End of China travel ban one week away

So says The Australian:

New health advice to the federal government has raised the hopes of nearly 100,000 Chinese students stranded outside of Australia that the coronavirus travel ban will soon be relaxed.

The official expert health advisory group has told the government it can consider easing the travel ban on Chinese students in one week’s time if coronavirus case numbers in China, outside Hubei province, do not show a “material increase”.

“There is a case for government to consider, at that time, a temporary relaxation of the travel restrictions to allow entry to a larger number of tertiary students,” the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee said.

But if students are allowed in they would “need to agree to self-isolation in Australia and universities would need to make arrangements to support student self-isolation”, the expert committee said.

I assume that this is some kind of joke with a punch line about political suicide but you never know.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Extraordinary timing. Just as things are taking a turn for the worse.

    The political elites must be getting extremely worried about the damage to the economy.

    Just spoke to a migration agent mate who says tourist and visitor visa have dropped off a cliff. No one is coming, were his words.

    Hot off the press: In the meanwhile a large business in Victoria is under threat from the Govt with having their sponsorship rights revoked after being found to be gaming the visa system – underpaying staff, having skilled visa holders do menial work like cleaning etc. (Story courtesy of the above mate). Easier to count those firms NOT involved in visa rorts.

    • same business as someone else flagged yesterday that outbid carparking services?
      Edit: Nvm just saw the ‘cleaning’ part. So that means another business, yikes!

      • Consumer products biz. I can’t say more – could be in the press soon. The CEO has gone off the deep end apparently blaming everyone but himself. Quelle surprise!

          • Actually we have a staff of 6 permanent cleaners at our work (aquatic centre). They work during the day time and we get contract night cleaners in (all migrants from when I see them come in at close). The permanent staff cleaners are 3 male, 3 female. All are Aussie citizens. One male is a pommy migrant, and one female is an Indian migrant, the other were born here and they’re all Anglo. They do still exist.

          • Wuhan City Blues

            @Popocod: that could make for interesting in-pool relations on the night shift. Don’t tell Reusa!!

  2. Australias Uni’s will be ground zero for coronavirus. If they do this and it becomes an outbreak, this might get racially ugly. Of course we will then be blamed for being xenophobic so the VC’s can continue to suck out their ridiculous salaries.

    • Of all countries, India should be sh1tting themselves the most. If it takes a hold in that overcrowded place, it will be game over as it overwhelms their healthcare system in a matter of days.

  3. 100,000 …………..plus the tourists………………. plus those who just want to get out for a while … to check on their investment properties of course

  4. Another STI to add to the list:
    Scotty Transmitted Infection

    About time for the nation to take a collective sickie

    How many severe cases would be enough to overwhelm our ICU capacity?

  5. And how exactly do you enforce this self isolation. If these walking incubators of death need to stay isolated for two weeks on arrival the surely that means they should transition via Christmas island infection camps or better still keep the ban. If one person dies after the ban is lifted bi would sue the government .

    • blindjusticeMEMBER

      If you are a Chinese student and healthy you might think to stay away from airports right?
      unless you think you are definitely going to get it at home, in which case its worse than reported and numbers are not going down

      if you are a Chinese student and have just been exposed to someone while Australia has the doors open then you are incentivised to get over here for the *at the moment not overwhelmed* health system

      Time to stock up, hey!

      • Exactly, this is an escape plan for infected individuals looking to game our health system for care, it’s clearly obvious they can’t treat all these infected people over there which is why the death toll is so high.

      • Yep pop a few pills lower your temp and you’re in! Or just a young asymptomatic student, lets hope they pass it to an old vice chancellor or two, call it poetic justice.

        Imagine if it did breakout in Australia & all the companies in Australia sued the government for compensation! Poor Josh would saint himself as his surplus turned into a forever deficit!

    • 1000’s of students are going to self quarantine for 2wks! LOL! Never going to happen especially as they need food & have jobs they won’t want to lose to some fresher from Nepal, let alone going out to checkout the new honeys on campus!

    • I’m sure people will be super, super, super altruistic, and diligently isolate themselves for 14….no….21 days, due to their overwhelming sense of doing the right thing…

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Scotty from Marketing has told us that ministers make decisions – bureaucrats etc are just there to implement them. Scotty knows best – his god has his back.

    • Scummo’s advisors/owners are:
      – Harry triguboff
      – The property council
      – The banks
      – The minerals council

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Yep. Until China relaxes it’s own embargoes and restrictions, there is no case for us doing likewise

  6. My guess is that Korea, Iran, Japan and Singapore are going to be pretty spectacular in a week.
    Thank Goodness Indo is safe and sterile.

  7. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    wouldn’t todays uptick in cases outside of Hubei kinda make this look like a stupid thing to announce,

    • My email to Scott Morrison’s contact form ended with:
      “Please go back to Hawaii. We are better off without you.”

  8. I say let them in. Once this virus ravages across the country, the economy would freeze up entirely, like in Wuhan. Shops won’t even have locals around. Can’t wait to see that.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      From what I understand (and have heard from folks who work there), many of the retail shopping malls (at least in Melbourne) are down on foot traffic – circa 30% or more. And things here are fairly benign right now.

      • I think this was going to happen after Christmas anyway… households are stuffed.

        Coronavirus unfairly getting the blame.

        • Yep, if it weren’t for the bushfires, floods and now the virus, our economy would be freakin’ awesome!!

          See? No need for fundamental change – we’re basically OK, except for external forces. We’ll just keep doing the same old thing once it all blows over…. 🙁

        • Jumping jack flash

          Food prices up 1.4% or something like that… I’m sure wages aren’t up that much.. if at all.

  9. Things could easily change in a week, with an extension possible.

    No definition in material increase makes it all quite muddy.

    I hope you city folks have water, food and P2s. Maybe some whhhhacking sticks.

  10. Most seem to be focusing their attention on one part of the equation. Granted, Chinese students are as much as a 25% of the overall student population, but what about the remaining 75%? Might a significant portion of them postpone their studies to avoid ground zero? In which case the the universities are stung anyway?

    I’m currently a postgraduate student at Sydney University. Before the travel ban I was seriously considering deferring for a semester. If the powers that be decide that a special student exemption is warranted than I’ll certainly be considering it again. I couldn’t possibly be alone.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Hey, c’mon here. How do you expect the infected to do their group assignments if you ungrateful local kiddies defer?

      You’re a traitor to Scummo’s Australia!

        • I’d be insisting on electronic submissions for intelligible assignments. Coronavirus can’t be transmitted electronically right?

      • Isn’t it the case that whilst there are more locals by count, from a VCs perspective you don’t count students you count $$s meaning a local boycott is not really an issue?

        • I *think* the uni gets the same cash regardless? It’s just a matter who bares the cost, in the case of local students (with a “government supported place”) they’re subsided and the feds make up the difference, whereas for international students they have pay full freight themselves (net of $1,500 relocation costs at UWS ofcourse).

            Locals = not much money
            Internationals = much more money.
            Why do you think they are doing this!

    • – My son is doing Medicine at University of Queensland
      – 90% of his fellow students are chinese – either local or from the motherland
      – If the gates open he will be deferring for sure.

    • The Aussie students aren’t alone. My Chinese students are adamant that the ban stays in place. So some of them may even defer. And guess what? I won’t be using myself as a guinea pig whilst the Australian govt decides to “test” the situation out. Back to high schools for me.

    • They don’t buy flats from Harry Triguboff or pay rent to live in his towers. They are irrelevant.

  11. Even though I don’t agree with much of the hysteria I have seen here in past weeks that basically thought this virus was the second coming of the black plague, this does seem premature, given that the Chinese government and associated bodies aren’t known for their transparency and honesty.

  12. The Japanese and Koreans are losing control now and we’re going to open the borders?! What a bunch of imbeciles, screw the universities, they should be content teaching Australians, bloody ridiculous.

    • they were content teaching (mostly) Australians. Untill successive LNP governments de-funded them and forced them to adopt for-profit business models, even though their entire operating model and core reason for existence were based upon a ‘contribution to society/civilization’ model.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Wonder if our travel ban will be extended to Japan and Korea if they have another week of growth in cases.

    • The unis losses will be massively dwarfed by the nation economic loss if the virus takes hold. That is on top of the coming supply chain shock. Politicians are utterly clueless.

  13. The late great Richard Carlton from his grave might commence a retrospective interview with the CMO (or Morrison for that matter) with:

    could I ask you whether you feel a little embarrassed tonight at the blood that’s on your hands

    China is renowned for fake data. We don’t need to buy into it.

    • It is the squeeze he is getting from the “Donorowners” that is forcing his hand, ask Reusa, he’ll tell you.

  14. This govt is absolutely sick and I hope it sweeps through all the right places, virus’s don’t discriminate. The only way to truly not catch it is go in full isolation for a good number of months which is very difficult to do even for politicians, university deans and the wealthy.

    • Yes, we need Scummo out there forcefully shaking hands with Chinese students as they come in the airports. Dan Andrews can kiss each one too as they enter the arrival hall.

  15. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    It won’t open next week. SCOMO cares slightly more about being in power than the Chinese dollar that him being a Chinese/property lobby shill provides.

  16. Loitering term in early to spread her virus might bye a great way to raise stamp duty, as it hits the old hardest there would be lots of forced home sales & lovely stamp duties, not thou mention commissions for estate agents etc

  17. Fortunately a lot happens in a week with this virus. The panic will arrive by then as we will have many more major outbreaks around the planet. I think the importance of foreign students is about to go down a few notches for a while.

  18. Is China lying about the number of cases? Absolutely.

    Our government is gullible, greedy and feckless.

    • BoomToBustMEMBER

      Gullible is the incorrect way to think about this, they know exactly what they are doing, this is no mistake. All governments are working cooperatively to ensure the same story is spread globally and to get global trade running again no matter the human cost. For the greater good of course.

  19. Scotty: We can’t let people in until the infection is under control.
    China: We have the infection under control.
    Scotty: Wow that’s great. What people did you use to do that? Doctor’s? Nurses? Viral researchers?
    China: No. The same people who do our GDP.
    Scotty: Sounds good to me. “Open the floodgates!”

  20. The ban isn’t going to be lifted.

    It will be incrementally extended as it increasingly becomes clear that is the correct thing t do. There are too many powerful figures (domestic and international) who would become outraged if the government imposed an indefinite ban. But no one can reasonably object to a government acting prudently and giving things another week while “monitoring developments and obtaining a clearer picture …..”.

    • ‘The right thing to do’?? What planet do you live on? Have you observed nothing about how Scott Morrison or this government behaves?

      When Australians were dying in bushfires did Scott Morrison do they right thing’? No, he went of a fvkn holiday to Hawaii.

      That should tell you about Scott Morrison.

    • Agree Steve.Be very surprised if lifted.One week is a long time with this problem and things are getting worse(following the normal course for a pandemic)

  21. “The number of new coronavirus cases may be dropping in China, but a health expert has made a grim discovery about some patients who have recovered….. recovered patients showed traces of the virus through nucleic acid tests.
    There were also results in Canada where swabs taken from two people who had recovered revealed they still had traces of the virus…This is dangerous. Where do you put these patients? You can’t send them home because they might infect others, but you can’t put them in hospital as resources are stretched,”

    • Researchers also say that the quarantine period may be much longer. Also there is no effective and speedy test for the virus. Those that are ruining this country are f–king imbeciles and would be directly culpable if people die from the virus.