Tonnes more critical Aussie supplies siphoned to China

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More footage has shown Aussie medications and groceries being stripped from shelves to be shipped by the pallet load to China.

The footage comes as Australians are still facing grocery shortages due to panic buying and health workers fear for their safety as shortages of medical and protective equipment continue across the country.

A Current Affair reported hundreds of boxes of medications, long-life milk, baby formula and bathroom supplies were found at a warehouse in Melbourne. The vital supplies were stacked in pallets and being prepared to be shipped overseas, according to workers at the factory.

She’ll be right.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. where is Peter Dutton and Scumo? Sleeping behind the wheel again? Why is this not illegal under such circumstances? We can’t buy cleaning products, hand sanitisers and some food products while these producst are being shipped overseas. wtf!!

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      Is that actually true though ?. I haven’t seen or read about any of these shortages in Australia ?.

      • we could not find any masks, a particular cleaning product that Woolies sells is out for last 2 weeks, hand sanitizer only at your local drug dealer it seems and it will cost you more than coke.

        • happy valleyMEMBER

          Try (search – face masks) – they had a fair range on their website yesterday, albeit selling out fast and of course, overpriced – good luck.

          • thanks.. this is my point, we need to pay much higher prices and who knows if those masks are genuine.
            such product should be available in every chemist across the country.

      • Wrinkled Sachs

        This is gutter journalism of the worst kind.

        Seriously you should be totally fking ashamed of yourselves MB.

        Race baiting of the most puerile kind.

        • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

          Happily there does still appear to be some innovation happening in Australia:

          “In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have made the decision to convert part of our production facilities over to producing hospital grade (75% Alcohol v/v) hand sanitiser to help fill the shortage of stock within our community and keep our Boutique Distillery running at capacity.“

          Hopefully these guys can find a local and export market.

          • Ethanol is far cheaper to produce from oil products than via distillation. So long term I doubt it would be competitive.

          • 100% ethanol through distilllation costs less than $1/L, at scale.

            That’s what the boys do put the E in the E10 fuel.

        • freddy lasthopeMEMBER

          It’s cross posted from so not a great start.
          Is it true or not though?
          Or doesnt that matter?

        • japan80s_bubblejazz

          The optics are not good on this one.

          When this is over, I hope the Chinese, American, Australian, Italian, French, Spanish… people go with pitchforks to take down the corrupt governments, systems and billionaire parasites that enabled such a state of affairs.

        • LOL, one doth protest too much…
          China’s really losing control of the narrative, isn’t it?

        • I’m comfortable with it.
          I watched the segment and its pretty straight up. A bunch of Chinese are raping our shelves and sending the stuff back to China.
          Our government’s asleep at the wheel.
          All of the people filmed in the segment should be deported pronto.
          I don’t care where they come from but if you get a group like this behaving as they are they are not fit for residency.

        • How is reporting facts “gutter journalism” ?
          How is declaring the destination of the goods “racist”?

        • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

          Dunno, seems like a bit of a beat up unless you find out exactly what the “medications” are.

          Baby formula, long life milk and “bathroom supplies” hardly seem like critical supplies…..

          • Bathroom supplies = Soap, haven’t been able to buy any in the 6 colesworths I have access to in Brisbane for 7 days. Maybe I just have bad timing buy literally haven’t seen a single bar

          • Jumping jack flash

            There was soap in my local Woolies, and they haven’t had anything useful since all this madness began. No TP for almost 3 weeks now.

            If there are no shortages of these items then why aren’t there any on the shelves? Is it all being shipped overseas? Perhaps one of the people charged with looking after this great nation and its people should toddle off and take a look and then report back.

          • What about hand sanitiser, and PPE for hospital staff. somehow before the spike of hospital admissions we are running short.

          • Baby formula – specifically A2M – highly prized by asians due to genetic bad reaction to A1 protein. Never had kids? Once a baby is used to a certain type of baby formulae then they can be very hard to be weened onto another brand.
            Bathroom supplies – I have struggled to find soap in my local woolies for last 3 weeks – none. Toilet paper – none. Tissues – none.

      • freddy lasthopeMEMBER

        Been to the supermarket recently? There are clear shortages in certain areas, something I thought they would have rectified by now with shopping limits etc.

        Im not saying that it’s all because of this Chinese buying, just that there are slightly concerning shortages in a few areas. It will all be back to normal soon I’m sure…

    • Don’t forget that CCP member Gladys Liu is responsible for the LNP majority.
      We’re owned by the CCP. They might let us have a few crumbs, though.

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    When war comes …..and it will ………will Straya tolerate this ?
    ……..where is ll Duce Dutto ……….surely there is something in home affairs that could be used on this behaviour

    • the difference between war and pandemic is not that big me thinks – when it comes to restricting flow of critical products. hence why I am going off at our politicians as I see them as traitors. I am not blaming the Chinese companies for caring more about their own than my family. If they are not breaking any law well there is not much we can do unless we become vigilante and get arrested which means I get deported.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    i’m getting, and others are too, emails from Chinese companies offering face masks and sanitiser now, I spend quite an enjoyable amount of time replying to these sub human vermin

    • Wrinkled Sachs

      Thats the way – Chinese

      “Vile – sub human vermin”

      You would have been great in the Ghettos of Poland.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        no pricing yet, this is what they say
        dear, how many quantity of the mask & sanitiser you need?
        pls kindly help to check does your company have the qualification to import masks?
        we have information of mask manufacturer, if you want import them, the import qualification is , it’s very importment.

        waiting for your feedback!

  4. Display NameMEMBER

    Our Beijing approved member in the lower house and leader of Chinas 3rd Special Administrative Zone (Australia) has been busy coordinating supplies for Dictator Xi

  5. This is simply what happens when the government of a country (Australia) allows itself to become entirely dependent on the government of another country (China) and allow the other country to control and influence it.

    You will see propaganda about “China Australia friendship”, “Working together”, etc.

    China is about strategy. It’s about imperial control. Things like this are simply signs of the beginning of complete oppression of non Chinese Australians. Complete control means an overwhelming landlord presence, control of over agriculture, utilities, etc.

    Have a look what happened to the Irish people by the controlling Britain around the time of the Irish famine.

    Australia has no strategy. She is simply a clueless whorе (with the luck of some natural features through no ability or talent of her own – iron ore, coal, etc) with her legs open ripe to be exploited.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      All’s fair in the EZFKA.

      This MUST be viewed through the lens of economics, because that is the only way to treat all people the same way throughout the world.

      These goods were for sale, and they were purchased legally. No Aussie is any better or more deserving than any Chinaman, just as no Chinaman is no any better or more deserving than any Aussie.


      THIS is the morality behind the economic viewpoint that justifies Globalism, open borders and the evils of monetarism and the perpetuation of debt. These values fluidly travel the world and sees not nations or societies, but markets and people.

      At the end of the day, you have to choose a side – you can’t be Globalist and a Nationalist. When the world has swung insanely towards globalism, you can’t keep one foot in either side and say “This is fine.”

  6. Wrinkled Sachs

    Soap and baby formula – OH MY GOD !!!

    Response from your readers :

    “Chinese – vile subhuman vermin”

    Well done – you are officially off the rails.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      the CCP must have the whip out right now trying to control the narrative, how many posts today chyny

    • ApproachingZero

      It’s not about race though, is it? If Eskimos or Belgians were doing this it would still be considered poor behaviour. Besides, it’s not the Asian race, just Asians from one particular country. Perhaps you should use the term “CCPist” instead.

    • This must be in response to the 60 minutes story showing how the china deliberately suppressed the truth about covid 19 allowing it to spread out of the china. They are particularly worried now because it is the science community that is condemning them and they have nothing to counter with other than paid shills and bots to try and re write history just like we have been warned.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Em Dash! Me ol’ mucker. How’s the work camp, I mean the ‘glorious and completely independent commenting to make great Xi’ group, going?

      And stop using word processing packages to write your posts. It looks very un-spontaneous.

    • Please, do not be like this,understand that Australians are very angry at what you are doing.Please tell your Supervisors, that average Australians are very angry with your Government for releasing this virus upon us

  7. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Why does Australia still allow those to be exported? It only takes one stroke of a pen from the government to stop this.

  8. If it is just groceries and “medications” then they are probably NOT in short supply here. If we start aggressively blocking things at the border then China may reciprocate, causing us to miss out on the things we REALLY need.

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      I would imagine China will do what is in its best interests regardless of what Australia does or doesn’t do.

    • If china is sending stuff back from here, do you really think they are letting anything out of the country? Shortasges possibly partly relate to supply chani problems since start of feb leading to empty warehouses now.

  9. Wow, has anyone else noticed a lot of new commenters with similar talking points popping up on MB recently. And members no less. Was the last time this happened en masse when the minerals council deployed a PR/FUD army?

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Yep. And they all seem to use characters and formatting from a stand-alone word processing package. Hmmmm…it could almost be cut-and-paste of approved talking points…

      • Yes, I have noticed the slowdowns, random crashes and “this is a cached page” responses as well.

  10. As a WHO member state, I can’t understand how China can do this. Nor can I understand how WHO can endorse China.

    Authorities in Wuhan are unlikely to disclose the overall number of deaths until now in the central Chinese city despite renewed concerns about underreporting of fatalities from the coronavirus pandemic.
    An official at Wuhan’s Civil Affairs Bureau said on Monday that the numbers would be released in the second week of June as scheduled, and that there is no plan to alter the date.

    • Probably because the CCP has compromising material and/or bribed the folks at the WHO. Realistically both.

      Here is how it works. You go to some Chinese thing. Lots of attractive girls + alcohol available. You get handsy. Later your contact (who turns out to be PLA) tells you the girl in question was 15 and wearing lots of makeup. And they have footage – would you like your missus to see it?

      But its not so bad. They start to pay you and provide drugs and/or more young women. The worse stuff they have on you, the higher up the foodchain you go. The entire system is based on this – why do you think nothing gets done?

      To be fair the Chinese did not invent this. Cia/Mossad have been doing this for decades. There is reasonable evidence this is what both Playboy mansion and Victoria’s Secret are. Fundamentally very-high end escort/honey pots for entrapping important people with blackmail.

        • No – its just how international relations works. Like its totally standard.

          So currency in international relations is basically pedo content. You know how you see the busts on the news, “x terabytes of child porn …” Its not actually about the child porn, its about who was compromised in it and who was blackmailing them.

          The problem is, because such vast quantities are needed – basically our entire global system works on this – horrific numbers of children are abducted/trafficked/killed etc. Its also really profitable from the point of view of human traffickers.

          Think ukraine, the migrant crisis in the med, poor white girls across europe/asia, the korean/jap triads and most of the ccp etc. Why do you think grooming gangs etc are allowed to continue?

          Its paedophilia as a social technology ~ why do you think we keep seeing clergymen busted for this kind of thing? Most of the people caught in it are not actually pedo’s.

          They are poor sods who got caught in it (or folks who wanted power), and once caught, to move up you have to keep doing ever more horrible things to move up the food chain.

          The system has become so perverted is needs a fresh supply of trafficked children otherwise nothing gets done.

      • It’e even simpler that that. from what i gather el trumpo pulled all US funding to the WHO so chyny just filled the gap. Bought for a pittance.

    • Because China is a totalitarian terror state with the same political system that slaughtered and starved over 60 million in the 20th century, still in command and with more global power than ever.

      In 1990, the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia, baltic and central asian states were reborn, Eastern Europe freed, but the CCP, the biggest mass murderer in modern history, was allowed to remain & prosper, when it should have been annihilated.

      The 20th century’s greatest mistake.

      • Thank russia for that. The chins clearly learnt a lesson, starting their “free market” reforms and abandoning communism just after the fall.

        • You probably mean abandoning socialism, you are wrong about abandoning communism. Read up the definition of communism again. China never abandoned communism. Russia did abandon it (or was forced to).

          Communism, defined as a centralised dictatorial power with marxism/leninism as justification for violent purges vs designated” enemies” (which can be landlords, foreigners, ethnic minority, anything they want), to enforce the party’s agenda, is why China is now the greatest threat to civilisation worldwide, as exemplified by the virus.

          Many more Chinese led invasions, genocides, wars and pandemics for years to come if they are not dealt with.

  11. robert2013MEMBER

    Reckon this was that post doing the rounds on FB and reposted here in one of the comments a couple of weekends ago. Glad someone followed up.

  12. The free market at work ?? And if there are masks we probably imported them from China in the first place! I believe in WA and Qld they are still sending irreplacable energy and mineral assets to China too