International student lobby puts money before public health

The entitlement mentality runs strong across Australia’s international student lobby, which has lambasted Australia’s purported heavy-handed approach to preventing the coronavirus from infiltrating Australia:

The head of Australia’s peak foreign student body [the Council of International Students Australia]… Ahmed Ademoglu, who represents 700,000 international tertiary students in Australia, said they felt “exploited” and would discourage future students from enrolling here.

International students were aggrieved in particular by the detention of Chinese students in Australian airports and the block on Chinese student visas since the travel ban was introduced on February 1, according to Mr Ademoglu…

…it’s estimated the higher education sector could lose between $6 billion and $8 billion if Chinese students do not enrol for semester one. About 100,000 students remain stranded overseas.

Phil Honeywood, chair of the reputation taskforce appointed by Mr Tehan to manage the impact of coronavirus on the education sector, said he also raised concerns over the blocked visas on Wednesday.

“If you’ve got the opportunity to study in rival countries such as Canada and the UK, students will be more inclined to go there if the message is you can’t get your visa approved in the meantime,” Mr Honeywood said…

Eunice, a Chinese nursing student at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, said she found the China-wide travel ban, which will likely be extended beyond the start of semester, to be overzealous.

“I have been in Melbourne for six years, I have a life there. But after I see how the Australian government treats us I guess I won’t be staying in Melbourne after,” said Eunice, who did not want her last name published.

“I understand the Prime Minister wants to protect the residents in Australia. But there are many better ways to deal with the situation. And the Australian government chose the worst way”…

Mr Ademoglu also called for a practical, long-term plan to tackle the threat of racism and discrimination against Chinese students.

“We need to have more empathy in the wording we use, for example words like detention and quarantine,” he said.

Whilst it is disruptive to their plans, Australia cannot be blamed for coronovirus and the federal government must take all necessary steps to ensure it does not take hold here.

China mismanaged the early stages of this outbreak resulting in a global problem. Perhaps these students and lobbyists should be blaming the Chinese Government for the issue rather than another nation attempting to protect itself.

I would be furious if I, or a member of my family was struck down because the Australian Government failed in its duty to implement adequate quarantine so that universities and private schools could get their revenue. I am certain that if the situation was reversed the Chinese Government would do exactly the same, if not worse.

The people calling the shots here are Australia’s medical officers, and the end game here is to minimise illness and protect public health. That’s the right approach, even if it costs the economy in the short-term.

Education exports should not be our Government’s first priority, but rather the welfare of the Australian people. What would the additional costs – physical and financial – be of rampant contagion of the virus?

Besides, China started quarantining before Australia in recognition of the virus’ seriousness. Don’t blame Australia for following suit.

Leith van Onselen
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    • In central China’s Hubei province, officials said 242 people died on Wednesday, the biggest daily rise since the flu-like virus emerged in the provincial capital Wuhan in December.

      Total deaths in China are 1,367.

      The rise, following a forecast earlier this week by China’s senior medical adviser that the epidemic might end there by April, halted a global stocks rally. [MKTS/GLOB]

      But it appeared largely due to the change in methodology.

      They have a new methodology to determine if someone is dead????

  1. Would Eunice care to provide a better way to handle this Virus issue? Maybe Eunice could go back to China now & be stuck in one of the closed/shut provinces in China. See how she gets treated then? Pretty sure Eunice wouldn’t be so outspoken. It’s easy to shoot from the hips & criticise authorities over their handling of this virus but everyone is in the dark so they will be making decisions that in retrospect seem over the top. But FFS China was not exactly open & honest re this whole thing even before Xmas. Are we even confident that we are getting the truth now? Has WHO entered China yet & done some due diligence? So Eunice needs to take a chill pill or something else! Now I know I am now a racialist according to Pope Rudd… that’s another story. Hearing Rudd on the ABC pull the race card (even if he was trying to bash Dutton) was too much. Rudd needs to F.. Off.
    (Also just a minor point to LVO it is not just Uni’s & private schools who are lapping up the Chinese students it is very much our own public schools as well. Not even sure if they pay anything, but they do very much crowd them out in some jurisdictions).

    • Forrest GumpMEMBER

      Eunice is studying nursin..FOR 6 years. The irony of this does my bloody head in. She’s studying NURSING….A FUCKING MEDICAL profession and is unable to understand the critical dangers of spreading the virus…
      If I was her teacher: Eunice gets an epic FAIL AND DO NOT RE-SIT.

    • Rudd was a disgrace last night. According to him, any white person who cares about the health of Australia is racist. I can’t believe his attack on Dutton – I don’t like the majority of Dutton’s decisions, but Christmas Island and Darwin are the right things to do … but Rudd reckons he put them there because he is racist.

      So Mr Rudd, would it be ok to house them in your neighbourhood?

      • Rudd’s a man of extensive financial means, so could house many in his own homes.

        But while he’s a fake Lefty, he’s true to his ‘roots’ by calling on other people to bear the burden. Same as it ever was.

      • I also disagree with Spud on many/ most issues.
        On this he has made the correct decision, every effort must be made to keep Corona virus out of this country.
        Sure some people will be inconvienienced , others will lose income, but for once the greater good must prevail.

  2. “Ahmed Ademoglu, who represents 700,000 international tertiary students in Australia, said they felt “exploited” and would discourage future students from enrolling here.”
    Best thing I have read all day

    • Rather delusional of him to think that foreign students are not and should not be treated as cash cows.

    • I’ve offered to carry that shrill hipster’s bags to the airport for him. I’m sure he’s dying to get back the 3rd world hellhole he arrived from after enduring such terrible experiences here.

      • Hey hey hey. I thought the story was that these are not hellholles or, god forbid, bumfckistan , but ok countries where these people lead privileged existences.

        • Depends on which socio economic status these people fit into in those countries. If they are middle class, they do very well, because there is sh1t loads of cheap labour. The middle class (which is small) in these sh1tholes will often have maids, drivers, large homes, etc. I know several students who fit these demographics and they have since returned home because it is a far better life. Any issues with health or education in these sh1tholes is easily solved by traveling abroad, or sometimes high quality private alternative in the same country. Of course some of these people do need bolt-holes for very real reasons.

          It’s the low skilled, low socio-economic ones that may not return, but even if they don’t they often want too because it is still a better life for them in their original country, but if they go back they will lose face, and that is unacceptable apparently.

    • This isn’t time to make idle threats Ahmed. You need to get the discouraging word out to future students from enrolling here.
      I’ll warm the popcorn.

  3. Why has Eunice taken six years to do a nursing degree? How long is Eunice planning to be a student in Australia? As an aspiring health care professional, how does Eunice think quarantine should be approached for an infectious disease like Coronavirus?

    I would like to hear more from Eunice.

  4. News at six “Lobby group represents narrow interests it has been set up to represent and ignores all other issues.”
    Also, “bear seen shitting in woods, and Pope has been rumoured as catholic.

  5. As chair of the reputation taskforce, Phil Honeywood should do some further outraged interviews so that his masters can see they’re getting their money’s worth.

  6. Gee, youse guys are so mean about Eunice. Spare a thought for Krusading Kristina, for once in her life unable to speak out on behalf of global migrant visa justice. Or could she?

  7. Anyone notice how the photo in the article has Eunice in Sydney?

    Unless Melbourne now has a bridge that resembles the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it appears Eunice’s provocative photo is either from her domestic travel or a profile shot from her side job.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      She’s great at her side job, I can tell ya! (Gawd she looks hawt, couldn’t control myself)

      • THAT is your type, Reusa?

        I’m surprised that you’d be into that.

        Flat ass, square waist/no hips and scrawny chicken legs?

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    They have a right to complain because they know that this supreme media hype virus is the biggest #fakenews and #alternativefacts scam since Y2K (but not as big as climate change yet) !!!

  9. everyone in Australia puts personal financial interests before any public good – we surpassed Americans known for this kind of thinking

      • The party we need is the party for Australia and Australians.

        It probably doesn’t exist yet, and probably won’t exist until it’s all too late.

        We are doomed. Labor have destroyed us.

  10. Also looking at the comments in the Age, they ain’t that sympathetic to ole Ahmed and Eunice.

  11. Man this guy is good at this sh1t..
    “Reuters reports that Donald Trump has praised China over its handling of the outbreak, adding that the United States was working closely with Beijing.
    “I think they’ve handled it professionally, and I think they’re extremely capable,” Trump, who has previously been at loggerheads with the Chinese authorities over trade issues, said in a podcast broadcast on iHeart Radio on Thursday.
    In January, the US had angered China by banning foreign nationals who had recently visited the country.”

    Decisively close the borders but in return, stoke CCP’s ego by publicly praising them. Exactly what is required to protect your citizens and work your way out of being called a racist. I think even Aussie kowtowing politicians are looking worse than Trump right now.
    Trump is absolutely in for another term for sure. If Dems come to their senses and pick Sanders they might give him a run for his money, but I don’t know that Sanders has in him to be two-faced like Trump to weasel his way through odd spots like this…

  12. I’m fine with it being opened back up with the stipulation that the students have to live in these spruikers homes. Surely they wouldn’t object.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Quite right, could anyone help me with the residential addresses of Kevin Rudd, Phil Honeywood, Gladys Liu and Ahmed Superglue? I’d like to set them up as AirBnBs with a half price offer to recently arrived Chinese students.

  13. Unless the gov increases the time a person has been outside of China to 24 days before entry into Australia we will be imprint enough numbers of infected people to be making a difference. Now that Chinese scientistshave said the incubation period is up to 24 days, not 14, we will be getting new spreaders of the virus. I wantto knows when the chief medicalofficer will change our quarantine to 24 days. I look forward to interpretations of that change too

  14. Less overseas students means an opportunity for Universities to elevate their academic standards from the the current “pass anyone from overseas or they’ll won’t come” and a lowering of Migration fraud as there are less students gaming the system to get PR….win win situation I’d say.

    • So, you’re saying that while the foreigners aren’t here (this semester), the local kids should suffer by having their papers marked more harshly and failing subjects?