Of course it should be called “Wuhan flu”

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Foreign ministers representing seven major industrialised nations failed to agree on a joint statement on Wednesday after the Trump administration insisted on referring to the coronavirus outbreak as the “Wuhan virus,” three officials from G7 countries told The Washington Post.

Other nations in the group of world powers rejected the term because they viewed it as needlessly divisive at a time when international cooperation is required to slow the global pandemic and deal with the scarcity of medical supplies, officials said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has brushed off criticism of his use of the term, saying it’s important to point out that the virus came from the Chinese city of Wuhan and that China’s government had a special responsibility to warn the world about its dangers.

Until the CCP bought the WHO, it was tradition to declare pandemics when they were obviously out of control and to use geographic names to label them.

As well, the US did not start using this nomenclature until the CCP spread the evil misinformation that US soldiers had planted the virus in Wuhan.

It’s preposterous to describe calling the Wuhan flu the  “Wuhan flu” as racist. It should not be a Western concern that the CCP does not want to be blamed for a virus it could have stopped but instead unleashed upon the entire world.

I don’t buy the allegations that the virus is man made but it’s clear that the CCP system prevented the early action that would have snuffed it out.

It’s 100% the “Wuhan flu” and we should all remember why.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Tell that to our ABC. This morning they said that it “is thought to have originated in China”. They are even trying to make the origin of it seem to be in question.

    • They fear a Chinese response. Spanish flu never originated from Spain. It got the name because of a high profile Spanish death. The virus came from the US and was brought over by soldiers.

        • The whole world is built on lies & rewriting of them as it suit….. Unfortunately.

          “There was, though, nothing particularly Spanish about the Spanish flu. The epidemic came to be identified with Spain because of censorship during the Great War, when governments in belligerent countries, fearing mass panic, suppressed news reports. Since Spain was neutral, no controls existed, and so the first reports came from Spain. Then, as now, governments seized the opportunity to blame the pandemic on a foreign power; Americans, struck by the perplexing peculiarity of this strain, were inclined to blame those mysterious Chinese”. https://unherd.com/2020/03/could-this-be-worse-than-the-spanish-flu/

          As have the Chinese tried to contort it to be of US origin…..

    • ApproachingZero

      The ABC is basically Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. The truth doesn’t matter, only what they want the truth to be. Now, most major news outlets could be accused of the same thing. The difference with the ABC is the citizenry are forced to pay to be told what to think.

      • Take ‘entertainment’ out of its charter and slash its budget by a $1bn a year. The money can go into a Medical Research Fund. Or maybe a Medical Reserves regiment, like the Army Reserves?

      • The key problem is that some people working in the Ministry of Truth on the New Speak is that they thought the entire project “doubleplus good” as they had bought into the ideology.

        “The intellectual purpose of Newspeak is to express Ingsoc’s worldview, and to attempt to make impossible all unorthodox political thought. As constructed, the Newspeak vocabulary communicates the exact expression of sense and meaning that a member of the Party could wish to express, whilst excluding secondary denotations and connotations, eliminating the ways of indirect thinking…”

        What the ABC has done is to adopt the linguistics of the radical Left for a similar purpose, although many of the hapless youth fodder in this system are completely unaware of it – they see the ideology as truth itself and themselves as crusaders. It’s a tool for shutting down conversation. It means that words that once carried a very specific meaning and were precisely defined are now vehicles for political meaning that have been weaponised for lazy discourse:

        Toxic masculinity
        White male
        Evil (anyone who disputes the legitimacy of the slurs)
        Brave (anyone who is a victim of the above is ‘brave’ when acting as part of a mob – anyone standing alone against a mob is not brave unless they are victims)

        All of these now carry a political meaning as slogans, not words.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          They carry political meaning to people who think they are not bad, and therefore cannot understand why anyone would talk about them except to try and be political.

          The same rationale underpinned the right-wing dismissal of SSM as an issue of politics, rather than equal rights.

          • Staggering. You are channelling Ingsoc’s worldview of good/bad and one wonders if you have ever read Orwell?.

            Ideological blindness does not permit words to retain specific meaning in common use. Words have power through meaning and this meaning is undermined by the ideologically possessed as it is owned as political statements to do endless battle with the “them and us” of party rhetoric. No one has ever suggested that the characteristics in (most) of these words don’t exist – only the extreme ideologues do, those who are served by such hyperbolic claims, as you have just done. I’m not being patronising, but this deeply saddens me as I am not in the least bit interested in ideology. Ideology is the problem that bedevils Australia. It’s not actually ‘justice’ you are fighting for but ideology and a political project. This always ends in disaster – always. That’s because you don’t care about the actual meaning of ‘justice’ only its value as a slogan.

            And the far Right does the same:

            Australian values
            The economy

            Your ideology is like water to a fish – it surrounds you. It prevents you from having a useful discussion about language and communication if it does not serve your ideological purpose and faith in your cause. That’s been the way of things since the priest class began to drag the tabernacle around the market places.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Staggering. You are channelling Ingsoc’s worldview of good/bad and one wonders if you have ever read Orwell?.

            Staggering. You’re virtue-signalling your little heart out parroting words like “Ingsoc” and “NewSpeak” to sound clever, while trying to paint entire swathes of (mostly younger) Australians as being mindless fools because they don’t agree with you.

            I’m not being patronising, but this deeply saddens me as I am not in the least bit interested in ideology.

            Get your hand off it.

            You’re regurgitating ideology here pretty much every day. Which definitely pleases the changing MB crowd, but remains almost largely content-free past some derivative of “oh noes lefties are oppressing me”.

            You are executing the tried-and-true conservative method of taking words that are meaningful, and important, and useful, and trying to destroy their ability to be meaningful because you think the things they represent are not important, or useful. Then you are treading the similarly tried-and-true conservative path of pretending it’s actually the damn lefties doing it.

            For example, the words you list above have become politicised because people like Rupert Murdoch and Alan Jones (and the entire Conservative political establishment) put phenomenal amounts of time, effort and money into politicising them. Just like they have previously with a whole swathe of other words and phrases like “poverty” and “class war”. Because once they are politicised they are no longer useful for trying to discuss the things they represented.

            You are just trying to prevent any discussion about whether or not things might be racist, or sexist, or fascist, or whatever else challenges the fundamental conservative belief in – and need for – inherited social hierarchy, from happening at all by making the words used for doing that meaningless through abuse.

            It’s not actually ‘justice’ you are fighting for but ideology and a political project. This always ends in disaster – always. That’s because you don’t care about the actual meaning of ‘justice’ only its value as a slogan.

            And there you go again trying to present “justice” as a word that only carries rational meaning inside the boundaries *you* decide are acceptable, and anyone trying to use it outside of your linguistic safe space is either irrational or playing politics.

            Your ideology is like water to a fish – it surrounds you. It prevents you from having a useful discussion about language and communication if it does not serve your ideological purpose and faith in your cause. That’s been the way of things since the priest class began to drag the tabernacle around the market places.

            Blah, blah. Boring ad hominem is boring. Let’s see something meaningful rather than space-filling rhetorical waffle.

          • “You are executing the tried-and-true conservative method of taking words that are meaningful, and important, and useful, and trying to destroy their ability to be meaningful because you think the things they represent are not important, or useful.”

            @drsmithy – really? thats what you are going with? when leftist scum like you have spent the better part of 40 years cramming lies down everyone’s throat?

            Stupid cultist.

          • Terms like ‘misogyny’ are not employed with fairness by the left, as if the word ‘misogyny’ had the same weight in society as any other word.

            If it was, then the wider public would know what misandry is as much as they do with such a term as misogyny. But the left never mentions misandry, unless it is to assert, when challenged, that it doesn’t exist – it doesn’t exist because it is impossible for a woman to have a pathological hatred of men. To believe in the existence of misandry, to the left, diminishes the attack of ‘misogyny’.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Well said Clive, if you control the language and limit the ability of people to discuss valid issues, then pretty soon the general population will lack the words to describe their predicament.

          Progressive BS that attempts to attach ‘moral’ values as to whether an issue that we face as a society can or cannot be discussed, is encouraging the spread of the same sort of dogmatic moral stupidity that the Catholic church bashed everyone with for a 1000 years.

          Moral righteousness in ignoring factual reality is a special kind of dogmatic stupidity. It was responsible for the last dark age and it is leading us into a new one.

          • Spot on. To see an example of the apoplectic ideological writhing look above your comment for a QED:

            “Moral righteousness in ignoring factual reality is a special kind of dogmatic stupidity.”

            I’ll take the opportunity to invent a new word for the Newspeak dictionary: “ideolepsy” – the convulsive fits of outrage and phlegm induced in the virtuous if their religion is challenged. And so it was with the Catholic Church.

            DrSmithy can’t wait to be put in charge of the gallows and gulags. He’s going to hunt people like me down for a bit of re-education.

          • But the Left has allowed itself to diminish the true meaning of words.

            It’s now okay that the correct and ‘traditionally’ incorrect usage of the word ‘literally’ are both deemed ‘correct’. This is even though the ‘traditionally’ incorrect use of the word, often used by bimbos, negates the true meaning and usage of the word.

            We don’t want to offend females for misusing the word ‘literally’ so let’s just say language is fluid, so fluid that in just a couple of years the usage of words and their meanings have radically changed.

            This isn’t just as the word ‘cool’ could carry multiple meanings (to describe both temperature and the appeal of something simultaneously without negating the other). Now varying meanings can negate the other’s meaning, and both can still be true.

            Now you can use a word however you like – because correcting people is to victmise.

            Look what happened when Julia Gillard mispronounced the word ‘hyperbole’ in parliament – ‘oh, language is fluid!’ the left cried out – no, she mispronounced a word, and even if a few do it, be it females or males, it’s still incorrect. But when Tony Abbot uses the wrong word (suppository anyone?) – he’s an idiot.

        • A high proportion of Liberal members voted to axe the ABC? Why doesn’t Senator Abetz go ahead with radically reducing the ABC? Now is the time to save money. Sell up the assets in the ABC property portfolio, and catalogue. This will pay out the generous redundancies that the ABC deadweight will receive.

          Time to rationalise. No time for such luxuries as government entertaining the peoples using taxpayer money, when people have access to an array of free to cheap entertainment out there (and not tinged with propaganda).

        • But words like ‘misandrist’ get no airplay.

          When being called Islamaphobic, I say it is not irrational to fear a doctrine that sees me as the enemy (not Muslim, and being gay).

          Racist? No, I just question certain cultures and their behaviors.

          Is it misogyny or an application of equal opportunity criticism?

        • But worth the $1.4b each year? At the expense of critical services, like, making sure we have enough ventilators?

          You can say something is ‘pretty good’, but that’s not an endorsement of its value and relevance. Nor an endorsement of its support at the expense of other possible services.

          $1.4bn on ABC could be valued as ‘pretty good’ even, but $1.4bn on healthcare could be valued as ‘exceptionally good’ and therefore ‘better’.

          With limited resources, and essential needs not being met (proper healthcare), better decisions could be made regarding how limited taxpayer funds are spent.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          When it comes to reporting facts they are pretty good – provided they chose to report them, eg 4 Corners, Foreign Correspondent. The issues mainly start to occur when they try to interpret those facts and build a narrative around them eg TheDrum.

          • Far too much editorialising.

            Stick to reporting the facts and they can keep some of their budget for news broadcasting.

        • kannigetMEMBER

          Hard to report the facts when you have to be careful what you say or your budget gets cut…. So many right wing people sit there complaining that the ABC is to left wing, but cant see they are being put between a rock and a hard place. Forced to report things in a particular way or face the ramifications of a right wing overlord.

          When you sit on the hard right everything looks leftist.
          When you sit on the far left everything looks right wing.
          Everyone thinks they are centrist making everything seem like its skewed to the other end of the divide.

          So remember, If everything is too leftist to you then your extreme right wing.

          If the words and actions of the ABC appear too left wing to you but they are the effectively dictated by a right wing government then you must be pretty f#cking extreme right wing.

    • GG – please provide a source for your claim.
      The two main articles on the virus on the front page of ABC news state:
      “Life has started returning to normal after two months of lockdown in Hubei province, the epicentre of China’s coronavirus outbreak.”
      “China — where the pandemic originated — senses an opportunity to bolster its standing.”
      Please provide a direct source where the ABC said it “didnt originate in China”

      • Cost IndexMEMBER

        Chris he specifically said in quotations “is thought to have originated in China” not what you’ve written “didnt originate in China”

        The general thrust is the LANGUAGE the left are using, is to China-wash the whole argument. They want to be seen as progressive.

        Untimely, people are waking up to what the CCP are, liars and thugs, I can’t wait for the day these left “progressive” social commentators get denounced for being communist sympathisers

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Well if you want to get pedantic you should probably call out the original commentary that falsely claims calling it “Wuhan Flu” was “racist”, when the actual word used was “divisive”.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            I was attending an SEC meeting back in early/mid Feb where I asked the question, “what our (Labors) position in regard to the Preparedness of our state hospital system for a massive increased need for ICU and isolation beds”.
            An old party stalwart who has contributed a great deal of time to the party for many years and is quite knowledgeable and senior to me, quickly dismissed my question as being a racist Dog whistle!
            Saying that kind of talk is just stirring up trouble and is “divisive” and unhelpful.
            I hadn’t mentioned Race at all or the appalling attempts to get as many foreign students and tourists into the country as quickly as possible before a shutdown.
            I just asked a Question about Hospital preparedness.
            This reflexive virtue signalling, Identity politics shtick IS going to cost lives.

            Check out this Faruqi turd stating,

            “COVID-19 is a gendered crisis.
            Nurses, nurse aides, teachers, child carers and early-childhood educators, aged-care workers and cleaners are mostly women.
            They are on the frontline of this public health crisis and carry a disproportionate risk of being exposed to the virus.”

            Yet 70% of deaths have been Male!

            How typical of a wealthy inner city Green to try to turn this unfolding tragedy into an Identity politics issue.
            Fk her and all those inner city posers.


          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Solid whataboutism. 👍

            Your concern about identity politics would be easier to take seriously if you weren’t so selective about it.

    • It seems more likely many governments (including our own) were so wedded to a border-less trade paradigm they got blind sided.
      Alternatively, what we really need is a rules based trade system regardless of anything else – right? Because it was the absence of that that made people vote for Hitler and caused all wars right? Just like free trade in a rules based system was going to make China democratic and rules based – right? Oh dear god how could our ABC do this? So much baggage……

      • Might we save time by referring to such statements as a “Faruqi”? It travels well with a ‘Furphy’ – a rumour. A “Faruqi” goes further as it is intentionally deceptive information in order to maintain the consistency of an ideology.

        A Furphy is just BS. A Faruqui is politically weaponised BS.

        • Clive you know the rules, you can’t use something ‘other’ for something negative.

          But you can use something male to denote something negative, like mansplaining.

          Got it?

    • Jevons ghostMEMBER

      Thanks for the link. Interesting commentary goes along with the discussion paper. It’s mildly depressing to observe that both medical quackery and superstitious thinking continues to thrive despite the many beneficial achievements attributable to modern scientific medicine.

      • Jevons ghostMEMBER

        I know full well that harmless placebo interventions may benefit some patients when utilised appropriately by clinicians, preferably in conjunction with the Western-style scientific evidence-based medical model where indicated. The problem with tradition-based or so-called complementary interventions is that they may either be physically harmful in some circumstances or else may be administered inappropriately due to the practitioner not understanding the underlying pathophysiology of the condition(s) that they are professing to treat.

      • ChinajimMEMBER

        Most of what is observed as the placebo effect may just be mean reversion – ie. sick people normally get better.

        • Wrong conclusion. It would apply equally to those who are given the ‘real thing’. Comparisons have to be made against a control group who take nothing.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Maybe the CCP would be happy with some kind of compromise,…how about,

    “The Wuhan Bat sniffles”?

    Having the “Sniffles” doesn’t sound as bad as having “The Virus”.

    • Coup de Whiskey

      Maybe the Wuhanese will stop eating leftover bats from the biological research lab now.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      that’s not how you negotiate Ermo. You start with the extreme so that you can negotiate back to something you want.

      If WuFlu is the desired outcome then we need to start calling it something like Uncle Xi’s gift to the 21st century; or Pooh Bear’s Virus

  3. In that case Spanish Flue should be called US Flue or American Flue. If am not mistaken US solders brought it to Spain.

    • I thought general consensus was it came from China. That’s why China didn’t have the high numbers as the rest of the world. The got a first run of it, built immunity and then when the second wave came (the deadlier wave across the world), they didn’t suffer in the large numbers as the rest of the world?

        • Kodiak is a psychopath that attacks anyone he perceives to be saying anything negative about his beloved USA, even when they are just mentioning historical facts like you were.

  4. Wu Flu is clearly wrong.

    I prefer “Catastrophic Chinese Death Plague” at the moment, but I’m working on something a little more apt.

  5. No. First, its not a flu. Nomenclature matters and confuses those who will discount its severity as “only a flu”. You’ve already got nearly half of Americans convinced its not a problem because of this campaign of misinformation during January/February on FOX News etal.
    Second, its connotation will and is being used to incite racist attacks against Chinese people. Its already happening, because its very easy to incite violent racists, who by their nature are stupid and ignorant, and easily swayed by populists to drum up this hatred and try to deflect away blame.
    Third, its the perfect way for the Trump administration to shift blame away from its inept handling of the crisis. By continuing to use this term as the morgues fill up, it can then incite even more hatred and blame. Classic misinformation campaign.
    Yes, the coronavirus is of Chinese origin. Yes, it was made worse by Communist ideological handling and the Chinese Communist Party government are to blame for this. No question.
    And they will pay for their actions by the way the Western world re-engages its supply chains and economies away from a Chinese origin.
    But who is it helping now by calling it that?

    • Cost IndexMEMBER

      Chris, call it what it is.

      If we change the wording we are in 1984, 2 plus 2 = 5

    • I don’t think it’s helpful either, but I don’t understand why tradition should be perverted to appease the Chinese glass jaw & call a spade a shovel…..?

    • mikef179MEMBER

      It’s very ironic how the Chinese have helped Trump out with this by trying to deflect blame from themselves.

    • You know, I’m starting to wonder these days that if people were actually more racist the world would be a better place. Just a few examples backing this up would be:

      Probably wouldn’t have globalisation.
      Countries would have strong monocultures and therefore far more unity and respect for one another.
      Countries and cultures would be far more critical of those who are from different cultures and therefore prevent exploitation.

      • And with reduced immigration, in turn, there would be less racism! Well as per the Donald Home in The Lucky Country.

      • Being racist is in my opinion our natural base and is a instinctive way to be wary of those people whom are different in appearance to ourselves. I am a racist. I don’t like the cultures and appearance of numerous ethnicities. No big deal.

  6. Cost IndexMEMBER

    Spanish Flu
    Middle-east Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)
    African Swine Flu – which the Chinese have freely used to describe their ever continuing decimated swine population

    The world have been freely using these terms for centuries, but all of a sudden we’re up in arms because the commies that make our crap aren’t happy about losing face. Well too bad!

    It’s not racist, it’s apt!

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Black Death, Plague…

      This is childish culture war clickbait from DLS, presumably trying to get the MB comments to look even more like a PH0N forum.

      • Cost IndexMEMBER

        Yes, I anticipated you’d run to the defence of the socialists/communists comrade. You have for years.

        You’ve answered and offered nothing to the above, pure deflection. Classic bait and switch by leftie Smithy 😀

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Could you at least get some new material than labelling everything you don’t like as “socialist” because you can’t think of anything sensible to say ? It gets a bit boring.

          McArthy’s been dead a long time now.

          • Cost IndexMEMBER

            No, absolutely no one should.

            “ McArthy’s been dead a long time now…” Correct!

            Everyone’s forgotten, hence they need reminding!

          • Why does it annoy you that it be labelled ‘Wuhan Flu’? I don’t understand your objection.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            It doesn’t. I have called it Kung-Flu and WuFlu myself many times.

            But maybe you can explain why a whole bunch of people seem to think it’s so important to call it Wuhan Flu or Chinese Flu without the comically bad faith and poorly reasoned justifications currently littering this page.

            Outside of MB, I’ve only ever heard it referred to as Corona Virus or COVID[-19]. Which is the same thing Google Trends thinks:

            https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=US&q=“Wuhan Flu”,”Corona Virus”,”Chinese Flu”,COVID

      • No it isn’t. Stop attempting to change the language used, it’s tiresome and reeks of desperation.

    • two plus twoMEMBER

      Not to mention most strains of the flu. Look at each year’s flu immunisation. Every strain is named by a place. In fact, Brisbane has a strain of h1n1 that’s been in recent vaccines.

  7. This disease and its prevention is so woke. Millennials and ABC boomers should be celebrating being alone with themselves, their ideas and their technology. The Government is going to pay for everything. And when it’s done, everything will be nationalised, there will be no social graces and people will be completely disincentivised to do anything cause they enjoyed being paid to stay at home. Hopefully Bernie will still be around and he wont need his gulags to re-educate us.

  8. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The Chinese themselves call it the ‘Wuhan virus’ for a long time, but they have recently switched to using ‘new coronavirus’ instead. It’s a 1984 style ‘Ministry of Truth’ operation.

    As to the fake news about the virus being started out by an American soldier, it only started when Trump start calling it the ‘Chinese virus’ (not Wuhan) and then comments started popping up everywhere about asking China to pay for the cost. US-China relationship have gotten so bad now there is no downside to outright lying.

    In regard to the WHO being bought by China : it’s because Trump has not paid the WHO since 2018.

  9. “Can’t the Chinese trademark and make some merchandising with it? I’m only seeing opportunity for them, not a threat.” – Scotty from Marketing, Master of SWOT Analysis.

  10. Got my first ever flu jab last week and the administering nurse said: “This year’s vaccine has another strain added to it to counter the Washington Flu”. Seems that was completely acceptable!

  11. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    “It’s 100% the “Wuhan flu” and we should all remember why.”

    Hear! Hear!

    • You defenders of veracity, is it a ‘flu’? Is it? Similar perhaps, but is it influenza?

  12. This disease and its prevention is so woke. Millennials and ABC boomers should be celebrating being alone with themselves, their ideas and their technology. The Government is going to pay for everything. And when it’s done, everything will be nationalised, there will be no social graces and people will be completely disincentivIse to do anything cause they enjoyed being paid to stay at home. Hopefully Bernie will still be around to re-educate us.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I disagree.
      Though there will be some dorky twenty somethings happy to spend the rest of their lives in their mother’s basement playing computer games and masturbating too porn.
      Their will be many others who continue to want more than others and go to Work to achieve more spending power, just as there is without a UBI.
      Half a century of the relentless psychological warfare of consumerism isn’t going to have people settling for less stuff.

      If the government gives me the $1,500 a week that it cost to run my family I ain’t gonna stop working
      In fact id probably employ an apprentice straight away and pay for his Union and Labour party membership!

  13. RahDstryrMEMBER

    I guess you don’t care about the collateral damage that using the race-baiting name for the virus may cause on Aussies with Chinese heritage, or even Aussie with Asian-but-not-Chinese heritage. Lets be honest, calling it Wuhan Flu suits your overall political stance, more than just “calling it for what it is”. It’s irresponsible. You are advancing your agenda at the potential cost of others in terms of personal safety.

    • Nobody is blaming the Chinese people who are going about their business, indeed many actively raised the alarm.
      As for the CCP and their jackboots, they should be treated with the disdain they deserve. Xie can stick his belt and road up his a*se as far as I am concearned. Who wants a quick route to China now …

    • On the contrary, it’s entirely responsible to be factual at a time when emotive reporting and news is being contorted to hold hands and sing kumbaya. I wipe my ar$3 with your feelings.

  14. Call it the Wuhan Wildlife Wet Market Flu.

    The world is paying the price because Chinese eat vermin.

  15. I’ll preface my comment by saying that I also deplore the way words have come to lose their meaning, often through eager over-use by zealots. It applies equally to disparate terms like ‘racist’ and ‘free market’. But most of the earnest and sometimes nasty semantic discussion here is completely missing the point, which is the context. In this case it’s the domestic American political context, heightened by two facts: it’s an election year, and the USA has literally (in the true sense of the word) no public health system. The rest of the world is content to call it the coronavirus or Covid-19, and NOT because the rest of the world is ‘PC’, ‘virtue signalling’, or just ‘leftie’. Nobody, as far as I recall, objected to the term SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – when it was prevalent in 2003, or insisted on calling it by its place of origin (nor, if I remember correctly, was there a clamour of complaint from the ‘left’ about the use of the term MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – when it was identified in Saudi Arabia in 2013). That the 1918 flu pandemic is still referred to as the Spanish Flu may be a continuing example of (accidental or thoughtless, at least today) Newspeak; at least MERS WAS first identified in the ‘middle east’.

    The simple truth of the matter is that Trump and the Republicans are determined to blame China for the virus so as to distract from their own failure of responsibility and duty in allowing the virus to gain a foothold in the USA while Trump was bloviating about how shortlived it would be in the face of his, and by extension the USA’s, superiority in everything. The wresting of language away from the sphere of scientific nomenclature, by a political entity largely propped up by and functioning by means of deception and lying, is another form of ‘PC’, political control. As the linked article concludes, it seems to be working.


    • Trump won’t even stand for re election his failure and shame will be that great as the USA has the highest death toll of any nation on the planet.