Coronavirus Dan declares State of Emergency

But the Grand Prix!?!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Hey blokes – trading idea. With everyone at home, presumably domestic use of gas and electricity will spike. Or crater, because offices and the last remnants of industry are closed.

    How to trade short term local energy price volatility? where to get exposure?

    • PS, also I’d like to organise an alternative place to talk shiit with you blokes if MB gets nuked from orbit, to protect people from the brain-bug….

      • Me too. Forums would be good. What about a Slack? Private Reddit or FB group?

        OSH and BPT this morning, yikes.

    • I would expect broad economic demand down means electricity use is down, as you suggest – industry, restaurants, stadiums, offices, you name it.

      Domestic power use- biggest users are chiefly heating and cooling, hot water and fridge. Hot water and fridge won’t change much just because people are home during the day. A few more kettles going, yes. Heating and cooling maybe – although for now it’s autumn, not too hot or cold, so I guess one of the lower-use periods of the year for heating and colling. But extra lights on and more TV running uses comparatively less power.

      An MB alternative?! Too depressing to think about…

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    All this for a F1 race that will be cancelled anyway.

    I’m certain he was under immense pressure from the F1 organizers and hotel industry to keep it running or they’ll cut Australia off. GROW A SPINE!!

  3. Ahh, so the last of the Chinese students must’ve all now safely arrived in VIC.

    Carry on with the emergency measures now Dan.

    • If you have a gun there is no need to scramble to buy toilet paper and rice. Just knock on someone’s door and ask politely.

    • I have long been explaining to you blokes that lead is needed to keep your other stuff (including gold) from spoiling….

    • That vibrant fight at a western sydney woolies yesterday would have been carnage should we be allowed access to guns in Aus. Young middle eastern men, they’d be armed to the gills.
      In saying that, I’m still PO’d that the decision to disarm was made for us and not by vote. Yea, I know. 24 years and still not over it.

      • Lol those Lebos are likely already armed and the kind you would need something to protect yourself against.

        Gun control is historically not about public safety but keeping the elites safe from the public. Combine that with financial tyranny and voila.

        A lot sheltered inner city types who have never experienced violence will get a short but brutal introduction on the realities of violence and crime, should we get a full blown depression and the resulting crime wave and police inability to cope. Time wl tell