Fake Greens turn property developer

Greens leader, Adam Bandt, has launched a “Green New Deal” which promises to build 500,000 affordable social houses:

[ADAM] Right now across Australia people are feeling the pressure. People are feeling anxious because the basics of life, like housing are no longer guaranteed.

[MEHREEN] We are in the middle of a climate emergency and a long running inequality crisis.

[ADAM] We’ve got hundreds of thousands of people on the waiting list for public housing right across this country.

[MEHREEN] We know the number of people experiencing homelessness is growing. More and more people are in housing and rental stress.

[ADAM] and we’ve got young people unable to find meaningful work.

[MEHREEN] The situation is getting worse.

[ADAM] There’s a recession looming on the horizon, so we’ve got to stimulate the economy to invest where it matters. To make sure that everyone gets a roof over their head and that we create new jobs,
especially for young people, as we tackle the inequality crisis and tackle the economic crisis.

[MEHREEN] We need a Green New Deal.

[ADAM] The best way to do that is through a construction-lead recovery to build half a million new homes across Australia so that everyone can have a roof over their head.

[MEHREEN] The Greens will build 500,000 publicly owned homes in cities, towns, and regional areas over the next 15 years.

[ADAM] Not only are we going to tackle the housing crisis, not only are we going to tackle homelessness, but we’re going to create 44,000 jobs including 4,000 apprenticeships for young people to get their start in life, get a Trade and set themselves up for the future.

Homelessness in Australia is a disgrace and the government does need to invest more in public housing. However, the Greens also need to be honest and acknowledge that building 500,000 new homes is bad news for the environment.

Remember, around one quarter of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings. Therefore, the Greens policy would necessarily drive up Australia’s emissions, while also chewing-up green space.

One wonders why Greens have ignored the key driver of housing inequality and homelessness, as well as the destruction of the natural environment: Australia’s mass immigration policy.

Stabilising Australia’s population below 30 million people would do far more to alleviate homelessness than letting Australia’s population balloon to a projected 43 million by 2066.

With the Greens’ open-borders policy, half a million new homes will barely touch the sides.

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  1. – There are still A LOT OF empty units / houses. Let the people live in those houses before building new houses / units.

  2. Time for a Peachy Property Prediction.

    These 500,000 Bandt affordable houses will end up being like Ardern’s 100,000 affordable houses.

    • Such cynicism.
      Isn’t the standard disclaimer Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
      Except it usually is.

  3. but seriously what else one could propose to stimulate economy like ours?
    to make better smart phones, or airplanes, or medical devices, or …
    the only things we make in Australia are houses, uni degrees and dirt
    and with degrees and dirt crashing … there is no much choice really left

  4. Keep hammering away Leith. I know it must drive you crazy that you have to keep saying it over and over and Aussies are a stubborn lot but it is slowly seeping in.

  5. Well when your party’s stated goal is to bring the entire 3rd world here to experience our great quality of life and access all our welfare and medical services then you are going to have to provide tax payer funded housing as well.

        • The Windy City

          While LNP have stood with their foot holding open the door for twenty years, saying may I push you through a little faster so many lined up behind you.

  6. 500k homes where the taxpayer has to maintain the property including lawn care and a new stove every two years, no one in the house ever works, they typically smoke and have substance abuse, need more medical care than the broader community, are overly represented in court and a drain on police resources, and they’re encouraged to breed more and more welfare recipients.

    What a blindingly stupid idea only Labor or Greens could come up with.

  7. david collyerMEMBER

    Greens regard their stance as internally coherent – watermelons twisted into pretzel shapes.

  8. While long having been of the view that if we are going to have a Big Australia then we need to Build Baby Build, why on earth do we need the Greens building them when Australia is packed to the gills with mums and dads itching to have a red hot go at the property ever lasting fountains of riches.

    All we need to do is

    1. Remove the CGT if you build a new house / or buy off the plan
    2. Relax zoning restrictions to allow up to 10 floors anywhere.
    3. Restrict credit for purchases of existing housing.
    4. Relax credit for new construction.

    The power of greed will do the rest and before you know it most of Australia will have vacancy rates like Perth and prices and rents sagging to match.

    Affordable housing is simply housing that is cheap to rent or buy and the easiest way of delivering that outcome is to have a decent bit of buffer stock (vacancy housing)

    You are welcome Adam.

    A policy that people / industry / bankers outside of pointyheadistan might actually support.

    But then Adam is only really interested in appealing to the Big Gummint pinko socialists so he probably will not care about broader appeal.

    • Just remove all zoning restrictions. Allow any height building to be built anywhere.
      That change will not create wonderful cities, but it will solve the worst parts of the housing shortage.

  9. The Windy City

    I have suggested to Adam in Twitter that he turn against the neoliberal immigration program but sadly as yet to no avail.