Macro Afternoon

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Macro Afternoon

Another volatile day for Asian stock markets with a clear divergence between external hesistion and internal delusion as the ASX200 continues to be bid higher. Meanwhile the release of the emergency RBA minutes plus some shocking regional PMI data didn’t upset currency markets much, while a touted phone call between Putin and his pal Trump over the manufactured oil crisis sent the sweet black tea futures up a touch before deflating again.

The Shanghai Composite is struggling going into the close, currently up only 0.2% to 2758 points while the Hang Seng Index is down at least 1.4% or so to 23268 points, still unable to keep above above its high moving average on the daily chart, ripe for a rollover:

Japanese share markets had the biggest falls in the region, with the Nikkei 225 falling over 2% to close at 18384 points, still unable to get back above the 19000 point level. The USDJPY pair had a small chance of breaking below the 107.30 support level but has paused its minor decline in afternoon trade – watch this space however:

The ASX200 has had another wild day, but all upside this time with a 3.5% strong advance, closing at 5258 points.  Meanwhile the Aussie dollar is still hurriedly going nowhere, stuck above the 61 handle as it looks set to complete a rounding top pattern:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are pulling back in line with Japanese shares after stalling at the previous resistance levels, namely 2600 for the S&P500, with its four hourly futures chart about to complete a double top pattern:

The economic calendar includes German retail sales and older EZ wide unemployment figures before we get to the latest ISM manufacturing print from the US.

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      • Yep!

        Myer shares are up 40% in two days (from 10.5c to 15c) since they announced they will CLOSE ALL STORES FOR A MONTH.

        That sounds like a healthy equities market. Nothing to be concerned about there!

        • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

          Closing for a month is probably the first time in a long time that they wouldn’t be losing money so I guess it makes sense…..

          • Yep, no bad news for a month – gotta be worth 40% on the share price. 😉

            In truth it’s likely the shorts covering as the borrow will be dead money for 30 days. The moment the stores open again the shorts will pile back in!

          • migtronixMEMBER

            I swear josh and 4 handle Scotty are buying puts and that’s why they shut parliament. The only exchange in the world that posts gains is this one?

          • The mechanics of the ASX right now is that because the banks make up such a large proportion, when they move, it translates as the market up and then everything else gets bid. The banks had some big fluffing event yesterday and it’s continued on today. Banks up, XJO up, FOMO, panic, everything else bid, market up.

    • because there was money to be made.. those Cayman Is accounts are getting obese. All been shipped and there is nothing left so Peter will do bit of marketing in order to win few votes for the next poll.
      It is our politicians fault for this. Not Chinese companies.. I said this million times and will say it another million times.

        • China is awesome. Especially if you are a Wuhan doctor trying to point out the tsunami of dead and dying rolling into your hospital.

          • It takes a very special organism to view the whole China through the lens of a recently discovered type of virus.

    • lol – just saw Arrow2’s comment.. Peter is probably playing April fools on us.

      • If this container is carrying medical supplies it would be like they refused to unload ammunition during a war. Seriously.

      • Toilet paper is manufactured locally. The boat left China 14 days ago, docked in Taiwan 12 days ago, so yes it’s from China. All the wharfies want is the boat to stay out of port the extra 2 days to meet the established guidelines. Poorly written story.

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          The guidelines is for any ship leaving China to wait 14 days before entering Australian port. Taiwan is not part of China, and Taiwan have less than 400 cases of coronavirus right now, 10 times less than Australia!!

          Why is the MUA adopting a ‘One China’ policy? Have they been infiltrated by the CCP?

          • Why have one set of rules at the airport and another at the docks? It’s ridiculous and should be 14 days across the board, good on the wharfies for using this action to highlight another stupid decision by this govt.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      All too late anyway…. they are trying to shove their excess down our throats now

    • The article says they will jail Aussies sending supplies abroad. Pretty sure it’s not Aussies sending it out. Haha.

    • Could you imagine if China made it a jail-able offence to export hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, PPE equipment, etc. to Australia 😂 We’d be fuсked.

      You can’t blame these profiteers or Chinese do-gooders for their own country. Blame the years of dullard Australian governments that have made the country entirely reliant on China. Pathetic and embarrassing really. China is laughing at Australia’s stupidity.

    • Didn’t Dutton promise to come down hard on these people two or three weeks ago and quick as a flash nothing happened until the Fairfax story?

  1. Well chunts it’s April, the month bcnich (all hail) picked for when the sh!t would REALLY hit the fan. Did he give a day?

    Anyway, US ten year just fell another huge chunk down to 0.62, futures heading south again… and the no small matter of a gazillion people in the US getting a virus – although didn’t the central banks print money and cure that last week?

    • my stab at this.. I think already started.. couple of small falls to make people think that things are settling down and we’ll probably see the first big fall tonight followed by even bigger tomorrow night and smaller one (around 500-700 points) on Friday night. FED and all CBs will be printing like they never printed before and gold will top $2k by Friday.

        • that would be the sensible thing. Sadly, Trump’s only KPI (or the only one he ever references) is the stock market.

          If you’re in any sort of official role that can be appointed / removed by the President, then you “let” the stock market fall at your peril.

          • Indeed. Greenspan set the stage all those years ago after the 1987 crash and ever since then, the idea that the authorities wouldn’t react to steep stock market falls was buried for good.

            “Hey, we’re saving the credit markets!” doesn’t have quite the same resonance with citizens. All about stawks!

          • Dominic you need to go back to Volcker for the post WWII era, Greenspan just lubed the markets for Gates Frictionless Capitalism, Volcker crushed labour and set the IR agenda ever since. Decades of hyperventilating about inflation in a deflationary period, pats on the backs and nobells all around ….

          • Niko nailed it. I have been amazed at how people who would normally have negative attitudes to dole bludgers, seem to take a delight in staying away from work and bunkering down at home while collecting government hand outs. It will be very difficult to persuade these people to go back to work to pay of their loans/mortgage. UBI here we come.

        • Once infinity printing starts in earnest IRs will start moving higher as people will stop buying. Trump’s already talking another $2trln of infrastructure stimulus. I really can’t see how gold price will not top $2k by Christmas the latest – and I’m being really conservative here.
          Not sure how anyone can save anything now. If people don’t start going back to work in 6-10 weeks from now things will get real ugly real fast. Most countries will require second or third stimulus and that will simply destroy their currencies. US will be in same position.
          Even Russia will go through some serious pain even though Russia is the only solvent country.

          • The USD will reign supreme. Europe was already in trouble before this, Japan more indebted than the US, what are you going to do stick your wealth in Yuan?

          • Some good thoughts there.

            I’ll be honest, I’ve bought back into gold one a small way a couple of weeks ago.

            I basically agree with you, except that I’m not yet convinced the printing will overcome the debt-deflation just yet…but I’m not set on that, just less convinced of the alternative for the time being…for me, I need to be convinced that inflationary forces are greater than deflationary forces in the short-term, which I am not yet convinced of ..

            Watching gold and gold equities. Heck, even stocks in general, as they will be worth buying at some point.

            Appreciate the exchange of ideas from you and others, so please keep sharing.

          • Prior to the latest JPow put I would have thought that deflation was the most likely outcome , but the combined fiscal and monetary stimulus is unprecedented and bipartisan and so rapid

            They have shown the world that they are not letting asset prices fall

            Would really be silly at this point to keep on fighting them

            Buy gold, buy land, buy stocks
            Buy anything that isn’t nailed down really

          • I have a dilemma leave $55k worth of stock in the S&P500 or withdraw it and pay down Mortgage debt (down to $100k left on my mortgage) or just HODL for a few years…

            I have my third interview tomorrow with a company I am hoping to find work with. So I may have a job again if things go well. But on the flip side. Who knows how this is yet to pan out?

          • Burb, the amount of printing these 1d1ots are doing now as they are bailing everything that still has pulse is insane. I will not be surprised to see FED buying junk bonds as well. These guys are sh1tt1ng in their pants – German Minister responsible to handle the crisis killed himself. I mean look, the Shale is literary bust. 90% of those drillers are now bankrupt but still operate.

            BoE governor and FED’s Jerome P already said there is no limit to how much they are prepared to print. This is why Trump and rest of world leaders are keen to get everyone back to work ASAP. It’s simply unsustainable for the world to stay shut for longer period as current system is not set to operate under such conditions. We need slaves with debt to keep sweatshops going.
            But the more junk is bailed the higher the IRs will go and the numbers that are required to bail all these zombies are staggering. Remember FED just agree to be global CB as they will be lending to other CBs now who will technically bailing their own zombies. Who is going to be on the hook when (not if) these foreign companies start to default? Mate I really think it is over.

            Staying home and getting paid can produce something else. May prompt people to start to think for change and realise that money can be produced out of thin air and start asking why should they go back to work at all? lol
            then the establishment will have serious problems to deal with.

          • Thanks Niko and Coming.

            Input appreciated. Still turning it over in my mind.

            Not yet convinced they will actually buy everything (I think they know they will destroy the system), but I agree that to what degree they buy things, and give money to others to buy things, is one of the main considerations.

            As I think that the debt dominos still overwhelm new money, I’m still learning towards debt-deflation in the short to medium term, including the destruction of new money; but, loving opinions to the contrary…I love being challenged.

    • Hail bcnich indeed, Hope he’s well.
      Looking forward to his comments when he comes back

    • 6th of April right?? 6th was the date burned in my head… I’ll go hunting tomorrow for his words..

  2. Anything can happen, but good chance the ASX has already bottomed out.

    Scomo is like George Christensen in an Angeles City bar — he’s making it rain. Yerrrrr.

    Everyone in hospitality getting $550 per week, $750 if they’ve been kept on the books. Most people working at a bar or restaurant were previously getting less than that.

    People on the dole just had their incomes doubled.

    Struggling businesses not having to pay PAYG withholding or the first $750 per week in wages for the forseeable future.

    If the economy is struggling in October, Scomo will just extent the $550 per week dole, Jobseeker and Jobkeeper until April 2021. What’s another $300 billion at this point. Government debt is no issue. We’ll just issue more of it like Japan. There’s a good 20 years of debt left in the chamber.

    No-one has to make repayments on their mortgage.

    No evictions, with the government no doubt compensating out of pocket landlords at some point (another type of tax credit I imagine).

    Before the Wuhan virus crisis, we were probably headed for a correction at some point in the near future with retail dead across the board, no wage growth, consumers bunkered down scared and pessimistic about the future.

    Scomo was stuck between a rock and a hard place with the pledge to balance the budget in an anaemic economy where rates were already near 0%. Virus the perfect excuse to stimulate. Came at the perfect time.

    A lot of people were going to be put on P&I repayments this year, but no doubt that will be abandoned by the government, or banks will be allowed to use discretion.

    All those dodgy home loans were going to come home roost, but Wuhan virus gives perfect cover for the government to protect the banks. Any banking troubles going forward will be blamed on the virus not reckless lending.

    • Goldstandard1MEMBER

      LOL- Just no.

      You over reach with what the government help is going to achieve. That’s probably the main difference to people’s bear Vs not so bad scenarios. The health crisis is bad-like once in 100 years bad. The economy is not V shape recovering so to emphasise- just no (but anything can happen).

    • “Most people working in a bar or restaurant were earning less than $550pw”.

      Honestly? Under $29k per year?


      Even if the money is delivered as fully and promptly as promised, there is a huge amount of economic activity that is not going on. I went to the mall today with my [email protected] P95 on and every small shop was shut. Every one.

      And it’s not just retail. Think about it the wider business sector. No new projects. No new loans. No new building or buying or business development or capital expenditure … nothing. The economy is dead.

      $550 a week is going to do three eighths of sweet FA up against that.

      • I wonder how all those cash paid, no tax paying so called employees are feeling now.

      • If you were living on the bones of your ar$e right now – would you rush out and spend all this free money or would you spend only what you had to given the dire and uncertain circumstances – there are no pubs or restaurants open, nothing. All you can is drink yourself into a stupor at home — and far more cheaply than you would at the local.

      • wife talked to her girlfriend on the phone and was told the husband lost all his contracts – he has 4 trucks.

        • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

          That’s cold dawg, feel sorry for that guy.

          The old man losing his job in the 90’s recession is still burnt in my brain, even as a dumb 18 year old. The toll on families from this stuff can be huge.

          Hopefully we are all nice to each other for a while….

      • My business (engineering consultancy) is 100% projects.

        I’ve got 3 small projects left, which will wrap up soond, and ma fewore invoices coming in…and then probably nothing – I honestly can’t see where the next work will come from, as my main way of getting new business is face-to-face cold calling (I’m good at it)…but that’s dead now, and probably for 3-6 months or so.

        • Burb, hope you can get on OK. It is a sh!t show out there right now. It is going to get so bad that what we see now is nothing. Some on here at MB have never run a business & put the key in the door on a Monday morning & wondered/stressed where the money was going to come from to pay the wages & pay the rent & oh maybe something left to live-on. Most just say you should’ve had more buffer blah blah blah. Totally only ones who say that are in protected Government jobs. Feel for you. Hope you can hang in. Mine…. i don’t know. Gonna be a hard 12 – 24 months (NO IT won’t be 6 months!!!).

    • Hill Billy 55

      No, I think that the ball will stop come Budget time in October. When people realise that the taxes needed to pay off all this new debt will come out of their pockets they’ll jack up quick smart.

      • Taxes don’t pay for federal expenditure, issued as a tax credit at onset E.g. how do you tax something when you don’t issue it first – too be taxed back.

    • Yes exactly

      Asset prices simply won’t be allowed to fall or the whole banking and finance system comes down

      We’ve seen this movie before

      • They can and did fall in Ireland, but there was no social welfare payments there like here and no mortgage holiday extend and pretend, so I am not sure how things will go this time.

        The problem is they might fall hard, but they will be reinflated again like 2017-2019 Real Estate prices did.

        • Gavin, the Republic of Ireland was on the euro: didn’t have control of its own currency

          Completely different scenario as you know by now

          • Yea being stuck on Euro made life harder for Greece, Italy Portugal and Spain. As well as Ireland.

      • Coming your argument relies on the ideas that –

        – something that can’t go on forever, will go on forever
        – central banks can cure viruses

        • The first point is a nonsense fallacy

          The second point is irrelevant – the central bank in conjunction with government can “cure” debt deflation whenever it wishes which is the point being argued

          The last I heard Covid-19 couldn’t directly infect houses

          • Coming- I think you make a good point . Governments and their central banks are in control but only while there is coordinated action. When the real central bank ie the FED starts raising rates in the future to meet its obligations to the US economy , we will have to follow suite even if it is not in our interests and this is when asset prices will collapse.

          • When the fed raises interest rates – that’s a long way in the future
            And why would it force us to raise ours? It didn’t the last couple years (when the fed was raising and we were cutting )

          • The virus might not infect houses but it sure as hell can cause deceased estates…!

          • That’s not what a wealth effect is. An inheritance is a transfer of actual wealth.

            But that’s irrelevant.

            A deceased estate usually means a property hits the market (for CGT reasons, and to divide up the winnings between multiple heirs).

            More sellers in a depressed market. The effect is obvious.

          • Why is anyone forced to sell ?
            It’s a debt free asset since these 80 year olds won’t have mortgages

            The heirs aren’t going to give it away when they don’t have to either (no evictions, don’t even need to make mortgage payments)

          • That’s about the time you find out who’s been swimming naked!
            Who’s there?
            Reverse who?
            Reverse mortgage, and I’m selllin’ this ’cause I own it!

          • Got to sell it within a certain time or be liable for CGT.

            Got to sell it to split it between the siblings, who generally want cash not a p!ss poor rental incomes split multiple ways.

            They always sell it.

          • @Arrow you’re correct. But I’ll try convince my brother’s and sisters not to sell.

  3. Talking to old mate near Goulburn today. He doesn’t have time to keep up with what’s going on, so we swap notes.

    Some Teachers were asked to meet in Sydney to get their WuFlu management plan straight & Coward Minister stood them up, skyping them instead. Teachers go home & some show symptoms a few days later, teachers ordered to self isolate & Say Nothing by snivelling Coward who wants to keep it Quiet! (wonder how many times/places this is happening?)

    Shops there & other centres are Still being stripped everyday by the usual grabby day trippers – just going in a few extra times to fill their trailers (Not that there’s anything wrong with that….. so the locals are being told as they leave empty handed!). Despite limits on items, supermarkets still can’t get the shelves filled, some of it logistics, the rest?? Distribution warehouse based there – Near Empty!!

    Caravans & Wicked vans still on the highways, (No enforced lock down for them because they’re special……?) Cops are too busy focusing on the easy meat of booking truckies to even bother to question/book the wanderers. (Probably safer healthwise……& trucks stand out in the thin traffic?)

    Goulburn has always had faultlines. The Asylum & the released, The Jail & the families that move there to be near their guilty one(s) & the released, Police training ground & young power trippy coppers strutting around adding to the Ahole parade, & in recent years Canberra commuters swamping the joint. He knows Goulburn will never find itself now. He’s a calm laid back bloke, as are his crowd actually, but his tone is rising which is unusual for him. His view – It’s only just begun & the town is getting Really Antsy…..! So when’s Puckertime…..?

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        When I was in the Army reserve in the 90s I was hoping to do my recruit course at Pucka but got sent to Sh!ty Bardia Barracks at Ingleburn instead.
        After losing around 20 kg 8 to 9 mths before I went I managed to put about 5 kgs back on over the 2 week it ran.
        It was way to bloody easy in my view

      • Slashed indeed, and side mirrors to be smashed and bleed, the and that’s what happens when you on speed

    • Colin – regarding the caravans: the other day I had a chat with a couple who had worked as caravan park managers for over 20 years. They said their current contract was supposed to run through to the end of the year but the park had been closed down, so effectively they were now homeless (they had a van and were heading north looking for work). They said that in NSW at least the only people allowed to stay in caravan parks are those with no permanent address, the rest were ordered out and told to return home. So if there were lots of vans on the highway near Goulburn my guess is that would be because they had all been kicked out of the parks they were staying in.

      • That might explain it thanks Triage. Get off my Lawn, go straight home but obey the travel ban….

  4. A woman I know went to buy some TP, but the shelf was bare. Went to the counter only to see the last of it in the trolley in front. Cashier grabbed it from her saying she’d been in too many times already & gave it to the one who had none! Same small town that got the boys from the pub across the road to run a few out of town a couple of weeks ago. A small town with Community… & Banjo’s.

    • I went into Coles yesterday at Eastland. Bloke was putting the TP out on the shelves. Loads of it, I was tempted to grab more than 1 packet, but asked how many I could get? He said 1 per customer. 12 rolls. So I complied. I did think about sending my friend in to get another, but figured I was part of the problem. It’s been 4 weeks since I saw any on shelves! We were down to 2 rolls …

  5. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Time to call the blokes in the white coats, Scummo just went Old Testament and compared himself to Moses,

    Wish he’d stop worrying about his church of child buggery and concentrate on something important. Although, it does seems as though the states have the proper stuff under control for now. Maybe it’s best to just let him have his fantasy.

  6. Lol. Dad called just then, first question “So, what is this hibernating the economy? What does it mean exactly?” in a genuine (i.e. non sarcastic) “must be a cultural difference, let’s ask the kids” kind of way..
    Told him, the more apt metaphor was a “coma” rather than hibernation.. put the economy to sleep, but no guarantees that it will ever wake up again, and even if it does, could have some life long symptoms of brain damage or will need to go back into an extensive rehab program to learn to walk and talk again.
    He understood immediately and that was the end of the phone call.
    Starting to hit home guys.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      My wife someone who never pays attention to Politics, the news or current affairs is suddenly freaking out and consuming every piece of Wuhan flu material she can find.
      Its driving me Nuts!

      • Yeah the only part he clarified on was when I said – rehab to do the basic things like walk and talk.. to which I said “well in the economy’s case these basic things would be manufacturing.. you know, hand sanitisers to cars”.. I could hear the gears turning in his head over the phone.
        I do feel bad for those not really able to comprehend what is happening around them and to them. It is a lot to take in all at once if you havent had practice reading and listening and interrogating the b.s like this site does.

      • I was going to go into how the whole thing might wake up a zombie instead.. but that wouldve resulted in more questions =\
        Save that chat for another day. The way this is unfolding, he’ll be calling back.

      • I’m a glass half-full kinda guy – let’s stick with coma for now, while there’s still a discernible pulse.

  7. Zombie Apocalypse

    Exhibit A:

    ” Whether self isolation is a necessity and you can’t do it at home or your family just needs a break from the city stress, consider using our property at Rye and enjoy the beach works and bay views.
    Airbnb has allowed guests a full refund which means lots of availability. So maybe we can help each other.
    Great NBN so you can keep working and we can even help with supplies and transport to the house.
    It’s a difficult time for everyone – let all help each other.”

    • Still $175 per night. That’s $1,225 a week. That’s still far too high for an isolation bolt hole. $40 a night seems reasonable. $1500 a fortnight is just over $100 a day. One should aim to spend around 1/3 of their income on shelter. $40. This is better at $65, unless the poster left off a zero.

    • Some great news

      This is why the Country Hour is mandatory and goddamn I love Michael Condon

  8. So we now have the media refusing to report the age of the 21st corona victim

    Probably because the first 20 were all in their 80s and 90s (with the exception of one)

    They need to protect the impression of legitimacy of their agenda

    Would probably call it ageist , too

    I expect if any young person dies they will be named, photos of their family, full life story
    A martyr for the lockdown

  9. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Teachers Urge Government To Reopen Schools Before Students Learn To Think For Themselves

    …”We must reopen as soon as possible — before they regain their ability to have independent thoughts,” said New York 4th-grade teacher Ms. Jenny Mudd. “This is an urgent crisis. We realize we have to do our part to prevent the spread of the virus, but we must also prevent the spread of unapproved ideas. There’s a balance there.”


    • That’s farcken hilarious — and like most great humour, contains a sliver of truth.

    • everyone’s under-reporting. Indonesia is probably missing 3 digits in their numbers.

    • According to MB’s resident psychopath (you know who you are), all these people were obviously a drain on society, contributing nothing to the positive side of the economic ledger and the Brazilian economy will be stronger for their swift and brought-forward deaths.

      • Tisk tisk … Dr Strangelove …

        Sorta like the poster boy for the perspective a High Ranking Austrian once responded to me – “we just need to better harness the creativity of the sociopath”.

    • Thanks. Fark that was incredible. Posted 2 September…

      “ I think we are going to see GFC type chaos in next 6 months
      Arrow let’s just see what happens by end of Q1 2020
      I think we are very close to a major financial crisis that will dwarf the GFC and no one is expecting.”

      • CanuckDownUnder

        Yes just incredible. I may as well use some shutdown time to study up on solar cycles.

      • Incredible and prophetic indeed. End of Q1 2020 can’t get more specific than that.

    • I know it’s easy I’m hindsight, but I actually believed him and I believe my comments will vindicate that. Part of me wanted to believe he was just some kook. But I was worried he was right at the same time. I certainly think there are things in our Universe we still cannot explain nor understand fully.

      Like when people act silly on a full moon for example. I’m not religious in the typical deity sense, but I concede the Universe can work in mysterious ways and sometimes I think I’m just a mouse in that maze.

      On that not why is it that animals can instinctively sense good intentions? I had a neighbours horse come right over to me today at the fence line and signal for my attention. Animals seems to take a liking to me. Ever since I was little. Yet I can’t explain it.

    • Sun worshipers go back a long way … must be great to use such devices to both claim ownership to beneficial outcomes and and hive off risk to the bad ones.

  10. Heard a whisper that iron ore prices are getting smashed right now… but I don’t have Bloomberg / Platts for the good data… anyone?

  11. Spain, Italy and possibly Portugal / Greece, will be pushing for EU exit within 6-8 months.
    Break-away group possible. France may join, but outlier.
    Long euro beware.

  12. Rumours going around is that passengers on the Ruby Princess were allowed to disembark because MP Alex Hawke’s relatives were on board. Hawke is a Hillsonger and reportedly close to Morrison who ok’d it via Dutton.

    Wonder if Hawke leaked the Morrison prayer video…


      If you remove the masks look they have changed us from holsem and fresh naive to European trash enslaved why did not we win and give our sons blood but a dream freedom to be enslaved by elites monetary policies Harold holt

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Hawke, Robert and Morton, among others, are happy clappy types close to Morrison?

  13. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Today’s tally is 4863, with 304 new cases, bringing the percentage growth to 6.67%. Western Australia shot back up to 28, and Tasmania had 2 cases, so we’re still not at zero yet. The cruise ship Artania continues to be a headache as it refuse to leave. The real solution is to get everyone off the ship, isolate everyone, completely decontaminate everything on the ship, then put them back on board. That unfortunately will take months, and the German owner isn’t volunteering to pay for it.

    NSW have 150 new cases today : while not a lot, it is worrying since most of them are community transmission cases now. If the number goes to 200 then we are going to see a complete lockdown.

    Nothing from the states about the ‘eviction memorandum’ yet, probably because the real estate lobby is screaming blue murder at their respective Premier’s office. If everyone follows Tasmania, it’ll be 6 months of living rent free for every tenant in Australia.If enough renters takes the option then it actually becomes years and years of rent free living as the xCAT will be completely clogged. When the landlord sees the hearing date will be over one year away, there would be a booming demand for mean and nasty looking man with tattooed eyeballs.

    Better for ScoMo to simply announce free rent for 6 months, but we know ScoMo never does the simple and easy thing..

    • I wonder if they’re extrapolating positive results for community spread given the narrow scope for testing?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “The real solution is to get everyone off the ship, isolate everyone, completely decontaminate everything on the ship, then put them back on board. That unfortunately will take months, and the German owner isn’t volunteering to pay for it”

      Then after they get everyone of the ship they should tow it to a depth where it’ll make a nice artificial reef and sink it.
      Would be good target practice for what ever ship launched surface to surface missile our Navy fields these days.

  14. The Traveling Wilbur

    Ah… those were the days. When we’d jump on here like a Millenium Falcon chasing a gap in a shield if we got even a sniff of the DAX breaking -4%. Again.

    But that was soooo March 2020.