Morrison risks lives of one-in-twenty retirees

As Leith outlines today, the Morrison Government is on the verge of opening Australian borders to China and the coronavirus to save a few bob for Aussie universities and property developers. The process of opening up will first allow 1k high schools students in, then 100k university students, and just as many tourists.

Clearly this makes no medical sense. It’s either safe to remove the quarantine or it isn’t, and on our numbers it’s NOT. In the following charts, we extrapolate the mild cases that the CCP systematically excludes from its numbers:

Moreover, rest of world cases are doubling every two days:

Morrison’s behaviour makes sense in another way.  A slow release of the Chinese quarantine is a political trial balloon to see how the public reacts before throwing the border fully open. It’s a live fire market research exercise, if you will, which is what this government is all about.

As we saw during the bushfires crisis, Morrison is incapabale of empathising with ordinary Australians. To him the virus risk is simply another political calculation as faceless lives are weighed against such imperatives as “the surplus”.

Don’t expect the media to object to a premature border opening. The MSM is completely compromised on Chinese students. Nine’s business is little more than a real estate agent. Murdoch is the Government’s propaganda arm. The ABC is a race-obsessed useful idiot. The MSM has barely covered the mushrooming pandemic so far and the border opening gets no mention today.

That leaves you. If you are as shocked and appalled as we are at Morrison’s recklessness then get on the blower to your local member, start petitions, call radio stations, send group emails. Link the Nucleus Wealth virus charts if you need evidence.  Get active fast.

Otherwise the borders will be opened later this week and the virus risk will skyrocket, especially for retirees. The following is the illness severity breakdown based upon the deepest Chinese study:

Our best guess for the demographic spread of mortality risk of those who contract the virus is below:

People Proportion Proportion who die Number who die
1000 1.07% 10.73
<30 300 30% 0.01% 0.03
30-50 200 20% 0.10% 0.2
50-65 200 20% 0.75% 1.5
65-80 200 20% 2.00% 4
80+ 100 10% 5.00% 5

For a few dollars, Morrison is risking putting a one-in-twenty Russian roulette revolver to the head of every Australian retiree.

Would you do that?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. “Don’t expect the media to object to a premature border opening. The MSM is completely compromised on Chinese students. Nine’s business is little more than a real estate agent. Murdoch is the Government’s propaganda arm. The ABC is a race-obsessed useful idiot. The MSM has barely covered the mushrooming pandemic so far.”

    I just checked The Australian’s homepage. NOT A SINGLE STORY on Covid-19.

    SMH wasn’t much better. Only two links and both were halfway down the page. Nothing about ScoMo’s decision to open the borders to Chinese students.

  2. Did anyone expect anything else? The ONLY reason the travel ban was introduced in the first place was because of the backlash over his response to the bushfires, that’s all, his main concern is his “surplus” and his donors.

    Don’t expect the media, business or anyone with a vested interest to come out against the removal.

    Edit: Only really bad news on the virus front overseas will make him think twice.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Don’t expect the media, business or anyone with a vested interest to come out against the removal.

      Of course not – we live in the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia, hence the lens through which all our collective issues are viewed is in relation to how it impacts the economy, everything else is subservient to the economic outcome.

      What H&H fails to recognise in all his razor sharp analysis on all the many subjects he touches on, is that we aren’t a society anymore, we are an economic zone.

      Once you accept that this is the starting position from which the elites view Australia, all their economic and ‘social’ policies make perfect sense.

        • +1
          The government has been owned by the elites / big business for decades. Quibbling over which party is better implies a general ignorance of the reality. Only a major crisis will upend this cosy situation and maybe SCOVID-19 is it. We can only hope.

  3. How long before the Americans are saying about Australia “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  4. Italy will soon be putting Milan into lockdown.

    But one positive for Europe and the entire Northern hemisphere is that it’s coming into Spring/Summer.

    Straya is opening the floodgates to the Chinese just at the onset of the colder weather / flu season.

    Scummo is having a laf.

      • There won’t be any restaurants left open, vibrant or otherwise, when every city is put into lockdown.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I came riding down from the Otways into Kennett River yesterday and completely bypassed the shop and toilets because it’s a Chinaman hotspot. There’s still a quite a few around getting in everyone’s way. Don’t think the shop was doing very well. People were just getting out of there.

    • Better still write a letter. If you already know someone with coronavirus make sure they lick the stamp and envelope well before sending it to the responsible minister.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Did so on the weekend. I’m waiting for the generic ‘thanks for your concern’ replies. I like the idea of phoning too as calls are harder to ignore.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Send a letter, email or phone message to all of them.

        Your local member, the relevant minister and your state senators.

        Do it before you post again. It’s surprisingly effective.

        • Why would they care? We continue to vote for them.

          The only way to fix this country is destroy the 3 major parties and boycott MSM.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            If you can’t mail a letter or send an email stop whinging. If a pollie gets 1000 letters on a subject, they start to listen.

            If you can’t get out of your own way to do something, no matter how small, you are just as bad as the people you despise.

            It takes 20 minutes, max.

  5. It would be racist if our old people did not die like old people in China. In this globalised service economy Australians need to stand ready to catch any disease that emerges from an illegal Chinese market for wildlife meat. The Australian government ceased protecting Australian citizens as soon as both the ALP and LNP embraced free markets, deregulation, mass immigration and open boarders.

    • Which ones are more likely to die? Just boring old people or the important ones who get lots of franking credit refunds?

      • Since the franking credit ones are constantly boasting about their amazing social lives and the way that they eat out on a daily basis, I think they’re sitting ducks.

          • MB, I imagine if you book a cruise for the upcoming European summer the demographic may shift a bit by the time you get there. Less grey hair and plastic hips?

        • Yes, that figure of 5% deaths fur the oldest serms rather low, given the figures I’ve seen (eg18% for over 80s & over 65s about half that) & they eat out a lot

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Im predicting an inheritance lead economic recovery.
        Car sales to all time highs once all those Nannys and Poppies suddenly start dying off!

        • That is a solid prediction. Once the asset bases of old (debt free) people begin to flow down to younger people who can use the assets to leverage up, there is indeed a strong boom possibility.

  6. Ah this will severe impact mainly on Alan Jones radio listener demographics, and Sky News after dark viewers.

      • Yes, but thank Scotty from Marketing’s god (in advance) that there will be fewer intolerant, socially stingy, climate denying, NEWs subscribers come next Australian summer.

    • Nah, one cough for ‘yes’ and a bronchial gurgle for ‘no’ and talkback on 2UE will take oldies and phlegm to a new level. The Aland Jones Hour of Phlegm, sponsored by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

    • People now just borrow maximum with no thought of contingency if job is lost, sick etc
      No consideration to how the loan is repaid
      This housing debacle is going to end in tears

      THE BIG SHORT was on TV yesterday morning just popped up when TV was switched on Sunday breakfast watching a bubble burst, my GF said wow what’s going on right now in AUST looks like what happened in 05/06 before the US down turn, they all went nuts before their crash, you couldn’t reason with anyone that it was a bubble

      The bubble here is close to bursting

        • I never said 18 months
          I’d add if house prices rose on reducing mortgage debt levels, I’d reverse my view
          Since 2008, the commodity boom brought huge money into Aust that went into the banking system and into property speculation
          Prices are going to fall
          The longer they stretch the elastic band the harder the reversal
          If the government or powers to be implemented MP stopped rediculous tax incentives etc to keep the bubble going prices wouldn’t have gone so high but they did I agree but the end outcome can’t be stopped, the final outcome is already set in motion
          It actually doesn’t matter what anyone does or says, this is much bigger than all of us

  7. Israel is reportedly (reuters) looking to quarantine about 200 S Korean tourists on a military base.

    Australia is opening the floodgates.


  8. Are Liberal MPs even human at all, or are they some sort of alien occupying force? I never thought things would get this bad! Albo should be threatening to try them for treason if the coronavirus gets in through these kids — with hanging as the penalty.

    • The Wuhan local government initially buried the coronavirus stories out of economic considerations. The result was a disaster much, much worse as the entire province is put under martial law. I’m sure those people who made the decision still thinks it is all overblown.

      Our Federal government is not any better than the Wuhan local government.

  9. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Why would he care? It’s not like any of them pay taxes and the survivors will still vote LNP.

  10. I am currently sitting on a crush loaded train in Sydney. A few passengers are coughing or sniffling. There is certainly no chance to stay a meter apart, as recommended by the WHO.
    PS: when I say “sitting”, of course I mean on the stairs, not an actual seat.

  11. BoomToBustMEMBER

    Maybe this will be the best thing for Australia, this might bring some balance back and if retirees start to exert their loud voices against their own personal interests of wealth in order to stay alive, but crash their financial portfolio. It would be fitting irony.

  12. Who is the current liberal party president? I’m emailing them with the title:I’ll never vote liberal again

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        That’s like me saying I’ll never ride the Tour again after reading about drug taking by Lance Armstrong.

      • I’ve never actaully voted Liberal in my life (and haven’t voted for a major party for about 15 years) but if they can lie to me then I can lie to them to get their attention. After all I know they are going to disregard my message if I say hey I’m a life long despiser of your party but now I despise you even more. So instead my psyops is hey I voted for you in the past but now you pissed me off so much I’m not going to (which will probably mean they still ignore me but what can you do?)

  13. Just emailed to my local MP, the Honorable Member for Flinders and the Health Minister.

    Title of email: I will NEVER vote Liberal AGAIN

    Dear Greg,

    I am absolutely apoplectic with rage. There are no words to describe my shock, outrage, despair, fear and disgust at the decision the federal government has taken to relax to the travel ban to allow some Chinese students to enter Australia.

    I lived in China for 17 years on and off from 1995 to 2017. I love China and I love the Chinese people. My heart cries at the horrific situation they are enduring and I am in contact daily with people still living in China. I was relieved when the government initiated the travel ban and I approved of the evacuations of Australian citizens to an appropriate location. However I am now in fear for my own life and that of my parents with who I live with. I know that you are just testing the market with this partial relaxation in order to wholly remove the travel restrictions very soon after and I am writing to inform that I wholeheartedly do not agree with this decision and that I will NEVER VOTE LIBERAL AGAIN.

    I have watched from afar over time the degradation of public policy in Australia which has devolved from a country that made appropriate decisions for the long term benefit of it’s citizens to one that does not. The decision to relax the travel ban is utter madness based on greed by certain sections of the Australian economy and a craven caving to pressure from the CCP. Anyone who is following Covid 19 developments overseas and has a brain based in reality can see the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Globally renowned epidemiologists have stated that China is probably only identifying 10% of cases and outside of China the healthcare systems are only identifying 25% of cases due to the incredibly difficulty of any health system, even with the best intentions and resources in the world, to find a novel virus in their population. The US CDC has reported that only 3 states are able to test for Covid 19 because the remaining states received faulty test kits and that 30 countries also received faulty tests kits. How you could state that the situation is not getting worse on a day that South Korea is reporting a doubling of cases absolutely astounds me. Do you not understand basic maths, the exponential function, asymptomatic transmission and the damage that super spreaders can do? I now truly believe that we are not a society anymore but that our government views the people only as economic units. I am furious and I believe you are unfit to be the health minister and to represent the seat of Flinders.

    As an aside, why is the quarantine period still only 14 days? There is significant credible evidence from Chinese scientists that the incubation period is at least up to 24 days and in one case was 27 days. How can you take at face value the Chinese government Covid 19 case statistics when everyone who knows even a little about China knows that local government officials massage the data to look better to the central government, and yet not accept what China’s scientists say? Have you heard the phrase ‘the mountains are high and the Emperor is far away’? Why is the quarantine period only 14 days and not 30?

    I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my parents while relatively healthy are in their early 70s. I receive no assistance from the government in any form, except for Medicare, to manage my debilitating condition. I do however live with my parents and they are financially supporting me while I save almost everything I earn from my two part-time jobs for a house deposit. I am now afraid that either I will die, or that worse, I will survive and my parents who I rely on, will die.

    Once again I wish to register my disgust and outrage at this decision.


    • I fibbed a tad as I have actually never voted Liberal but you need to get their attention somehow, and they aren’t telling me the whole truth. Feel free to cut an paste appropriate sections in any part of an email if you want. I intend to email the Liberal party president with a modified version.

      • What’s worse?
        A) Fibbing a tad to Liberal scum
        B) Voting for Liberal scum more than zero times in one’s life

      • I just emailed it to the Liberal Party as well, suitably edited. Now time to go and stock up at the supermarket a bit!

    • Not only a psychotic decision that puts the interests of a small segment of the economy ahead of the lives of many Australians, it is also a decision that could cripple our entire economy.

  14. Your figures align with those from the WHO, who say that 20% of cases are critical. We have also not yet determined what ‘recovered’ means. This virus is not pneumonia. The SARS survivors, who were critical were left with organ damage, which was in cases, debilitating. At the moment recovered just means not dead.

  15. Team Macrobusiness, could you please unlock that post, so we could share it and more people could read it?