Blathering SloMo folds on schools

After spreading the virus through schools for a month, SloMo has caved, not that you’d know it from all the smoke he’s blowing:

“In each of the States and Territories they will be pursuing their own arrangements directly with those schools between now and the end of term.

Over the next few weeks, the schools themselves will be preparing, on a national basis, to get some consistency about when schools will reopen on the other side of school holidays.

It won’t look like it has looked up until now. What is important, that vulnerable families, that parents who have jobs, and as I have said to you what is an essential job – a job that someone has if they are in a position where they cannot provide the suitable arrangements for their children to learn at home, then I am assured that no child would be turned away under those circumstances.”

This fantastically confusing blather was followed by some tongue-in-cheeek irony from Cabinet:

We understand the need for clear, nationally consistent health and safety advice so we have asked the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee to develop guidelines about how staff in schools can protect themselves, manage social distance requirements and cater for those students who are at school.

This will include guidelines for staff who work with vulnerable children, particularly those who have additional needs.

For education staff who identify as high risk, vulnerable or are caring for vulnerable family members, you will be supported to work from home.

We will continue to meet with education stakeholders and unions so that we can understand the education challenges for our communities and work constructively towards solutions. That will include the National Cabinet’s consideration of the measures needed for early childhood settings and TAFE.

Clear as a virus-laced gas cloud.

But what matters is that the states are now in control so schools are effectively shut for all but essential workers.

It seems all important decisions will be made in spite of SloMo not by him.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. surflessMEMBER

    Statesman and leadership vacuum in Canberra, all they care about is the next election.

  2. Scummo has a new slogan – saving lives AND saving livelihoods.
    Gonna be mugged by the reality that is coming.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      He’s no good for delivering on his new marketing campaign. He was only good for delivering on the LNP’s forever core promise: jobs (slave labour ones for vibrants) and growth (the wealth of LNP chosen ones – read mates).

    • Aha, the ‘compromise’ position. The one that delivers a loss to both sides but is at least an attempt to placate two camps, which makes it the right decision.

    • We must wonder if a Person who believes there is a much better life after this one is fit and proper to run the show ?
      I would suggest a “Conflict of Interest” 🙂

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Face saving exercise. He knows he’s lost control so makes these statements hoping history will be kind.

    There has to be an effort by everyone to make sure the MSM don’t rewrite history as it’s happening.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Move on ScoMo – off to the Lodge for you and some “burning”/praying and drinking the wine cellar dry with your mates, while the rest of us get on with dealing with ScoVOID-19?

    • Not sure what the presser was about today beyond shifting further responsibility onto the states. Chunt capitulated earlier this week and continues to throw hospital passes at the states which is nothing more than shifting the cost onto the states.

    • He’s a ditherer – that’s not to say he’s not corrupt as you suggest.

      Where’s the Strayan Putin?!

  4. So now in QLD schools still require all teachers to attend regardless of how many students attend and have no WFH policy for those without students. WTF!

    • I have a friend who is head of one of the local state schools in Brissy. Said this week the anxiety levels among staff had hit 11. This is one of the most epic debacles.

      Don’t worry though as someone from the MSM will be hired soon after SloMo’s tenure ends to knock up a glowing memoir of his leadership. Peter Hartcher – The Courage to Act! Lol

    • My partner is one of those on level 11. Took sick days this week, has no kids in class next week but still required to attend. Crazy sh1t!

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        WTAF is that about? Please send regards to you partner for looking after our kids when they were at school – it’s been appreciated. Pity the Governement cannot pay them the same income and respect they deserve. Hope she is feeling ok.

  5. Its about keeping the unis open until after the Census date. The date at which the Unis can keep all the student fees. April 5th for UWA.

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        Whilst it seems unbelievable they could be so greedy and stupid – it seems the most likely explaination for their (lack of) action – if anyone has any other ideas I am happy to listen. 1st April for many Melbourne Unis. Let see what happens.

        • I’ll be watching closely. A brazen crime if they do it – will the MSM call them out for it, though?

  6. Students are unlikely to spread the virus as we need then to go to school so parents can go to work???

    Makes perfect sense as children are well known for spreading viruses. I’m a dad who is always sick thanks to my little one at daycare bringing back viruses.

  7. mikef179MEMBER

    I think it’s fairly obvious ScoMo can’t grasp the situation. I’m sure at various points the numbers have been put in front of him and he has just stared blankly or said something stupid.

    The problem is, is that when he says things like gatherings of more than 500 will be banned and delays it until Monday so that he can go to the footy on the weekend that says to Australians “yeah, I’m doing this cause these medicos expect me to, but it’s not really a big deal. I mean, look, I’m going to the footy, so obviously I’m not concerned and neither should you be”. And then most Aussies start thinking it’s a beat-up.

    ScoMo is Australia’s version of George dubya Bush. Aussies are assuming that a guy with a brain the size of a peanut knows what’s going on. I think it says more about Aussies, than it does about him.