Macro Afternoon

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Macro Afternoon

Well hasn’t this been an interesting day? Oil prices drop 20% on the open this morning, taking equity markets with them as S&P futures are closed as the go limit down -5%! The local market had a shocker, closing more than 7% lower while a flash crash in currencies in the middle of the mayhem saw a 300 pip drop in Aussie and Kiwi and others, with most of that recovered by late afternoon.

It’s going to be a FUN session this evening – and to puts things in perspective, the oil shock is probably worse longer term than the coronavirus impact. Oil prices could halve from here easily, and then double or triple thereafter as central banks try to save the petrodollar. The key here is risk management and keeping your cool while this crash is underway – there will be an other side to it, but probably not just yet.

The Shanghai Composite is down nearly 3% going into the close, currently hovering at 2945 points while the Hang Seng Index is off about the same to be at 25148 points. This takes it well below weekly support at the 26000 point level and into new oversold territory:

Japanese share markets have collapsed with the Yen buying accelerating to incredible levels with the Nikkei 225 closing over 6% lower at 19483 points, wiping out the 2019 lows and almost to a two year low. The USDJPY pair survived a flash crash as SPfutures went limit down, sending all majors and crosses down about 300 pips with only a minor recovery to just below the 103 handle:

The ASX200 could not escape the carnage, gapping down nearly 5% on the open, then slowly selling off before a big preclose sale to finish 7.3% or nearly 500 points lower to 5760 points. This wipes out all of the 2018-2019 bull market and takes it back to the mid 2017 levels, but still not down 20%! The Australian dollar didn’t escape the flash crash (and almost gave me a bloody heart attack), dipping below 63 cents before coming back to the start of last week’s position at just above the 65 handle – this is too much volatility!

Eurostoxx futures are off by 5% while S&P futures are locked and limit down at the same amount with the four hourly chart of the S&P500 frozen here, showing a break below 2800 points is quite likely. I still contend 2600 points is the key level to watch, bringing the 2019 bubble back to the monthly uptrend from the 2009 lows:

The economic calendar starts the week with the usual Treasury auctions, but I don’t think anyone cares right now!

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        • We should have a comp as to where XJO will be in 12 months’ time. I am thinking 2000 or 20000 but unsure which.

    • Stick with the original: Pop goes the weasel.

      “An alternative meaning which fits better with the theme of “that’s the way the money goes” involves pawning one’s coat in desperation to buy food and drink, as “weasel (and stoat)” is more usually and traditionally Cockney rhyming slang for “Coat” rather than throat[22] and “pop” is a slang word for pawn.[23] Therefore, “Pop goes the weasel” meant pawning a coat. Decent coats and other clothes were handmade, expensive and pawnable. The monkey on the table in verse two was the demand for payment of a mortgage or other secured loan.[24][25] If knocked off the table or ignored it would go unpaid and accrue interest, requiring the coat to be pawned again. The stick itself may also be rhyming slang – “Sticks and Stones: Loans”.

  1. GeordieMEMBER

    Bed early tonight just to wake up fresh and ready to view what the night has had it’s way with. No doubt the TP will be back around 67c 🤣

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      Very interesting times. It’s not yet in profit but BBOZ fund is really helping out – up over 15% today alone. Toilet Paper around 67c? No way! 😉

      • FED will cut again tonight and if RBA refuses to cut out of cycle TP will probably jump.

        • i agree the Fed will likely cut again tonight. Trying to figure out what I’m prepared to put orders in at for gold related stocks for when the US opens. S&P Futures have already limited-down for the open but, Gold could easily re-test the $1700 ceiling.

        • Washing and drying off the environmentally friendly polymer poo tickets and getting ready to place some stink bids.
          Hard work running an asset recycling program.

  2. Today is International women’s day.

    It should have been yesterday but they couldn’t get ready in time.

      • At above … why do so called strong men seem so psychologically weak, constantly being subjugated and under threat …. could it be the BS some spew to make a living or advance some agenda under that camouflage.

          • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

            I know a 68 year old that can lap eastern Creek 4 seconds quicker then me without trying, da cnt, anyway nothing wrong with fast cars at any age I say

        • Trigger Finger

          Your vocabulary and moral compass is eerily similar to the village priest, protecting the poor innocent women of the flock.

          There is a reason women even above men despise “white knights” like yourself.

          True respect for women comes from recognizing they are strong enough to defend themselves without leering parish priests jumping to their defense.

          There are two types of feminists in this world – American and European. Americans view women as poor victims who need defending – you – and Europeans see them as strong capable equals of men. Something you are centuries away from in your wonky lane ways, old wooden fences, over grown hedge rows in your rustic little village by the coast from the 1940’s.

          Women must feel so safe and secure to know you are around to defend the poor little quivering violets – you big strong man you.

      • Shouldn’t you have run this past your Commissary for approval before punching like a girl.
        Sorry to have offended you on this your day.

          • Knowing how the commie mind works, you dare to make a dishonest reference to this thread, you better include the comment address, or I will rip you apart – as in verbal sparing.

          • Well first that would depend on your groundless accusation about being a commie correct, its not, which then you suggest you have magic mental powers to determine that – yet can’t substantiate it other than to say it.

            Just throwing labels around and then blabbering on like you’ve pegged someone, neither of which show intellect or maturity and some wonder why Libertarianism has been called the adolescent ideology.

  3. DingwallMEMBER

    Dipped a toe in the BBOZ water on the 21st Feb. Currently up 53%. Feels weird ……… considering if I buy something it usually drops straight away 😬 and usually takes weeks to come back to where I bought it if it ever does.
    Also bought the equivalent US market version last Thursday on the downwards but bailed out Friday arvo. Wasn’t sure the US would have a dead cat bounce today ……… still made 5% in two days so all good.

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      Well done, mate. This whole societal/financial turbulence has a long, long way to go yet so hang on to the BBOZ or up your holdings a bit. Consider the above over a nice, cold glass of Hunter Semillon – try Scarborough if you haven’t already. Cheers!

          • DingwallMEMBER

            For some reason with the handle “Haroldus” I picture you with a big red nose and a jacket with elbow patches ………. and the standard male cry of “I only drink red old chap” …… sort of a Sir Les

            PS and if you are getting grass you’re drinking it 5 years too young……..And if you’re getting the cat’s piss, you’re drinking cat’s piss ……… or the dreaded SB

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          Is a semillon the best you can muster? You wouldn’t be popular at the parties.

          • DingwallMEMBER

            Depends on what you define as good? Like I can picture your parties with glasses of sparkling wine with a strawberry plonked in them, kegs of VB and a queue for the lines of dodgy white stuff snorted off the midriff of one of the guests who drew the short straw to be one of the waitstaff for the night……….. classy to you but all of which should give you a savage headache in the morning at the very least.
            by the by, pretty much the only wines I don’t like are SB, Moscato and Merlot …. although i do struggle with Pinot.

          • DoctorDisgustingMEMBER

            They say a good Pinot needs “un peu de merde”, but I think some of the cheaper drops have more than un peu

  4. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Japanese share markets have collapsed with the Yen buying accelerating to incredible levels with the Nikkei 225 closing over 6% lower at 19483 points, wiping out the 2019 lows and almost to a two year low.”

    Was Kuroda san missing in action?

    Doesn’t the Japanese central bank already own more than 40% of the Japanese equities market?

    Here was a great chance for Kuroda san to show us how he can catch falling Samurai swords and at the same time, totally corner the Japanese equities market (and sideline it from the global sh.tfight)?

  5. happy valleyMEMBER

    I wonder whether any of the LNP pollie footsoldiers are having any doubts about Scotty, Josh and Greg’s capacity to lead us through the valley of death?

  6. Thanks for the rundown Chris. I knew I shouldn’t have been gardening today.
    How long till the fire sale in Cars & Motorbikes?

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Be careful what you buy – spare parts will possibly become an issue.

      How does walking and breathing fresh air but at least 10 metres from the next person sound, instead?

      • Ascertaining when to buy an MT09. Walking 70klm round trips doesn’t grab me but maybe safer than thumbing a ride.

  7. People with their Super in “balanced” options are looking at losses of 10% right now with more to come. Not so bad if you’re 30, but if you’re close to retirement that means working for years more than planned.

    Demonstrates the insanity of a retirement funding system that involves placing most of your eggs in highly volatile equity markets.

    The fallout from this sh1t will last for years. It may not be THE big one, but it’s A big one, and sure big enough for me.

    • Private retirement funds …. so Temple Grandin …. sorta like private health and education … “feels great” until you need it the most – but markets[!!!!!!!].

      • Poor Fellow My Country

        Your ilaresque rants make you sound a lot more out of touch with reality than you think.

        • Prof Arrow had the whole market inability to provide health care sorted out in the 70s E.g. it cost a lot more and incentives are completely contra to the service its supposed to deliver. The US system was already failing except to financial beneficiaries like PE mobs, but this covid-19 is going to put a tremendous amount of sunlight on it now.

          Especially since mobs like the CDC have been so compromised over the years, think the response to Katrina was bad …. ouch …

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        100% banks mate … as houses …..
        Come on Aussie come on come on …,

    • It will be the big one come May or June when Melbourne is in lockdown.

      Total devastation. Imagine how many Chinese students bail out on Australia before the start of the second semester!

      I’m not sure where the Indian and Nepalese students go because they’ll probably have loan sharks circling back home when the remittances from Deliveroo income dry up.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        But, but – how is the world’s best treasurer (albeit with training wheels still on) going to get on if he is holed up in Melbourne or Canberra? Or will there be exceptions for people dealing with operational matters?

        • China PlateMEMBER

          It will be like stalin doing a runner when news of the german war machine finally sunk in. Exit stage left. Waves at albuquerque

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      I’m in my 30s and moved all my super into cash and stable options late feb when it became clear that at least some amount poop was about to hit the fan.
      If people were overexposed to the ASX for franking credit rorts them my sympathy is limited.

      • nanutarraMEMBER

        I was a little late jumping into cash . Dropped 10 but still up 60 for the F/Y.
        In my mid 50’s and thinking i might start calming the fvck down. lol

      • Yep, fiddled around with cash and conservative funds for 12 mths. Figured I’d missed about 30k or so. Went cash last week and only lost about 1% so far, so reasonably happy, probably saved that 30k now
        Mb fund stash is holding up ok too

      • Late 30’s, thanks to this place had bond’s and bit of cash and shares, saved my mate $15k so far as he moved his to 75% defensive a week ago
        I’m hoping people on here give some insight into when they move back into shares

    • 50% conservative and 50% cash. problem is went into this arrangement 12 months ago bit too early. Haven’t check how these perform though. Just about to..

  8. Value people, where does the value lie in equity mkts over the next 12 mths. Assuming cash rate falls, gov keeps liquidity in credit mkts and China recovers by sept?
    Sectors or stocks

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Poo is now trying to claw back it’s losses today …..not far to go actually. Buoyant little fella ……..

  9. Engineer Tragic

    Wow, brutal session for the ASX200, 7.4% drop and plummeting under 6000! I know that it was inflated value, and I have expected this for a long time, but it is still a big shock to see these numbers. This is now going to hurt a lot of people in different ways.

      • Engineer Tragic

        I like the pre-beard Tom. Actually when did he last shave, was it during the GFC? Maybe he only cuts when the market does, if so I’m looking forward to seeing his fresh little face.

    • The thing to remember is this was an external shock which is effecting VoM and trade flows globally – there is no safe haven.

      All made even more dynamic by the speed of infection in the markets whilst the actual speed of the viral infection will take a wee bit longer. Intransigence baked into political and power systems will be the big tell E.g. how to manage without giving up decades of effort in setting up things and still hold power at the end of it all.

      • Engineer Tragic

        I had assumed that the overvalued market meant any external shock could topple it. But good observation Skip that you make about this impacting on trade flows and VoM (I assume this is velocity of money, right?). As you say there appears to be no sage haven at the moment. Maybe cash until the dust settles.

        • I don’t perceive a crash like the great depression due to changes since then, but, more focused on how this pans out politically with entrenched interests and the greater population. Regardless I don’t think capital destruction will be allowed past a certain point of correction, serves no purpose to anyone and only reduces the ability to recover.

        • China PlateMEMBER

          Hey nice play on words there Tragic.
          “Sage haven” is that a reference to sweet old skip

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Good observation Skip. It’s all about holding onto power now and not just political power. Hard to say where it will lead ATM.

  10. I’ll be staying up late to see the US markets go into free fall! So exciting!

    Be a part of history!

  11. Never mind the price of the gambling tokens, these idiots in charge are getting worse……the Chief Medical Officer now wants to reduce the isolation period to one week. WASS. It needs to be extended to a month.

    Guy at the front in China now says to keep your street clothes outside the house as you carry the virus into the house when you come home.

    • The Chinese government are more concerned with the welfare of its own citizens than the Australian government.

      Something sick about Australian society for it to come to this.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        The Edu Minister was on the radio this afternoon. They are lining everyone up from the states, to the unis, to the medical profession.
        They sound like the very worst upper middle management Chunts you can imagine.
        The hollowest of hollow men.

    • 1 month quarantine
      Government to pay for the sick leave. Call it quarantine leave
      Massive fine and/or prison time if you violate the quarantine period

      • If that was done and sick leave was Newstart rates there might be some broader support among the populace to raising it.

        • Not the time to be playing games with Newstart. Pay people the same amount they would be earning if they are working. Remove the financial incentive to go back to work and risk infecting others, and slap them hard if they break the quarantine.

          • There should be an upper limit. I would argue that it should be flat and reasonable. Those that on the edge get a little bit more and those who are doing rather well get by on a little to a lot less. If you are trying to stimulate the economy just give it to everyone. A UBI of sorts. Just over a short period. It would work better than the trickle down of just stimulating business while also hopefully preventing a catastrophe among the vulnerable. I’d take a hit, but so be it.

    • China PlateMEMBER

      Hang on a minute nyleta – a very sexy name at that – what did you just say about going starkers before entering your home. Reusa where are you my man you onto this yet

    • It’s quite obvious the Strayan gov decided to make a few token efforts at containing this thing so that they couldn’t be slated for doing nothing, but that they’d let it burn through the population with hopefully minimal economic disruption. They really don’t care about the deaths or the organ damage x% of patients will end up with. The real oldies these days are not boomers (though a lot of them won’t make it) but are of the silent generation. They did not deserve this death sentence from this incompetent, traitorous lot of chunts we have in charge of us these days. I hope they burn in electoral hell for the decision they have made.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yep. Didn’t careless. And now with such huge worldwide responses (compared to Australia’s ‘stimulus’ – ’cause that’s what’s important doncha’ know) being rolled out within hours of events escalating in various countries, now everyone can see just how little Australia has done Federally.

        Of course, really, it’s a matter for the states.
        Like bushfires.
        Expect to hear how the states have been “fully supported”. A lot.

      • DoctorDisgustingMEMBER

        I share your anger and your concern for those most at risk from infection. I don’t know if it’s been a decision to let the virus run it’s course as much as genuine ignorance and disdain for science that’s behind our governments’ (Fed most of all, where the bluddy h*ll are they?) woeful response to CV.

        Remember Dutton holds the crown for worst health minister of all time (medicos could not work with him at all) and Scomo, dog help us, is praying for answers from his money fairy that lives in the sky.

        I’m not sure they can get their heads around the concept that it might take more than marketing spin to make bushfires and bat viruses go away.

      • As I posted before, it was idiotic to treat a 14 day stay in a non-China country to be as good as quarantine.

        Let’s say a stream of students from at-risk China are not allowed to come to Australia directly but are allowed to divert to say Thailand for 14 days and then come to Australia.
        Any of these students could carry and transmit the virus to anyone they touch. Sure, by the time they have stayed in Thailand for 14 days and show no symptoms, it IS fairly certain that they did in fact NOT have the virus when they left China.

        However these students in Thailand would not exactly have been living like hermits in Thailand. They probably mixed with other Chinese students, and they surely would have crossed paths with recent Chinese arrivals on public transport and the airport in Thailand.

        The way Scomo and the other elites have run our quarantine system leaves only two possibilities
        1) They have the brains of a retard – and must be voted out
        2) They did this deliberately – and must be voted out

        I believe option 2 is the case. Trying to save 100% of Australians lives via a full quarantine would surely cause their precious economy to be damaged. Far better in their minds to sacrifice 2% or whatever of Australian lives in order to keep the economy running as before. The dead Aussies are easily replaced by immigrants (in their minds).

  12. A Shift in the Global Financial Order Is Upon Us … John Authers … Bloomberg

    The collapse in bond yields, exacerbated by the crash in oil prices, marks an end to the era of trust in central banks. … read more via hyperlink above …

    • John Authers is a senior editor for markets. Before Bloomberg, he spent 29 years with the Financial Times, where he was head of the Lex Column and chief markets commentator. He is the author of “The Fearful Rise of Markets” and other books.

  13. innocent bystanderMEMBER

    I had a parcel arrive from Italy today, Milan no less. Was sent 20th Feb
    I thought about taking it outside and blowing it up but didn’t want to eat into my prepper supplies.
    Wonder how long bubble wrap keeps CV alive?
    There was a smell when I opened it – what does CV smell like after incubating for a couple of weeks? But then I remembered that smell, ah good ole nicotine! Luv the Ities.

  14. How’s about that solar activity. bcnich looks like the prophet right now. He said April was the peak of solar activity. Assume the brace position. Haha.

    • Yeah pretty cool really. I waiting for his house collapse though and despite all this mess I still find it hard to see it happening.

    • Eh … correlation is not causation thingy … but I hear drunks like to look for their car keys under the street lamp [sun].

  15. Sydney trains again proving that Australia has such a high standard of living which, according to some, supposedly justifies the ridiculous shelter price inflation in this economic zone. Time for the management to vote themselves another pay rise.

  16. The Traveling Wilbur

    DAX futures under 10700. Down over 8%.

    That’s ALL my targets reached. Now, if people could just stop catching this COVID-19 thing and if Russia can stop fracking everything for a while, it’ll be the perfect time to buy. What a great time to be Australian.

  17. pfft. Another up day on Corelogic daily. Who the hell is still buying?! Are banks still lending out insane amounts as their shares are tanking?

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Banks are lending, CBA is begging me to take on a monster at 2.8 percent

          • Hmm its not showing on their website… better check with my broker again! Anyway its all academic so far, no loan has been taken out by me,… yet…

      • How do they price risk of borrowers losing jobs in a recession? Or is there no such thing. Once you originate, it’s then up to another team to manage the ugly baby?

        • Since the dumb knts of QLD voted in Scotty from marketing to protect their IPs in mining country, the Goldie and cairns (cairns!!!!) of all places

          It’s been risk off for Aussie bankers

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          Since the dumb knts of QLD voted in Scotty from marketing to protect their IPs in mining country, the Goldie and cairns (cairns!!!!) of all places

          It’s been risk off for Aussie bankers

        • Since QLDers voted in Scotty from marketing to protect their IPs in mining country, the Goldie and cairns (cairns!!!!) of all places

          It’s been risk off for Aussie bankers

          • I really need to improve my alternate-swearing-fu. Peachy gets away with murder while I’m writing gibberish and spambot is still pinging my comments for moderation.

          • TailorTrashMEMBER

            Me too ….maybe MB has a social score software installed..we need to be more responsible in our comments ..yeh like fcuk !!

          • Cairns is gonna burn ….. first to bust, last to boom. Always has been, always will be

  18. I got an email from Coles about the run on bog rolls and how they were restricting sales to four packs per customer. Whatever, I suspect that that panic has come and gone. But this bit surprised me:

    “I understand the average 4 person family needs around 20 rolls of toilet paper per fortnight, and larger packs contain around 30 rolls meaning 4 packs would total 120 rolls – enough for around 12 weeks. ”

    A roll of dunny paper every few days? Don’t think so.

      • You’re forgetting that this is a leap year (and, I was working on per person basis)

    • Might not be so bad … toilet paper is a horrible industry and costs to mitigate it in sewage treatment unnecessary.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Note on the Woolworths website
      “To support as many customers as possible, there is a limit of 2 packs of toilet paper per order. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          The 1.3L version has a 24 valve modified outboard motor, and about the same carbon output as a Tesla (charged in Melbourne). And it’s red, like a Ferrari. 😀 🚗

    • Cuts both ways: Mao once told a bunch of African leaders that the Americans were so dumb they thought the Chinese were no better than Africans.

  19. Well, the missus and several of her teacher colleagues have come down with the flu after a kid came back from the Philippines last week with ‘flu like symptoms’. About to look into where we can get tested now. This is in WA.

  20. DingwallMEMBER

    Poo is now trying to claw back it’s losses today …..not far to go actually. Buoyant little fella ……..

    • innocent bystanderMEMBER

      yeah. I just paid some bills that that were in Kroner and Euros – tmrw they could be 10% more!

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      How much do we need to fall to …revert to mean…
      ……now that would be nice …….

    • Poor Fellow My Country

      Small bounce.

      Jees if Dow does this, look out tomorrow AM for Sydney brokers heading for the windows

  21. Why all the dunny-roll panic buying in OZ?

    Here’s why.

    House prices will soon tank by 50% in major markets of Melb and Syd.

    And Oztrayans know it.

    • My local Aldi was out of TP again this arvo. I had to buy some ‘flushable’ wipes, so I hope they are more flushable than the AUD…

      • Got to be careful with those – even if labelled flushable have heard reports about these clogging up the plumbing.

    • No. There were toilet roll shortages in Singapore and HK (where they don’t manufacture it) and all the imports here in Australia automatically assumed the same rules apply. Without pausing to understand the local supply chain (shocking, I know). And then all the equally stupid locals joined in cause FOMO is our new national sport.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        LOL. You know some of that siht you’re throwing ends up stuck to some of the chunts around here too?

        Fortunately for them, they have packs and packs of bog roll to wipe it clean with! 😀

      • The Windy CityMEMBER

        Oh Is that it. Finally got to the bottom (ha!) of it. I hadn’t quite got the logic of there being no suppliers in HK and wherever.

  22. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Recently took some dosh out of the bank and invested it in comforts for the bungalow ……nice to walk on it and feel it and to know those thieving fcuking banker wallahs can’t steal it … have an uncomfortable number of shillings still in the system…”guaranteed ” by the government of shonky straya ………we might be approaching the moment of truth ……in many ways …….
    …..if we do hope the soup kitchens have soup …

  23. China PlateMEMBER

    How’s the footy codes going to work with no crowds at games. Will players be able to touch each other up or will there be a 10 metre safe distance rule applied to all. Tackles made by throwing water bottles at the attacking team

  24. China PlateMEMBER

    What’s the ftse trying to do here – get off the canvas fair dinkum get back with the program and do as the dax will ya

  25. DoctorDisgustingMEMBER

    The Victorian health minister having a go at Missy Higgins’ dad for doing the right thing has ensured many doctors will now think twice about getting tested unless they’re basically at death’s door.

    Most will still act responsibly, but with the knowledge that our leaders are desperate to put a target on anyone’s back if it might deflect attention away from their incompetence.

    How’s that for leadership in a crisis?

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      the right thing, the old fart knew he was sick ffs, typical self inflated old GP, mostly don’t do shyt except write fkn referrals

      • Sick after flying halfway around the world (what kind of freak feels fine after ~20 hours of flying); and was flying from a country that wasn’t on a watch list.

        Summon the inquisition !

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          just to let you know, jet lag does not resemble flu and fever, there is no excuse the old quack fcked up and that’s that – sucked in 70 patients you and your family members could die

          • Jet lag, no that’s true. But how common is some kind of cold / sinus / throat / chest agitation or infection after 20+ hours in pressurised air conditioning.

            Jet lag aside, I almost always feel some kind of respiratory problem when flying back from the US. Unless told to explicitly be cautious, i wouldn’t associate these symptoms with WuFlu.

          • DoctorDisgustingMEMBER

            Is that you Minister?

            This is a perfect illustration of the nonsense her poorly chosen words and refusal to apologize have encouraged.

            Edit: Sorry C.M that was for Savvy above

          • A lot of doctors are angry and hammering Mikakos on social media because the guy came back from the US with only a runny nose and wouldn’t have even met the criteria for Covid19 testing that her own departmental guidelines specified.

            By publically outing him, trashing his reputation and threatening to report him to AHPRA it only encourages other doctors not to get tested. There are plenty of doctors who show up for work with minor symptoms, and if they’re not confident of being able to go about their work without potentially being shamed and decide to self-quarantine for 2 weeks, the health system will cease to function.

            Other issues taken with her response include not being able to access the appropriate protective equipment, and realities about being able to call in sick – there is no spare capacity in medicine to actually do so, and it is not encouraged by those holding the purse strings. Further responses by the minister about the above issues have only confirmed her incompetence.

            Most doctors are used to sucking up bad conditions and the like, and it’s rare to see so many complaining all at once but this issue is getting a lot of traction in many different medical circles.

          • @L, he outed himself, they just named the practice so the 70 odd people potentially infected by his negligence can get themselves tested. FFS I’m getting sick of this knobhead getting any sympathy – as I said yesterday, I could maybe buy his excuse for returning to work from some joe blow in any ordinary job but this is a GP (edumacated and all) who made a reckless decision at a time well into the global spread and should have known better.

    • DoctorDisgustingMEMBER

      @L Thankyou for the informed and measured reply. If Mikakos had made the effort to understand her own departments guideline and shown support for frontline medical staff rather than vilifying Dr Higgins it would have been resolved constructively. Instead her behaviour has incited the bog roll lynch mob to vent ill informed spleen. Leadership, innit?

  26. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    My mate has just taken his 16 year old boy to hospital to get tested for Corona virus because of another McDonalds employee he works with has tested positive.
    His boy Goes to Marsden High School,West Ryde,….which is next door to my kids primary School !!!
    With kids at St Pats Dundas, on the other side of our place, also Being infected I’m starting to feel surrounded!
    My kids have friends with siblings at Epping Boys, St Pats and Marsden.
    Maybe it’s time to pull them out of school and put them on a strict diet of Baked beans!

    • Children appear to be safe from the virus. I’m more worried about their overweight dad and 90 year old neighbour.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        My Neighbour is 93 and Im more cuddly than overweight.
        Old mate next door has only just returned home after 4 or 5 weeks in respite care after Initially being in Ryde hospital after a fall.
        If he gets it, it’ll kill him.
        I like to think I’d go alright if I get it though,…I’m a pretty Fit guy for a fat bastard and can still dig a hole all day when I have to and won’t turn 50 for months!

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Don’t forget the Fish oil pills, vitamin C tables and whole Garlic bulb per day.

            Apparently mashed up pangolin livers are pretty good at lowering inflammation as well but Im having trouble getting my hands on some.

    • Hope you’ve stocked up on TP (I kid, I know you have) and Panadol (which is actually useful in dealing with WuFlu) !

      And seriously hope he’s okay. But if he isn’t and has it; make sure you take a trip to Canberra 😉

    • I’m nearby Ermo. It’s ground zero for Scomo’s pandemic. Shouldn’t have opened up the borders to foreign school kids but he couldn’t help himself. The pub at epping seems to be taking it jovially. Haven’t been to Eastwood since it started but imagine it’s a bit chop suey.

      Hope your kids fine.

      Time to organise a school excursion to Parliament House, kiribilli house and the lodge. Pronto!