Australian dollar set for scorching as bonds fuel rocket

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Macro Afternoon

The Australian dollar has crawled out of the mire for a bit:

But bond yields are right at record low yields and with the RBA getting the shove the AUD may be headed into another scorching:

XJO hasn’t yet completed ts double top but it awfully ominous:

Iron ore is beginning to break down as Chinese activity rises from the pit. Local mines re-opening?

Big Iron is down. That head and shoulders FMG set up makes me giggle hysterically:

Big Gas is buring again. Good:

Big Gold is a useless swamp thing:

Big Banks do not look well. If credit markets stay frozen…

Big Realty entering the vortex:

The the whole pretty satisfying as the leading edge of sanity retruns.

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    • A2,
      Be very careful on 10 year
      I think it’s the next bubble after ASX
      I’m just saying….anyway you’ve done well, I got out at 1.15% good call

      • Thanks bcnich, yes I’m getting an itchy sell trigger finger. Sold half late last year at 0.89. Still holding the other half. I bought them mid March 2019 so just want to hold for two more weeks to get the CGT discount…!

    • they’ve got a lot further to go up

      At a time of maximum stress in credit markets, aus gov bonds are going up

      This basically blows bcnich and dominic’s ideas out of the water

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      That was the second best thing I read today, best was:

      But bond yields are right at record low yields