Gerry Harvey boycott triggers crocodile tears

Via the AFR’s Joe Aston:

…the veteran retailer’s 60 Minutes interview on Sunday was genuinely breathtaking.

…the mob’s affront must have really bitten Harvey Norman’s sales. On Wednesday, Gerry backtracked, offering the least fulsome public apology…

…Funny, because nobody at News Corp ever thought he was callous. Not a damned soul! Harvey’s outrageous comments hadn’t rated a single mention in The Australian, any of the metro city tabloids or on Sky News…That’s the kind of protection racket Australia’s very last $40 million print advertising account buys you.

I will never buy another widget from Gerry Harvey. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t think of not doing so before.

The virus is going to offer Australians all kinds of opportunies to rid themselves of arseholes.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “I will never buy another widget from Gerry Harvey. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t think of not doing so before.”

    Always been an absolute last resort for me.

    • Coup de Whiskey

      Harvey doesn’t want your business. He needs new migrants to buy his sh1t and help get his horses rooted.

      Gerry Harvey says Australia needs a two-tier wage system to allow employers to pay foreign guest workers less than locals.

      “Australia doesn’t have cheap labour. Many overseas workers would be prepared to move here for a much better life and half the money Australians earn,” he said.

      “I’ve got horse studs and it’s difficult to get staff.

      • “I’ve got horse studs and it’s difficult to get staff.”

        Couldn’t make this stuff up.


      • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

        I have friends who would 100% still be in the horse stud/spelling stable-hands if it paid a living wage – the whole ‘Locals don’t want the work’ is insulting.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from his stores. So I’ll continue to not buy anything from him.

      • My wife bought a $700 LG blue-ray player from HN back in 2011, which broke a month after the warranty expired. They were $150 within 6 months of that purchase. The single most retarded purchase my wife has ever made — and she’s made plenty in her life.

    • Yep. I never knowingly spend one cent on Harvey or Murdoch. Would feel genuinely sick doing so.

  2. I have a laptop awaiting repair at Harvey Norman. Bought online 6 months ago. When it stopped working:
    -9/3/2020 emailed HN – no response
    -13/3/2020 phoned the store, surly mole said, “we don’t get those emails, you can bvring it into the store if you want”
    -15/3/2020 took it into a store where I was ignored for 30 mins, eventually had it tested and confirmed it’s f***ed. They took it saying it goes back to the manufacturer and could be two weeks
    -24/3/2020 phoned the store as no response. Flustered dope says he was going to call me, “probably tomorrow” and says that courier picked up the machine yesterday to take it across town to manufacturer office. Says nothing they can do because….cornavirus
    -24/3/2020 HN online emailed me thanks for my enquiry about the fault telling me to take it into a store…..
    -26/3/2020 I’m demanding my money back. I am not sure I will get either the laptop or my money. I porobably caught the virus of the *cough* “computer says no mole in the store when I went in….
    Go get f***ed Harvey Norman

      • Mrs Bento has a Dell with a broken camera. Here’s the exchange:
        24/3/2020 – call to Helpdesk to discuss problem answered immeidately. Problem diagnosed in a 30 minute conversation with a competent technician
        26/3/2020 – part and technician has been booked for 30/3/2020 to come to our place, unless prevented by gov restrictions, but they will keep her informed:
        Dell has a service oriented business that shows in their email:
        “Good morning! I was just checking on the dispatch we made and the estimated time arrival for the Webcam (whole LCD as it is a set) is 03/30/2020 so do expect a call from our technician the next day or the same day.
        Do note there might be delays due to the restricted movement.
        Have a good day!”

        Harvey Norman is a sleazy conman, a pretend “man of the people”, a low-rent smile and handshake merchant, preying on debt laden shoppers with 60 month interest free and a big f**k you if you complain. Die Harvey Die.

        Straw Poll: Who is the more evil Harvey? Norman or Weinstein?

    • Jumping jack flash

      I bought a smartphone from there back in 2006. I was callow and enthusiastic. I was out of uni, employed and earning a good wage in IT.
      I purchased extended warranty.

      A while later the thing literally fell apart. It was outside the regular warranty period, but inside the extended warranty period I had paid for. I went back to the same HN store and showed them the phone.
      “I’m sorry but the phone still looks like it works, so tough luck”

      I was so tempted to take it outside and throw it on the ground.

      I never bought anything from HN after that. I never paid for extended warranty ever after that either. I decided that extended warranty was for callow, enthusiastic suckers with too much disposable income.

      • The extended warranty is a con.
        I went for a job and the UK equivalent of HVN, they told me the pay was so low because it was made up by massive commissions on selling the extended warranty – it was something like 25% commission.

        • Happily, things like extended warranty will probably soon be illegal.

          Car dealers are the same.

    • ‘surly mole’ and ‘flustered dope’ is what you get when you pay less than the minimum wage. poor Jerry……..

  3. Harvey Norman also has those terrible ads where they just shout at you followed the “GOOOO!” Complete turn off.

  4. I find Harvey Norman to be great!
    You get to go in and touch and feel the stuff you’ve already pretty much decided on on-line, and then go and buy it for less at pretty much anywhere else. (everyone will price-match at worst)

  5. stop the stoats

    I’m trying to remember the last time I bought anything from Gerry Harvey. Maybe some pokemon cards when I was a kid.

  6. Does anyone have a Bloomberg terminal? How is Australians biggest non-bank lender for personal credit, Latitude Financials credit trusts trading these days?

    48% of the assets in the trust is customer debt from Harvey Norman. Latitude failed to float last year after the second attempt in as many years.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      The float failed as most people could see (and smell) the turd under the shiny top coat polish. They were trying to ride the Afterpay wave but anyone who did their research quickly backed out.

  7. Not sure why Gerry Harvey agrees to these media interviews. Every time he is on TV, he looks like a complete idiot and lowers the public’s opinion of him, even when you think it cannot get any lower.

    Two weeks ago, he was interviewed for the stock market crash and said he had just spent $15m on the top 15 stocks. The comments he made then, made him look like a greedy, soulless man. Then a week later he is at it again.

  8. wasabinatorMEMBER

    I’m reminded of this ugly mug every time I have to pay GST on low volume imports. And now he is saying he should be able to import slaves at lower cost?! The irony.

    • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

      Ahh.. thanks for reminding me of that piece of work.
      Even with recent exchange rate for the poo, import duty (still protecting that massive local textile industry that is totally supporting ‘locals’), freight and GST, I land stuff at pretty much the same price I’d pay in a local shop, but I get the luxury of buying what I want, not what they are willing to import.

    • If you can quote an ABN most overseas online retailers will not collect GST. Sometimes this is integrated into their sales process, sometimes you have to email and ask.

  9. he doesn’t need customers
    his business model is to raise capital to pay dividends – who needs customers, when there are enough investors

    • Hill Billy 55MEMBER

      But he needs store traffic to justify the upwards valuations of the real estate under his stores to pay his dividends to get his franking credits to pay for his Horse Stud expenses so he can have people tell him what a great guy he is at the races.

      I suspect there may be a flaw in the model!

  10. I bought a table from HN in 1996. That’s it. I only go to HN to find out the most expensive price in town for any particular item.