SloMo Government takes credit for Summer virus effect

From the SloMo Gveornment today:

Further short term social distancing measures

National Cabinet has asked AHPPC for advice on options for the progressive scale up of social distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. There was a specific request to look at stronger measures in relation to non-essential gatherings initially, followed by further more intense options. The Cabinet has further asked for the triggers for introduction of stronger measures, either as a focal response or nationally.

The first thousand cases

We now have 1,000 cases and we are clearly concerned at the rate of rise in cases and potential trajectory. Without diminishing the significance of the rise in case numbers, it is worth noting that the situation with our first 1,000 is somewhat different to that of other countries such as Italy and the USA when they were at 1,000.  Please refer to the charts and table below.

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