Sydney cruise locked down on virus fear (updated)

Throw open the borders! Or not:

A passenger aboard a cruise ship docked in Sydney Harbour is being tested for possible coronavirus.

The Australian understands that NSW Health are assessing a Singaporean woman who fell ill with respiratory illness.

The cruise ship arrived in Sydney this morning having believed to be at other Australian ports after travelling from New Zealand.

If she is positive, let’s hope we do a better job than Japan where 218 out of 713 passengers are infected in a quarantined ship of the damned.

Even the bloke who was sent on board to test passengers now has it.

Update: Passengers have been allowed to leave the Sydney vessel. It is unclear if patient has COVID-19.

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  1. If you haven’t played plague inc, download it and have a go.


    This virus actually seems to be doing better than I can at the game.
    It’s spreading faster, further, and more fatally than you can get away with in the game.

    It’s no where near a perfect simulation, but it’ll give you an idea of just how scary this could be.

  2. Like I said a couple of weeks ago. This is like The Last Ship (Stan) but in reverse.

    Btw, a great no-thinking watch, until the last season where it truly jumped the shark.

  3. TailorTrashMEMBER

    It’s ok Gladys Liu has told Australians not to be scared …….I feel better already
    Perhaps Gladys could throw a bit of CCP dosh in the right direction and get those borders back open
    to the deluge again

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Look if anyone would know what’s up and what should be done about it insofar as infection control and Australian public health is concerned, it would be compromised CCP shill internationally respected expert epidemiologist Gladys Liu.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      yeah, not as well as the Japs, they don’t fck around with BS social justice niceties, we have no chance

    • what would we want that for when we have Christmas island, because these are BOAT PEOPLE they have to go to some island.. fckn

  4. My GP in the ACT said the requirements for being allowed to test for COVID19 are very restrictive. Can’t remember the details but something like before Feb 1 must have traveled in Hubei Province after Feb 1 must have traveled in Mainland China. I hope this just ACT Govt rules- we have a complete moron Government in ACT. I can’t see why Germany should have more confirmed cases than Australia given our Chinese air traffic. Or why Thailand has 3 times as many cases as Australia. I worry that we are not doing enough testing or following up close contacts. On another note I am concerned but not surprised that there’s almost no debate in the media on how Australia is preparing for a pandemic. I hope it’s going on inside government but it would be nice to be more informed about it as a tax paying citizen. I worry that we are seriously underprepared.

    • Is the government strategy to allow the virus to proliferate here (with restrictive testing etc) and once there is a critical mass of people infected there will be little benefit from keeping banning entry from China since we already have it? Hey presto – students are back, overseas house/apartment buyers are back?

  5. I really really want to know the demographics of the people that die from this. I am hearing it’s always the older over 60s or people with poor respiratory health that are getting seriously critical. Is this actually true?? Or are they just hiding the number of children, teens and middle aged deaths to not scare people?
    I have all generations around me and we are a bit confused on who we are supposed to be most concerned for here??

    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      Same here. Except I’m selfishly trying to assess the likelihood of survival for myself should this thing go global.

      From what I’ve read so far kids seem to be off the hook (asymptomatic/ minor symptoms even if they get it), but people with a pre-existing health condition, the elderly and men are at higher risk. I’ve heard 70% of those diagnosed are men and the remainder women. I would think the young and healthy would get away with it, but then the whistleblower doctor died (mid-30s) and that’s a bit worrying personally (that’s my age bracket).

      I’m wondering if some are more genetically disposed towards it being serious for them. I dunno what this means for me – I caught every head cold going as a kid and it always seemed worse for me than for those around me who had it at the same time. I still react badly to head colds now I’m an adult – some will have my head bunged up for a week or more, while other people I know, my brother say, get a mild sniffle and have licked it in three days.

      Game plan if it goes widespread in Aus. Shop rarely (big fortnightly shops), work from home, get socialisation needs met in MB comments section, hope for the best…

      • Yeah! Mid-30s. The thing is, just because he’s a doctor, you can’t really tell by that. He could have been a smoker (doctors arent all angels).
        I’m wondering if some are more genetically disposed towards it being serious for them.
        >> Apparently asians have more something-receptors (ace receptors??) that makes it worse.
        Also, I bet he is overworked and with the temps in China also very low and constantly being exposed to the virus means you don’t quite get over it too.
        At least that’s what I’m telling myself!
        >>Shop rarely (big fortnightly shops), work from home, get socialisation needs met in MB comments section, hope for the best…
        That’s what I am doing right now.. plus keeping the toddler home instead of daycare for the moment. So if THAT doesn’t work, I’ll let you know to change that game plan.