Uh oh. China reopens cinemas then shuts ’em

Hmmm…via Hollywood Reporter:

Over the past two weeks, hundreds of movie theaters in the country had begun to reopen. No reason for the policy reversal was given, but insiders believe the government is worried about a potential second wave of coronavirus infections.

China’s film regulators has slammed the brakes on plans to gradually reopen the country’s cinemas.

Over 600 movie theaters across China were given the green light to reopen their doors over the past week, but Beijing’s Film Bureau put out a notice late Friday ordering all theaters to go back into shutdown.

No official explanation for the sudden reversal was provided. Industry insiders instantly began speculating that the government was worried about a potential second wave of coronavirus infections.

You don’t say:

There’s no v-shaped recovery coming.

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    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      I’m confused. According to some here on MB, this whole thing will be over in 2-3 weeks and there will be no need for a lock down at all. 🤔

      • How much longer do you think they can they keep this farce going ?


        Published in one of the worlds premier medical journals yesterday

        Mortality rate for Covid now estimated at 0.66%

        That includes 0.08% for 30s
        0.03% for 20s
        0.007% for teens
        0.001% for under 10s

        0.145% for under 60s

        More downward revisions coming

        Literally a bad flu

        Biggest beat up in the history of humanity
        And People are going to twig to it soon

        Meanwhile government and RBA increases their liabilities by hundreds of billion

        • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

          a non-peer reviewed study, based on chinese only data, covering the period only up until the 25th February. Analysts have been calling the chinese data bogus and willfully incorrect for some time, now the UK government is calling them out.

          I’ve no idea about the intention or allegiance of the people that wrote this paper but it’s worthless. Garbage data in, garbage analysis out.

          • anything that is published in a reputable medical journal, let alone the fking Lancet, is peer reviewed

            what the f are you on about?

            You believe data and scientists only when it suits you?

          • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

            peer reviewed articles state who the reviewers were.

            and i don’t believe chinese data on wuflu or most other things. for two months contributors on this site have been sharing on the ground accounts of what it was like in china, vs the official story.

          • ummm, no they dont

            You think the Lancet just publishes stuff that readers at home send in?
            Sort of like medium.com?

          • @Coming, nice try, you already refused to provide a reference, the obvious reason is because you said something that wasn’t true. Stop lying, making stuff up and generally being a d!ck

          • “Someone” told you that 90 year olds from nursing homes who contract pneumonia get ventilated in ICU?

            Someone is lying , and it isn’t me

            Have you heard of do not resuscitate orders?

            They don’t get it because
            A) they will likely die anyway (or never be able to be weaned off mechanical ventilation )
            B) if they do survive they’ll be so Deconditioned they will never leave hospital

            Is your friend maybe one of the cleaners ?

        • You are comparing two ratios expressed as percentages. One for the regular Flu and one for the Wuflu.
          I think what is wrong about your analysis is the denominator for the regular flu.
          Most people who get the flu just get over it at home without a formal diagnosis from a doctor.
          How then is the flu mortality accurate without the true measure of the actual infection rate.
          Granted that educated estimates for total count infected will have been made just as they have in respect to the Wuflu.
          However I think that your suggestion this is an ordinary flu is to suggest that what Italy, NY and Spain are experiencing is a work of fiction.
          Do you really believe those deaths, those images, those hospitals being over-run is fabricated?
          I’ve never seen (and still have not in Aust) any hospital be over-run by any flu season.
          Have you?

          • That has already been taken into account by the WHO when they made their estimates of 0.1%
            You can go and read the source document and their assumptions, but they have a lot of data over many years to pull from, and the assumptions are reasonably logical

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          If this turns out to be correct, Coming , you realisethat the Morrison LNP government have destroyed the Australian economy for nothing.
          The anger and retribution will be one for the ages.

          • Unfortunately I think that’s unlikely given how stupid and complacent Australians are

            Likely it will fizzle out and the msm will congratulate everyone for working together and beating the virus

            We did it Australia! Multiculturalism does work !
            Now let’s help the banks get back on their feet after they were so good to us

        • “mortality of VENTILATED patients is 80%….”
          Can you link to that eyeopener snippet please Coming. Genuine..

      • No burns, what we are saying is that if we do go hard like china and have and lock down then the virus will come back anyway after the lockdown is finished.
        Wake up to the new world. This virus is here to stay and we must be flexible. Otherwise you will find that we will be having a lockdown every three months.
        This virus is new and it will take some of you a while to get used to it.

          • The guy you are quoting is a 3rd rate tech entrepreneur, published on “medium.com”

            Despite turning up your nose at people with PhD and postdoctoral research who wrote an article for the fking LANCET

            Honestly, please just stop

        • Exactly right Col

          I asked before : what is the fking plan here

          4460 cases in Australia. Only another 25,995,560 to go
          Lockdown will last 15 years at this rate

          • My plan would be to isolate the elderly and the sick, force overseas arrivals with any travel to high risk areas into quarantine for 14 days (or just ban overseas arrivals), appropriate contact tracing (fully funded by the government) and let everyone else get on with it

            If mortality is 0.66%
            And mortality of VENTILATED patients is 80% anyway

            How many lives do you think you will save from delaying the onset of the virus so every single one of the critically ill can be ventilated?

            We can isolate the elderly so that few of them catch it
            We can have more than enough ventilators to treat the young/fit, who have the best chance of survival in severe disease anyway

            There will be excess deaths of course, but we always make market-based and economic decisions on health care costs
            Why has that been thrown out the window now

          • We do all the time

            Certain implants are not available in the public health system
            Certain drugs are not available in the public health system, particularly expensive immunotherapies and chaemotherapies which definitely increase survival
            Many nonsurgical/nonpharmaceutical therapies are not available in the public system (psychiatric, rehabilitative etc etc)
            Dental treatment is not available in the public health system

            etc etc

            That’s not just waiting times. That’s treatments that are outright not funded

  1. so they shut the cinemas again for no reason and they want others to believe in no new covid cases out of China.

  2. Same with aquariums.The bounce in DOW was on low volumes.Not typical for an exit from a bear and China’s actions not in keeping with an exit from a virus

    • Yeah but no one cares about your links, I see your name and just think tosser…the world hates the CCP, and rightly so

    • China made huge progress in controlling the virus and no one is disputing this. Not one on this blog.
      But to simply claim they have no new infections (they’ve done it few times) while coming out of such mess they were only few weeks ago, is simply impossible. Unless they found a cure and are hiding it while watching how people in other countries die from the virus China spread. wtf?
      care to explain why they shut cinemas again?

    • care to explain why they shut cinemas again? – or is it CCP did not expect such question so there is no relevant answer on the cheat sheet for you to read. Get back to me when you are allowed to respond.


      marshal law the new world order forever ubi for ever welcome to the new machine

  3. Blog post by John Hemp

    Watch what the Chinese do
    Posted: 29 Mar 2020 11:04 PM PDT
    I don’t easily believe Chinese statistics – especially regarding something as awful as COVID-19. Believe your eyes and common sense over Chinese statistics.
    When China (officially) had 19 deaths they started building massive field hospitals. Believe what you see (the hospitals) but take the 19 deaths as a rather dubious estimate (as per that time).
    By contrast when the Chinese Government say COVID-19 is highly controlled in China you can believe them because there are Westerners and Western companies throughout China and what you can see (Shanghai and Chongqing as functional cities) comports with the statements and the actions of the Chinese Government.
    My general view: watch what the Chinese Government does – rather than what they say.
    This is a story about journalists returning to their home in Beijing before a Government crackdown on foreigners.
    Watch it.
    You can see the Chinese take COVID-19 very seriously indeed.

    We can conclude that
    a. The Chinese have seen the virus. They think they know what it can do. They are scared. Do not believe the Chinese numbers. The truth is much worse. But believe the Chinese actions. They think fear is appropriate.
    b. The Chinese have proven that a super-hard lockdown lasting seven weeks in affected areas 2.5 weeks in Shanghai etc can work. Their major cities are free of the virus and major Western cities are not.
    c. The Chinese Government are super-scared of reintroducing it.

    • ChinajimMEMBER

      Thanks for the link, interesting video.

      Also interesting to see airport and hotel checkin staff in full PPE while in other places front line health workers battle with shortages.

    • Shanghai airport?
      Last time I was there is was a freaking zoo.
      Never seen so much orderly/disorderly behaviour in my life. A gagillion people all pushing and shoving.
      That would be perhaps 0.1% of the passenger traffic i saw the last time I went (very likely the last time).