After the virus comes the revolution. Or not

Is the WHO biased? I don’t know. How could I? What we can say is that it is clearly biased in favour of the Communist Party of China. We have seen that in its delayed responses throughout the Wuhan flu pandemic. Now there is this, via the BBC:

Taiwan is seen as one of the few places in the world which has successfully stemmed the spread of the coronavirus without resorting to draconian measures.

But despite its efforts, it is still effectively locked out of membership in the World Health Organization (WHO) due to its complex relationship with China.

This all exploded over the weekend when a top WHO official appeared to avoid questions about Taiwan in a TV interview that has gone viral, attracting criticism and even accusations of bias.

On Saturday, Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK aired an interview with Bruce Aylward, the WHO assistant director-general, who spoke to journalist Yvonne Tong on a video call.

In the segment, Ms Tong asks if the WHO would reconsider letting Taiwan join the organisation. She is met with a long silence from Mr Aylward, who then says he cannot hear her and asks to move on to another question.

Ms Tong presses him again, saying she would like to talk about Taiwan. At this point, Mr Aylward appears to hang up on her.

When the journalist calls Mr Aylward again, she asks if he could comment on Taiwan’s response to the coronavirus.

Mr Aylward then replies: “Well, we’ve already talked about China.”

Before we get too high and mighty, let’s look to our own backyard where a CCP stooge still holds the reigns of the Government’s majority and Labor is bought, via Domain:

A NSW Labor MP, who once gave a speech declaring China needed a “new world order” to reach its potential, has praised President Xi Jinping’s “unswerving leadership” in handling the coronavirus crisis.

Shaoquett Moselmane, a member of the NSW upper house, claimed the Chinese leader had “fought [COVID-19] and contained it”, describing the nation’s response as “emphatic” and “decisive”

Mr Moselmane made the comments in a post on his personal website, where he stated that a nation needed “tough, unswerving leadership, focused on the mammoth task ahead” in order to contain the virus’ spread.

“For the Peoples Republic of China, President Xi stepped up and provided that leadership. He mustered the resources of the nation and together with the great people of China – fought it and contained it,” Mr Moselmane wrote.

“Failure to contain the epidemic could mean thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives would be lost. The combined phenomenal effort of the state and the people in the fight to contain the virus was breath taking.”

…Dr James Leibold, a China specialist at La Trobe University, described Mr Moselmane’s comments as “misguided”.

“Local officials in Wuhan covered up the outbreak for weeks – losing precious time while allowing the virus to spread across the global – while local doctor Li Wenliang was first muzzled and then later died from the virus that he desperately tried to warn officials about,” Dr Leibold said.

…Mr Moselmane has also taken nine privately-funded trips to China since entering Parliament in 2009, with disclosure records showing his transport and hospitality costs were often met by Chinese government officials or agencies.

After the virus comes the revolution.

Or not.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. As someone pointed out last night, the only question is how much blackmail material do they have on Moselmane? At least you hope that’s the question, and not does he genuinely believe what he wrote?

  2. Still waiting for any of the majors to criticise China over this ship show. Where is Wong and co now? Globalisation rocks. The only revolution we may see here will be inspired by a massive drop in RE prices.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      I would like to protest against the Chinese, but it seems like a lot of effort.

      Can I perhaps Air-o-tasker some unemployed Chinese Uni student to do it for me?

    • Boris and senior UK cabinet members were highly critical in the last 24 hours. That and the taiwan WHO interview seem to have been the signal for some of this new “courageous” reporting

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Is Shaoquett Moselmane a card carrying member of the CCP? Because that’s exactly the kind of speech CCP members gives out in praise of God Emperor Xi, and blaming all the failing on the Hubei government.

    If the Chinese response was decisive at the beginning, the world would not be in this mess right now. It only become decisive after Wuhan has gone FUBAR. As to ’emphatic’, there is a lot of words to describe welding people’s door shut so people is trapped inside their own home, and ’emphatic’ isn’t one of them.

    • A main duty of the local government officials is to take the blame of Beijing when things go wrong.

    • This unrelenting racism from you David comes straight from zerohedge where you lift half your work. It really is the most gross behaviour.

      The US is being condemned the world over for ramping up its wars while the virus rages, everywhere people are demanding and end to political point scoring – the REASON why this WHO official went silent – because it was pure politics off the back of Covid-19 – never let a good catastrophe go to waste hey mate – certainly not you.

      Yeah – because China knew everything about this virus on day one.

      We are only just understanding its effects now. Imagine the outcry if China had declared a global pandemic everyone shut down shop PANIC if it was nothing more than a cold.

      They spent a couple of weeks trying to work out what it was and it got out of hand because they simply didn’t know.

      The rabid amongst you have taken this to be some conspiracy of the slanty eyed as always.

      It really is just the most grotesque racism.

      Keep it up David – you’re a stand up bloke. The comments of this website are a seething cesspit of racism – but its ok, you have reasons.

      This is happening everywhere because of gutter journalism from this website and others.

      Shocking behaviour all round.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Some people are for free speech and believe it’s an essential ingredient in a proper functioning Democracy.

        Others, like you, obviously prefer submition to aristocracy or dictatorship.
        That preferences is your right in a free country,… just don’t expect others, here, to respect that preference.

        • NEver said anything about free speech mate – just the relentless race baiting in this forum. No other forum like it, certainly nothing with the unbridled daily abuse towards Chinese.

          If you think racism is free speech then thats great – you’ve convinced yourself of something at least mate. Its not – not at all – its just pure hate.

          Here’s the deal – having a conversation about foreign interference is fine – only talking about foreign interference from one particular race of people – is racism.

          Its not even up for debate.

          This blog posts anti-chinese propaganda in at least 30% of its posts. When you take out the “pro-forma” daily copy paste of auction results etc then it is probably closer to 40 % of the content.

          Its a website almsot dedicated to anti-chinese hate.

          • Chairman MeowMEMBER

            What I like the most is USA using the virus to murder Iranians, Venezuelans, whoever else they sanction but thats all ugnored by MB who have the hide to posture as ‘moral’

          • Well said.

            Yup – the US has unleashed absolute HELL during this pandemic ramping up the slaughter – but Macrobusiness decides the only thing morally wrong is a post they lifted from zerohedge about a World Health Official not wanting to engage in the territorial disputes of China – thats enough for them – case closed – Chinamen evil.

            Its just so 1939…

          • Racist card doesn’t work anymore. It works even less when your posting behind your 400th alt account in the last 3 weeks. You need to EMPHASIZE more random WORDS to get your vacuous non-point across.

            Only then will we take your faux concern and cringe self-flagellation seriously.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            “Its a website almsot dedicated to anti-chinese hate.”

            Absolute Rubbish!

            I for one am looking forward to many more posts from this new Member,

            Chairman Meow.

            Im hoping he is going to be our Chinese version of Reusachtige!
            Diversity is our strength.

      • my forehead is wrinkled at parts of that comment. I can see that perhaps the WHO official was refusing to play politics but…What about allowing wet markets despite known risk? What about suppression of information and medical professionals during early days? I don’t believe they were “just trying to figure it out” at all….

          • Monty
            Some people pay for this kind of entertainment. The alternative is listening to this CPD
            The good thing about this idiot is he thinks this post has any traction at all. He has a lack of perspicacity to see that his risible posts are counter productive.

        • As I’ve stated else where – we have mixed sea food, poultry and red meat open air markets, we also offer all manner of what would be exotic animals to foreigners in those markets for sale – from Goat, Kangaroo, Rabbit etc.

          Finally the response from China was not about “hiding” this – and its an absurd REALLY absurd re-writing of history to suggest that. There is absolutely no way China could have known the severity of this outbreak. And the time lag between its discovery and the realisation that it was a super serious bug no country would have realised it was that serious – absolutely no chance.

          Once they did they alerted the world without hesitation.

          Prior to that they were suppressing what they felt was an overreaction to a common flu.

          We are viewing their response in the prism of what we know now. It should be considered within the prism of it being nothing more than a common flu.

          Take a look at the mutation rate and variability of this virus – it is such a complicated, intricate science.

          To have people RAGING and saying – “they didn’t tell us fast enough – CHINA IS TO BLAME” – is just so extraordinary childish in the most extreme manner – it really is poor.

          • freddy lasthopeMEMBER

            “Li, a 34-year-old doctor working in Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, told his friends to warn their loved ones privately. But within hours screenshots of his messages had gone viral — without his name being blurred. “When I saw them circulating online, I realized that it was out of my control and I would probably be punished,” Li said.”

          • China “couldn’t have known the severity”.
            What a steaming pile of BS.
            They were literally welding the doors shut to apartment buildings and had closed down all travel within china while simultaneously telling australia it must keep it’s borders with china open, while also purchasing ll medical supplies on shore and ending them back to china.
            It was a deliberate act that is pushing the boundaries of an act of war. Removing medical supplies and trying to deliberately infect us.

            Edit: It was FEB 7 when they were stealing our medical supplies, so at the latest they had to know how bad this was a week before that to organise this.

          • And now China know the severity…….it blames the spread in China on a deliberate act by the USA.
            Get lost wumao hamwallet.

        • Thats exactly what having a conscience and ethics is – social credit – the opposite of race baiting.

          Ask Oskar Schindler.

          • Thanks for doing the lord’s work and setting us all straight – you surely are a modern day Schindler.

            PS. You’re not very good at this, please improve your trolling.

      • blah blah blah whataboutism blah strawman blah racism blah blah blah

        How can one be racist in criticising a government’s actions?

        Go away anonymous CCP sockpuppet.

        • Not one racist has ever though they were racist. Its always justified – always.

          Whether its because they are foreigners invading our land stealing our jobs or because they have “unclean” practices, are immoral due to their religion, or just look different and don’t conform (US just banned discrimination on natural hair – yes your were still allowed to not employ people based on their looks – hair). It’s always the same – there is always a justifiable reason.

          The difference between a rabid racist like this website – and someone who is criticizing a government is that the action of the government are criticized universally.

          For example oppression of people, violence towards civilians, indiscriminate slaughter of people, incarceration and denial of liberty without trial of due process.

          These are actions of government we criticize universally.

          This blog and those who comment on it do not do that. They accept freely the actions of the west no matter how draconian – any country really – but only criticize the actions of the Chinese.

          A perfect example of this was this blog labelling President Xi a dictator for allowing more than two terms – something almost every single western democracy allows.

          That – is straight up and down racism – its ok for us Australians to do it – but not Chinese.

          Racism mate – pure, unadulterated.

          • Racism is a human survival trait evolved to do what? Help us survive.
            Your animosity to something quite necessary is programmed or malevolent.
            The people taken in by such rhetoric ushering their ‘kind’ (traits, culture, genes) out of existence.
            In Australia anti-racism is used to enforce the genocide, disenfranchisement, loss of self-determination and dispossession of Anglo Australians – all variations of racism far in excess of what you are criticising here.. but I think aspects you would be totally silent on (and even would endorse).

      • Chinese government still disappearing outspoken doctors. They just disappeared th poor old ED physician in Wuhan who voiced her opinion on the Chinese government’s dishonest approach.

      • Wrinkled: Your comments are clearly defamatory. And don’t think you can hide behind an IP address, that hasn’t worked before. It’s not my call, it’s David’s, but if he wishes to he could sue you quite easily. And frankly I hope he does..

      • The MP’s electorate is Rockdale, go figure, he’s been bought years ago, lucky he can’t sell off any of our ports.

      • freddy lasthopeMEMBER

        “Mr Moselmane has also taken nine privately-funded trips to China since entering Parliament in 2009, with disclosure records showing his transport and hospitality costs were often met by Chinese government officials or agencies.”

        Is this normal?

      • Yeah go tell the Uyghurs what a benevolent and fluffy government the china are. either a paid shill or has a mental problem.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        Throughout history, the single biggest failing of the Chinese Imperial system is the lack of self reflection, people who dare to speak ‘truth to power’ are routinely purged, and the entire country’s fate is reliant on the decision of one single person who lives in a reality bubble. (Not that different from Donald Trump and America right now..)

        After SARS, the Chinese government formed the equivalent of the CDC but it is merely an advisory committee with no power to compel action. The government in Hubei got only a few cases during the SARS epidemic, so they thought they had it covered at the onset. It is not a failure of individuals in the government : it is a failure of the system. People who have the knowledge to make the correct decisions are not the one making the decisions, and I expect this to change in the near future. The Hubei faction has been effectively purged to provide both a scapegoat and also for Xi to consolidate even more power. The word for crisis in Chinese is 危机 : the first word means danger, the second word means opportunity. There is always opportunities during a crisis.

        Currently, Chinese seems to be coming out of the crisis significantly weakened, while the rest of the world is facing Armageddon. Trump is showing too much concern about the Dow and not enough about the number of cases, so the numbers are horrific. If the US continues its current trend line, US society will collapse and China will become the most powerful nation in the world next year. There are no shortage of deluded people still thinking “it’s just a flu” and thinks “1 million death per year is perfectly acceptable”, without realizing that civic society will collapse under such a strain. Fortunately, the US State governors are not buying the ‘herd immunity’ theory it will come under control, even if it’s not as effective as a Federal mandated quarantine.

        When this is over, expect the alt right to call for al Chinese held foreign bonds to be confiscated as ‘compensation’, followed by confiscation of Chinese owned assets and companies. This is where China’s stance is not helping : they need to stop pissing people off.

        P.S. I am a Chinese Australian.

        • And so with this simple action, the chain of events leading to the third great war was set in motion.
          Assasination of an archduke,
          forced war reparations,
          forced reparations for disease??

          Unfortunately this isn’t as hyperbolic as you’d hope.

          • Confiscation or freezing of assets is considered an act of war, so yes, it can happen, especially given that it has been a while since we last had an all-out war and no world leaders today have direct experience of the last one.

            All they will need to do is say, after the fact, “Well, nobody could have seen this coming!!”

        • All it takes is a strict 8 week lockdown and you’ve “caught up” with China. Yes you might have lost many lives in the meantime but it won’t be armageddon, it’s a bad virus but not that bad. The lingering effects will, linger though…. COVID-19 won’t be over anywhere, until its over everywhere.

          • The trouble is, even if we close the border and strictly lockdown the society for 8 weeks, we will soon run into a trouble, long before “until its over everywhere”, because we lack industrial capacities to produce masks, test kits, ventilators, etc., along with countless other items we no longer produce. It will take a loooong time to rebuild factories and associated infrastructure.

            Then, we will have to reopen the border even if we know a new, mutated, more deadly virus is out there, if only to let all the necessary items in. The “financial engineering will save the world” drivel has now come home to roost!!

    • No need for blind loyalty or even blackmail — a wee pot of gold is all that’s required these days.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Aussies and revolution? LOLOLOL. No profits in that. Crushed forever with the stockade!! There’s reality TV to watch man!

    • Because of no civil war or revolution Australia persists with the convict mentality of loving the “more police on the beat” idiotic mantras from their politicians.
      Our police chiefs encourage the new arrivals from China who add to the comfort levels with a police state. In England and France anybody running for office with a “more police on the beat” message is laughed off the stage as being a fool. Here its lapped up. More fines! More punishment!
      The rum corp are still here sadly.

  5. Its almost as if you need to adopt a strategic long term solution through the other side of this crisis, focusing on re-balancing your economy away from Chinese dependence and vis. the whole concept of globalisation, while giving face value to it along the way, all the while increasing bio-security and other defensive strategic measures (energy stockpile anyone? Maybe spend less on the F-35 and buy some N95 masks?)
    A few years after, you give the co-ordinated one-two punch with other Western nations to put China in its place. Break it when its vulnerable and unable to sustain its bloated broken politico/economic system that relies on exporting cheap goods to the West.
    Focusing now on blaming the corrupt communist Chinese regime is very easy, lazy and counterproductive. Easy, because everyone with a pulse knows the COVID19 virus initial outbreak was the Chinese government’s fault due to its Chernobyl-esque way of dealing with the truth, lazy because it then shifts blame away from inept internal responses at various levels of Western government that are likely to be repeated at the next crisis, and counterproductive because it plays directly into the CCP long game, whereby they can play the various racism and “corrupt West” cards, using their huge soft power influence to unbalance the calls for reparations and other punitive trade measures.
    Need to think this through and not let the Pauline Hansons and others (including the far left) takeover the narrative. It means hitting the CCP hard at the right time, with the right tools. That requires a proper conversation, something I don’t think the Australia political establishment nor their hangers on at media are capable of having.

    • The flaw in your argument in your reasonableness. This won’t be about reason, it will be about random sh!t and incompetence. But I think you have the directional forces correct.

    • I agree with your assessment. But still, it’s hard not be outraged, both at the CCP and at the way other organisations, governments, and people kowtow to the CCP.

      I think it’s a good thing that people in general should continue to be outraged as it helps keep the politicians focused.

    • None of it will happen without public rage at the CCP.


      Instead it wil straight back to the ponzi with a bullet: sold out unis, crushloaded everything, housing bubble forever.

    • JohnR – reasonableness requires being two faced. Note what I said – during this crisis you keep showing face value to the CCP, saying that we want to keep the old ties, the old globalisation rules, the export raw materials and import TVs paradigm, all the while ACTUALLY planning to pull this out from under a rug from them in several years down the road. You have a public reasonable face, but be Machiavellian about the actual desired outcome. Its time to stop playing the good guy in all this.

      mikef179 – agreed, you should be outraged. But the rage needs to be focused away from external blame to inward retrospection. That takes leadership and being able to sway the narrative away from the populists and inflammatory language describers….

      • Yes. I am waiting to see the emergence of genuine Australian leaders, as usually happens in times of crisis. They must be there. They don’t have to be elected politicians.

  6. Chance of revolution is zero.
    Virus is a perfect scapegoat
    System failed because of virus not because its rottness

    • Martin North and John Adams have a different view to which I subscribe. There is too much debt in a society that is balkanised.
      The virus plays its part.
      The disregard of an entire generation of Australians has lead to a lack of resilience in the country

    • that reads like Rich4 (I mean totesbewoke)’s fantasy wish list of what a military coup would deliver here in Australia.

    • Oh, that’s nasty.

      Poland’s next.

      Wonder what sort of picture Bozo gets when joining these dots? Putin gets a smiley face.

      If I was French I’d be getting ready to burn some Renaults and Peugeots. Seems to make them feel better when under pressure.

      Baltic types shuffling feet, Romanians and Bulgars Googling old maps.
      Some very old Austrians getting flashbacks too.

      Germans not impressed…

  7. A conspiracy theory I heard here. Certainly not saying I believe it but I’l throw it into the pot and look at the reaction it might elicit. Here goes:
    1. China knew that if the virus (whether deliberately or accidentally triggered) went across borders it would cause major mayhem on financial markets and governments in the world outside China .
    2. China, being an autocratic regime, can afford to lose millions in population, if necessary without repercussions beyond the ability of the government to control – not so in the West (read USA) where there would be huge political turmoil/revolution in reaction. (Remember in WW1 the attitude for some time (on both sides) was we can afford the manpower losses and we will win through attrition of the enemy’s manpower, Also consider the millions of Chinese who were starved to death under Mao in the Great Famine).
    3.A major stock market rout would provide an opportunity for China to take major / controlling interests in key Western domiciled / registered companies very cheaply (the rout is not over yet).
    4. Debt ridden Western Governments had no option other than to try and bail out their citizenry even though it would massively increase debt and result in massively economic dislocation.
    5. China then becomes a guardian angel offering aid and medical supplies to all the countries caught off guard and gains a lot of ‘soft” power in a global setting.

    Global “warfare” by other means!! Just a thought line which I came across.

  8. It’s worse. Taiwan suspected human transmission of coronavirus to WHO, but WHO ignored it as Taiwan is not a member (because of pressure from China). So WHO (again pressured by China) actually acted against the health of the world in not revealing the Taiwan info.

    “The Vice President noted that, as early as the first part of January 2020, Taiwan authorities had launched proactive countermeasures on the premise that the virus could be spread through human-to-human transmission. That was before mainland Chinese health authorities acknowledged such a possibility.”

    “Taiwan continues to report on our situation here to WHO, but that organization (in line with its policy of refusing to consider Taiwan as a distinct entity and anything other than one province of China) has never once released that information. Consequently, there can be no discussion within WHO of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in Taiwan.”