Macro Afternoon

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Macro Afternoon

Groundhog day yet everyone? The ASX200 gapped over 8% lower on the open while other Asian indices oscillated wildly as the uncoordinated fiscal and monetary response to the coronavirus pandemic over the weekend has caused risk markets to have yet another epic day of volatility. Funnily enough the only sanity out there is currencies, with even gold and Bitcoin relatively calm as we await any progress in the US as fiscal stimulus remains stuck in Congress.

The Shanghai Composite is down over 2% after the lunch break at 2684 points while the Hang Seng Index is down nearly 4% currently at 21884 points:

Japanese share markets reopened after the long weekend with a surprising gap higher, the Nikkei 225 up 2.9% as the USDJPY  gaps down below the 110 handle after its big surge last week:

The ASX200 is having a bad day as I said at the open, in response to the Slomo and State shutdowns, as panic grips those under the age of 45 who’ve never experienced a recession. The index eventually closed nearly 6% lower at 4546 points. I reckon another 1500 points to go? Meanwhile the Aussie dollar was calm-ish, steady here at just below the 58 handle but looking very weak indeed:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures were both limit down following another disastrous press conference by Trump, with the four hourly S&P futures chart showing the 2100 point level about to come under threat – note however, this could shoot up extremely high if the Republican bailout plan is passed by the Senate. A temporary bounce though:

I want to look at one specific stock that I hope goes to zero. No, I’m not short this particular stock (I have some short hedges on the whole index) but Gerry Harvey deserves everything coming to him…down 44% so far. I’m sure those long lines of unemployed at Centerlink will be shopping there soon hey Gerry?


    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      I assume big funds rebalancing. Most big funds would have been overweight equities and overweight banks and/or mining coming into this. Now they want to be underweight both of those so need to buy liquid stocks in different sectors CSL is one of those.

    • I was going to get a new TV (current one is nearly 12 years old…little 40 inch plasma!) from Hardly Normal, but paraphrasing Darryl Kerrigan, “tell em to get stuffed.”
      I’ll buy one locally instead.

        • The olds are trying to get a new fridge from their points. Unfortunately we have fairly specific fridge requirements (can’t be larger than certain dimension and must be left hand opening) but they have at least started the -process of using their points by buying stuff.

          • @Gavin I think that is where we got the current fridge from. All I know is they’ve sent an email to the Qantas points place asking if the fridge can also be left hand opening and if it is, we will get a new fridge

          • I thought all fridges these days could be switched for left/right opening?! The three fridges I own are all different brands/sizes and all are switchable (ridiculous for a single person to own 3 fridges I know, but I make it work lol)

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Your going to buy a locally made TV!?
        I thought AWA stopped making and selling TVs ages ago

      • Screw buying a new one. Just check out facebook market place and pick up a relatively new 4k 55″ that some poor sod needs to sell. I thought I did quite well last month with a 40″ Sony smart tv for $120. Have seen bigger newer units selling around the $400 mark. Sure beats handing your money to JB or Gerry.

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      Realistically, no matter what happens, Gerry is going to die extremely wealthy and in the greatest possible comfort. Just like Highrise, he couldn’t get rid of it all if he tried. And neither of them will try, will they?

      • I dunno. One can still dream that Gerry’s propensity for hubris and bad investments will see him end up broke, against the odds, and MiBo’s ability with a handy lamp post will ensure his end is nothing like “comfortable” either…

        • yeborskyMEMBER

          In another life, I was in the liquidation/solvency business. I can tell you that, almost without exception, when and if Mr Big comes a cropper and the creditors come calling, the money is with Mrs Big or the Big family or the Big Family Trust or or some haven you can’t deal with. This actually applies more often than you would imagine at a fairly basic level – just the bloke down the road, you would think, but if it all goes pear-shaped and you want your money, suddenly, he doesn’t have any.

  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Gerry Harvey- the guy who 2.5 weeks ago said on 3AW it was just the flu and this would be over in a month… spend spend spend (especially in his stores) – ill informed ass.

    • Talking up his own book of course, if you want to know what drives #scottyfrommarketing decisions then just follow the money.

      For example,
      Allow Uni students to “quarantine” before coming here, money from the VC’s.
      Don’t officially close schools and Uni’s, NSW census date is March 29, so no refunds after that date, expect schools to to officially close after that.
      Bailout package, RBA bails out the banks by being lender of last resort, only then do they “offer” a mortgage holiday
      Extra money for dole / pensioners etc, get them to spend at Harvey Norman
      Don’t close the shopping centers, who owns the shopping centers and needs to keep the shops alive, more of Scomo’s mates
      Sport rorts will be childs play compared to what Scomo’s mates are going to skim out of this crisis!

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      What is it with these folks? Most of them banging on like this are in the more risky cohorts and likely to catch the thing (and end up badly too). Alan J, Harvey, Slomo, Murdoch, High Rise Harry, Gina – the list goes on.

    • After his effort on 60 Minutes, Gerry’s PR crew must be in the running for the Prince Andrew Award of Public Relations Excellence.

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    321 new cases, bringing the total to 1674 cases today, so we will hit 2k tomorrow. Don’t see any sign of slowing down yet. By Friday we will be over 1k new cases each day.

    Seems like we won’t do the school closedown until we got 10k total cases. I expect ScoMo will then say ‘suckers, it is unstoppable now, you should just all die!!’ then reveal he is an alien tasked with killinh as many human as possible to pave the way for an extraterrestrial invasion.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      nearly 50 people who were onboard the Ruby Princess now confirmed with Corona. That only leaves ~ 2650 potential people out there in the community who might have it.

      ADF being deployed to try and track them down. What a FUBAR

      • innocent bystanderMEMBER

        and a bunch have gone interstate – 6 to WA tested positive.
        so several plane loads to test as well. fubared.

    • Saturday was 1000 cases.
      Then Tuesday 2000 cases gives us a 3 day doubling rate !
      4000 on Friday.
      And that is only on total case numbers from a “Strict Criteria” of who can be tested.
      3 day doubling is terrible, and its more then likely shorter then that.

      • innocent bystanderMEMBER

        Perth/WA winning – doubling every 2 days, tho we are late to the party.
        past performance no guide etc

        • Yes, More tests, more cases = lower doubling day rate eg 4–3–2.
          The more test you can do the better, for all suspected cases, get a better idea of actual infections and how we are tracking in the doubling rate.
          Currently strict test criteria does not allow that to happen.
          I suspect not enough test kits available

    • I heard a parent of another child at Morrison’s kids school say that they have been out of school for a week.

      • If karma exists his kids were pulled for having direct contact with a confirmed case cause he’s got it.Given we already have a few pollies positive it’s gotta be a shot.

    • WA premier said schools won’t close until Easter. If cases doubling every 3 days, then that is 2^6=64 times more cases by then. That is over 100,000 cases. Really!?

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      1709 now, with 171 new cases in NSW alone today. Australia now consistently grow over 25% a day, so it’s double every 3 days.

      Any measure will take a week to show effect, which means 5k by the end of the week is locked in. Judging from the Centerlink queue, the 10k and 20k will be locked in as well. Assuming school is kept open until start of Easter, that would be the 100k mark and 10k death. We’ll be world number one in both number of infected and death because we’re the only country dumb enough to try the ‘herd immunity’ experiment.

      We need to put ScoMo on trial for genocide.

  3. After the gym ban was introduced last night, I jumped on gumtree to try and find some stuff I could set up in the backyard. It seems like I wasn’t the only one with this idea..

    Called a bloke who had a massive pile of assorted gym crap – he mentioned I was about the 30th caller in the last 10 minutes ಠ_ಠ

    Jumped on eBay and saw price jacking all over the place and items were selling out within minutes. Absolute mayhem. It looks like it’s just overpriced and cheap/nasty stuff left. Anyone know where I can buy some cheap iron plates in SA?

    • This is a brilliant, easy to understand summary of our options to respond to the virus. I insisted my girlfriend read it too, and we sent it on to several friends.

      • I’ve sent it too many people, probably best article regarding the virus I have read so far.

          • Yeah, I think they need a way to organise the comments by posted time. Hard to track the newer comments when going though hundreds of old ones. Being that we will all be a bunch of shut ins soon, this would be a good time to do it.

          • I use Sync for Reddit and a long-press on the original comment collapses the entire group allowing you to compress the ‘noise’, so to speak. It’s a great method.

    • Please also listed to this doctor in the UK.
      Someone else posted it on the weekend, it shows how serious this thing is.

      Some people will have mild symptoms but for those who don’t (and we don’t know why some react worse than others) without the equipment they will die!

      He thinks death tally will be worse than WW2.

      • Actually the reason some people do badly is pretty simple immunology.
        It comes down to how much the virus replicates in your lungs, which depends on the speed and strength of immune response and the size of the infectious dose.
        Then the killer is if your immune system responds with an inappropriate TH2 response designed for fighting bacteria with infiltrating neutrophil cells that release toxic compounds, rather than a TH1 response that produces CD8 killer cells that target infected cells specifically.
        Both your immune response, and your ability to use the TH1 pathway decline with age. Zinc and Vitamin D deficiency contribute to TH1 dysfunction. Sleep is also critical for the early stages of fighting infection.

          • Vitamin D seems more critical in this case as it is directly tied to the development of ARDS if you are deficient. Sunlight is the best source, but daily low dose is also good. big one off doses have been shown to be ineffective in preventing respiratory virus illness.
            Vitamin C helps more with bacterial diseases, as is keeps your immune cells alive for longer by protecting them against the free radicals that form from the chemical toxins they release. If you get severe disease due to TH2 activation it may help lessen the symptoms and the potential for cytokine storms to take place. Also useful for preventing bacterial secondary infections.

        • Ermo mentioned the other day that he is dosing up on enchinacea, garlic, zinc and vitamin C tablets (from memory). Chemist Warehouse sells those tablets under the Cenovis brand. That with some regular taint tanning might possibly make it more of a contest.

          PS Thanks again Robert for your input.

          • Echinacea, Liquorice root and elderflower are the only 3 herbals that have shown effectiveness in human studies against respiratory virus. (But not SARS2) note liquorice and elderflower can mess around with your fluids. I go the ACE zinc echinacea tablets from Blackmores. I start popping them when I feel run down and they make a huge difference to the severity of colds.

        • I have been told that blood type is a factor in contract in the virus. Particularly A type. Any thoughts?

  4. Does anyone know if there is a Yen ETF on the ASX? I have been unable to find one.

    I know there is a Euro ETF, EEU, which bought some of today.

    I also bought some PMGOLD today, to hedge against the USD and fiat in general.

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      I was going to do that today – will likely in the morning. There are a few other peeps on here that recommend miners as well or instead of paper gold. What are your thoughts on them?

      • I’m staying away from miners for now, especially one an individual company, direct-hold basis; an ETF or two might be better, however. Also, I don’t know enough about the miners.

        I’m a open, and am more comfortable with electronic gold for now, unhedged.

        • PMGOLD can be physically redeemed for any of Perth Mint’s bullion coins and bars.

    • +1 for a Yen ETF.
      I’m heavy USD and would like to diversify…with a focus on going long “Australian government makes stupid fvcking decision”

  5. “..but Gerry Harvey deserves everything coming to him..” – and I hope comes in fckn v1rus form.

  6. Tumut & Batlow ran the Super Spreaders out of town too 🙂
    Local ID required in some towns now.

    • good stuff. most of those visiting now never visited those towns and have no idea about Australian country life. But I am interested how this is going to be reported by MSM if at all.

        • Well, I guess in one case it didn’t actually happen considering they weren’t even allowed out of their bus……. LOL!

          • mate once this is over and if we are still around.. I’ll give a buzz when visiting Merimbula to have a beer if free. That micro brewery has really nice larger.

          • Anytime bloke. Couple of nice beers while we rattle on about how our lungs were better before WuFlu 😉

    • Like the fat finger excuse that supposedly crashed wall street a few years ago.

      Listen to the bells Westpac, it tolls for thee (and a bail in)

  7. anyways.. someone that works with my wife dropped off my wife’s headphones (my wife’s been working from home) and they both happily chatted at the door for 20min.. >1/2m away from each other. I was raging.. then my wife walks in my room and asked me why I did not say hi to her girlfriend when I saw them on my way to get a drink. Still fuming..

    we are so fckd.. so fckd.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Can’t wait for certain others to read this and a certain debate to reignite. No not CV19…


      PS All good Niko, your post is, toats awesome. You might want to buy the missus some flowers though. Or hand sanitizer. 😉

    • Mate, I know the feeling. I’m always on people’s case for sneeze spraying and they’re all, “WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!”


    • My wife’s been following me around with metho in a spray bottle for 2 weeks. You aint seen nothing yet.

    • Last week I argued with my wife over her religion if you recall.. we all are responsible for our own draughts. 😃

    • Yeah husband’s work on Friday, apparently a colleague left their work car keys in someone’s car who has since driven out of town.. so wanted hubby to come pick him up next morning. I didn’t think twice before bed, but then in the morning, I freaked out and remembered abt 4sq mtr rule. If the govt is saying 4sq mtrs, knowing how out of date their policies are, probably should be 100mtr sq by now. So asked hubby, how he was planning to keep a 4sq mtr distance when his work ute only had 2 front seats.
      And that’s how the fight started.

    • saw that in the morning.. interesting indeed.
      she is posting some good stuff on oil but she is totally delusional on geopolitics and she claims geopolitics to be her forte.

    • Hahahah this comment is brilliant!

      “Police called to dispurse people in an unemployment queue. A month ago people were bidding up houses hundreds of thousands above reserve. Let that sink in.”

        • I think we can all agree they’re simply saying in a polite way that police were called to dispossess women of their purses.

      • ScoMo should remind the woman with $10 in her bank account that those who have a go get a go and Joe Hockey should tell her the first step to being financially independent is to get a good job that pays good money.

  8. @Mining Bogan – this morning I noticed those sneaking Brasilians trying to jump in front but we showed them who is the boss.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      brazil can pretty much secure a podium finish if it gets loose in Sao Paulo alone (population 21 million in the greater area)

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Yeah, we’re sitting 16th but those Brazilians are loaded with talent. The Scandinavians are continuing to fade, fully expected for an area that hasn’t lifted a trophy since Denmark took the European Cup in ’92. Ha, stupid Germans.

      Iran seems to have blown it though. Not one player on the serious injury list is quite odd though for a particularly rugged tournament. Might need some testing done there. Very suspicious,TdF style.

  9. That $1100 per fortnight dole why don’t we make it a susso payment.

    Open some mask and sanitiser factories and get them working in them for their susso payments.

    A mask and sanitiser led recovery.

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      Yeesh, is it wrong that I guessed the surnames (or close to) before opening the article ?.

      Maybe I am becoming one of those xenomorphs….

      • You and me both. I visualed what they were going to be like then opened the article. Bingo. But I still can’t predict lotto numbers.

        • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

          “What the f— are we gonna do now, man?! We’re in some pretty s— now, man. Game over man. GAME OVER”.

          Hudson was an awesome character.

          Would be great if someone could overlay this bit on Scomo’s face. Probably exactly what is going on behind closed doors in Canberra.

  10. innocent bystanderMEMBER

    got the clippers out today and gave myself a haircut.
    think I can see the mullet making a comeback, even if accidentally.

    • Hehe. I got the missus to do a buzz cut on me yesterday.
      Figure it might be a good look for when the looters come round

      • innocent bystanderMEMBER

        my neighbourhood is a bit of a hotspot for thievery and have been expecting a spike, but nada so far.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          It’s harder robbing houses when people are home.
          And the robbers in question are probably queuing for centrelink’s doubled newstart benefit as we speak.

          I’m sure normal service will resume shortly.

  11. Everything is getting quieter bar the train I catch on the way home, still plenty of people.

  12. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Just back from Jack & Winnie’s walk, met a business owner. He had rental properties and the gym tenant just gave notice. My advice reduce your debt his reply was that he’s getting more in dept.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      With queues like this, a lot of them won’t live to April 27th to collect the payment.

    • There are suggestions that the website didn’t actually crash. Their network security misinterpreted the high demand as a DOS attack.

  13. if we avoid infection over the next 8 weeks and things start calming down from there onward, we will be fine. But next 8 weeks we will need to be careful and very very lucky.
    and I really need gold price to be trading at $3k usd soon. with aud at 46c.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      I bought ALK last week in time for the announcement and…. fark this market is bad

      • mate, those intercepts would have set them up on fire if we were under normal trading conditions. I did buy more today.. fck it.
        I’ll hold for 6-24 months if I have to. Tow more diamond hose been drilled to the south and will be coming out in Apr. Looking at older RC drills both diamond drills will hit the body and should be solid. I just hope ALK uses more gentle angle so they can test more at depth.
        It is clear that this ore body dips north-west as per their comments so if they test at strike to the north they will have to go for deeper holes, Otherwise they will only scrap the Au halo and the very top of the second shell of the porphyry.
        On the south side it seems ore body is very near the surface.
        Next stage they will need to test the eastern boundary so they will have to drill from west to east. But first we need to wait for last 2 drills from the south.
        Be patient and if I am right we will make some money on this one. Or you will curse me for rest of your life. lol

        Unless NCM makes a move while ALK is on its knees and scoops them at 80c.

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          Thanks, I agree, I’m also balls deep in AQX unfortunately, and now also ALK, I’m just gunna wait it out like you said. Put these aside and next could be oil, massive, massive sell off there

  14. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Good to see the gubmint on the ball. The VicEmergency app just now informed me off a pandemic in the state and gave some handy advice.

    Kinda woulda thought something may have popped up before this.

  15. Doesn’t bode well….
    ” Sir Richard Branson penned a blog post last night to confirm he would be investing $250m to save his Virgin conglomerate from collapse”
    “…procedural vote fails on $1.8 trillion package in Senate; talks continue”

    • cancel rental payments for international students.. but you can jam it to the b.lls to the Australian renters I guess. Not going to read it or I may break something.

    • My first thought was to grab the sledgehammer from the garage. My second thought was a GoFundMe for some tickets home. I’d chip in a few grand.

    • At least the comments do away with the pretense that they can support themselves without working.

  16. no skippy today and all his no meaning posts
    also reusa seems hiding
    peachy comes out when the topic is matching her predictions
    coming is the Pascometer
    who else should be added?

      • Love you Miss peachy ( in brotherly way) your contrarian views are wake up call to people of one point of view

    • Sorry if day traders think ex ante ideology is economics, or something, not to mention the money cranks ….

      I’m working still and have to prepare for my daughter returning from Banff due to shut down and quarantine.

      Don’t you have some day trader boot strapping to keep you busy Gone, you know the numbers that frame reality in some minds, if you can call it that.

      PS … oh and comments are in the ZH range so not much to work with there … all quivering in the expectations of a collapse and its requisite rise from the ashes to rule ….

    • It’s like your playing with a Ouija Board and trying to summon a Demon writing comments like that.

      • People play in the Casino and then pout about being reminded of it …

        Come on Gav … My mother was rookie trader of the year before I was even born, drove a Lincoln convertible, dad was a computer engineer for BoA back in the 60s. People asleep for decades is not my bad, neither is the wonky ideology some mistake for economics. Not like half the rubbish was refuted decades ago but some thought we [they] still needed it.

        Its like cutting off pudding in the jail mess hall and the residents having a sad.

        Watching people cling to beliefs contra to everything happening around them is a thing to behold. Usually the point of departure for me do to risk factors. On that note most don’t even understand the difference between uncertainty and risk to start with.

        I’m MMT – post Keynesian and all the literature is there for anyone to reconcile for themselves …. but naw … focus is on individuals.

        My fav is those fiddling with Jr gold miners ….. chortle … due diligence … snicker …

        I helped put one guy here in Qld in jail –

  17. Well I upped my survive the apocalypse skills today. Went for a drive to try and find a place that usually advertises chooks on a major road nearby. All signs in front of small farms advertising what they usually sell were no where to be seen. However still a lot of horse poo on sale. Wonder how long that will last for? I saw some fruit on the road and pulled over and collected about 4kg of pears growing on a massive pear tree on council land (I didn’t pick the fruit that was over the boundary fence so I probably need to up my ruthlessness but I just couldn’t do it, I’m not really the monster Harry calls me). I then remembered seeing a lady picking fruit up from that tree about 3 weeks earlier before I broke my toe. I got about 2kg of eatable fruit and the rest went into the pot and has now been deliciously stewed. I also stripped a basil bush that was going to seed and I made pesto for the first time. So I now have a large jam jar full of home made pesto. The things you can do with time.

    One of my junior gold miners announced a very positive maiden drill result on ground just outside of Perth and closed up 137% so I’m a happy chappy, though I know it’ll go back down, but it now at it’s highest level since 2012, and it is fully funded. Today I had a couple of wins which was nice.

      • i’m not sure it could be called the nature strip as it is in a semi rural area, but the Mornington Peninsula used to be a massive orchard area before the UK joined the European trading block and stopped buying Aussie fruit. Most of the orchards got ripped out (which is a shame) and it is now more vineyards (which means more pesticides and less insects) and some other specialty farming (livestock, veggies and herbs). I swear this tree was 3 storeys tall and probably 80 years old. I might go back with Dad and a ladder later as most of the easily reachable fruit had been gone. It was obviously an orchard escapee what had been left alone. I’m now thinking a bit of strategic driving to find other trees like it may be a good idea (I’ve been housebound for 3 weeks now). When I was working at a cafe in a town about 10km away we would get all these older Greek migrants come down and pick mushies on the side of the road at the right time of the year. We’ve got a few growing at home, but I’m rather cautious about picking wild mushrooms (though I do remember my brother swearing he picked the right ones and dried them in the oven one year and had his own party).

    • When I make a batch of pesto, I break it up into meal size containers and freeze it.
      Sometimes goes a bit weird if you don’t eat it fast enough otherwise.
      The other great freebie around often is rocket- self seeds everywhere, and sometimes parsley.

      • Mrs Nut portions them in an ice cube tray and freezes. Three cubes into a creamy chicken pesto. Yum.

      • I’m leaving it out for a night so the flavours can mingle then I will freeze portions. It was quite a labour intensive process so I do not want to lose any to mould! I am planning on making a ricotta pesto ‘gnocchi’ (no potato involved) tomorrow night with a garlic naan, so that’ll be two new recipes to try out tomorrow night. We’ve got 2 fruit boxes of spuds about ready to be harvested, but I’m not sure if they are the right ones for real gnocchi, but I want to try making gnocchi too. I made an awesome potato and onion with blue cheese soup the other night 🙂

        • Did you use a mort and pestle? Fvck that. Go the blender! Always interested in pesto recipes. Care to share?

          • I know we have an awesome mortar and pestle but it is never used and I couldn’t find it (it’s not my kitchen). I’m the major cook/baker in the family and when I moved back I kind of made some noises about how it would be nice to have a food processor that worked. The olds went out and bought one, and actually spent a little bit of money on it. We can’t get the fcking thing to work. I swear to g0d you can not take the top off the bl00dy thing even IF you read the instructions. So I used our chopper bought from a Tibetan town in Qinghai for RMB7 a decade ago (Dad LOVES that knife) on the garlic and then a stick blender thingie on a massive amount of basil. Needless to say it was a tiresome and extremely messy process. I used a Jamie Oliver recipe cos it was the first one that came up when I searched for a pesto recipe and it seemed like a decent recipe. I did not pay attention to quantities (I rarely do, I prefer to let instinct and thought guide my cooking and baking, which is dangerous). I’ll taste test tomorrow and make adjustments before freezing if necessary. I was careful to make sure I picked mainly the greenest leaves and on the stems that had gone to seed I tried to get the most fragrant leaves as I know once it goes to seed all the energy goes out of the leaves and into the seed head.
            I did not put any lemon juice in even though I harvested some from the top of the tree yesterday (with a metal rake, I was pleased with my lemon harvesting problem solving skills as normally we just leave the lemons at the top of the tree but they were the only ripe ones and the ladder wasn’t stable), I was a bit tired toward the end of my kitchen session and couldn’t be bothered with lemon juice.

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      Hiya, Pop,
      In the early 90’s, I did a couple of years of Italian language at night school. Il Professore was a nice bloke from Genoa, the home of this recipe. A few of the class got together near Christmas to celebrate our learning and wonderful pronunciation skills etc and, while we all contributed, Dante cooked a traditional pesto, which was outstanding. He emphasised that quite small cubes of potato were always in the mix – just slightly firm, thrown into the water a little while before the pasta was al dente. It works!

      • Mmm sounds yummy. I’ll keep that in mind. I did a risotto class in Beijing with a Tuscan bloke who went on to open a restaurant in NYC. Boy that mushroom risotto is divine. I’m sure you had a great time in your language class. I’m actually planning to start learning Italian online, perhaps in a week or two. That’ll be some of my self isolation intellectual stimulation. Watching the markets tank is getting a bit boring.

    • My survival skills took a big blow today.They had sold out of old el paso nacho sauce and all the good flavours of shapes at the local Woolies. For some reason no one has cottoned onto peanut butter. But I’ve already got that covered. A 100 pack of Twining’s Earl Grey was half price. Yes please. Pasta shelf was bare. Meh. All the UHT milk was gone. Even the soy. Home brand oats and bran is gone. And the tinned tomatoes. I didn’t make it as far as the TP isle. I was chatting to another young bachelor in front of the mexican section. He too was sad that the nacho sauce was gone.

      Bonus gripe!!!!!
      People have stated using paper towels and tissues and things when opening door handles and they just drop them on the ground. That’s why we don’t deserve nice things Australia. Because we are basically flightless bin chickens. Now I’m off to watch some Mel Brooks. He’ll make everything better for 90 minutes or so.

      • I’m kinda bummed I didn’t buy all the chocolate aisle, esp when the chocolate was on sale, but I did manage to stock up on 3 jars of mexican salsa for fajitas, so we are ok for that atm. Nachos are not really something I make but I can understand the bachelor dejection. Can you make your own?
        I’ve been getting my laughs from youtube recently. Some of the ozzieman reviews stuff cracks me up.

        • I can make my own. I make a chilli non carne. It can then be used in nachos, burritos, enchiladas, over rice, and my favourite is a roared sandwich that I sip in sour cream. Sadly, my tinned tomatoes are rationed to go along with my gnocchi. I’ll have to wait for regular service to resume before I cook up a batch.

          • Sounds delicious! I also make a chilli con carne, but I might see about adding some different ways of eating it. We just do it over rice or pasta but that may get a bit boring. I hope your tinned tomatoes aren’t rationed for too much longer

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Probably the same drongos who take their 4 wheel drives to beautiful remote places and then leave their toilet paper lying around until it blows up into the nearest bushes ….straya mate ….

      • Wow. Someone other than my 67 year old mum who drinks Earl Grey. You two should meet.

        Which Mel Brooks movie/s?

        • The Producers. It never ceases to amaze. Especially the wordplay and acting.

          If you like Mel Brooks you should watch the recent documentary Mell Brooks Unwrapped.

  18. Before Melb Uni announced the shutdown a rumour was being spread that Dan was in the VC’s ear forcing their hand to close shop. There appeared to be a remarkable amount of inertia to do much otherwise. Family working there had already stopped going in and was pretty p1ssed that it took so long.

  19. I think I’ve had the wuflu. Dry sore throat, heavy feeling chest, mild fever, headaches, fatigue which all came and went over a 12 day period. Wife and children experience same.

    Saw doc in car park as he wouldn’t see me inside. He suspected wuflu but couldn’t test as no confirmed contacts.

    Now recovered, but how many thousands are out there who are the same? This thing will explode in the next fortnight.

  20. “ Worst since 1932′: Two million Aussies face unemployment queue”

    “ The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age has spoken to senior sources in both the banking and forecasting sectors who said their analysis showed Australia was headed for an unemployment rate of 15 per cent or more. It currently stands at 5.1 per cent.
    A source who could not be named for commercial-in-confidence reasons said unemployment at that level would see more than two million Australians out of work. It would be the highest jobless rate since 1932.
    Treasurer Josh Frydenberg would not be drawn on unemployment projections on Monday but said up to one million people could be paid the special coronavirus payment, which will go to existing and new recipients of unemployment support. This includes sole traders. The hospitality sector alone employs more than 10 per cent of Australians.”

    Fark that’s a lot of people.

    Mortgage broker told me today the banks ain’t giving mortgages to people in the hospitality sector no more.

    • Here’s the best bit… adults in charge!

      ” The unemployed will get a $750 payment from March 31, but they will have to wait until April 27 before a special $550 a fortnight virus supplement is available for those on the Jobseeker payment.
      Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert said the timing was a matter for policy ministers, including Mr Frydenberg and Social Services Minister Anne Ruston. Mr Frydenberg’s office said it was a matter for Senator Ruston. Senator Ruston’s office said it was a matter for Mr Robert.”

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Ah, yes – that is just another example of why the LNP are definitely the best at everything managers.

      • The kicker is they managed to ramp up prices back to all time peaks before the ultimate crush. Going out with a mighty bang.

          • If I were you, I’d keep schtum! Deep down you know you caused this… you and Timmeh! Just couldn’t hold your cash, you had to buy.😂😂

          • Farken h3ll. We just asked for aus housing msrket to crash. You broke the world. That was a bit on the much side …

          • haroldusMEMBER

            Yeah, when the wiki page is up for the Greatest Depression, it’ll just be a picture of Tom Cruise dressed as the Kinks sitting in a Nissan Fairlady in the driveway to a mud brick home.

          • I’ve always been the type of guy who likes to do a job properly, no half arsed stuff. Just do it right the first time. I figured a global reset was the only way. 🤣

    • May we also forever be spared another article spruiking a “savvy” investor who has hoarded over 10 IPs and can retire at 30yo. Wouldn’t mind seeing stories on how their greed has ended up ruining their lives though.

      • innocent bystanderMEMBER

        I know a few.
        they are still in denial.
        shouldn’t be long now.
        less than 18 months for sure.

        • Lol, honestly this is a wake up call for so many delusional people. Suddenly the world has got real fair, real quickly.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      I rate 2/5. Sh!t-tier trolling.

      Not a single use of “Cultural Marxism” in the whole culture war tanty, and the maths behind that intro paragraph are so comically dishonest his keyboard probably caught on fire while he was typing it.

      Only reason it’s not 1/5 is the throwaway line about climate change which should get some bites.

    • innocent bystanderMEMBER

      I used to only watch it when I jagged it
      now I record it.
      Now that the SHTF one has to have sorted their reliable news sources.
      I am finding it is like when a bushfire hits, all sorts of rubbish info floods the news waves, you need to know what to ignore and what to take notice of.

  21. If Trump opens up the US again and people says goodbye to grandparents in their millions as the virus lets rip why would the rest of the world engage with any travel/trade w/ Trump’s infested hellhole?