Young Aussies shun driving, but more oldies behind the wheel

New automotive data from Roy Morgan shows significant changes to who is likely to be behind the wheel in Australia. The proportion of people in younger age groups driving is decreasing, while the proportion in older age groups driving is rising:

As of December 2019, the age group with the highest proportion of vehicle drivers is 50-64, with 93%. This was followed by those aged 65-69 (91%), 35-49 (91%), 70-74 (89%), 75-79 (86%), 30-34 (84%), 25-29 (74%), 80+ (71%), 18-24 (63%) and 16-17 (32%)…

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says a clear trend has emerged over the past ten years when it comes to the different age groups on the road.

“We’re seeing a consistent drop in the proportion of younger Australians who are driving, particularly in the 18-24 and 25-29 age groups. The inverse is true for older Australians, with age groups such as 75-79 and 80+ displaying considerable growth in the proportion still driving.”

“A broad range of factors are contributing to this trend: changes in public transport, ride-sharing services, urbanisation, economic circumstances and employment all play a part in shifting the demographics of those who drive on our roads.”

There is also a shift underway in the new car buyer market. Now 48% of new vehicle intenders are aged 50 plus compared to only 38% a decade ago. This growth is being driven by those aged 65+ who now represent 18% of the market (up from 9%). The 50-64 age group is relatively unchanged at 30%.

In comparison only 22% of new vehicle intenders are now under 35, compared with 28% a decade ago. Those aged 35-49 now account for 30% of intenders, down from 34% in 2009.

“The new vehicle-buying intention data reflects the growing proportion of older Australians driving. The biggest shift we have seen is in the 65 and over age group, which has doubled its presence in the new vehicle intenders market,” said Ms. Levine…

Full report here.

Leith van Onselen

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