for a while, just to make sure all the crap that needs to be brought out he cops the blame, then whoooska, sleepy joe passed and Kilary slips in..

  9. – Just look at the age of a number of politicians: Sanders, Biden, Warren, Pelosi, Bloomberg, Feinstein, McConnell, Pence, Trump. All are older that 65, 70 and even 80 years old. It simply shows how US politicians all simply should retire when they are say 60 or 70 years old. It reflects what happened in the last 2 decades in Soviet Union. The last 4 of the last 3 leaders of the Soviet Leaders were also over 70 years old when they died.
    – Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Warren voted out. And 2 seniors left over. Oh the irony.