Chinese recovery plateaus

China’s weak recovery plods on:

And an asteroid the size of the global economy is about to land squarly upon this weak recovery. From Europe:


And the US:

Don’t look to China to save us.

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  1. Press: Josh Frydenberg
    Josh : The Honourable Member
    Press: Hon Josh – some have criticized you for being too awesome
    Josh : I am awesome
    Press: I know. Does the constant media adulation ever bother you?
    Josh : Not when I cash my future checks!
    Press: You’arn kidding
    Josh : ha ha
    Press: hi he

  2. Initial market panic is over I think,
    we are now in post Lehman period,
    markets will fall another 10% this week and than stay more or less stable for a while (a month or two) with large volatility (it’s the volatility that makes big boys rich)
    than after the real damage data comes in, markets will fall further 20% or 30%

  3. China is an absolute fraud of a country.

    The clique of communists who seized the country in 1949 and have wrecked it are a disgrace to humanity.

    • Yeah they are bad but are they really any worse than the Qing were before them?
      China has suffered at the hands of terrible rulers throughout its history.

  4. It really looks like that there is a chronic phase which comes after the acute phase.