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Macro Afternoon

Well that was a short lived bounce, as risk assets fall across the region despite more fiscal and monetary stimulus nods and suggestions overnight. US cases of coronavirus have now spiked over 1000, although good news in South Korea and elsewhere about declines in new cases will be overshadowed as the Americans start to panic. S&P futures are rocky going into the European session with gold rebounding.

The Shanghai Composite was travelling well before the long lunch break but has given up its gains going into the close, down some 0.6% to 2980 points, just unable to get back above the 3000 point barrier. Meanwhile the Hang Seng Index is off about the same to close at 25219 points, also unable to get back above a key weekly support level above 26000 points:

Japanese share markets are unable to find any confidence, taking back the previous gains and then some as Yen buying started again, the Nikkei 225 closing 2.2% lower to 19416 points, as nerves remain frayed. The USDJPY pair has stalled in its own bounceback, falling back to the low 104’s and ready to rollover to get back to support at the 101-102 level:

The bottom pickers are feeling the pain locally with the ASX200 the big “winner” again, this time closing more than 3.5% lower to 5725 points as realisation sets in. The Australian dollar has stabilised around the 65 handle after its slow meltdown, not helping equities at all as the promise of a big stimulus package from ScottfromMarketing while RBA does SFA gives no excitement:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are falling sharply with the latter’s four hourly chart showing an inability to get back above the previous support level at 2900 points, with another rollover back to the previous lows at 2700 most likely:

The economic calendar continues overnight with the US February CPI print and the latest DOE oil inventory report.

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    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Well pensioners to get a hand out, will it it be means tested or corona tested ?

    • Merkel Expects 60-70% Of Germans To Be Infected With Coronavirus

      Seems Merkel may not share the consensus view on MB!

  1. macrofishMEMBER

    I am stocked up on TP, good, coffee but I forgot the one key thing… popcorn! It’s just not the same watching this all explode without it

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      From here on in, anyone who, ever again, mentions popcorn should be banned, excommunicated & hung, drawn and quartered.
      Grown men and women should aspire to a more meaningful, mature image/analogy for the excitement and drama they feel at the prospect of carnage, punch-ups or Armageddon. Suggestions welcome.

      • No. The people who perpetrated this on us should be hung drawn and quartered. This didn’t need to happen.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Hung, drawn and quartered eh? Never a better time for boiled peanuts. I can see the ad now.

          “Rendering a body asunder? Then tear open a bag of Acme Boiled Peanuts to add the little edge all executions should have. Never mind the blood splatter, it’s the squirt in the eye from cracking open a shell that you’ll remember.”

      • LUBE ME! Fap fap fap. Phew…. LUBE ME! Fap fap…Phew….LUBE ME!….Fap fap fap….

    • You can always judge how many bears live in your area by the availability of popcorn 😉

  2. Whocoodanode?

    19m ago 17:49

    Three Formula One team members in Melbourne placed in isolation
    Giles Richards Giles Richards
    Three Formula One team members at the Australian Grand Prix have been placed into isolation after concerns they may have contracted the coronavirus.

    One member from McLaren and two from the Haas teams were evaluated at the circuit’s isolation unit, established by F1, after showing fever symptoms at the track.

    The team members have been tested for the virus and placed under self isolation at their hotels. There will be major concern if their tests are positive, as they have already been mixing in the paddock with others.

    On Monday, Andrew Westacott, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, said the race will proceed as planned and there was “not a chance” the Grand Prix would be cancelled or postponed.

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    So, we’ve been informed by HR that asking someone about their cough is offensive behaviour, unless you’re concerned about their health. No virus in the workspace. We’re to keep a two meter distance from everyone. Some idiot asking about droplets in the air carrying 4.5 metres was met with a waving sheet from the department of health or whatever they’re called. The virus can only survive outside the the body for four hours. An attempt to question was met with another waving sheet. A Paddington Bear “Hard Stare” was the only recourse to the frustration. Then mumbled something about having to spend two hours in close contact with someone ill before expressing concern.

    They’re following the bloody useless gubmint guidelines. We’re doomed.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I’m refusing handshakes. That’s causing offence too, especially from the woggy types who like to shake hands every time you run across them.

        I keep explaining the feelings I felt after spontaneously shaking the hand of Daryll the Chinaman at golf last week but they just focus on the Chinaman being called Daryll.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Yes Ive been doing lots of them but there seem to be some confusion on the proper etiquette when performing an elbow bump.
            You use the right elbow stupid Ive had to point out a number of times and you bump the outside edge of your elbow not the inside.
            We clearly need some kind of education campaign.

    • Seems like everyone is going for the “let’s pretend there is no risk and it will pass us by completely unaffected” approach. Let’s hope it works, because there will be no chance at a Plan B.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        That is the boss’s attitude. Keeps on saying information I put out there is just my opinion. Saying no, I’m just repeating expert’s opinions brings a call of Aha!, as if he somehow got me.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            Hey, I resent that! I do everything asked of me and do it as efficiently as conditions supplied by management allow me to.

            I just do it loudly.

    • BoomToBustMEMBER

      Try working in an education cesspool, you ain’t seen political correctness and poor hygiene all packed so neatly

    • Charlie Sheen was in the film Lucas and allegedly abused both Cory’s … Denise Richards said Sheen was into whack stuff..

        • Sorry, going from memory. Both were abused by different men, but I also think maybe the same people also. It is all very messed up, but I think Corey has been afraid of saying it was Charlie Sheen for a while now.


    Three F1 team members in isolation in Melbourne and being tested… Whoopsies..

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Be more concerned about the positive test from a bloke who went to a Melbourne Rebels game. The repercussions of that could be horrendous.

      • I thought union was already being played in empty stadiums? Oh wait, that’s their normal “crowd”

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Are there no limits to the depths you won’t descend to?

        Apparently not.

        (if it helps, I did have to check twice that I had the right context – once I finished laughing)

  5. migtronixMEMBER

    What a pig eh? ScoMo is going to deliver no surplus, no dividends and no franking credits. Almost like he didn’t win….

  6. innocent bystanderMEMBER

    although good news in South Korea and elsewhere about declines in new cases will be overshadowed as the Americans start to panic


    Infections jump in South Korea
    After 11 days of slowing coronavirus infections, South Korea has reported a jump in new cases.
    Health officials said another 242 new cases were reported on Wednesday (local time), compared with just 35 on Tuesday.
    South Korea has experienced the worst outbreak in Asia outside of mainland China, with 7,755 cases and 60 deaths reported to date.
    The daily tally of new cases in South Korea peaked at 909 at the end of February, as authorities tested about 200,000 followers of a fringe Christian church at the centre of the nation’s epidemic.
    With that task almost done, the infection rate had slowed in recent days, but new clusters have emerged at a call centre in Seoul, and among teachers and students of a dance school with classes around the country.
    Fifty two of the latest infections were in Seoul and more than 140 were in the worst-hit city of Daegu, where the church is based, and the nearby province of North Gyeongsang.

    • thats a <1% mortality rate

      In fact 0.77%

      Which is getting quite close to the regular flu now

        • how early is the outbreak in Italy you cherry picking cretin?

          How many undiagnosed cases do you think there are

          • Yeah cherry picking, that’s what you love isn’t it. The question is though, is it because you are a fool and fail to grasp a situation in it’s entirety. Or is it that you are just a sociopathic prick, that lies, cheats, and misdirects in any way possible to get what he wants?

      • Yeah but Korean cohort are younger than other cohorts (with large % from that religious sect). So yes, the Korean mortality looks good because you are not comparing apples with apples.

      • Coming, you can’t include newly discovered cases in your calculations pal. You have to give them 2-6 weeks to die.

        2 weeks ago SK had 1261 cases. Now they have 61 deaths. That’s 5%.

        Now go away.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          Well if we’re gonna go all out and start bitchin’ correctly about bad maths, you wanna know what was so bad about that country based death chart this site published this morning that I genuinely shut off my browser and nearly had to puke? (I haven’t revisited, so this may have already been covered)

        • and what about the cruise ship?
          Most mature outbreak outside of China

          Mortality rate 1% in an elderly population

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          It was stacked. Literally and Figuratively.
          It was the virus equivalent of choosing a part of a chart range to display (instead of showing the whole history of a chart) just to make a point.

          E.g.: take ANY single linear (note linear) x-y function such as y=x+1, and chart it.
          Now repeat that same function, for each country the chart had on it, as separate series.
          And STACK the results.
          Suddenly your linear series are looking more and more like an exponential chart as time (x) progresses.

          Even though they aren’t. Just because they chart is drawn stacked.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            Hmm, I thought i’d read 0.01% but must have misremembered – the CDC is just under 0.1%

          • Do you understand how maths works?

            1255 deaths

            251,142 cases

            That is 0.5% !!

            Am I looking at the wrong table?

            My goodness

            EDIT: sorry was looking at NSW only, its even higher for Australia generally

          • Yes. I got the decimal point in the wrong spot! Sorry.

            I’ve been looking around for a mortality rate which includes non serious cases. I agree the ABS data shows mortality of 0.5% of lab-confirmed (ie serious) cases.

            But the overall numbers don’t gel well with other reports.

            For example this one says only 2316 deaths happened in Australia over 20 years from 1997-2016, which doesn’t sit well with the ABS figures of 400+ in 2016 alone.

            And this one (admittedly only a media source) quotes 2019 stats of 430 deaths out of 217,000 cases, which (getting the percentages right) is 0.2 per cent. But at least it appears to count non serious cases.

          • All reputable sources CDC, ABS etc would appear to point to a 0.1% mortality rate

            I think we can all agree on that, and stop spreading fake news

            Now the final mortality of corona virus is unknown, but south korea and the cruise ship are 1% or less
            The death rate in china ex Hubei is also <1%

            Iran is not a useful comparison
            Italy is too early

          • No. Your South Korea numbers are not lagged for the time it takes to die.

            Your cruise ship numbers ditto, over half the cases are still active.

            You can’t simply dismiss Iran, which has obviously very heavy mortality, and yet accept Chinese stats, which are obviously doctored.

            The only stat you can reasonably consider at this early stage is dead v recovered. Not active cases.

            Globally dead v recovered is currently sitting at 4,377 vs 66,904 ie 6.5%



          • Who decided this is the “only” statistic that is valid

            Maybe people who are going to die do so quickly
            While recovery takes longer

            Again you have a preconceived agenda

        • 200 times worse, even if you take Coming’s ridiculous assertion that COVID19 is “only” 1% mortality.

          • China PlateMEMBER

            Sorry i just got home and missed the beginning.
            Help me out here are we talkIng about interest rates

          • This is the thing…everybody say 0.1% from standard influenza, which equates to thousands of deaths in Australia each year, but I’ve never in my life heard of this happening, and I’ve known a lot of people who’ve died. A lot more than most, probably. Nobody I’ve asked has had a relative, friend or acquaintance die of influenza either.

            I think the official influenza mortality figures are fake news.

          • LSWCHP: yes its very interesting how hysteria affects your interpretation of statistics and events isn’t it?

            Goldstandard1: I have demonstrated that Arrow2 can’t even do basic mathematics. He claims the ABS stats show 0.005% but they actually show 0.5%
            Go and do the maths for yourself, if you have the capacity (ie finished primary school)
            Maybe I’m not the one you should be calling simpleton

          • See above Coming. I did get the decimal point in the wrong spot above. Sorry.

            However I have not been deliberately twisting the coronavirus stats like you have, eg counting Korea’s new cases from today in a death rate calculation to artificially lower your claimed death rate. That is obviously flawed methodology. I don’t see why you are trying to make covid19 seem less deadly than it obviously is.

          • Im trying to combat the absolute hysteria which has gripped this website

            Is 1% bad?
            Yes it is, but in perspective its only 10x worse than the flu
            If its 2%, then its 20x worse
            As LSWCHP says we barely notice influenza deaths. So 20x fuk all, is still not that much

            And the vast majority of those people are old
            Many of them would have died from something else

            Its not going to end the world

            We accept the risks of death from cars, alcohol, cigarettes etc
            I think people need to get some perspective

            I could ask you the same question: why do you try to make this seem worse than it is?
            You’re so blinded you lost the ability to do simple maths

        • innocent bystanderMEMBER

          yeah, I asked that in another thread … have read between 6x and 10x more contagious, but really it is too soon to say death rate and contagion rate, will be ages and only in retrospect I suspect. New Cases is what I go on, tempered by testing protocols of country concerned.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Flu mortality is 2 in 100,000 according to the CDC.

        Got a way to go before it’s even close.

    • Zero surprise to anyone with more than a pea for a brain — the country would have to go into complete lock-down for several months to prevent a resurgence. Either the whole world locks down and co-operates for a time or we open borders and get on with it. Globalisation has wrought this fvcking mess. We are all way too dependent on one another.

  7. What about that plunge in the ASX on closing … another huge finish (negatively speaking).

  8. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Switzer is having a mass gathering on how the WuFlu will affect markets. Only $29 too, with a cup of tea and a lamington thrown in.

    Guessing that would be a hard target for the virus. Lots of oldies who think the virus is a myth. It’ll be like the Monty Python Grim Reaper sketch.

    • Wonderful opportunity for his insurance mates to sell some early onset dementia candidates life insurance policies. Wonder if it covers pandemics?
      Oh that’s right – that’s a naughty word. Apparently the WHO is the only organization that is sensible enough to be allowed to use that word and they still dithering whether they want to use such strong language to describe covid-19.

        • There are bound to be some annoyed ‘investors’ out there. It’s an insurance product FFS. What good is insurance if it doesn’t pay out?

          • Dom, you have it back to front. It’s not an insurance product if it pays out.

            Insurance is dead money, paid by fools brimming with hope its actually worth something in the event of SHTF

          • Mdsee – Care to explain that

            Wonder how all the people whose homes were affected by fires who get payouts feel?

            I had bicycle insurance destroyed $3000 wheels, payout

            Same for MacBook Pro

            List goes on

        • For the avoidance of doubt, IBRD shall not provide, nor shall it be deemed to be providing, any insurance or reinsurance to any person in connection with the PEF.

          Not an insurance product.

          Be interested to know how the unlisted market priced these Class A and Class B Catastrophe-linked capital at risk notes over the last 6 months.

  9. yeborskyMEMBER

    It has occurred to me that I’ve had my old scuba gear in storage at home for quite some time, unused. It’s pretty clean – masks, snorkels and hoses etc liberally coated in talcum and all looking good. I can don the tanks. regulator and mask and head off over the road to Colesworths, do my shopping and have, at least, a good hour of perusing the shelves, buying and heading to the checkout. It makes breathy sorts of noises of course which might trouble some but I will be free from all this transmitted virus stuff. Why not? I might even hit the local Chinee restaurant, although the logistics of the mouthpiece might be a problem.

  10. Ronin8317MEMBER

    A question for the landlord on this forum. When the entire Australia is put in quarantine in about two weeks time, will you give your tenants a rent holiday for the duration of the quarantine? Only if there is a suspension on mortgage repayments in Italy? Or offer it regardless?

    I intend to do this for both of my investment properties. Is anyone else thinking the same? I expect the answer to this question will decide whether Australia will weather the coming crisis with just a recession or ‘once in a hundred year’ depression.

    • I’d say most landlords would do their tenants the favor of not increasing rent this year. Most landlords are great people and do awesome things like this, including giving the poor renters a place to live in the first place.

      On a serios note though, that is very kind of you and is the kind of thing that everyone would have probably done before we converted from a community to an economic zone.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Rents only ever go up apparently….. even if their mortgage payments get suspended. You know landlords….. sigh

    • Usually I get the sarc but not sure if I missed it here……Don’t think the banks will be giving a mortgage holiday to “investors”. Don’t think LLs will get council/water rates holiday? So based on that I can’t see m(any) LLs stepping in.

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      A genuine landlord, fair or otherwise, is hardly going to raise his head very high on this site, is he? The haters outnumber the rest by a long way.

    • Don’t be soft, Ronin, just march the rent as high as you can. Be a filthy capitalist!

      P.S. Now that we know you’re a slum-landlord we also know why you don’t turn up to conversations on property crashes 😉

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Communist (but the good sort who understands the role of the individual in real property)!


      (PS Very good of you to do that)

    • If I got a holiday from the banks and I was a landlord. I’d consider passing it on to the tenant (more if I wasn’t negatively geared) and if we had a good working relationship. But that’s because I like to think I’m not a Kent.

    • john6007MEMBER

      Nice way to get out of house inspections, “I think I might have been exposed to the C virus, enter at your own risk”

    • And just like the government giving money for businesses to keep on apprentices. Does anyone really think the apprentices will see any of the free Gov’t dough?

      • I thought the money wasn’t for the apprentices, it was a bribe to the employer to not sack the apprentice.

    • Tell them that you’ve lost your income and that you’ll start paying again when it begins again. If they don’t like it they can find a new tenant. Don’t forget to mention that you are self isolating and can neither leave nor be visited.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Seeing that you ask. I did mention a few days ago that I had a cough, sneezing and sniffles. It’s been about 5 days now and I don’t feel sick but I do feel strangely spaced out and dazed and that’s without meds or goods. Still coughing goobers at times
      but not major. No runny nose but snotty-as. Some slight aches. No fever at all. But I have this weird thing I’ve never had before. For days a bitter metallic taste in my mouth and no I haven’t been gulping load! It’s all a bit weird. True story.

      • You mentioned something the other day about DATY.

        Maybe the previous customer paid extra to go au naturale?

        • While she was ‘on’. That would explain the metallic taste. I don’t know how I know – I’m just guessing, of course.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Are you going to lower your rent if the banks give you a little holiday?


        You’ll be upping the rent-in-kind amirite!!!!!

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        I’ve got the same thing. No temp. Slight tingle in throat. That’s it. Had it for 2 weeks.

      • get bloods done

        metallic taste could be a portent of something not-good
        Steve might care to comment

  11. BoE does emergency cut by 50bps to 0.25.

    RBA standing around holding its limp little thing wondering why nothing is happening.

    Bond market seems to think Scotty’s early leak of stimulus package isn’t entirely useless though, with a little sell off happening.

  12. Have the Government offered any update or guidance on the ‘5 Second Rule’ for dropped food?

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Yeah mate heading off to watch his beloved Spurs in two games …… unfortunately it may have to be from his London hotel if the EPL games resort to games excluding fans soon….

  13. Talk of helicopter money all the rage atm.

    Global economy will o/d on it once the virus passes and we get some euphoria

    Then expect inflationary spike/s
    Rising rates

    Late capitalism paroxysms

  14. My base case in global recession and contingent on how a vaccine goes, even depression as the recovery becomes still so slow and bad debt is flushed out.

    Will be interesting to see if in this Black Swan (and it truly is this by this stage) the Oz govt have the tricks in the bag to save Oz property. IF they do then go long and go long forever more; nothing can kill this.

    No way they see the superannuation honey pot as a life support device and don’t chuck it from the boat. What is pension payments decades from now when the ponzi can be supported today?

  15. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Neighbor went to get tested for Corona. Had close contact with Iranian student who has mother just returned from Iran.

    GP wouldn’t test. ‘Just the flu’.

    • China PlateMEMBER

      What happened to that travel ban
      Australian citizen or not. If not home by the beginning of this week you need to stay there
      This place is the pits

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Mother came back day before the travel ban. Kid’s in neighbor’s class. Neighbor says he has got ‘something’. Like Reus was describing.

    • And as a result they went and saw 14 other doctors trying to find one that would refer them to someone that will administer or perform the test?

      I thought airlines were a good short.
      Does anyone know of any exchange listed operators of medical treatment centers that bulk-bill and take walk ins?

    • These morons needs to be testing …. testing should be quick and cheap…. as opposed to this guy heading back to work by train/bus and having 50 people get it then 500, then 5000 ……..

    • I’m heading up the reporting mechanisms for COVID-19 for a very large public institution.

      I am seeing a very high number of reports from people reporting either primary or secondary contact with a confirmed case (both symptomatic and asymptomatic), but who aren’t being tested.

      It struck me as unusual/concerning that:
      A) even allowing for erroneous reports, so many people spread across an entire state seem to have had primary or secondary contact with one of only (currently) 122confirmed cases and;
      B) Many people who have reported primary contact with an infected person are not being tested

      My impression is that the numbers are BS and this will be very bad.

        • I just have to report numbers and escalate any confirmed cases on any one of 100s of our sites to TPTB.

          I get pulled out of my usual BS job to do this BS job. Still getting paid the same. They can snow-job it all they want. I’m grateful to be able to have access to on-the-ground stats to give me a bit of an idea as to what the real situation is like.

      • If this was a simulation it would be interesting to emerge how many countries keep repeating the mistakes of other countries that have large outbreaks. But as this isn’t a simulation all I can say is: There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

    • What state? A family member in Adelaide had a sore throat and they tested her. (It came back negative.)

    • Yea common story. Little one and hubby have cold symptoms.. testing not gong to do much and it might not be it.

  16. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    If you want to buy a house, next couple months, be brave and low ball an offer on a property you like, I’m prepping to do exactly this now, I’m hoping 20 % discount

  17. migtronixMEMBER

    Once upon a time in a boomer lyf long long ago
    A group of intrepid children were exploring the Wessex country side, hot the trail of their beloved terrier ScoMo.
    All of a sudden, just shy of 12 months from his anusversacy, the startled mutt spluttered and growled
    “what’s that boy? Have you found us some yield?”.
    But ScoMo had not found any yield and that surplus merely nondescript roadkill….

  18. Anyone else with difficulties buying from colesworth online? Might indicate there is some very high load on their servers..

  19. Rush Doshi
    China is emerging as a global public goods provider as the US proves unable and unwilling to lead.

    This is an important development, and if the trend continues, it’s one with potentially serious consequences for the US role in the world.
    Quote Tweet
    · 16h
    In a call between the two foreign ministers, China agreed to supply Italy with 1,000 ventillators and 2 million masks. Additionally, they are donating (!) them 100k respirators, 20k protective suits, and 50k test kits as part of “massive aid” package.

    Ouch …. neoliberal land failing upwards again …

    • In being fair to balance between ground neolibral and advance donations scoff the new addition..hence the ecosystem diversity

    • skip – of course you immediately remembered how the Chinese authorities kept up the donations of foodstuffs to various Soviet satellites at the same time they stood by and watched over 40m of their countrymen die from famine in 1962. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the health system in Wuhan effectively collapsed – where were all those medical supplies then?

      If indeed China has killed off the virus as completely as they are claiming then I reckon coming is on the money and the west is over-reacting to the threat from the wuflu. I am a little disinclined to believe that though.

    • I don’t see how China being the biggest manufacturer of stuff in the world – which it has been for ages – is suddenly a blow to America’s standing. I mean, China has been the main producer of this stuff for ages, PLUS they have repurposed a bunch of their regular factories to produce extra. Because they had like 80,000 coronavirus cases, did you notice?

      If they are now producing more than they need and can donate some, great – (although as Triage says, I expect they would also happily deprive a few of their countrymen if it was judged necessary to score a political point) but in any case hardly a giant change in the world order.

      • Who do you want to have contracts with Arrow2. I mean what has the US done lately and for who, still trapped in a coldwar mentality or trying to gin one up.

        Wish it was different.

  20. China PlateMEMBER

    How good are disposable and single use face masks, rubber gloves (easy reusa) and protective suits for the environment and GDP

  21. Banana ManMEMBER

    Today I was sent a list of video files regarding corona virus that is being stripped from fb and weibo. Now hosted on a 3rd party website. China, Iran, Russia, Italy etc, filed under shortages, unrest, are they alive or dead…on it went.
    There were too many videos for me to watch, but what I did see could not have been compiled so quickly and horrifically if it were fake news (Those stitch ups always have a crazy angle to them, mgm las vegas shooting etc)

    Anyways, I already had what I thought were adequate supplies, but spent the afternoon getting a fair bit more.
    Vitamin D, B, C, Zinc (Unchealated), Probiotics…. do yourselves a favour.

    Looks like 2 distinct types of cv, that one in Iran had a lot of videos of young children in hospitals with very poor states. I thought because I was young and fit, she’d be right, but looks like everyone better tuck their undies into their jocks!

    Great to see WW back, thanks for the calls nik and mig, peachy keep the dream alive, and Gav…thanks a lot; aussie house prices are one thing, but the global economy? Damn.

    • “…looks like everyone better tuck their undies into their jocks!”

      I hear you, but ….. the chicks don’t dig that look. My Tinder reputation …!!

    • Can you elaborate further on the footage?

      I was seeing some weird stuff out of China via Twitter early on – people being welded into apartment blocks and the like

      • China sending “experts” to help in hotspots in other countries.
        “Yeah well we stopped it in it’s tracks by stopping the movement of people …. one smart thing we did was we welded up the entrances and exits into 700,000 apartment blocks …….. easy as bro

  22. Banana ManMEMBER

    Well, there’s over 100k cases now so theres lots of footage; some I had seen, but the flailing and faceplanting on to the pavement that many times was enough to rock me. Black friday is one thing but mr wang going for rations is quite another. The lines for food once lockdown is on; people flat out ffing off when someone needs help getting to hospital. wowsers.

  23. Banana ManMEMBER

    Before anyone says ok doomer; I would like to offer what I can.
    Today someone asked where is value to be found with regard to markets and allocation/opportunity. The MB repose was nowhere. I would like to postulate a few things.
    TP is a great representation of mark to market, which hasn’t been seen in a great while. Scarcity/demand free market f yes! Maybe in a crisis we can see the true cost of things, but I digress.
    I believe that there is a great value proposition in saving ones azz atm. Investing in your health with a daily dose of b vitimins if you hit the piss? Priceless.

    Anyway, I want to present you with Banana Mans great strategy to beat the caronavirus…

  24. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Just putting this out there as a thought exercise:
    This is the month the Panda makes a move to overt world domination.

    “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Sun Tzu

  25. Banana ManMEMBER

    Damn, my internet frapped out. Tomorrow.
    In the mean time, don’t pass the dutchie, as good hygenic practice