Labor’s “racism” virus is the real problem

We are all racist according to the Australian Labor Party:

The coronavirus outbreak has refocused attention on racist attitudes in Australia and the federal opposition and experts are renewing calls for fresh anti-racism measures as a result.

The federal opposition has again called for a new national anti-racism campaign, following the rise in race-based attacks as a result of the coronavirus outbreak…

Labor’s multicultural affairs spokesperson Andrew Giles fronted a social cohesion conference in western Sydney’s Parramatta to make his call for action.

“There is a creeping normalisation of hate and racism in Australia,” he said.

“It’s time for a new national anti-racism campaign.

“If we fail to take action now, we may end up with more racism, more violence and a country that no longer resembles what we love most about Australia”…

There are concerns racism against Chinese-Australians has risen alongside the coronavirus outbreak despite rejections of this behaviour by politicians and health officials.

Labor’s Andrew Giles travelled to the east Melbourne suburb of Box Hill last week, well known for its high concentration of people of Chinese-Australian heritage.

He said some businesses had experienced a 70 per cent drop: “no doubt because of fear and misinformation about the coronavirus.”

I live in Melbourne’s East. I visit Chadstone Shopping Centre and The Glen frequently. I can tell you first hand that it is Asian-Australians staying away, not the so-called ‘racist’ ‘whites’. Terms which I would rather not use at all. Asian-Australians are also the ones wearing the face masks in public.

An acquaintance living in Box Hill also commented last week on Facebook that the Chinese had abandoned Box Hill Central and that it resembled a ghost town.

It’s also the case that China itself remains largely shut. Likewise, if individual Australians wish to be cautious about COVID-19 then they do not deserve to be labelled racist or anything else.

Of course there will be isolated individual cases of racism and they deserve a put down. But extrapolating that to everyone and everything as racist or xenophobic only dimimshes the meaning and impact and the terms. People lose interest and switch-off.

Instead of focusing on identity politics and attempting to play us off against each other, the ALP should represent its working-class base and develop policies that improve living standards.

Otherwise, the ALP will remain in the political wilderness.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. Labour = We love immigrants more than Australians.
    How about they start listening to actual Australians instead of pandering up to foreign interests. Sellouts the lot of them. 👎🏿

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        I watched SBS news two nights ago – they lead into the story with concerns about xenophobia being displayed to Asians.

        The sum total of the racism and xenophobia?

        A local in the NT asking about the quarantine camps to make sure that they were safe in terms of spreading germs. The whole narrative of the story had been framed as ‘racism’ but there was absolutely nothing within it.

        Australia’s ‘racism problem’ is one of manufactured outrage, where these puss-wad newspapers and national broadcasters frame the narrative to suit their beliefs and push their agenda, rather than the genuine concerns of the community. They are evil, society destroying chunts.

        SBS should be shuttered or sold – if Frank Lowy wants a Multicultural propaganda machine on Air he should damn well pay for it himself, rather than forcing existing Australians to pick up the tab for an institution that effectively celebrates their displacement and disenfranchisement. Multiculturalism is economic theft and cultural genocide.

        As Anon put it the other day:

        “Like the Roman empire. You could be a black man born in Africa but aspire to be a Roman Citizen. And take on the culture of the romans, their gods and their habits.”

        About time people come to Australia to BECOME Australian.

      • No, Just the ones with power and influence that actually matter.
        If the ALP can’t even represent it’s own members why does anyone think it will ever represent the electorate.

    • They are owned by the CCP and do their bidding.
      This is hilarious because newer Chinese immigrant voters don’t even vote for them!

      • immigrant voters don’t even vote for them!


        Labour’s worst general election result since 1935

    • errrr… the electoral system of this country maintains the duopoly on life support even if clinically dead.
      Resurrection awaits.

    • “If we fail to take action now, we may end up with more racism, more violence and a country that no longer resembles what we love most about Australia”…
      They are completely blind to what they, and the “Big Australia “adhearence have done to this country.

  2. The ALP are a nauseating blob of hubris, stupidity, incompetence and narcissism. I sooooo wish they would just curl up and die. Disband the whole thing, and create a political party that isn’t dominated by idiots and that represents the people of the country and acts in their best interests.

    • There is no need for labor to disband to create the party you seek. It’s lack of appearance is due to other factors.

  3. Pfffftttt!!! Call me a racist, like I care!!!
    Our society (govt et al) has learnt that this label can control alot of behaviour and shift alot of attitudes and close down alot of rational discussion that we need to have.
    As already stated, it would seem that the mightly dollar is more inmportant than lives of ordinary people, and the ‘racist’ tag is the most efficient way to give the mightly dollar a clear path!
    Go Capitlaism!!! There won’t be a whole lot of people to do the menial work soon. Then what?

    • Well said. The r word has lost its credibility and has simply become a mere tool for certain individuals and groups to try to deceive and get some kind of dishonest and unethical advantage for themselves. People are increasingly becoming aware of this.

  4. The BystanderMEMBER

    Funny how there’s endless handwringing about racism following the coronavirus outbreak, yet who do I see signing petitions demanding returning Chinese students be quarantined before returning to school? Chinese Australians:

    Instead of an anti-racism campaign that inevitably boils down to “only white people are racist, shame on all whites”, how about an education campaign amongst the Chinese community so they know they can go about their day with next to no chance of getting sick? They can keep their face masks on if they’re that attached to them, but they’re not going to die by heading to the local hot pot restaurant for a meal out.

    • Actually, the interesting point is that the Chinese here know exactly how other Chinese behave (ie, selfish as fvck and don’t care how they affect others) which is why they don’t trust mingling with other Chinese because they don’t trust them to self isolate like they should.

  5. Racism is just a pejorative term for in-group preferencing. There’s one tribe that throws it around the most and they have the highest in-group preference possible.

    The labelling of in-group preferencing as a negative is pivotal to globalist types, as it allows them to destroy identity and culture of nations to achieve their goals of turning countries into purely neoliberal economic zones they can profit from.

    Meanwhile, Scandinavians have no culture and Africans can be Vikings apparently:

  6. master of toilet paper

    racism to me means either two things:

    -hating or otherwise viewing somebody as bad on the basis of their race alone.

    race is the operative word here; races are continental human populations with a shared common ancestry, shared phenotypic/genotypic characteristics which make them relatively distignuishable from other ‘races’ and a shared common continental geography. this is essentially the american environmental protection agencies legal definition of sub-species, applied to human beings. by this standard, there is a total minimum of 5 human races and a maximum of however you want depending on how much of a lumper and splitter you are. this does not matter that much however.

    races are not: cultures (which is a shared behavioural heritage comprising things such as language, customs, traditions, etc etc) or religions (in sofar as they are not ethnic religions, such as say judaism partially is). ‘racism’ cannot apply when these concepts are being exclusively discussed, except when it is implied that religion/culture are being used as proxies for races (though this is usually dishonest).

    racism is also:

    -the belief that human races have evolved different characteristics over evolutionary time, that absolutely or on average impact their capacities with in a broad variety of domains, intellectual or physical. this is typically associated with a hierarchy of racial ‘quality’, though it does not necessarily have to be. this belief is of course an empirical question, and whether and what exactly do the human races vary on (for genotypic reasons) is still a matter of investigation and dispute.

    i find any usage of the term racism that strays from these two definitions useless or mostly a means of controlling public discourse for whatever reason, usually because somebody, somewhere, wants money.

  7. Labor – that Marles Mess on Insiders last Sunday said it all. There must be a few good ‘uns left there that feel postal meltdown daily in dealing with their comrades.

    Racism – phfft. In my (Malay/Thai/Philip) experience I have never seen such overt skin-colour based racism than from Chinese. We should have been cancelling visas and sending ’em home with their suitcase full of pork for 20 years. Now look at the mess you’ve gotten us in, Ollie!

    • Is that for those with darker skin? I’ve heard they are racist to those with a darker skin as it means those people are of lower standing because they likely have to work in the sun akin to the poorer Chinese who work in ricefields.

  8. but but but, blowing my “ism” whistle and banging the table in a 4 person audience press conference is the only way i’ll get me 10 second virtue clip on the project tonight? I mean come on, what else am i supposed to do as an elected official?

  9. I don’t get some of these idiots thought processes. Go to Chatswood, or eastwood, it’s 90% chinese normally, so most of the folk avoiding the chinese people are other chinese people, therefore, racism is endemic Australia wide?

  10. Labor has become the new greens feminazis Aussie hating elite. I mentioned the other week when I went into a Perth pharmacy on hay st that all the staff were vibrants all wearing face masks and printed signs all over the shop telling people with symptoms to leave the store. But it’s white people who are the racists. Like wise the ONLY ONLY people wearing masks on the daily train commute are not caucasian.

    • Wearing a mask in my mind has literally nothing to do with racism and everything to do with risk management

      • Spread by aerosol…but….” and misinformation about the coronavirus.”

        With Labor it’s just spin and dishonesty.

      • Precisely. Wearing a face mask is a good idea if you think you might be sick (in any way) and a very good idea if you are entering a public space you are dubious of. No stigma. No racism. Good idea. The asian cultures are way ahead of us regarding social responsibility when unwell. I will do it if the virus gets a foothold in Aus

        • John Howards Bowling Coach

          Arthur I am not sure if you are aware of this little nugget of fact, It is only in Japan that they wear a mask to avoid spreading sickness to others, in China and most other Asian cultures they wear a mask either to try to avoid the pollution in the air or to avoid getting sick from others. It’s more self preservation than social conscience.

  11. Jacob shared the best link yesterday. NZ Asian s$x workers are losing money as no one wants to pay to play at the moment given the virus. Hilarious!!!

    I’m sure even Reusa is taking a break from being the Kodak of Sydney.

  12. “no doubt because of fear and misinformation about the coronavirus.”

    Where’s the reporter asking “What misinformation?”

  13. “I live in Melbourne’s East. I visit Chadstone Shopping Centre and The Glen frequently. I can tell you first hand that it is Asian Australians staying away, not the so-called ‘racist’ ‘whites’. Terms which I would rather not use at all. Asian-Australians are also the ones wearing the face masks in public.”

    Me too and I totally agree

  14. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Given Box Hill, Glen Waverley, and I presume Chatwood are now too quiet for the Chinese merchants to exist in based on their cash only Chinese only business model, are they the Chinese now going to have to reverse their own racism and learn English and interact with the local Australian English Speaking largely European heritage population so they can keep their businesses afloat?

    Now that would be real irony

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Spot on, they’ll also have to install EFTPOS machines, start employing Australian staff at award rates and start paying tax. Reckon they’re up to the task?

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        More likely they would try to sell their businesses to the next incoming supposed business migrant Visa hopeful from China, although that isn’t going to be so easy anymore…

        I see plenty of Chinese restaurants for sale online right now.