The honest ScoMo climate ad


One of these days these Millennials will pick up torches and pitch forks.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    Thank goodness The Juice Media has started back for 2020. A dose of reality and a moral compass – different in approach but the same bottom line as that delivered by the late and great John Clarke (oh, how he is missed) and Brian Dawe.

  2. John Howards Bowling Coach

    It is a genius move, the whole of the next generation are morons too self absorbed to put down their instagram feed and actually do something. So Scomo & Co don’t even need to worry.

    Aside them the oldies are selfish, spending up their massive wealth rather than pass it down as they received not only from their own parents, but from society.

    Gen X in the middle are still wondering if they should do something or either keep stressing for a mortgage, pay off the one they have, or join in the property-go-round.

    Australia is really nothing like what it pretend to be. It’s a wholly own foreign entity these days, paying rent to the various ‘stakeholders’

    • Straya collectively chose to sell out miners and other productive industries to foreign investors in favour of rising local house prices. Then all the important decisions that might matter to Straya are made, not in Straya, but in the boardrooms of said industries.

      Now you are seeing the consequences.

      • Are you feeling ok Darth Sidious: you seem to have forgotten the regular reference to nuclear power.

        Please respond, I am deeply concerned.

          • Are you posting Chernobyl as an example of why we should adopt nuclear energy? THE Chernobyl that but for a couple of suicide people would have rendered large chunks of Europe un-inhabitable for 1/2million years???? That one?

            So nuclear power is the slowest to build, more expensive than almost any other source and has the potential to make a place un-inhabitable for a millennium. The ONLY reason nuclear is being talked about is that it is Fossil Fuel’s ‘last hope’ in delaying it’s downfall – if they can delay new power coming online for 10 years they can rape the planet and keep making profits!

          • 1/2million years???? Where did you get your numbers from?

            And don’t forget fossil fuels are required for back-up generators in the absence of large-scale storage solutions for renewables because nuclear power plants cannot be turned on and off frequently. With your logic, Fossil Fuel’s ‘last hope’ in delaying it’s downfall is renewables.

          • 1/2million years???? Where did you get your numbers from?

            The half-life of uranium 238 is of 4.5 billion years, while uranium 235 has a half-life of ‘only’ 700 million years.

            Chernobyl released many different radioactive elements, including the following (the half-life is in parentheses):
            iodine-131 (8 days)
            caesium-137 (30 years)
            tellerium-132 (78 hours)
            xenon-133 (5 days)
            zirconium-95 (64 days)
            strontium-90 (28.8 years)
            niobium-95 (35 days)
            cerium-144 (285 days)
            plutonium (various isotopes with half-lives between 80 and 24,000 years)

            So yes, uranium-235 did not (would not) spew into Europe. So Europe would have ONLY been un-inhabitable for 24,000 years instead of 1/2 a million years. That makes all the difference. But even making Europe un-inhabitable for a year would cause a global collapse and maybe a civilization collapse. I am willing to put my trust in the future of the Australian Continent into the same people who are building our submarine fleet – how about you? To build power that is more expensive, takes longer and does not allow flexible generation! Win-win-win. I don’t know why more people (besides Fossil Fuel payed commentators) are trying to sell it???

          • Ah, so you just used the half-life of radioactive elements to draw your conclusion that Chernobyl could have rendered Europe uninhabitable for 1/2million years.

            You know that the earth itself is (and has always been) radioactive, right? So, with your logic, the earth would have been uninhabitable in the first place. There is clearly something very wrong with your deduction.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach


        Years ago when I saw that Austrade had it’s charter altered to include attracting foreign investment into Australia I knew that the game was over. I mean how can the government agency responsible for helping exporters get a hold in global markets, be also charged with selling off the nation.

        The majority of the people here have no idea how deeply broken this nation is.

    • Sorry, but the most self absorbed gen are boomers, by a LONG shot!

      Btw, we’ve been selling out for DECADES, this hasn’t just started. Our political system is as corrupt as they come and to see what the future holds look to the US.

      • “Btw, we’ve been selling out for DECADES, this hasn’t just started.”


        The misguided CGT exemption on PPOR destroyed the level playing field – a sizable proportion of Strayan’s income would have been directed to productive industries (stocks) if it were not for the CGT exemption on PPOR. Instead of doing the sensible thing, an average Joe’s investment strategy has been to buy the biggest (most expensive) house he can afford and spend the rest of his working life paying it off.

        • John Howards Bowling Coach

          When you say average Joe, you meant Joe Hockey didn’t you? I saw what you did there 😉

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        dennis I thought I covered the boomers at the oldies. Yes indeed they are and have been the worst thing to happen, ever.

        • Most baby boomers are just ordinary people who own little more than a very ordinary house, if that much, and have had close to zero say on anything. The same is true of people in every other generation. It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people can’t see that the real culprits are the neoliberal politicians and the oligarchs who pull their strings. Do you seriously think that housing, for example, would be so expensive without mass migration, without allowing real estate to be sold off to foreigners, without restrictive zoning and the concentration of jobs and opportunity in a few big cities, without special tax breaks for property investors, etc., etc.? The baby boomers are outnumbered by younger voters by more than 2 to 1. Which is it? The politicians are too stupid to know where the votes are, or these are the policies that their donors want, and they can rely on those donors to use their control of the mass media to shape the narrative and manufacture consent?

          • John Howards Bowling Coach

            Tania, nice words there on behalf of the boomers. But you need to realise that those in position to make the rules to throw open the door on migration, reinstating negative gearing, and capital gains tax concession, and those who sign the cheques on political donations are essentially all boomers. Say it is a general issue and it is, to a point, but the previous generation didn’t crew over the nation the way the boomers have.
            True indeed that most boomers have very little aside their house, but they are very happy to trumpet how genius they are merely for the fact that after getting their free uni degree they bought a house for a couple of years wages, and then hoovered up every available house on the market since. Yes they have screwed over their own generation as well, and yes you can point at that Scomo is NOT A BOOMER, but he is just following the train track laid down by the boomers who came before him.

            It’s not all the Boomer fault, but they have done a lot of damage.

        • 80% of baby boomers don’t own an investment property, and there are constant complaints here about how they want to go on living in their houses rather than selling up, i.e., most of them don’t benefit from high house prices, although their children might. To be sure, some of the oligarchs and their lackeys in Parliament and the media have been baby boomers, but plenty have been older or younger. Federal cabinet is essentially Gen X. Why do you think that any of these sociopaths are typical of their whole generation? Neoliberalism is a lot older than the baby boomers, and neoliberal policies were starting to be introduced around the world before the vast majority of baby boomers were even old enough to vote. The younger generations have the numbers to boot out every single neoliberal politician and haven’t done it. I have been putting the major parties last for decades, but can’t do it all on my own. You voted for this.

          • John Howards Bowling Coach

            I didn’t vote for them. You are now doing what you are complaining about, grouping a generation together and assuming they are all making the same mistakes 😉

    • The problem with a pitchfork revolution is that you need genuine hardship for one to foment. Unless you’re French, of course.

      Nope, MKS, MAFS, The Block, I’m a Celeb etc still take precedence. We’d need the banks to effect mass foreclosures for the mongs to wake up and pick up a pitchfork.

  3. Ergh, Juice Media are cringe. Same snarky formula every time and never once turn the same blowtorch to Labor or the Greens.

    No surprise given they are based in inner city Melbourne.

    • I really enjoy the Honest Govt ads but I’d agree that credibility rests on being ‘balanced’ at all times. Presumably they would attack Labor too if in power, but I don’t know enough about them.

      • Give them a break. This government is providing them with so much material, they need to focus on key issues. Having said that, it would be painful to see how they would comment on Labor and its climate policy or whatever it calls it.

    • and there is no ridicule at all for the largest government disaster of all… the long running mass Third World immigration program.

    • Well, I agree the piece was just OK…but your response is a straight case of ignoring the message to try to denigrate the messenger. ‘It can’t be good, it’s from inner Melbourne.’ That’s no better than ‘all Queenslanders are dumb’.
      And news flash: the job of satire is to critique those in power, not those on the sidelines.

    • I posted that exact issue under one of their videos on YouTube ages ago — and, crickets. I was extremely polite and measured about it too.

      The best way to deal with the truth if you’re one of these excruciating virtue signalling types is to ignore it, it seems.

  4. If any Western country really cared about climate change it would stop importing people from the rest of the world and products from China.

    • Lol. If anyone really cared about climate change they’d kill a lot of people. Perhaps with a virus of some sort ….

      Hang on a sec …

      • It would not surprise me if a Communist Empire developed a way to cull its aged population, to make it more economically and militarily completive with a Capitalist Empire.

        That aside, the West’s self flagellation over issues that other nations are more culprits of has reached a point of absurd self destruction. We should take what we have and save ourselves before it is too late – there can be no brotherhood of man amongst 7 billion, with depleting resources, only a swarming, desperate mass.

    • I would go long a local pitchfork manufacturer but I’m really not that confident that we’re capable (or motivated) enough to raise ourselves from our Harvey Norman sourced sofas (interest free for 5yrs, nothing to pay for 18 months) to do anything about the current woeful situation.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        Harvey Norman? Bosh piffle Sunday trousers! Last time I was there they asked a $75 delivery fee on a mattress, at which point i cancelled the sale and politely suggested that they GAGF.

      • Motivation is an issue but I suspect getting all the pitchforks to point in the same direction will be the bigger challenge.

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        I’m afraid we can’t have pitchforks at the moment because the Chinese factory is closed, and there are no shipments. You’ll just have to wait.

  5. The best! love the satire.

    The only point of misfire, is that they target natural gas producers…
    now, Australian centralized electricity generation is what, 80 + % coal-fired nation-wide?? gas accounts for a bit, maybe 10%, renewables a bit and hydro-electric a tad (most of Tasmania)

    Point being, Australia demands large quantities of electrical power, and natural gas is ironically, the only viable solution immediately available (short of nuclear power suddenly being accepted here) to displace coal-fired generation that emits less carbon. So should Juice be demonizing natural gas producers?

    After-all, their videos are currently developed using sh!t-fvckery tonnes of coal, and will in the coming years depend on natural gas, so the hypocrisy is not lost on those familiar with the science and engineering behind major energy infrastructure.

    Why Juice is yet to acknowledge the link between exponential growth rate of human population globally, and climate change, is of real concern and detracts from their credibility. …have a look some time @Juicemedia #Juice #Juicemedia

  6. David WilsonMEMBER

    Ahhh yes, climate change garbage from the green left
    Let’s look at the facts
    1. Our planet cooled last year along with 2017 and 2018 also being cooler than 2016
    2. The drought, yep well as we know it always rains at the end of every drought, In Brisbane we have had six times the rainfall for January and February 2020 compared to 2019
    3. Dams are re filling
    4. Fires are decreasing and going out
    5. The majority of recent fires were deliberately or accidentally started
    6. The death toll although absolutely terrible for the recent fires was 75% less than previous shocking fires
    7. The lack of back burning has been a major contributor to the intensity of the fires . When recently in NT I noted significant back burning being carried out to sensibly control the intensity of bush fires whilst other states failed to fulfill their obligations to do so , hardly the responsibility of the federal government
    8. Climate change is a natural cycle and in my 70 plus years living in many different city and country locations around Australia I see nothing but a continuation of climate variation driven by natural cycles all documented throughout history.
    Should we keep our air rivers , land and seas free from dangerous chemicals, absolutely but let’s get over the climate change fear mongering, learn to adapt and let’s cut the filthy language used by lefty drivel and promoting of rubbish by this publication.