El Trumpo suspends immigration

The invisible enemy, eh.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Shades of MessinaMEMBER

    America is at war with the Invisible Enemy. America has always been at war with the Invisible Enemy.

  2. “The attack”. Hmmm.

    America has been attacked, and we all know by whom.

    This does not bode well.

    I wonder if the closing of the border applies to illegal immigrants and refuge-seekers as well? I mean, one would think that the borders are always closed to illegal immigrants, because that’s the definition of a border. On the other hand, lots of people in the US seem to think that anyone who manages to show up at the US-Mexican border deserves automatic entry.

  3. Right wing nationalist scapegoating begins.

    Watch World War 2 in Colour to see how all this ends.

    • Oh please, the Trump = Hitler and conservatives = fascists narrative has been dispelled over and over (including by those whom are avid Trumpo haters). It is a lazy narrative, devoid of historical analysis. Populism and nationalism do not automatically equal fascism, they are different political beasts…. unless you’re an arts major with 4 degrees worth of debt, no useful function in society and an ANTIFA t-shirt, then of course all political persuasions that aren’t yours can be counted as fascist. WWII in colour would then be an appropriate inspirational medium.

        • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

          Just because it is in the name don’t make it so. DPRK is not democratic or a republic, the ‘peoples’ part is tautalogical.

          So, it may be entirely possible to name a political party after an ideology that your actions don’t back up. Cough..(Liberal) Cough.

          • Yes a country called The Democratic Peoples Republic usually meant it was the opposite, i.e. a Communist dictatorship.

        • Narapoia451MEMBER

          I can’t believe there are people that don’t understand the Nazi’s weren’t socialist. Seems to be a pretty new phenomenon. It was widely agreed and established fact until quite recently it seems.

      • I lost count of the number of straw men you ‘slew’ in your rant.

        Re: Trump, he is an authoritarian right wing nationalist. That’s just a statement of fact.

        • 1. A slew of political analysts and historians disagree with you (again, including those whom are very open about there dislike for Trump). I’ll take their reasoned analysis over your ‘statement of fact’.

          2. I never said that fascists don’t share ideological similarities with others in the ‘right wing’ (that’s your straw man, not mine). I simply pointed out that conflating one with the other, while popular with your average punter & CNN anchor, is factually incorrect. Believing otherwise leads to poor analysis, you know, like…. “Trump has no chance at the white house”, “Boris is just another fascist and can’t win” and so and and so forth.

          • 1. He is a right wing nationalist, confirmed by policy, rhetoric and political analysts/historians.

            2. lol not a straw man, a direct reply to a bloke who said Hitler (fascist) wasn’t right wing.

            Trying to argue that the sky is green, doesn’t make it so.

            PS you do know that slew is past tense for slaying something? Not sure why you laboured with the alternative use of the word in your reply. Came off as awkward.

          • 1. slew
            noun [ C usually singular ] US informal
            UK /sluː/ US /sluː/
            “a large amount or number:”
            So, apologies for the potentially incorrect use of the noun I guess?

            2. Back to the point, SHOW ME, exactly where I stated (let alone insinuated) that Adolf Hitler wasn’t a fascist and that fascists don’t share ideologies associated with the right ….. nope, didn’t think so? This ‘bloke’ said no such thing, that’s your straw man bs.

            3. So he is a nationalist now? “Populism and nationalism do not automatically equal fascism” you see that…. see the bit where I clearly insinuated that he was a nationalist and a populist? The first point of your post insinuates that I somehow suggested he wasn’t? Yep… that’s another strawman….. fark? did you even read it before launching your next attack?

            4. I’ll state it again, nationalism and populism does not automatically = fascism. therefore, it is beyond misguided to claim (and ever so flippantly) that the fascist ideology and outcomes of WWII Germany are automatically comparable to today’s US administration run by a right wing, populist, narcissist, reality TV star.

            The failure of people like you (in opposition I assume) to understand what Trump actually is renders you just as culpable for his continued success as the people who put him there! Oh, and save the light weight trolling for news.com champ, after all, attacking the man v message is so very Trump.

        • I’m pretty sure we’ve already had that (?). Hugh White said earlier last year that it was a cert for later in 2019. Wasn’t half as bad as I expected.

    • To automatically equate contemporary national populism and immigration restrictionism with 1930s European fascism is ridiculous.

      Go and read “National Populism” by Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin.

      Most populists actually want more democracy, not less. They want leaders who give more power to ordinary people and listen to their concerns over issues such as immigration.

  4. I wonder if ScoMo will suspend immigration, and send the 2,1 Million temp migrants home?
    I doubt it, as many of his lobbyists in the FIRE sector need it.

  5. Do you want to know how to Win an Election ?

    Because that’s how you Win an Election !

  6. Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Did the Chinese plant more virulent strains in western Europe and the USA?

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      No – but more virulent strains could have spread to Europe and the USA. It is well known that something made the Spanish flu, that was re-imported from Europe, more virulent in its second wave:


      They still don’t know why, but changing human behaviour – in this case associated with war time troop movements, sanitation and high concentrations of people living in unsanitary conditions, somehow helped bring about an unexpectedly more virulent virus.

      Europeans, unlike the Americans, had far more restrictions on travel and movement during the war. Instead of the milder flu virus, unwittingly spreading throughout the community, thanks to war time lockdowns and curfews, it seems the more virulent one, that one that struck down people in close proximity and was then passed on throughout war hospitals and infirmaries was the one that from an evolutionary point of view that was more successful.

      There is a good route of logic to suggest that quarantines might actually breed a more virulent virus. When human behaviour changes, like becoming far more difficult to transmit thanks to quarrantine and social distancing, it could feasibly result in the more virulent varieties, the ones that get people sent to hospital and hence of greater chance to be passed on to health workers, including ambulance, Uber drivers, taxies etc (which is how a lot of sick people go to hospital), that gets the limited opportunity to spread throughout the community.

      Viruses NORMALLY become less virulent as they spread throughout the community, however with lockdown a significant amount of secondary infection will be occurring in hospitals among medical workers – instead of the mild virus replicating in the community, the one that are likely propagating would be the one most likely to send someone to hospital, the more virulent variety, instead of fizzling out in someone’s apartment like the fate of a milder version in lockdown is likely to experience.

      Thus it is quite feasible that the ones in the US or Western Europe are slightly more virulent, although demographics and access to health care probably play a bigger part…. for the moment.

  7. Rorke's DriftMEMBER

    What if Trump is not talking about a virus when he refers to an invisible enemy nor dog whistling on immigration issues?

    On one hand you have people who think Trump is an idiot, reckless and says dumb things and who jump to a conclusion.

    The alternative is that Trump is very smart and astute.
    The US President just said his country is facing such a critical threat that he is closing the border, but he has done it in a way to advise but not to panic the population.

    Think about what it means if he is not referring to the obvious.

    • Fvck me, how do you get very smart and astute from that? Mate, I’m pretty sure everyone already knows about the virus. It’s just reality that sometimes Trumpy talks like he’s telling bedtime stories to his grandkids. Annoys the [email protected] out of me, but I doubt it proves that he’s either dumb or smart.

  8. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    You guys missed the point. Trump just got himself re-elected with this decision. This move covers up the embarrassment of promising a wall and then not building it for four years.

    This is how to win elections.Secure the votes from people who have worked out the con of mass migration before the election, and do sweet FA to lower immigration after the election. Trump has played the Trump card

  9. Isn’t ‘el Trumpo’ ahead of the game here?
    Surely with millions now unemployed, the whole premise of mass immigration – that of ‘skill shortage’ is now cremated?
    Indeed the only reason I can see now for immigration would be those directly bringing capital or ability to start a business.

    Of course thats not going to stop the unhinged lefties who want to import dependant voters. And as stupid as they are lets watch them campaign for open borders in an era of high unemployment.

  10. – There is certainly a flipside to reducing / eliminating immigration: A country (USA, australia, New Zealand, etc.) will be ageing at a much more rapid pace. Precisely at the moment the Baby Boomers (which still make up a LARGE part of the population) are heading into retirement.