The dumbening deepens with AAP shutter

The media duopoly will now be able to distort every single story towards happy clappy real estate:

The Australian Associated Press will shut down its news wire service on June 26 in an historic development for Australia’s media landscape after its two biggest clients and shareholders decided to pull out.

Major shareholders Nine Entertainment Co and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp will sever longstanding partnerships with AAP in an effort to cut costs amid a challenging media advertising landscape. Nine is the owner of this masthead. It is believed at least 180 jobs will be lost in the closure.

…AAP chairman Campbell Reid said to staff: “The loss of AAP’s voice in the Australian conversation bothers me deeply. The fact that too many companies have chosen not to pay to publish that voice is the root of the problem.”

Carn mate, we can’t have you blokes writing real stories to upset the property market.


Coronavirus to lift Australian property prices by 147% in 2020: source.

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  1. Behavior-altering parasites cause changes in the behavior of their host to enhance their transmission. Some of the well documented cases are behavioral changes that cause carelessness, making their hosts easier prey. For instance, Toxoplasma gondii causes infected rodents to become careless and attracted to the smell cat piss, increasing the probability of being eaten by a cat.

    The property/debt parasite spreads through the media, affecting behavioural changes in consumers that makes marketing crap seem like common sense.

  2. Sites like this should be careful. If they pursue stories outside the 2 main stream media organizations’ narrative, you could be prosecuted under the new “false news” laws.

    • Don’t joke – they would love nothing more. Some empty suit on ABC (radio) said last night that the demise of the AAP was directly related to competing ‘free’ news websites and bemoaned the fact that these fringe websites were disseminating false news (!!) and that it would be in the public’s interest for the gubbermint to regulate what news the public was exposed to – I sh1t you not! Obviously for the citizens’ own good, the need to be exposed to Govt-approved facts. I swear, we are sliding straight into tyranny.

  3. darklydrawlMEMBER

    Well, this is going to really help with the RBA’s stated aim of keeping wages up and unemployment low.

  4. We need a national broadcaster.

    Make it politically impartial. Call it, say, the ABC.

  5. Fox and the Hound

    That’s fine. Soon the duopoly will be trusted as much as Pravda or Global Times.

  6. Fvck real-estate, taking a look at the bullsh1t headlines on the SMH and The Australian, Morrison will get away with absolutely destroying any last semblance of democracy.

    Scott Morrison admits his office put forward Hillsong leader’s name for White House dinner – politics live

    Scott Morrison’s one-man cabinet committee an ‘abuse of process’, Labor says

    Doctored documents saga: Angus Taylor says the ‘matter is closed’

    And so it goes on.

    • Without an opposition to LNP, we’re going to lose our country.

      Labor are a disgrace.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        They may as well merge with the LNP, to formalise the end of Strayan democracy as we know it. Albo can become the minister for HSR, his pet project.

  7. This is not good.

    More consolidation is bad.

    Really, if the politicians were concerned with our democracy, they would now break up the duopoly…………….