Immigration spruiker bemoans jobless elderly she put out of work

Cognitive dissonance certainly runs strongly through the veins of the ANU’s Dr Liz Allen (“Dr Demography”), who has spent years vigorously promoting/defending Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy. Hilariously, Allen is now complaining that older Australians are unable to find jobs:

“I see lots of women in their mid-40s who take redundancies that look financially attractive but they are unable to get back into the workforce,” said Liz Allen, a demographer with the Australian National University.

“To be treated as too old at 45 is extraordinary. The population is ageing, but we are effectively discriminating against ourselves.”

Dr Allen added: “There are laws against age discrimination, but it is happening anyway”…

“It’s a peculiar situation. We are going to need as many people contributing to income tax as possible, so we need to find ways to keep people in the workforce longer,” Dr Allen said.

Gee Liz, have you ever stopped to wonder why this may be the case? I mean, why would an Australian employer hire an older person when they can easily ‘grab’ a young cheap migrant?

Consider the research from your mentor and fellow ‘Big Australia’ booster, Professor Peter McDonald. It shows that young migrants took 83% of jobs created between 2011 and 2016:

From July 2011 to July 2016, employment in Australia increased by 738,800. Immigrants accounted for 613,400 of the total increase…

Migration has had a very large effect on the age structure of employment with most new immigrant workers (595,300) being under 55 years.

In a world of rapidly expanding automation, growing the workforce through mass immigration will create unemployment and wage stagnation, as Australia is currently discovering.

Australia will never achieve ‘full employment’ or solid wage growth while it continues to import migrant workers in bulk.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. No, Liz isn’t complaining about older Australians who can’t find jerbs. She’s fretting over middle aged women who won’t have a never ending lick of the public service largess. Anyone else can burn in a bonfire.

    • The absolute definition of F you, I got mine. Basically if its not a problem for her and people she hangs out with (People Like Us), could not give less of a rats.

      Luckily, life has a way of kicking people with such delusions in the rear. Excellent. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

      Learn to code!

    • It is a variation of smashing the middle aged white male patriarchy (especially the ABC) and embracing the diversity of replacing said white men with white women.

    • Corrupt or stupid?

      Impossible to tell.

      Some say “job guarantee”. Adam Bandt says “green new deal”. WTF? Will he ban vibrants from taking 83% of the jobs in his “green new deal”?

      • No one should ever take anything the Greens say seriously. Ever.

        Remember way back when they were an environmental party? Bob Brown and the Franklin? They were great then.

        Greens are now a globalist, anti Australian, anti Australia, anti environment party.

        Probably the worst party young Australians could vote for.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I find old people to be out of steam in the workforce with the decline starting at 40. I will always hire a freshly imported human capital over, well, anyone else really because they are cheap and easily coerced. The older a local gets the more issues they seem to have especially the women ones. I wonder how many of them even function socially.

  3. “I see lots of women in their mid-40s who take redundancies that look financially attractive but they are unable to get back into the workforce,”

    I saw this too, in the public service. They are unable to get back into the workforce because they are useless, bitter and have inflated delusions about how much they are worth in relation to salary. Oh, and there’s also an endless conga line of “new Australians” ready and willing to do her job for one APS pay rung less.

    • Such attitudes are also mirrored; particularly by single and divorced women, in their attitudes towards Australian men.

      They are unable to get back into a relationship/marriage because they are useless, bitter and have inflated delusions about how much they are worth in relation to Australian men.

      Fixed it for you.

      • You forgot fat, a high notch count/STI’s with no ability to pair bond, and never mind how to mother anything beyond a cat.

        In addition to popcorn, your fund is also long catfood, wine and anti-depressants.

        • Once the female notch count goes past a certain point (and it can vary woman to woman) the pair-bond instinct is all but killed.
          Tinder/Bumble is partly to blame for destroying Australian women … or maybe they destroyed Tinder/Bumble.
          The MGTOW movement (use your Google-Fu) is not a thing for nothing.
          In the next 10-15 years, I expect that the marriage rate and fertility rate among Australian born men/women to plummet.
          Of course, it will all be blamed on men.

  4. Have you guys seen the response to UKs unskilled and non-English policy? Millions of borders are racialist and fascist tweets. Outrage that “nurses are unskilled because they’re below the salary cap” what a nonsense fallacy. Maybe they’d be paid more if immigration was tightened? Geez. Thankfully, Reddit is more level-headed.

  5. Take said payout and purchase electric bicycle and some spare batteries. Begin your new career as a food logistics professional.

    I really don’t see the issue here?

        • From Dr Demography’s ANU site it mentions that:

          Liz is a national council member of the Australian Population Association.
          Liz was Vice President of Australian Population Association 2012-16.
          Liz was Secretary of the Australian Population Association 2008-12.

          And just what was her PhD thesis topic that qualified her for such a role? Here it is:

          “Child’s play: Individual, family and neighbourhood contributions to child overweight and obesity in Australia”

          ’cause demography is all about fat kids – not a lot of people know this. This qualifies to Dr Allen to be an expert on mass immigration and the cultural, social, environmental and economic impacts and just about anything else.

          President of the “Australian Population Council” just happens to be: A/Prof Ann Evans who just happened to be the examiner of Liz Allen’s thesis on fat kids. Just saying….it’s a small ANU world isn’t it?

          • Thanks Clive. Beat me to it. I always like to point out her so-called qualifications.

            If ever there was an Appeal to Irrelevant Authority, this person using her silly PhD as a basis for discussing immigration would be it.

          • Yes, but what really matters is that the ABC (that well known academic institution) decided that Dr Liz was one of the top-5 humanities researchers:


            In doing so the ABC decided that it was a small thing that demography is actually the ‘science’ of populations. Rather concerning if they make the same mistake and interview poets on the implications of climate change.

            The national broadcaster then turned Dr Liz into the go-to person for everything to do with population, including the incredibly biased 4 Corners program on Big Australia:


            After interviewing Dr Liz as the Australian demography giant, the ABC set about interviewing all the population spruikers she associates with either on (current and past ANU staff: Smiley McDonald) or in flaky industry-funded lobby groups dressed up as humanitarian concerns (Innes Willox aka Anus Bollox) and Scanlon-funded concerns.

            I mean, how on earth do you seek Dr Allen’s “expert” advice, then swing seamlessly to Scottish Immigrant, ex-Age journalist (Bollox) who worked with Jeff Kennett and Alexander Downer as another “expert”? The guy is a shoe-shining lobbyist clown who works for the same Big End of Town driving the mass immigration agenda. It could not be more clear.

            So who produced this 4-Corners programme and who in the ABC decided that they would reinvent the arts as a science, give out awards for research excellence and then do the Scanlon Foundations work for them? And give Dick Smith about 30 seconds – and the dick. They obviously did not balance any of the vast number of ecologists, environmentalists and actual demographers who disagree with the Scanlon Foundations scandalous agenda.


            The ABCs betrayal over the population issue was so blatant that afterwards I could no longer maintain that the national broadcaster was reasonably balanced. I’d tried hard not to come to this conclusion previously, but after the PR job the ABC did on Big Australia it was hard not to conclude that they are blatantly biased and captured – but on what level?

          • Outstanding Clive.

            By that logic, my thesis topic (animation) qualifies me to be an expert on nuclear power. If only my thesis supervisor could score me a plum gig with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

          • Ubietz – I suggest that you seek to have the ABC anoint you as one of the top-5 nuclear physics researchers for this year. You may have to undergo a sex change or self-identify as a minority, but give it a go. A twitter address as Dr Radiation is the next move. It would also help if you had a rags-to-riches sob story. May I suggest that you were an orphan after the Chernobyl incident, raised by radioactive wolves and rescued by persecuted trans-gypsies who taught you your love of animation?

            I’ll defend your right to your own lived experience, in fact, I’m already starting to believe that this is who you are.

          • People are impressed by PhDs .. even today.

            My aunt, who has a PhD, dismissed them as meaningless.

    • Good point – the deliveroo gig would give her the benefit of regular exercise while on the job, and flexible working hours, good for fitting in child-bearing commitments. win win #win #Demographer #Straya

  6. Growing the workforce through mass immigration has also grown the numbers that are underemployed. This has kicked up recently to 8.5% or 1,150,000. It’s especially severe for those over 40. The labour participation rate is 66%. Every third person is currently out of the work force.

    Go Australia.

  7. Have they ever been seen in the same room?

    Does Dr Liz have an inexplicable predilection for ping pong?

    So many questions.

  8. Pointed this entire argument to a mate the other day. He blew up and called me a Nazi wanting to create an Aryan nation.

  9. The young migrant worker also more likely to be a compliant Yes man, so much easier for inept Australian management.