ScoMo condemns hoarders as his plague spreads

Alas authorites moved too slowly on the borders and social distancing and still are, at News:

Scott Morrison says Australia’s children should be going to school and there are no plans for closures, despite fears over the coronavirus.

The health advice is that schools should remain open,” the prime minister said just now .

“This is also what Singapore has done. Singapore has been one of the more successful countries. In Singapore, the schools are open.”

Singapore never let the virus get a foothold like we have. It chased it down with aggressive testing and social distancing. Now it has 266 cases and we have 450 despite it having a much denser population, getting the virus before us, and just three weeks ago Australia having zero local transmissions.

In short, this is a false analogy. Australian schools should shut.

The very sad truth is that ScoMo’s plague is now loose and, as Autumn turns Winter, we are going to be in for the worst of it:

We are now doubling every three days very consistently:

We are leading the spread in the southern hemisphere though it must be added that most other’s data can’t be trusted:

But it’s not ScoMo’s fault. It’s yours, at SBS:

Stop hoarding.

That’s the blunt message from the prime minister to Australians in the wake of mass panic buying sparked by the spread of the coronavirus.

“It is not sensible, it is not helpful and it has been one of the most disappointing things I have seen in Australian behaviour in response to this crisis,” Scott Morrison told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s un-Australian, and it must stop.”

In short, those that can see what a poor job the Morrison Government is doing and act to protect their families from it are at fault. Aside from anything else, how is anyone to social distance without some inventory?

I humbly suggest that ScoMo’s minders urgently stick him on a boat to Hawaii.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. More data sharing:

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House and a coalition of leading research groups have prepared the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). CORD-19 is a resource of over 29,000 scholarly articles, including over 13,000 with full text, about COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and related coronaviruses.

    • So, NSW. Would this cover preschools? It must. Surely this is a time to bunker down with family unit, including grandparentals, not keep kids in school, bring it home maybe, then not see the grandparentals? We’re already trying to de-traumatise our 4yo from 6 months of endless fire threat, active fireground nearby and smoke. Having your 4yo ask before bed if your heart stops beating if you die after being in a fire is rather confronting.

    • Sooner than that, my daughters NSW public school in Sydney will have to close due to lack of toilet paper! – because of the older students stealing it – presumably at the behest of their parents.

    • Up here in QLD we are looking at Friday being the last day – if rumours are to be believed. My daughter is already off – testing the home schooling facility.

  2. Northern Rivers

    Coles is now consistently out of pasta, rice, tissues, TP. Silly store person laughed at me when I turned up in tissue aisle to empty shelves “hahahlolz yeah we might be out.” [Fk you millenial] (tissues for kids and me now I appear to have a cold, we normally use hankies)

    Plenty of tinned fish, bread, fruit/veg (point in time observation, n=5)

    Why Coles hasn’t enacted limits is beyond me. Especially baby stuff, fresh food, TP etc, pasta, rice. Well, just copy Woolies actually.

    Glad to have stocked 2 months ago. No Scotty, not hoarding, it’s call risk management for the family.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      “it’s called risk management…” Bingo. And as parents and partners/carers it is our responsibility to read the signs and be prepared early.

      Good on you for getting ahead of the panic Swampy.

      IMHO the Government (along with that half wit Murphy) are driving this panic with their inconsistent / contradictory advice and catch up policy on the fly. Morons. And Scomos smirk and sneer isn’t helping. Meh.

    • AutomatonMEMBER

      Brisbanites learned in the floods that there was only 3 days of inventory in the city. Who can blame them for being concerned about access to supplies?

    • Nah. It’s gormless panic. Even in Italy and France and Spain you can go the shops for food. Lockdown is not martial law. You can even go for a jog just not to meet your family or friends during your run.
      It’s just nobs being nobs.
      Same mindset as property specufestors.

      • Respectfully disagree.

        If I get sick, and can’t go out, nor can my family, and if there are no deliveries (there aren’t) and if friends are similarly unable to deliver for me, or there’s no stock, what then, for my young family.

        Moreover, it’s just prudent risk management.

        And what’s this? The NSW government recommends every resident have a supply of goods on hand. Here it is, I’ll link it for you:

        Just following those guidelines. We do it anyway, as both approaches to our place can be cut off for days by rain, and due to the elevated fire risk in summer.

        Of course, the stupidity around TP frenzy and the uncivil behaviour we’re experiencing is quite something else. The prudent stocking of spares in line with official NSW Health advice is eminently sensible.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Goonelabah Woolies has been empty of stock since Monday.
      Worse today.
      There seems to be a problem in the supply chain.
      A victim of justintimism

    • Scotty saying “don’t hoard” reminds me of myself trying to tell my kids to stop jumping off the sofa.

      In short don’t give an order if there is no chance it will be obeyed, it just shows everyone you have no authority!

    • Tinned food and fish (ones you want to eat) have gone at my local Coles – they are effing useless. Drove down the road to Woolies – they are much better stocked but still have gaps in certain products. Coles looks like someone dropped a bomb on the store, let the dust settle and put the roof back on.

      • Went to Aldi Belconnen in the ACT late afternoon. Must have been a third of the shelves emptied. I asked at the check-out if they were waiting on a truck and was told that they had had a truck come in earlier in the day but within a couple of hours all the in-demand lines had gone again.

        • I’ve asked people at Coles when the deliveries come in an they say “don’t know” – I assume they’ve been told to not let on to the punters lest there be a mad rush when a truck comes in.

  3. The simple fact is that when people are told they face the possibility of self-isolating for 14 days, it makes complete sense that they will be stocking up in anticipation of this. In that context telling people they only need a 3-4 days of supplies or to stop hoarding just doesn’t make any sense.

    With uncertainty in the message and lack of trust in the government it is also completely understandable that people will planning for the worst case situation, so 14 days becomes 28 days, 2 months etc.

        • While this is likely to be correct we aren’t in a lockdown yet, and what will or won’t be locked down has yet to be defined. Again, it is a failure to communicate from the government.

        • two plus twoMEMBER

          Missing the point there Sam. A considered rational response might be that 2 weeks of provisions is all that is required. Given the inconsistent messaging from authorities and unbelievable assurances that ‘we’ve got this under control, just trust us’, it’s of no surprise that people are acting the way they are and grabbing what they can (while they still can).

          • Fair point. Some may need to have it spelt out that they will still have access to necessities even in lock down. That would assisted in prevention of the hoarding.

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          There is very ,very little in the shops Sam.
          Resupply seems to be a big issue.
          I reckon that in preVirus times there was about 1 weeks supply in the whare houses.

          • There are no supply issues other than logistics in transport to outlets. if everyone was not completely irrational (blame the government if you will) then there would be no empty shelves. Herd mentality.
            Use the toilet paper as an analogy for share market selling. Unless you are an experienced investor, i would leave all tactical asset allocation to the fund managers. switching asset classes due to an emotional reaction is risky. might be easy to move to cash now but getting the timing right on the recovery is tricky and you might undo all the potential rewards of moving to cash now.

    • tuohyredMEMBER

      UK advice is for oldies to hunker down/isolate for 12 weeks
      Most recent UK PM’s COVID19 advice is troubling : The PM has said everyone in the UK should avoid “non-essential” travel and contact with others to curb coronavirus – as the country’s death toll hit 55.

      Boris Johnson said people should work from home where possible as part of a range of stringent new measures.

      Pregnant women, people over the age of 70 and those with certain health conditions should consider the advice “particularly important”, he said.

      People in at-risk groups will be asked within days to stay home for 12 weeks.

    • This is a really good point. All of these surveys highlight the lack of trust in government, so this public reaction is not a surprise. Why trust these shifty characters!? Do the opposite of what they say.

      I would love to do a check of their pantries to see if they haven’t been hoarding.

    • Nope. But no accounting for stupid. You can still go to the shops even while practising distancing.
      Or are you claiming all the hoarders are shopping for people who tested positive and cant go out?

      • With relatively few diagnosed cases, most people are obviously panic buying and hoarding for themselves and their families in the anticipation of either being told to self quarantine or a lock-down situation. As stated above, not enough information has been disseminated about what a lockdown will actually entail.

    • Exactly and with more intelligent comment that this virus pressure is going to be on for minimum four months, likely 6, how can one shop for fingered and breathed on supplies. without being bathed in rebreatherd air and multi shed virus farms. Pray tell.

  4. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    “It’s ridiculous, it’s un-Australian, and it must stop.”

    Blah ha ha ha ha hah!!

    THERE IS NO AUSTRALIA or AUSTRALIAN anymore – we traded it all in instead to become everything, that is what Multiculturalism is – a bit of everything, and so of course by being a bit of everything we become nothing. Because by being something specific you can’t of course be something else, it’s exclusionary.

    Welcome to the EZFKA.

    We are a microcosm of the world, a series of fractured, disconnect communities… even worse, we are fractured, disconnect communities that we’ve been busy filling with the most opportunistic people around the world whose highest ambition is to become a Western consumer:

    THIS is who we are:

      • Yes exactly Morrison and the Libs helped create a dog eat dog society and when the chips are down its every man woman and child for themselves. What can you expect when they continue to punish the poor and reward the already wealthy. Why would you share? They certainly won’t.

        • Also consider that Morrison follows the prosperity doctrine. The Lord provides to those who believe, so one with wealth, IPs or stashes of toilet paper is obviously blessed by god and a good person :p

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Neoliberalism has two streams, an economic and a social – both are needed in order to ideologically support and buttress each other. Neoliberal economic policies are the antithesis of a united society, and a fractured divided society is needed in order to atomize the individual and separate them out from the group identity.

        • You don’t think it’s just basic game theory, whereby as long as some sharers exist the takers will keep winning? Until the sharers get wise and start taking and then we end up as Lord of the Flies? This has been going on for a long time before neoliberalism was ever the political strategy du jour. Fights over toilet paper merely highlight how close our biology is to our s1mian friends.

          • It’s become exponentially worse as time has gone by. People used to stand back & care about each other, you’ve only got to look back at how pre Boomers behaved to see that. The start of Neogliberalism opened the greed door wider than just for the selected few, & each successive government has chipped at it it to the point where gluttony is lauded in a house now without walls.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Game theory is exacerbated by group identity differences – contrast what is going on with the level of order in China, Japan, HK, Singapore and Tawian.

            No matter how progressive you believe you are, in-group and out-group differences will remain. The people who disagree are generally the educated class – those gifted with a higher IQ, education or status and live their lives in the rarefied company of the top IQ echelons of all other other population groups. Everyone else doesn’t have the luxury to pretend these differences don’t exist, because they have to navigate them every single day.

            In-group and out-group differences will always remain, unless of course the goal is to breed a beige, blended human society – pretty much the antithesis of the Naz!s goal of social unity through Aryan purity, but no less wrapped up in eugenics and the immorality of social engineering.

    • Nailed it. Who we think we are and what we are are now worlds apart. Forget the Aussie Larrikin, the Swagman, the ties to the land, the bush and it’s wildlife. We’re now nothing more than a facility to divide land into parcels and cover it in brand name merde.

    • Yep that’s right. We all saw this in the theft of baby formula by foreigners to sell for profit at the expense of Australian mums and babies. That was the first mass media example. The rest of the country realised when it was not stopped that we can’t rely on our government to look out for real Australian interests because they and the last 20 years of flooding vibrants have no loyalty to this country.

    • 100% Stewie …exactly my thoughts

      What we have become is the making of the last 20 years of utterly horrid federal governance. They’ve run a mass immigration ponzi scheme that has eroded the spirit and identity of a nation. No Australian gave them a mandate to do it. Muther fvckers they are – Howard, Abbott, Rudd, Gillard, Trumball, Scomo, all complicit in this once in a generation scam that has truly fvcked this country for the foreseeable future. #Thanks #Dickheads

  5. GunnamattaMEMBER

    It is difficult to escape the conclusion that Australia has handled the Coronavirus outbreak with all the panache of a man who grabs the other hand, and pats the back of someone who tells him that they dont want to shake his hand, when he proffers it

  6. The fomo, panic hoarding and ‘fuck you I got mine’ attitude is exactly what you’d expect based on how they’ve developed the property market (which essentially is the economy).

  7. “We are leading the fail in the southern hemisphere though it must be added that most other’s data can’t be trusted”
    Given we are only testing those at the highest risk, and celebrities, how reliable do you think the Australian stats really are?

  8. Singapore never let the virus get a foothold like we have. It chased it down with aggressive testing and social distancing. Now it has 266 cases and we have 450 despite it having a much denser population, getting the virus before us, and just three weeks ago Australia having zero local transmissions.

    How good is Straya!

  9. blacktwin997MEMBER

    We need a new game to pass the time while in self-isolation. Let’s call it ‘Borders and Hoarders’, based on the real life exploits of a shifty incompetent marketing cvnt posing as a prime minister. Object of the game is to con/bamboozle/scam/hoodwink the general population long enough for you to score a lucrative post-politics gig in Hawaii.

  10. “It is not sensible, it is not helpful and it has been one of the most disappointing things I have seen in Australian behaviour in response to this crisis,” Scott Morrison told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

    “It’s ridiculous, it’s un-Australian, and it must stop.”

    How about al those fuсken boomers and savvy investors and parliamentarians that have hoarded all the houses.

    Has that Australian behaviour disappointed Scott Morrison as well?

  11. TailorTrashMEMBER

    I am of an age that if I get the bat bug I would be at high risk of going under . So have slowly stocked up over the last month to allow myself and the memshaib to not go out for a few months and that is what we intend to do . Suspect many are doing the same . I have little confidence that this government would provide for us and don’t expect I’ll be front of queue for an ICU bed ( there will be many younger more vibrant and recently arrived Australians who will benefit from my life’s taxes ) . Scotty can talk all all he likes about being unaustralian but a visit to any supermarket in Sydney will tell you that there are a lot of people who will step over your dead body for the last can of tomatoes . This is the new Australia that has been built in the last 30 years . ….You reap as you sow ………trying to invoke the ANZAC spirit of an Australia lost shows how out of touch the leaders of this country have become .

  12. This is a disappointing article from you David. Australia has 5 times the population of Singapore. A better comparison would be with Sydney or Melbourne who each have similar populations of 5 million – NSW has 210 cases and Vic 94 – at this stage – better figures than Singapore – don’t stoop to the quality of Twitter- you’re better than that

  13. Strange that the House of Reps and the Senate are drastically reducing the number of members required to attend sittings, but everyone else should be rocking up to work and sending their kids to school.

    • When you get paid 200k a year as a backbencher, you can afford to have Jenny stay at home and mind the kids, by choice, or, if needed, should it come to that. Or, you can afford a few days unpaid leave. Wait, what drugs am I on! They have taxpayer funded Covid leave. But for the proletariat casuals and Newstarters lording it up on $40/day, NO COVID LEAVE FOR YOU

      Mrs Rainbowberg will need to let the ladies know Wednesday morning hits at Kooyong are off, though.

      Just blargh

  14. PM was very good today. He and the Government rely on (at times contradictory) expert advice. At least we are not the US or the UK which appear to have delayed meaningful action until likely too late.

    Aussie citizens (with the exception of media types) knew what was coming and led the world when it came to sequestering household supplies. Most media now shedding tears having gone from ridiculing the run on TP to being unable to find any.

  15. Ben Groundwater

    I just flew in from Italy, but it’s Australia’s lack of action that scares me

    What now? We self-isolate for 14 days. Not that anyone will be checking.

    Precisely. Will Scummo rely on tip offs?

    The department learnt through the anonymous informant that Mr Singh was not working for the nominating employer in the regional area and had in fact paid money to the employer in exchange for not notifying the immigration officials.

    The department also learnt Mr Singh had taken a lease in the regional area but was living in Melbourne and worked night shifts as a security guard for cash.

  16. I am always grateful for the market advice i get here on this site. Thank you all.
    If I can return the favour with advice on firearms , ammo, reloading ammo and licencing please feel to ask me.
    I’m not a big gun nut – I only have 10.

      • not in NSW.
        Cat A, Cat B (and Cat C etc)
        I’m on 10 acres and have Cat A, reason Primary Production.
        About to downsize to 1/2 acre so will need SSAA membership, think this means I can get Catb/centrefire.

        Been toying with selling my 22WMR Savage as not needed for vermin control…but it feeels like very cheap SHTF insurance…
        Probably swap the 410 I have for a 410 Adler or U/O 12G. Wife unconvinced as always.

        I already know what LSWCHP will say.

      • Practically speaking its the same. Maybe not for primary production but city slickers will need to have a reason like target shooting or hunting. This covers A and B. You need to do a short theory course over a day and be a member of a club. This is easier than it sounds my local hunting club has 1500 members and can barely attract 30 people for its weekly shoot. At the moment the registry has a wait of about 3 months to process a new license so move now if you are keen.

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            I did mine initially through SSAA but to keep your license you need to attend a range 5 times a year and that’s done through a club or SSAA ranges. If not you get a warning letter and you lose your license – seems sensible to me. Maybe primary production rules you out of this duty?

          • Correct, BD. PP as genuine reason exempts you, I think as does RHVC.

            Thanks for clarification, club it is.

        • How about the requirements for shooting in comps to retain your licence. Does that simply mean rocking up to the club and they sign you off. Or do you actually have to compete in something more official?

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            Rocking up and signing is enough. This is usually Hunters clubs. The local target club – which would be associated with the regional rifle association – will be more serious with dedicated target shooters who do comps – I try to do 3 a year, with kids and job.

          • So would it be best to be a member of a hunting club and a shooters club. Hunters club for your licence requirement and a shooters club for actually going to the range when you feel like having a shoot?

            I would prefer not to go out hunting very often because I am lazy.

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            I guess so target shooting clubs are friendly but a bit intimidating as its very technical and some of the set ups look almost olympian and expensive. Anything less than a 223 or rimfire would not be allowed Hunters clubs are more laid back and you can shoot whatever you like.
            I barely hunt but i have 8 hunting rifles and am a member of the Hunting club.

          • Thanks for the info BD. I’ve been interested in getting a rifle for a while now but don’t really want to go to the comps 4 times a year or whatever it is. Just want to practice at random intervals, when I have time too.

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            When having firearms its vital to have a supportive wife. A wife too trusting of the MSM can have doubts about them. I now shoot with my daughter and my wife pays little attention to my hobby. Glad to be rid of me on Saturdays I reckon.

          • I need a wife like his – my own would divorce me in a heartbeat if expressed interest in owning a gun. 🙁

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            Its sort of like gold fever but for lead…also I added 4 this year alone due to guys having divorces. It gets ugly and they need to get rid of their collection ASAP. See my comment above about wife getting on board with an arsenal downstairs.

          • @BD…I know about the divorce thing. My second wife called the cops and told them I was carrying a concealed firearm, in an attempt to get them to pull my licence because she knew that would’ve really upset me.

            I’m pretty well known at the registry and she probably sounded a bit looney (because she was loony), so they politely called and asked me if I was carrying. I said “Of course not” and that was that. Lucky.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      .22 WMR for the kids – full jacket so minimal lead fouling, lets the littleun’s learn to strip and clean. Good for dogs and smaller, for people too, if you can shoot.

      *** DO NOT LET KIDS USE .22LR ***
      The amount of lead exposure from touching/loading/firing/cleaning the unjacketed rounds is horrific.

      .223/5.56 (bugger off, I know the difference) for people who can’t shoot. Raygun trajectory and little recoil. Point and click. Lots of ammo available. Be careful about over-penetration. Do not use on pigs, it just annoys them.

      .308/7.62 the Toyota Camry of rounds. For people who are serious about reaching out and touching someone. Lots of ammo. Ruger Scout is my personal favourite.

      *** DO NOT USE IN SUBURBIA ***
      Will go through walls, you might kill your neighbour’s neighbour.

      .338/.300 WM canons for the truly dedicated. Proper 1000m+ social-distancing device. Bring your checkbook and train like a mofo.

      Here endeth the sermon.

        • Someone ElseMEMBER

          Yeah, I know, but Big Dumb Rules are needed.

          The number of Rambinos running around who think FMJ is a home/hunting round is scary. Not to mention the number of brain dead rock apes who think the hand loading data are just guidelines.

          The lead thing is bad enough that unjacketed is not an option. It was even worse when it was in the primers.

          And I don’t think civies can get frangible.

          P.S. you dissin’ my Ruger scrub gun? That’s my favourite shootin’ iron. If I say creedmoor, you say…

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            My only American rifle is a 300WSM Montana ASR. Its nice but I contribute enough to their MIC with my addiction to Berger projectiles so dont need to buy their rifles too. Interested in how many folks have a 22WMR tucked away. I thought I was the only one. Ammo costs too much but its a guilty pleasure.

          • Someone ElseMEMBER

            The ammo’s bad but the killer was the too many 0’s for the LA101. An investment. For the kid. Honest. I really did need another .22wmr.

        • Someone ElseMEMBER

          We shot the $hit out of them for the buy-back. They were shagged. My cousin got one of the barrels to glow. Still got decent money for them.

          Fun, but dangerous. Young me was an idiot.

          • Lol, did the same with my mate. SKS, M1 Garande, M1 carbine, 22 semi auto and 12G semi. Even got the cops to turn up to the range in their vests because we were letting 6 30 round clips go in a row out of the SKS. Melted the plastic stock on it. Good times.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      All this lively talk about guns makes me think that we need a GUN TALK!!! periodical roundtable here. Moreso in these extra coughy yet less easily wipey times.

  17. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    Why don’t we go in full lockdown – schools included, without waiting for the holidays – for a few weeks to flatten the curve while we get our act together (expanded ICU facilities, more test kits, etc) and then slowly restart everything in a more controlled way? Surely better long-term strategy than letting loose people unknowingly incubating and spreading the virus?

    • two plus twoMEMBER

      It makes even more sense to throw everything into delaying the spread when looking at the promising early trial results of drugs like remdesivir and chloroquine + zinc. It will be heartbreaking to lose loved ones when known effective treatments could have saved them, but for the months required to ramp up production and supplies.

    • David WilsonMEMBER

      Just imagine a full lockdown, no shops, no transportation, no delivery vehicles, no schools, no manufacturing, no food storage , no medical care etc.
      Then in two weeks we all go back and start spreading the virus again, in the meantime we destroy jobs, businesses etc as cashflow dries up and people cannot pay rent, house payments, business loans etc.
      It’s about time we stop scare mongers with their crap, let’s face it probably 100-200 people die every day from cancer, strokes etc and the flue this winter will kill 2000-3000 meanwhile corona has killed 5 very vulnerable people that the flue may well have killed had they contracted it.
      Wake up Australia, get real, very few will die from the virus with our death rate so far @1% all elderly, the rest will get a mild illness so let’s just focus on keeping those over 70 safe and those that are vulnerable with other health issues
      The economy needs to keep operating and as long as we maintain social distancing and regular washing of hands along with isolation of ourselves if crook all will be ok

      • Luca BiasonMEMBER

        but that’s pure whataboutery. The lock down does not apply – nor is it intended to apply – to essential services. Those governments that have implemented it have put mortgage/loan payments on hold, some even rental payments. And it’s not like the flu when your entire healthcare system gets overwhelmed in a couple of weeks and no other provision of services can be assured. are you on the dark side of the Moon?

        • They have been hoarding tin foil here unfortunately.
          You are correct about the lockdown and the availability of essential services but there is too much excitement at MB at the moment.
          I am going to be at pretty much the sharpest bit of the pointy end dealing with this in the hospital but I would like to be able to pick up some toilet paper on the way home after work some days.
          The rest of you should just relax at home with your guns and baked beans and Netflix.

        • Thousands may die over the duration of winter, though I have my tinfoil doubts about those figures.

          When you have that thousand people all show up in the space of about 2 weeks, and your hospital system becomes overloaded and unable to treat them and people start dying who would recover under normal circumstances…that’s when it starts to look troublesome.

          Here’s the take on the situation in the US and how it may develop, from a very cranky ER nurse in the US.

          Read that, and then consider how things are panning out in Italy, and tell me if you’re still so sanguine.

          • Jumping jack flash

            *adjusts tinfoil hat*

            I read an interesting post the other week from someone who said they were involved with the reclassification of “death from pneumonia” as “death from flu”, happening sometime around 2004.

            This was done to help bolster the flu death statistic to then artificially create a reason for everyone getting flu shots.
            Even though, as everyone is aware, pneumonia doesn’t always occur from the flu. But the fact was the flu death statistic was pretty pathetic before that small sleight of hand.

            Now, don’t get me started on the absurdity of flu shots. The “educated” coin-flip to determine the most expected mutation of the grand total of 2 (3?) most common strains they vaccinate against to develop next season’s round of vaccinations often falls short and therefore the entire batch of flu shots are essentially useless. Basically if it works, its pure luck, or you never contracted flu that season.

          • Exactly, if everyone turns up at once and the hospitals become overloaded that death rate jumps to 4-6% or even more. Also there are reports that even the 20% odd severe cases who do not die may have their lungs damaged/weakened for life.

    • It’s too late to be expanding ICU facilities, china europe and the US have already bought all the equipmnet for the forseeable future.

      And with countries shutting down more are unlikely to be made in the near term.

    • if we go into lock-down now or even better if did it 4 weeks ago we would have ended up with about 1000 infections max and single digit deaths. Economy would have taken significant hit too but now we would have had most businesses running and no infections.
      Hospitality, Education, Banks and Transport (airlines) industries would have needed bailouts.

      Sumo decides to wait and see or fiddle. Evidnece points that he did not even bother to order extra test kits. So, now we are going to go into lock-down when we get our Italy moment. One will ask what’s the difference? Why Scumo thinks this option is better? Here it is:
      We still are going to experience the above plus, From Scumo with love:
      Tens of thousands (conservative) of infected, hospitals will be overrun amplifying deaths, hundreds (conservative if Italy scenario plays out) dead if lucky but possibly thousand+ or thousands, longer Economic recovery and many more businesses will need to be bailed.
      On the positive side many pensioners that voted for the chunt will get what they ordered. But sadly many innocent lives will be lost.

      my view based on observing what transpired in other countries. our case maybe different and we might be fine. then I’ll be happiest person to be wrong.
      We may get lucky and someone finds cure by combining number of existing drugs etc..
      But as time passes and our Gov continues to fiddle we will truly rely on luck rather than capability to get over this with minimum damage.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Well said. The cost of delaying will cost infinitely more than going hard and going early. Everyone in the streets seems to get it, why not our leaders?

        Has anyone told them what’s happening around the world? I’ve just assumed they would know but….do they?

          • That’s right Niko, Mongolia right next to China shut their borders almost immediately, they have 1 or 2 cases, now if the react of the world gets it they can benefit from herd immunity or a vaccine next year. Could have been us.

  18. what’s more unAustralian: to buy more pasta or not buy a house ?

    not all hoarding is equal, some hoarding is called “having a go” while other is called hoarding

    or maybe there was never a shortage of homes?

  19. It’s not even about experts – this is about risk management and an attempt to balance human damage and economic damage. A health expert on ABC AM this morning mentioned risks to the economy…wtf does a health expert have to say on the matter? All the reasons that were given for not shutting down schools won’t be enough reason once infected numbers pass a certain level so why are they justifications now? There is a clear option to minimize risk – shut everything down, weeks ago.

    I can’t believe that after the bush fires they have decided to err on the side of recklessness again.

    Also, a total failure of communication and a planned step by step move to lockdown.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Even today, they think they can blag and sham their way out of it. It’s worked in the past so they’ll try again. It’s easier than actually taking responsibility and doing something bold and risky. They also seem to have an issue with science, which I suspect isn’t helping reconcile their warped world view with the reality on the ground.

  20. What really wound me up was the scaremongering of suggesting this is a 6 month crisis. No lockdown needs to go beyond 8 weeks and only then if you’ve left it so late.

    How can these cvnts nothave the common sense to realise we need to flip flop through rolling lockdowns and ruthless contact tracing and testing regimes until we either push the issue to the borders or can manage limited risk in the community and localised lockdowns on clusters of infection. What happened to our experts in the this field?

    They just can’t be arsed trying to solve the effing problem and naively think they can burn through the population without us stringing them up in the mean time.

  21. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    “Stop doing it. It’s ridiculous!’: PM blasts hoarders, panic buyers” Fairfax

    While LNP, Labor and media are all the same thing we don’t have a chance.

    Morrison gambled our health and Labor and media watched him do it, and still don’t criticise leaving borders open in the first month.

  22. Hoarding can best be described using property industry language describing investors ……..”Just hardworking mum and dad’s just trying to get ahead”

  23. I think out of everything Scummo said, the ONLY thing that would stop the hoarding behaviour is when he said “whatever we do, has to be sustainable for 6 MONTHS”, effectively put to bed the notion that this is a short term thing.
    Reckon heaps are thinking “I can’t possibly hoard enough for 6 months without a proper bunker that would have taken years”.
    Might not be great for the markets though, all those thinking “V shaped recovery” will now have to think about a 6 month of U shaped recovery.

  24. Reverse Transcriptase

    It is very clear that densely populated areas are the worst environment in terms of virus spread.

    As we speak I am looking at a bunch of fake left, undoubtedly immigration loving, women of privilege on ABC News tell me that crowded areas i.e. shops where people are trying to buy food are bad.

    Australia has pursued a dense population model for years now (albeit that nobody voted for it). Shops / public transport / footpaths are crowded at the best of times. That is what the Government decided for us.

    So how about we now review exactly what contribution every recent arrival is making to Australia and if in the current economic / business setting it is clear that they are not contributing and therefore just consuming food / toilet paper / ICU beds, they need to exit back to their home country until this is over.

  25. Side DishMEMBER

    The numbers of confirmed cases is irrelevant,
    We need to look at how the testing is being carried out.
    We are currently only testing if a set group of symptoms are present, yet we know children and teenagers are generally asymptomatic, and we are keeping school and universities open
    What our actual cases Are and our confirmed cases are can vary wildly

    • All this is true but the people in charge are not interested in the truth – they care only about avoiding a recession which will taint their spell in office. How many die is irrelevant.

  26. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    QLD senator with covid. Straight to hospital.

    Plebs can’t even get tested.

    I guarantee horrendous violence on a massive scale is just a couple of months away, and politicians and elites cop it all over the country.

  27. Jumping jack flash

    ““It’s ridiculous, it’s un-Australian, and it must stop.””

    I went to the shop this morning after the oldies were shuffling out and noticed the ones seemingly hoarding weren’t Australians.

    Shelves were empty, by the way. Either they were empty to start with or the oldies stripped them bare.
    I don’t think it will get any better anytime soon.

    • To be fair I’m Aussie and I built up some decent stocks three weeks back.

      Just knew the govt would fck it up. Gotta be prepared.

      It isn’t panicking if you do it first!

    • I went to Coles at lunch-time and it was carnage – could barely get a thing I wanted. Just got back from Coles right now and it was way worse. Tuna in tandoori sauce but no plain tuna in olive oil / spring-water. No farcken tomato sauce! Car park was full – normally about a sixth full at this time.

      • Yes, same at Woolies here, literally nothing of worth, and that’s with restrictions of 1pkt of things like toilet paper, 2pkts of just about everything else, excepting fresh meat, veg etc

  28. Mining BoganMEMBER

    The anger in the street today was palpable. They’re filthy on Scummo for leaving schools open. The common call is shut it all down and do it four weeks ago. They’re also filthy on hoarders especially the new habit of city folk stripping country stores. Betcha Flawse has something to say about that.

    But here’s a new one from the Safeway…it’s the Nannas that we were all so concerned about who are doing the stripping of stores. Ladies who work there say it’s the same oldies who have been waiting outside the store at opening time every day since Friday. Younger local families are furious with them. Now two security guards.

    Safeway ladies also say today was much quieter and there’s plenty of stock in the warehouses so things might be looking better. BUT, supply is limited by Linfox and the amount of trucks they let out per day. Probably availability of trucks and drivers I suppose.

    • I can attest to this.Turned up with the missus to one of the closest towns to us.
      Couple of elderley walked past and muttered quite loudly , people should shop where the live..Thought it was a strange comment…Walked into the flour-less isle, where a dear old girl was staring at the bare shelves…I just come to pick up my yearly sack of flour…Twas heartbreaking…We did quite a short shop for us, less than a trolley..
      Got a surley reception on checkout due to having 6 tins of minestrone soup, asked if we were going camping?
      No, just heading back to our town…
      Then it was smiles and welcoming..After leaving, we twigged to the fact, that the Country supermarkets were getting raided..Shame..Prices are already high in Country, we carry larger serving sizes…
      Well, best we push for higher lamb and wheat prices city cousins? Heh?

  29. We import from cultures where equality and charity are foreign concepts.

    We have a local population that has been given the shove to make room for these new Australians where there is no sense of equality and charity.

    Am I surprised by the recent displays of hoarding, aggressiveness and on-selling opportunism of new Australians, the same people who have no concern that speaking foreign languages loudly in public and at work might alienate me and others?

    Trust is gone. It was never going to survive the spread of the more troubling virus that is global ‘dog-eat-dogism’.

    This has all been predicted.

    • Not sure I can agree with that. There is prejudice that only new Australians behave in certain manner but about two weeks ago at Woolies I saw herd of 30 people with majority Aussies running for the Toilet Paper. And me, a wog, just turned back and gave up. I reported this here. Based on my observation on that day I can easily make exactly same comments you made.
      People are people and all nations have cavemen and civilized percentage. It’s not like the English turned up here and enlighten the natives.. from memory they almost wiped them out and in Tas they did.
      Having said this I have to also admit that when I arrived in Oz I was shocked at the backwardness of Macedonian community here. Also, that does not make every Australian with Macedonian heritage a caveman.
      an example – The Shire – large % of Anglo Australians and very large % are selfish, greedy chunts that will sell their first born for quick profit. Does it mean all Aussies are like that? I firmly believe answer is No.

      • I don’t think the cultural distance between Macedonians and Anglo Australians is particularly wide. The Macedonians in Australia have historically fit in quite well.

        In any case, bad behaviour should be condemned – no matter who is responsible. I guess the point is that Australia is becoming a dog-eat-dog place. I would say that cramming together lots of disparate people from low-trust cultures hasn’t helped.

        OT I was in Macedonia a few years back. Really friendly people I found. Lake Ohrid is a gem!

      • There’s a difference running for toilet paper, versus collecting as much toilet paper and other products, to then on sell or being aggressive (I’ve only seen fighting and pushing from New Australians – Asians, Middle-Eastern).

        • there isn’t. burly guys carrying 3-4 packs each for themselves and the wog (me) walked away. but nothing will convince you.

          woolies employees were filming on their phones and laughing..

    • ScoMo and the rest of the political establishment have been busily filling up the country with people from radically different cultures for years. But then he complains about “un-Australian” behaviour during a crisis. Honestly, what did he expect?

      The polite, high trust, cohesive Australia of old is gone, thanks in part to mass immigration.

      • hear me out mate.. the Gov and Scumo himself have been promoting greediness and selfishness and he is an Aussie with most of his ministers. How can we blame other cultures – Lebs, Asians etc.. And I am not defending these minorities and yes I am against mass immigration. I voted Sustainable Australia.
        All of their policies are divisive. Sports rort showed that you can buy elections here and most of those areas were Aussie dominated. Other cultures on their own could not have elected these chunts. How on earth Peter, Scumo, Barnaby, Angus and few others got re-elected? There was ample evidence of corrupt conduct before the elections to boot these people out. Hell, there is ample evidence to lock them up hence why Scumo refuses to call for Fed ICAC. I bet you next elections these people will be in parliament again. Not sure if in Gov but in parliament no doubt.

        and yes, Ohrid is a gem.

        • I see your point and largely agree. Our culture has been degraded and the social fabric shredded by unbridled liberalism, economism, consumerism and globalism. Mass immigration is just one element.

  30. This is a Black Swan! Nobody could have seen this coming! Except…I dunno…anybody with eyes who has seen various Ebola epidemics over the last few years and wondered when jet travel would spread the bug into the big cities worldwide.

    This whole thing is so fvcking predictable. I’ve been expecting something like this, except with a more fatal disease for years, and it should have been so easy to have prepared for it. FFS. The country is run by idiots.

    • “The country is run by idiots.”

      You must be mistaken – ScroteMo is a true man of the property — I mean, er — people. He has only his — pardon me — ‘our’ interests at heart.

  31. Whats wrong with making school voluntary from here on ?
    Those that can, keep the kids at home.
    Those that cant (and there are valid financial / work reasons), kids go to school. Some may have kids at school, 3 days to match work, some 5 days.
    Limits the exposure then, 15 or 18 kids in a class is better than 28 or 30. Separation can occur then, every second desk etc etc
    Systematic approach, written permissions from parents etc etc. It”ll be rorted by some kids etc but nothing is going to be perfect. Some kids will think its unfair, to bad. Some more sh*t life lessons to come kiddies !!
    Kids either at school or home, otherwise $1000 fines for parents.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Betcha if you gave teachers the choice they’d all be at home. Haven’t spoken to one who thinks they should be at work with the sick kids of others.

      That’s a small scientific sample of four. Don’t know how much water it holds,

      • 25% of kids at Brissy schools are being held back by parents currently. That’s huge.

        Strangest of times. People still walking dogs as they normally do, going about their business etc. Smiles here and there. But there’s tension underlying everything.

    • Same happened to me today. Delivery was due Saturday but has been cancelled. We have now lost the ability to stock up safely. People are going to be seriously pissed. Scovid is fucked.

    • The service is extremely variable – Coles near me is literally useless. Been out of stock of heaps of stuff for many days but the Woolies 1km away is reasonably well stocked by comparison.

    • The problem is that supermarkets are using personal shoppers to pick things off the shelf to fulfil online orders. I believe if there are 1-2 things missing they will still process the order, but with shelves being ransacked they simply can’t complete orders which has led to the cancellation of the service.

  32. ScoVid really is really cross with hoarders. So much do he told he was was wheelllly crowth them. Then he says this will go on for another six months. How the fvck is that going to calm anyone down? People are going to hoard even more!

    • ScoMo has spoken! And the citizens have so much respect for him they’ve done the polar opposite of what he’s requested.

      Get the message yet, pork chop? Nvm, off to happy clappersville ..

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