Let immigration burn

And there you go, via The Australian:

The coronavirus is driving the biggest population decline in Australian history, with 300,000 tourists, temporary workers and students already departing this year in an exodus that threatens to deepen a consumer spending slump and hit the housing market.

The number of temporary visa holders in Australia dropped by 260,000 in the first three months of this year, with a further 50,000 departing in the first two weeks of April, Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge has revealed.

Research obtained by The Australian predicts a further 300,000 people could leave the country to return home by the end of the year, which economists warn could further erode consumer demand and cause a slump in the rental and housing markets.

Australia’s population grew by 371,000, or 1.5 per cent, to 25.46 million over the year to last September, of which 63 per cent was due to net overseas migration.

Warren Hogan, a professor of economics at UTS Business School, said a large drop in net ­migration would sap consumer spending, already hobbled by the impact of nationwide lockdowns, and add further strain to a housing market grappling with a new ­national rental code.

“And when you look at it in turnaround terms, the drop is even bigger,” Professor Hogan said.

In the most recent budget, the government pencilled in net overseas migration of 271,000 this year, up from 259,600 in 2018. More than 800,000 net new immigrants were forecast over the next three years, the budget papers say.

Reserve Bank research by Peter Tulip and Trent Saunders, conducted last year, found a reduction in population growth would increase rental vacancies, trim rents and housing prices, and reduce construction.

I feel for all of those people and businesses that were sucked into this giant people ponzi but the government has this coming. The numbers should never have been allowed to run so high. It was not population growth. It was an immigration imbalance that crushed wages, oriented production to cheap labour services output, destroyed productivity by crush-loading everything, ruined university standards, and plunged the nation into an endless income and per capita recession via an output gap that never closed. It was also beginning to threaten democracy itself thanks to the big lie that it was in the nation’s interests and via a flood of CCP corruption. 

We should NOT try to get the numbers back up to save broken retailers and property. We need to take this on the chin, let intake numbers fall permanently, and get on with the adjustment that that involves.

Thankfully, it is the very thing that we need:

  • cheaper houses to compensate youth for the COVID-19 sacrifice;
  • cheaper land for competitiveness; 
  • public investment in universities to boost people skills;
  • city debottlenecking to lift productivity;
  • less cheap labour to compete with locals and lift wages, 
  • and full-blown environmental remediation.

If nothing else good comes out of COVID-19, a halved immigration rate will be a major silver lining.

Let immigration burn.

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  1. via a flood of CCP corruption.
    Sure, always pin it on the guy who doesn’t even speak English.

  2. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    I presume this guy called Tulip who works at the RBA understands the irony of his surname relative to the place he works at?

  3. Tulip needed to do research to work that out? Seriously what do we pay for? @Tezza LOL, laughed a lot! But AE was making valid point.

  4. – House / Property prices are NOT driven by immigration, it’s driven by the amount of (mortgage) debt. But that’s something H&H doesn’t want to hear about, right ?

    • Rate of change of total debt. If it slows the ponzi breaks down.
      This is already happening as a result of lower incomes from unemployment and migration creating a demand shock in a lockdown.
      All we need now to light the fuse is supply to rise due to distressed selling, due to need for liquidity. This is what the 6 month mortgage holidays are preventing. But when that cover lifts….

    • Sure, but there is a link — the more eligible (and motivated) borrowers there are, the more mortgage debt there’ll inevitably be. You can prove that one to yourself using some simple examples.

    • BoomToBustMEMBER

      smoked much crack this morning? It is a known fact they are boosting house prices to the moon, originally the government narrative is it doesnt and they stood by it hard for a while, then it became such an elephant in the room that they admitted it and basically said so what. And now we are where we are.

      • – Nope. See the example of the US. In the 1990s and 2000s the US had high immigration and in spite of that the US property market went down by up to 50% in some cities between 2005 & 2012.

      • Consider these facts: Over the course of 2017 & 2018:
        – Landprices in Western Sydney fell up to 50%.
        – House prices in Western Sydney fell up to 30% as well.
        – Prices of units in e.g. Ryde (in the middle of the Sydney metropolitan region) fell by some 30% as well.
        – But in both years immigration remained (very) high.
        It seems “Mr. Market” didn’t care about (high) immigration. Are you still believing that immigration drives property prices ?

    • Then whats your explanation for why Sydney and Melbourne prices dont resemble Perth and Adelaide??? Clue: Starts with an I….

      • – No matter how you slice it or dice it, EVERYONE must PAY to be able to live somewhere. and that requires an income. That income is needed to be able to rent, buy a property or to pay interest and principal on a mortgage. So, it’s income that determines whether or not that soneone is able to live in whatever neighbourhood / suburb.
        – In some affluent suburbs of Sydney banks were willing to lend up to 12 times (Household) income. Guess what happened to property prices in those suburbs. They rose to 12 times (Household) income as well. Guess what would happen when banks are only willing to lend say 4 times income in those neighbourhoods ? Then prices would drop to 4 times income as well.
        – Those immigrants are predominantly from poor countries (India, Nepal, China, etc), not from rich countries like the US or Canada or from Europe. It were AUSTRALIAN speculators/”investors” who were driving up property prices with the help of debt from australian banks, not those (poor) immigrants.

      • Consider these facts: Over the course of 2017 & 2018:
        – Landprices in Western Sydney fell 50%.
        – House prices in Western Sydney fell up to 30% as well.
        – Prices of units in e.g. Ryde (in the middle of the Sydney metropolitan region) fell by some 30% as well.
        – But in both years immigration remained (very) high.
        It seems “Mr. Market” didn’t care about (high) immigration. Are you still believing that immigration drives property prices ?

  5. Let’s make it a reciprocal with temporary migrants.

    If China gives temporary migrants $1500 per fortnight we’ll give Chinese migrants $1500.

    If they give $100 we give $100.

    If they give nothing we give nothing.

    In fact China’s kicking migrants out their homes even putting up signs forbidding migrants to enter fast food restaurants.

    If China doesn’t clean up their wet markets the rest of the world might be forced to do the same to Chinese migrants.

  6. So 300,000 gone is an eighth of temporary people, 12.5%. Good grief, is that just the people who we’re going to have to leave anyway (mums here for the Medicare, tourists, students whose time was up) but for a few months they’re not being replaced? If we move in to the next 300,000 then we’re starting to talk. As I’ve suspected for a long time, there’s a helluva lot of money just to be made in the churn. The leeches of the pro immigration camp don’t care what your experience is, as long as you’re moving in and setting up and buying your new things and moving again, andBuying someone else’s car, with all that cost, paying your visa fees, licence fee and connection fees and airport parking fees, they love it.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      They’re already leaving, i see it everyday now in Carlton. Another thing I’ve started seeing is the people dropping off deliveries are less obviously not recent arrivals.

      Its a major silver lining but its going to completely f#ck the LNP as all their donors have to start paying wages instead.

      • Nobody is going to have to pay wages again. It’s uneconomic and, therefore, borders on immoral.
        We won’t stand for that or fall for that ever again.

        • Yep, we’re going towards a depression; paying any wages will be optional, no need anymore for mass use of visa workers, foreign students to undermine wages anymore. We’ll do it all on our own out of sheer desperation. The more things change….

          • Display NameMEMBER

            Paying wages has been optional in Aus. Hospitality workers are never paid a full wage. Thats what the “skilled” visa system exists for. Cheap labour. Its is now the Australian business model. How we move down the value chain just by employing ever cheaper labour,

          • If you can’t outsource to a foreign country just bring the labour here and pay them the same. Seems to be the motto.

          • no need anymore for mass use of visa workers, foreign students to undermine wages anymore. We’ll do it all on our own out of sheer desperation.


      • The FNG.MEMBER

        We could arguably keep wages where they are and be fine if rents and house prices halve.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      A lot of that 300 000 would be the ones hidden out of sight In the economy …….probably working illegally and not on any books …..jobs go they go
      ……the next 300 000 will be the ones dragging their feet hoping the do gooder lobby can get them the free dosh ……..don’t expect them to leave easy

  7. what’s more significant is reduction is commercial rents
    for many small business rent is so large expenditure so if halved those businesses will be able to make as much money even if their revenue is 20% down

    • We need a meaningful (and permanent) reduction in commercial rents but landlords will fight that tooth and nail. Many who have agreed to rent reductions recently have only done so temporarily – rents are going straight back up the moment this ends. Or, at least, that’s the plan. 😉

      • They can increase their rents but what is going to happen long term when demand only recovers to 60-70% of previous levels. They may find themselves wishing they adjusted to the new reality and decreased their rents now and maintained their tenants.

        • Oh, don’t get me wrong, rents are coming down irrespective of what these clowns think – economic reality will see to that.

          The issue for many of these people is that they have mortgages on the properties and need a certain level of income to cover the costs. In addition, I believe many commercial mortgages have certain conditions that may necessitate a margin-call should the rental terms alter materially.

          • That is most likely true. So a world of pain awaits commercial real estate if rents decrease or if extended periods of vacancy kick in.

  8. Tassie TomMEMBER

    At least we’ve still got our 17,000 pa refugee intake to keep the ponzi floating. Maybe we could even increase this now.

    • 17000 is like a drop in the ocean, a rounding error … remember … 2.3 million temporaries you can add refugees for for 3 years and that number would not change

    • Lol yeh that’s right. Bring in people who are even more heavily dependent on social services and with less English and real skills at a time of record unemployment and welfare expenditure because feelings.

      Let the refugee industrial complex burn.

      • No, it’s because vybrancy!!

        What’s that you ask? It’s the benefit of having a multicultural society here in Australia.

        Don’t you know that mono culture is bad. You’ve got to embrace different attitudes, beliefs, practices, ways of doing things.

        Can you give me an example, you ask.

        Well of course. Let’s see those different attitudes at work in an ordinary day to day setting in a large Australian City.


        Now tell me, how’s the vybrancy?

      • Tassie TomMEMBER

        At least if as you say they have “less real skills” then they won’t be acting as “scab labour” to beat down the pay and conditions of Australian workers.

        • Heading over to the Greece-Turkey border to invite a few more doctors and engineers in?

          The ones that do get a job usually end up working in the lowest wage jobs pushing now unemployed even further back. It’s not just the front door that is the problem for wage theft.

          But from what I gather you’re saying is thats ok, as long as they are unemployed and not taking up jobs its fine. Christ.

          I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Refugee programs are just another form of globalist privatise gains-socialise losses. A hand ful of rich people destroy some third world craphole, privatise the resources and then socialise the losses, displaced people, onto the western world under the veneer of ‘humanitarianism’ and guilting them with cries of ‘heartless and inhumane’ when they object.

          They also then use our legal system against us to keep the doors open at our expense. See: Bilelola family and their 500 high court injunctions.

          I’d expect that kind of justification from drcringey.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Refugees are not the real issue and never have been.
        If you don’t understand this it because you’ve been duped.
        My idiot father in-law still won’t believe Howard trippled the number of permanent arrivals during his tenure as PM simply because he “stopped the boats”.
        Most people who complain about new arrivals swamping and taking over their suburbs have never even seen a fking Refugee!
        Its the ridiculously high number of people (2.1 million!) allowed to come here, with right to work visas, including over 600k students, that is the problem.

        17,000 refos per year is Nothing
        and they can easily be absorbed if we encourage and expect them to integrate into Australian culture.
        Unfortunately we don’t do that anymore but we could do so again.

        • It’s the deliberate deception of the stop-the-boats / rampant immigration bait-and-switch that boils my blood.

          Brazen fcking lies. What happened to public servants and concepts like ‘transparency’? We are governed by overlords who ‘know’ what’s good for us (or good for their mates).

          It’s this injustice I’d like to see laid bare so that ALL the pollies involved can be judged by the public and by history.

          • Nope, respectfully disagree with both of you.

            Do admit Howard pulled the bait and switch however, I disagree that we need to take them in at all. Australians are massively complacent about this because we’re a distant island – the Greeks have a different opinion at just how badly things can go over night. Even the UN puts it at 65 million displaced people’s? Who is going to support that financially and logistically?

            The social cost is worn by the middle class again in terms of obvious loss of social cohesion (which many white Australians have been gaslighted into silence into talking about) and all the social service pressures, etc.

            We don’t need to babysit the third world (We also don’t need to invade it), they need to get their own population pressures under control as well. Best thing we can do is pull out of the UN Convention whivh was volintary anyway and stop all the bullsht protection rorts which costs us millions in the courts every year.

          • Display NameMEMBER

            I was in the cook Islands last year and met up with a Czech lady who was quite senior in the Brussel EU migration administration. . The consensus internally she said was that at least 2/3 of the alleged refo’s coming across into Europe are economic migrants. Apparently they are looking at ways of pushing back and sending some back.

  9. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Come on, you know the woke left will soon be insisting that temporary migrants be allowed to claim Govt welfare so they can stay permanently, because to not give them taxpayer money is, you know, racist. Not only that, but then the woke left will insist on repatriating these migrant workers families as well, because to not do so is, you know, racist.

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    This will be short-lived with a mega intense extreme boom in immigrants coming soon. I can’t wait to meet all the new freshies.

  11. factory worker

    Interesting rant, but I think it completely misses the point, what we have today in Australia is the birth of neo-Feudalism.
    If what I say is correct then Feudalism is the lens through which we need to view immigration. Is excess Immigration a force that creates or opposes Feudalism? I believe it’s an opposing force if for no other reason then the fact that immigrants (especially economic immigrants) always have the option to return home.
    An ideal Feudal state is one where the local population has very few economic options that are not effectively taxed by their lords. In this sense Rent is the ultimate form of Feudal taxation and Feudal systems invariably limit the available option for serfs to not pay rent to their Lord (now that’s beginning to sound a lot like modern day Australia)
    Why is Australia doing this to itself?
    I suspect the answer lies in the simple fact that it is easy to blame outsiders for your problems but unbelievably hard to recognize your own finger prints, even when they are all over the crime scene.

    • Have you turned the lights off at the Ford factory down there in Geelong yet, mate? Hurry up, nothing’s for free.

    • The whole system was favouring the FIRE sector bubble that is relient on rents over productive enterprise, so if we’re talking about a modern form of fuedalism, it was the fuedalism being imposed with increasing voracity of the ever more dominant rentier FIRE sector and massive immigration was a key support of this. Anyway, real full on historic feudalism happens when the state collapses or exists almost in imaginary form and you get local warlords stepping into the breach. When that happens, even the FIRE sector goes to hell.

      • factory worker

        Yes but I believe the FIRE sector is the Lord in the neo-Feudal system.
        It does not simply favour Rent over Productive Enterprises it deliberately creates an environment where participants have no real choice but to become Rent slaves and support rent seeking enterprises.
        Imagine a system geared towards the creation of new Productive enterprises, what features would it have, which aspects would be focused on and what role would education play? Who would be really educated? and who would receive an education that provided nothing but lip-service?
        Now look at the stratification of our current education system and tell me that this is not deliberately intended to create tomorrows serfs. Sure excess immigrants keep our serfs in place and stop them from raising above their station in life but my point is that Immigration is not the policy that makes them serfs

        • Pretty much agree with all your statements except regarding mass immigration. Being swamped by immigrants helps push up property rents and therefore props the debt driven property bubble-consumption economy (hello FIRE sector) and weighs on wages (note the rampant wage theft err I mean “accidental” under payments at all levels, but especially in the SME sector.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Peoples own “finger prints” are all over the easy taking over of our Political parties by a small number of ambitious, sociopathic, careerist individuals who all sycophantically suck up to the big end of town as a path of lazy least resistance and in the hope of future enrichment opportunities.

      Less than 50 thousand people could take over either one of our major Political parties and kick out these careerist schmucks or at the very least put them on a tight democratic leash,…from Within.
      But nobody can be fked to take any responsibility themselves.
      Most just want to complain all the time and do nothing.
      Who are you?


      • factory worker

        Your mistake is to assume that our Politician are the one’s controlling our Social and Economic rudder.
        I prefer to look behind the curtain and understand the motivation of the puppet masters rather than simply enjoy the dance of the puppets. It’s even more naive to assume that puppets dancing to a different tune would somehow result in a different outcome, I suspect on this aspect of modern day Australia the average Aussie is already well ahead of you.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          If thats what you all believe then why complain at all,… you’ve acquiesced.
          You’ve been indoctrinated to believe tgat political engagement is pointless so why bother.
          Who do you think this mentality benefits the most?
          The people “behind the curtain”, pulling the strings you speak of,…thats who.

          Everyone just accepting that several hundred parliamentarians, once elected and “Running the Country” is just how it is and thinking the ballot box is the only expression of Democratic responsibility required from a responsible citizenry is a Massive propaganda victory for “Behind the curtain Plutocrats”

          Just over Half a Parliament is orders of magnitude more easily bought off when they have control of the legislative process than if that process was instead under the democratic control of several hundred thousand, citizen, Party members.
          MPs could be prevented from being corrupted by having their every action accountable to Party Rank and Files.
          This should include Independants with them required to be democraticly answerable to a party base also.
          This would make the corruption of individual MPs almost impossible.

          Such a rank and file lead parliament would enact feirce anti trust legislation on media ownership to allow real INFORMED debate in the political arena.

          Along with Participation an essential ingredient in any REAL Democracy.


    • It’s kind of too long-winded to explain but the bit that makes us serfs is the monetary system — a debt-based (or fiat) money system, which by its nature is inflationary. So, in order to not go backwards, you almost need to own an asset that protects you from the ravages of inflation i.e. property (for example). Equities work too, although to a lesser extent. The point being that taking out a huge mortgage to get on the property ladder is a virtual must — and necessarily puts the citizen on the treadmill in order that they can service the huge debt. The non-owners, meanwhile, especially in the presence of stagnant wages, go backwards at a rapid clip — thus explaining why wealth inequality is a problem that gets perpetually worse with time and is exacerbated by periods of high monetary inflation (money supply growth).

      In a monetary system with an essentially stable money supply (or one that grows at the same rate as the real economy) you don’t have these issues because inflation is almost non-existent and homes would not be financial assets — they’d be what they should be which is consumption items (shelter). The need to ‘get on the ladder’ abates almost entirely and with it no need to get in hock to the eyeballs. In fact, in a stable monetary system, the cost of borrowing would be such that borrowing heavily to buy a property would make no sense. People who wanted to own would save the bulk of the money and borrow the rest.

      • factory worker

        Well indeed. A key aspect of any Feudal system is that it provides shelter (and to a lesser extent sustenance) in exchange for one’s indentured labour.
        Any worker that chooses to exist outside this Indentured structure must provision their own shelter. The Feudal system therefore both creates and sustains a shortage of suitable shelter.
        I feel that your Fiat currency abstraction only obscures the point that the provision of shelter is one of the key controls within any Feudal system. Sans the ability to deny / ration shelter the Feudal system collapses. In this sense it is not the over-provision of Fiat currency (debt creation, Inflation etc) but rather the under-provision of shelter that drives the system towards Feudalism.
        A similar argument can be made for Education, because by denying effective education the Feudal system maintains a serf class as they lack the ability and opportunity to profit from their own labour outside of the feudal pyramid.

      • factory worker

        I know that this is probably a step to far for most MB’ers but if you want to better understand Feudalism I would suggest you read Higuchi Ichiyō, she was a young Japanese writer from the late 19th century.
        Her writings encapsulate the experience of being effectively a serf in a changing environment. Key to all her works is the aspect of not having an effective choice, because all paths lead to agony.
        She really was an extremely talented writer and well worth the time to read.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Rents were certainly NOT a feature of Feudalism! Rent gives you the right to use the property as you will for your own profit – feudalism tied you to WORKING the land not renting it…

      • factory worker

        I disagree. Serf’s differ from slaves in that they are Indentured labour.
        The process of “indenturing” requires that the serf accept a Debt which can only be repaid through servitude.
        Rents are the key method by which debts are maintained in perpetuity and indeed inherited thereby creating a class of worker that is born into servitude.
        This is exactly the system that we are creating in Australia, therefore it is neo Feudalism.

    • “I believe it’s an opposing force if for no other reason then the fact that immigrants (especially economic immigrants) always have the option to return home.”
      They dont want to leave even when there is a global pandemic and depression and we’ve told them we arnt giving them any money! How’s that “anti-feudal” pressure release valve working for you?
      It’s simple mate, if you want to devalue something you make/find more of it.
      Why else is life as cheap as dirt in the main hubs of our immigrant supply?
      Mass immigration devalues the existing labour supply which makes us MORE susceptible to feudalism, not protected from it. Holy hell!

      • Really, is it that simple in your mind?
        If so than riddle me this oh wise one: What is this force that stops young Australians from selling their labour on the world market?
        Could it be something as simple as that their Labour is valueless (undifferentiated / uneducated) or could it be that such an international sale would result in insufficient income to pay the rents required to continue to live in Australia.
        See what I mean, their chosen path (to seek employment outside the bubble) is unsustainable if they continue to live within the bubble. Similarly while external labour (Immigrants) entering the local market act to depress local wages they have no impact on the global value of the Aussie that intends to sell their labour internationally.

  12. The only way Australia is stopping immigration is destruction of one or both of the major parties.

    It has to be Labor. They’re the party that’s completely betrayed their voter base.

    It is that simple.

    • Yes. Remarkable improvements can be unlocked when we transition to being a one party state.

      • Even worse would be a more dominant LNP.

        LNP are getting away with 90% of what they want BECAUSE of Labor agreeing to such high rates of immigration.

        Labor needs to be replaced with independents and other parties that oppose immigration.

        • “Needs to be replaced with….” that’s nice to wish for, but al you’ll actually get is a more dominant LNP.

          • Not with the correct candidates.

            Every problem this country has, comes back to immigration. How do we stop that? Candidates that oppose LNP on immigration.

            It’s certainly not Labor.

          • Lol, correct candidates. Who is going to make sure that there are “correct” candidates? You?

            Then, who is going to ensure that people vote “correctly”?

          • Yes. One prominent loyal patriot Australian we all know and trust to do the right thing for Australia endorses one candidate in each seat.

            At the least, it’d scare Labor into reversal of their betrayal of Australia. How can that be bad?

            Got a better idea?

            I’m all ears.

          • One prominent patriot to choose candidates for parliament. Let’s call him god-king-dictator for life, then, like Xi?

            Who will choose the patriot? Xi?

            These are great ideas. Keep them coming.

          • Please never ever again wonder why this country is going to sht.

            I mean it. People like you are the problem. You literally invented a problem that doesn’t exist….. “god-king-dictator for life, then, like Xi?”

            Who gave him power? People who can just as easily take it away.

          • Totes, you have to open your other eye, bloke.

            The problem doesn’t exist? The problem (how to govern, who should govern) has existed and has been described many many times, including, quite famously, by Plato in the Republic 2,500 years ago. In fact, it’s a problem that dominated human history for Millenia.

            The very concept of “dictator” relates to a Roman attempt to solve the problem of governing at tumultuous times….

            You reckon you’ve now solved it in a 50 word blog post?! Fark me!

            This is exactly why they say that those who don’t know their history are bound to repeat it….

          • I’ll tell you what I know.

            1. Labor are now toxic to Australia.
            2. There are people that will derail any attempt to change bipartisan support for immigration; there are many on MB, and you are probably one of them.
            3. we need a solution, and so far, mine is far better than any I’ve seen, mostly because there are no others. What kind of dumb nation watches their kids futures given away by elites?
            4. There is absolutely no dictator in my story. You’ve invented it.

          • wing nut

            That’s why you’re going to lose your country. A complete and purposeful breakdown of patriotism and love of your country..

            Pretty much led by Labor and Greens.

          • Wow. Quite an assumption of superiority.

            You invented the narrative. Then assumed superiority.

            Exactly the same tack as smithy. FO.


            There was no argument. Brutal attitude. BS non existent argument.

          • Superiority, eh?

            I thought you were the one telling us who should be in charge and how they should be elected….

          • Sorry totes, Peachy is right.

            The flaw in your plan is that the “one prominent loyal patriot Australian we all know and trust to do the right thing for Australia” does not exist and never will. Not even the second coming could produce a consensus candidate. And your plan would guarantee entrenched LNP government.

          • Jim

            I don’t have to be right. Happy to hear other ideas.

            The condescending tone of people like peachy are an attempt to shut people like me down. They’re elites feeding from our kids futures. Too much money is never enough for these people.

          • Jim

            What should concern all Australians is the elites support for Labor and the ABC. Two institutions that are now entirely against the interests of the plebs.

          • What should concern all Australians is the elites support for Labor and the ABC. Two institutions that are now entirely against the interests of the plebs.

            All this – I can agree with. 😘

          • I think you’re wrong on Peachy, totes. Peachy doesn’t strike me as being an elite trying to shut you down, just a person with a different opinion. I don’t know exactly how to fix this, but I know coporatism/neo-liberalism is the source of the problem and nothing much will change until society starts to reject it.

            And I’m not sure who you mean by the elites supporting the ABC and ALP. Certainly the elites in the business community do not.

          • Jim

            Society want to reject it IMO, but can’t while Labor are in agreement with LNP and are still there.

            Labor have to go. There is no other way to do it.

          • Jim

            “And I’m not sure who you mean by the elites supporting the ABC and ALP. Certainly the elites in the business community do not.”

            Plenty do. Most MSM does. Getup elites do. The reason? Money. Vicariously via the Greens too.

            LNP supports the ABC. They would have far more decimated it if the ABC wasn’t doing their dirty work.

            A big Australia workers party is laughable. A big Australia, equality party is laughable. A big Australia environmental party is laughable.

            Labor are no longer a party in the interests of most Australians.

        • You know me – I’m quite charitable and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.

  13. Surely it is obvious that the political class will be doing absolutely everything within their power to boost immigration once the pandemic passes. If anything they will over compensate and find a way to make it even higher.

  14. So, here is a real life reporting from country Australia.About 5 weeks ago, turned off my dirt road onto the main road.Seen a Bus Coach with trailer drive past.I thought, hang on whats up here? No oldies going on tours these days, so followed, took pics of plates.Waited till they turned into a side street next to a country store.
    Watched, and went into store and noticed a bloke buying multiples of groceries..As is the case in the country , they take you boxes to the car for you..Bloke wasnt happy..So , I thought, I would drive over to next town.Seen same blokes car at supermarket, hmm strange, drove out of town, as bus with trailer pulled in..Hmm I think..
    Wait a week, pulled out on road, and what do you think, bus goes past, same car following…So, I follow same routine…
    Are Aussies now becoming daighous?
    The local supermarkets are stripped, barely anything left…Who are these Aussie Dogs ? Stripping food? And where is it going?