WHO scolds SloMo

Via Bloomie:

Governments should stop wasting precious time needed to fight the coronavirus after squandering an opportunity to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization’s head said.

“We squandered the first window of opportunity,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “The time to act was actually more than a month ago or two months ago.”

The world has a second chance, as 150 countries have fewer than 100 reported cases and still have time to prepare, Tedros said.

The WHO scolding anyone for being slow is a bit rich.

That said, given we have 2.5k cases and are still not shut down means the WHO just intrinsically punched SloMo in the face.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Just trying to shift the blame from the china. Blame the victims. That’s how it works.

    • Yes! Every dig at the people (even if it is scummo) is secondary to the CCP.
      I’m never going to call it CO***19 ever again. WuFlu it is. WHO can call it that if they want, noone will understand them if it doesnt get used.

  2. “The WHO scolding anyone for being slow is a bit rich.” – Scumpo and Trumpo make WHO look competent.

  3. Coup de Whiskey

    Why should ScoMo do anything? They’ve already failed to contain the virus. The genie is out of the bottle.

    All a shutdown will do is harm the economy. Even with a shutdown our 3000 ICU ventilator beds will be overwhelmed now.

    Whether our ICU’s are 10x or 50x overcapacity makes little difference to the final survival numbers.

  4. Federal Government fails to enforce social distancing laws at the Sydney International Airport.

    …The below video shows social distancing laws being abused at the Sydney International Airport this morning (26/3/20) which is very disturbing given we know for a fact that people returning from overseas are the number one carriers of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). So why is the federal government failing to enforce the social distancing laws?

    The video was filmed by Sally Prosser who posted it on Twitter at @sally_prosser. When she asked the Australian Border Force about Social Distancing being breached the reply was “not our problem, that’s biosecurity.”



      Doubt he will. Trumpo will go bankrupt a record 7th time, this time taking the US with him.

  5. The other piece of WHO advice was test test test test ……
    But we still play games who can be tested and who cant …… which is the majority.

    I have developed a cough today but no temperature and i promise they still wont test me.

    • Yes Loni that has been the main chink in our armour, not testing every person who wants a test.
      The prospective testee would have to exhibit some symptoms or very good reason for a test.
      I suspect we never had enough test kits to do this.
      Also lack of thermal testing and scanning at airports etc.
      Confirmed cases, after 14 days ?, are now not been tested for negativity before being released, another sign of test kit scarcity.
      Worse thing I have read is the looming shortage of PPE for Health workers, I feel so sorry for our health workers, the Government has let them down big time in my opinion

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Loni are you a washed up celeb interviewer? No? Then you don’t get to be tested even once, let alone three times.

  6. Why do people think all these Cruise Ships are starting to mill around Australia’s coastline ???
    Because at the moment we have spare ICU beds.
    You get airlifted off the Ship, once you are having complications, straight to a hospital and into an ICU bed.
    The longer the Ships are left full of Passengers and Crew, floating at sea, the more cases will develop.
    Unfortunately we need to disembark them and isolate them all in ex construction camps, empty motels, army camps etc etc.
    They are our problem, because they are parked out there, the longer we ignore it the bigger the problem will be.
    Trouble being one of the last “sanctuaries” before being over run by cases.

    • I Hate to say it.
      We need some one other then the Fed Govt running the show, they are way out of their depth.
      For example having meetings in the evenings and making people wait around until 8 or 9 pm to find out what or usually what not they are going to do. Amateur Hour.
      This Disaster requires so many balls in the air, good prior planning (missed that one), superb current and future planning and management.
      And we are not even in the thick of it yet.
      The Fed Govt saying the States should go it alone should be a clear sign to the Military to step in and take over for awhile.
      I realise what that means and the risk to our so called “Liberties”, if we have any real ones, but honestly an Adult needs to be in control right now, if not earlier.

      • A lot of people are broke, no job, shortly no food, waiting on Centrelink payment which will take for ever.
        I think the Govt should be trying to just manage those things, not every thing else as well.
        Its a huge task managing this Pandemic.
        And in all honesty, if you had asked me last week I would have had no idea how big either.
        Best thing ScoMo could do is step back and let some mob more qualified deal handle it.

  7. The WHO should know that the governments of aging populations, especially the financially challenged ones with huge unaccounted pension liabilities, have a hidden agenda. The coronavirus gave them a once–in–a–century opportunity to revitalize their aging demographic with a younger, healthier and herd-immunized population.