Virus kills The Block. Hopefully for good

Chalk up a win for Wuhan flu:

Filming on The Block has shut down, with contestants being dispatched to their homes around the country on Wednesday morning as the coronavirus crisis worsened.

Building work on the site in Brighton continues, however, with around 40 builders and tradies to continue working to create extensions at the rear of the five properties.

Bravo and thank you China.

I will never consider my job at MB is done until this program is dead, forgotten, and the surrounding rich loam planted with superb Monstera Deliciosa is salted into oblivion.

As real estate transactions fall to zero for six months and Domain comes under enormous pressure, with any luck The Block shutdown will be permanent.

You’ll always have the taxpayer to screw, Scotty.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    So not all bad right? If only MAFS could all pash on with each other in a game on corona roulette.

  2. DingwallMEMBER

    Bears to bulls: JP Morgan turns positive on REA Group (Via SMH)
    Online real estate services firm REA Group has been upgraded by analysts at JP Morgan, moving the stock from underperform to outperform with a price target of $88.
    The investment bank told clients that REA shares are now cheap after recent weakness.
    “[This provides an] attractive entry point for one of the top companies in our coverage universe because of its strong network effect and the unique real estate advertising structure in Australia,” JP Morgan said.
    “We estimate that upside outweighs the downside risks by more than six to one.”
    Investors certainly think so today with REA shares soaring 10 per cent to $79.50.

  3. mikef179MEMBER

    I’ve been thinking for awhile, that maybe this virus is just what the doctor ordered. Yes, there will be some collateral damage, but you know, greater good and all that.

    Still, I am annoyed at the inconvenience of it all. Oh well, in the long run, it’s a small price to pay I guess.

    • mikef179MEMBER

      Mother Nature always finds a way to put us in our place when we become too arrogant as a species.

    • Yeah, like WW2 paved the way for social and economic change. Cost is certainly an issue. I’m hoping for a steep discount on the price the US and Italy look likely to pay.

      • mikef179MEMBER

        It has to be reasonably expensive otherwise Aussie’s won’t learn. They will just bring out the “it’s obviously different here” line as an excuse to go on ala GFC.

  4. greedypuppyMEMBER

    maybe the new series will turn these ugly apartments into hospital wards and ICUs

  5. Met Scotty once. A bad tradesman may well blame his tools, but what happens is the tradesman is a tool?

    There he sat, singing praises to Edward McGuire, when he was King of Channel 9. Eddie this…Eddie that…Eddie said…we have to wait until Eddie says…I’ll ask Eddie….Eddie, Eddie, Eddie….

    When the Game of Mates meets the Game of Tools you have The Block. When someone in government decides to put this Tool on that public coin you know that Australia has jumped an MDF shark, cut with a Bunnings jigsaw, sponge painted and sprinkled with gold glitter.

    • The ATO’s video production unit decided it was a fantastic idea to use Scotty Sham Cam as a presenter and figurehead to better target sole trader’s and educate them on their reporting activities.

      I don’t want to celebrate The Block’s demise. I don’t even want its stain on my memory. It deserves to be flushed down the toilet with 10L of Pine O Clean.

  6. Drive past Block site everyday, At least the security guard(s) being kept employed. SOOOOOOOOOO happy its done!!!