SmoCo, coal smashed in new poll

Via The Guardian:

Australia’s bushfire crisis has caused a spike in concern about the environment, a hit to the popularity of the Coalition and Scott Morrison and a drop in support for new coalmines, even among Coalition voters.

Those are the conclusions of a poll of 3,249 Australians conducted by the Australian National University’s Centre for Social Research and Methods, which found a “significant and substantial decline” in the Coalition’s vote from 40% in October 2019 to 35% in January.

The poll, released on Tuesday, confirms the results of the Newspoll and Guardian Essential poll that a horror summer – in which Morrison chose to holiday in Hawaii during the extended bushfire crisis that claimed at least 33 lives and more than 2,000 homes – has significantly impacted his popularity.

The lead researcher, professor Nicolas Biddle, said the ANU poll showed “quite strong disapproval” of the federal government’s handling of bushfires and “in particular” with Morrison’s performance.

In a rating of confidence in party leaders, Morrison scored an average of 3.92 out of 10, a net negative score and a slump since he rated 5.25 in June 2019. Labor leader Anthony Albanese recorded a “small but significant increase” from 4.87 in June 2019 to 5.04.

Confidence in the federal government also declined, with only 27% of respondents reporting they were “confident” or “very confident” in it, down 10.9% since October.

“This is one of the largest declines in confidence I have seen in such a short period of time,” Biddle said.

State governments enjoyed support from 40.4% of respondents.

The Morrison Government often does things contrary to its own interest. But I still think that the legacy above will prevent it from opening up to China on COVID-19 too fast.

At least, I hope…

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  1. He’s surely trapped until the Chief Medico here gives the all clear. If he goes against official advice he’s rooted.

  2. Who cares what a commie egghead deep in the Canberra bubble says! Did he poll the ANU refectory? lol.

    • A poll conducted among communists found that communism was seen in a quite favourable light …

  3. Scummo is still ahead at Sportsbet

    Scummo $1.85
    Albotross $1.95

    Q and A had a question about “donations” last night:


    I want to ask Lambie about donations, because you had a particular experience. I think it was $25,000…


    $25,000. And within a matter of days, they tried to start dictating to me how I was going to run my campaign.

      • This was AMPI. So, starting to interfere already on 25 grand.

        when you’re going to a dinner and you’re eating cold chips and chicken, and you’re paying 10,000 bucks a head, what the bloody hell do you actually think that’s paying for

  4. Scummo doesn’t care. As far as he’s concerned it’s the End of Times, The Rapture has begun and he’s got a one way ticket up. All he has to do is work out which Rapture faction is going to win and pretend to be a “true believer” (TM)

    Mid-tribulational premillennialism

    Pre-tribulational premillennialism

    Prewrath premillennialism

    Partial pre-tribulation premillennialism

    Post-tribulational premillennialism

    Postmillennialism or


    Taking over the Lib leadership was much easier, so many choices…