Locked down China demands Australia open borders

Via the AFR:

Gu Xiaojie, the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, declined to specify whether he had asked the state ministers – including the NSW deputy premier and ministers for health and education – to lobby Canberra to lift the extended travel ban on flights from China.

…”Some people are saying the situation will affect the reputation of Australian international education. That’s kind of fair,” he told a press conference on Wednesday, adding that it was a “fact” that Chinese students were reconsidering their plans to study in Australia.

Though Mr Gu focused his criticism on the three-week ban on travel from China, which is set to expire this weekend, he also raised concerns about the “do not travel” advisory on outbound travel to the mainland.

Contrary to the advice offered by these geniuses, the fastest way to spread racism in Australia is to reopen travel too quickly and see new coronavirus cases emerge.

China itself still has travel restrictions on 700m people.

What do we matter?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Given there’s a lobby group acting for everything and everyone but Australians and Australia, on every issue, shows Hanson should already be the #1 party in Australia.

      We deserve how this unfolds in decades to come.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      this attitude will be the foundation of the new Chinese global order …. just wait and see ….. seriously …..everyone will love it Skippy says

    • Titanium DiOxide

      There’s a reason Mainland Chinese are hated by local Chinese in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    • Here Here. and our pollies call it diplomatic to acknowledge their lies and listen to their bullsh%^t. Call it out you brought Canberra crap.

  1. The new owners of Australia are demanding to be let in and take possession. I wonder if they will get a welcome to Australia traditional ceremony.

    • Titanium DiOxide

      Time for the government to step in and take up the slack by renting the apartments and buying homes in Box Hill.
      Think of it as “QE with Australian characteristics”

      • It would warm mine more if I knew a bunch of cocky specufestors were being torched in the process. Oh well, it’s something I guess.

    • I’m watching vacancies in the rental market where i am in Sydney building which should NOT be happening at this time of year with uni starting.

      Next is for the Air Bnbs to come onto the long term rental market because they are sitting empty too..

      It’s fvkn great!

      • Yep, long may the Corona linger.

        The down side will be if ScroteMo sets up a hardship fund for investors to tap to cover their expenses while this plays out. Taxpayer funded, fcken!

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        In disappointing news though, places I’ve been watching down the south coast have gone under offer in the last week or two.

        There’s still plenty of cheap money flowing through.

    • “Such properties would be hard to rent to others including professional couples, given they were thought of as “student buildings””. i.e absolute sh*t holes, with 4 students to a room, including the balcony.

    • “Such properties would be hard to rent to others including professional couples, given they were thought of as “student buildings””. i.e absolute sh*t holes, with 4 students to a room, including the balcony.

  2. Morrison has done well in this virus … not enough to forget aloha to the fires … but an improvement. Being seen to lower the defences for dollars or ANYTHING that imperils the voters will see him dumped for the nearest drovers dog. Special interests can just park it. Voters want leadership that puts them first for a change.

  3. Not sure where these students think they will be going, we are not the only Western country who have closed their borders.

  4. I don’t know why anyone takes the Chinese government seriously anymore. They are firstly bullies, and when they don’t get their way, they become cry babies. Pathetic.

    • Yep the olds are actually considering going to the great ocean road for a holiday. Years ago they sadly said never again so they’re super happy

  5. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    Using the threat of financial duress is China’s standard strong-arm tactics. What is telling is how the education sector immediately responded to that by aligning to China’s demand against Australia’s national interests.
    By the way, Russia has just closed its borders to Chinese people too. Looking forward to the Chinese ambassador issuing a formal complaint and trying the same tricks.

  6. I’m with you (MB) they want to export it to the world and well they see Aus as a soft target and access point for the world