Time to quarantine Canberra…permanently

Via Crikey come the day’s big links. First the Nats:


Barnaby Joyce will challenge Michael McCormack for Nationals leadership at a party room spill this morning, while Drought Minister David Littleproud and Queensland MP Keith Pitt set their sights on deputy leadership.

As The Guardian details, Matt Canavan has already stepped down as resources minister in order to back the former leader.

Multiple regional women’s groups have hit out at the possibility of Joyce retaking the leadership — which, given his long road to resigning in 2018 included allegations of sexual harassment and manufacturing a government role for Vikki Campion, is not that surprising.

Second, the Fake Greens:


The ten-member Greens party room will also choose a new leader this morning, with Melbourne MP Adam Bandt the only MP so far to have put their hand up to succeed Richard Di Natale.

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters has declared she will re-nominate for deputy leader, and Bandt has secured the support of Tasmania’s Nick McKimThe Sydney Morning Herald reports. Twitter’s hot pick, Mehreen Faruqi, however, has expressed interest in a “leadership position” and change to co-leaders.

Fun fact: The Greens were only a few months out from a plebiscite intended to reform their insane election process.

Good to see the nation’s capital keeping its eye on the unfolding virus calamity. McCormack has been re-elected in a blow to the Government and Bandt has been tapped to run the Fake Greens changing nothing.

Canberra should be quarantined permanently. It’s as simple as that.

David Llewellyn-Smith

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  1. Remember, these are YOUR elected Feral, sorry Federal members; they do not live nor represent Canberra. They come here on mass like a pack of rabid zombie and trash the joint. No point in quarantining Canberra when the source of the virus is in their respective Federal electorates.

  2. What a load of clap-trap as the country women I’m in touch with….actually prefer Barnaby’s return!