One quarter of workers swamp myGov in 20 hours

Australia’s Minister for Government Services, Stuart Robert, has confirmed that an extraordinary 3.2 million Australians attempted to login to myGov in only 20 hours:

To put that number into perspective, there were 13 million Australians employed in February.


Leith van Onselen


  1. Is that 3.2 million individuals logging in, or 3.2 million logins (i.e. the same person logging in multiple times, or trying to)?

      • You can’t infer that is 3.x million individual, single logins for assistance

        Give us a count of unique myGov IDs, or new/re-activated CRNs, or new claim IDs, or something.

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          Our Minister for Government Service have no idea what you’re talking about. It’ll take multiple $1000-an-hour consultants 10 hours to explain the concept to him.

  2. might be a dumb question but how do we know there were 3.2 million australians trying to log on rather the 3.2 million attempts to log on

    • Could be people all over the world, really. And why not? If you have a go, you may well get a go.

      Ya think there aren’t going to be thousands of loop-holes and /or errors occurring? Free money — pile on!

      Only moral fortitude prevents me from having a crack at this point.

    • Hi Japon. Using words carefully here…

      It’s pretty simple to tell that there were X number of attempts to login from Australia, IP addresses will give us that info.

      However, that is not the same as saying there were X-million individual Australians trying to login, as some attempts may be multiple attempts from the same IP address. Especially if there were some denial-of-service (DoS or DDos) attacks, where a huge number of the login attempts could come from only a few computers.

      You can tell a fair bit about what’s going on, but have to understand what your numbers are actually telling you

  3. So unemployment ABS numberwang to show only a small jump in unemployment because the millions of people in the dole queue are not actively looking for work!

  4. Any of you guys been to a shopping centre recently? It’s awesome! In highpoint.

    So quiet, everything on sale. Walked through center and there can’t be more than 50 customers in the whole building. You walk past more staff, cleaners and security personnel. Every shop has 1 person working.

  5. “We have facilitated”?

    Sounds like he’s got people personally clicking “OK” to authorise every login. No wonder the system is failing!

  6. Aside from the fact that nowadays Australians are pathetic parasites (a “diverse” mix from slum countries overrun with poverty and a preoccupation with one’s own interests) who’d trample over dead babies to get to some free cash; something really doesn’t add up with those numbers. ABS? Centrelink?

    • I’ve heard of migrant women claiming single parent benefits even though they are still married to their husbands who happen to be back in India working.


  7. You need login through mgGovID to access ATO Tax Agent information and records. I’ve found it not possible for the last 2 days. Certainly interesting what services are unavailable from a sudden spike in unemployment.

  8. happy valleyMEMBER

    Will trying to login to MyGov for more than an hour a month, also soon count as being employed in the interests of numberwang?

  9. JunkyardMEMBER

    Yep, I’m looking to pick over some carcass for some great deals on new or used over the next few weeks and months.
    On the replacement/upgrade list over the next few months is;
    Quality Front loader washing machine
    UHD telly
    Various tools
    Herman Miller office chair or two

    • Same. Funny you mention tv’s.. last time I bought one was with Rudd’s cheque. Heres hoping for a slomo freebie and distressed retail market… might get 2 this time.

  10. Now that Newstart (or whatever it is called now) has an extra supplement, meaning that a low income earner by not working can lead a similar income to working, of course people are flocking to it. Sure some are authentic job losses, but at this stage, many aren’t. Of course in the next few months this might change (many of the job losses become real).

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It’s the JobSeeker payment now (what is old is now new again). The job loss is real enough because of the number of business being forcibly closed.

      Note even after the allowance is effectively doubled, it is still below the minimum wages.

      • Some job losses are real, but at this stage many aren’t. Yes, below the minimum wage, but not by all that much, and worth the trade off to many if they don’t have to work for it.

  11. stevefordMEMBER

    First post here. My workplace is receiving 7.5k calls per day at the moment. Over half of the calls mention unemployment. This is out of approx. 1 million customers.

    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      I’m guessing maybe a bank.

      Noted ING had a banner on their home page yesterday saying they were receiving an unprecedented number of calls. Prob people seeking loan holidays

  12. Are stand downs counted as job loss ? And can they claim benefit.
    Technically not a job loss as still employed, just sent home to wait it out.
    Not redundant either so no payout. And not an unemployed statistic either.?
    Part of the meeting with banks and CEO s last week ???

  13. They just can’t help themselves:

    “We will continue to run this service 24/7 and progressively increase its capacity as we have over recent days & months.”

    They have already admitted no-one even considered that demand might go up, and that naturally nothing was done to prepare for the deluge. Yet they have to slip in those lies every time, trying to make themselves look like forward thinking leaders rather than self-centered dottering idiots. This whole thing has been ‘make it up as you go’.

    Sports Rorts received more deliberate attention from these clowns than COVID-19. And it is finally starting to not wash with the general public.