Italy topples China as COVID-19 super spreader

The daily COVID-19 body count has now left China behind:

Total Covid-19 cases caught outside of China

Italy is now the gun super spreader. No travel bans here and in Europe are a massive mistake:

Source of new Covid-19 cases

The north Atlantic is about to become the global epi-centre:

Number of days for Covid-19 cases and deaths in China to double

As furios shutdowns and testing in North Asia slows the spread a little:

Days taken for Coronavirus cases outside China to double to double

It’s still all about Winter:

Covid-19 cases by season
Coronavirus cases by season

Finally, non-China mortality rates are converging somewhere around 1-2%:

Mortality rates with an 8 day lag

But, alas, the mad bastards in Europe that have put Brussels ahead of borders look like they may see their health systems overrun and more deaths than was necessary. Plus the US health system is almost designed with that specific outcome in mind.

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