Sydney’s water savings swallowed by population ponzi

With Sydney’s water storages plummeting at an unprecedented rate, hitting just 43.0%:

Another plummeting water storage article has appeared in The SMH:

Since the drought started to bite around the Sydney region about 33 months ago, 281 billion litres have flowed into Sydney’s biggest dam at Warragamba. The tally is less than half the previous lowest level for a similar period during 1939-41 at 628 billion litres, WaterNSW figures show.

The Upper Nepean catchment, which accounts for most of the rest of Sydney’s storage, counted inflows of 109 billion litres compared with 178 billion litres during that comparable 1939-41 stint…

Greater Sydney’s water use for the financial year to the end of last June was about 568 billion litres, down from 600 billion a year earlier, Sydney Water said.

That total compared with 640 billion litres used in the 2002-03 year, showing water consumption has dropped even as the city’s population has grown by about a quarter since then.

During 2019, Sydney’s average water use was 1.585 billion litres a day, slightly lower than the 1.588 billion litres used a year earlier and well below the 1.744 billion litres usage in 2017…

“The community has responded well to restrictions, which, coupled with a public awareness campaign has resulted in an average 10.2 per cent reduction in water consumption,” the spokeswoman said.

“However, there is no room for complacency. If everyone makes a few small changes to how they use water, we’ll collectively make a big difference.”

Sydney’s population has grown by around 1.3 million people (36%) since the Sydney Olympics, and it is projected to grow by another 4.5 million people over the next 48 years – all due to mass immigration:

Perhaps Premier Gladys Berejiklian should give Scott Morrison a call and tell him to turn off the people tap. That’s the best water-saving solution.

When we’re running short of one of life’s essentials, importing 1500-plus more people into Sydney each week who need this precious resource is plain idiocy.

Leith van Onselen


  1. This is Straya. Idiots r us.

    It should be becoming clear to even the most obtuse that this country is rooted. However there will still be loads and loads of desperate and deluded people overseas who will still happily come here to try their luck so don’t expect that river of folks to disappear in drought like conditions

  2. Our venal politicians are excelling themselves when it comes to the destruction of the economy. Issues with water, emissions, congestion, etc.

  3. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    i wonder if immigration will become self limiting to an extent, based on what has happened this summer
    or is the worst air quality in the world on some days, a good price to pay?

    • I don’t think so. I’ve been starting to ponder this topic using insight i gained during my time in China but while my gut instinct of hope is that people will stop coming, what little I’ve managed to reflect on makes me think until we achieve a manifestly undeniable poor living standard people will not stop voluntarily migrating here. I might post something later on weekend links when I develop my ideas further

    • Flammable Cladding

      Those with education and options will look elsewhere (Canadia) but all it means is that we will get lower quality migrants.

      There are literally millions of 20-36 year old single Indian males (Scummo’s #1 target group) for whom PR in Australia and delivering food on a bicycle and living 8 to a room in Wentworthville or Harris Park is an excellent deal even with the bushfire smoke.

      No, they won’t stop coming and Scummo cannot afford to stop bringing them, even when the crash happens.

      I think the writing is on the wall, and everyone here would be well advised to think through their options for the medium to long term.

      As much as it pains me to say it, Australia’s best years are behind her and it is naive in the extreme to think that things will ever be close to the way they were.

      • ScoMo’s #1 target are also going to Canada. You joining them will make things worse … for the Canadians

      • Canada is also destroying itself through mass immigration.

        I would argue that Europe is a better prospect long term.

        In any case, it is truly sad to watch Australia go down the gurgler fast. It didn’t have to be this way.

  4. “..That total compared with 640 billion litres used in the 2002-03 year, showing water consumption has dropped even as the city’s population has grown by about a quarter since then…”

    The bit the SMH article did not highlight was that shortly after 2002-2003 during the last drought water consumption per person dropped dramatically and kept falling. From about 425 L per person per day to less than 300 L per day and even lower now.

    But instead of those water savings reducing pressure on the Sydney catchment all those savings were consumed by population growth and as a result total consumption is only a little lower than it was in 2002/2003 before the last drought.

    Somehow the SMH seem to think it has been a great achievement that we have managed to maintain total consumption at levels prior to the last extended drought. No doubt they see no problem in increasing Sydney’s dependence on energy hungry water manufacturing so that we can continue pumping the population of Sydney towards 10 million.

    But then pointing that out is hardly going to please their Big Sydney development crazy business advertisers.

    Why anybody would bother conserving water if they can afford to use it is the only mystery as it is clear that if you do not use it the Big Australia crowd will import someone who will.

    • The number 1 reason why those averages have dropped per person is……
      Smaller land size per household. Smaller lawns or if your in an apartment, no lawns.

  5. If they double the price of water, then consumption will halve. And therefore it costs everyone nothing – no additional $$.
    Problem solved.

    My inlaws have a novel solution as follows:
    1. Bath instead of shower.
    2. Bath only 3 times per week.
    3. Always share a bath.
    4. Get buckets and fill with used bath water for flushing toilet.
    5. Remaining water is used on the garden.
    6. Garden already has 10,000 litre rain tank for when it rains.

    • Water is crazy cheap. Quadruple the price so those with money can keep using it and the rest tighten is where it’s heading.

      Watch how this unfolds. You’ll have to register the people live in your house and if you use more than xyz, you’ll pay.

    • Great, so I have to live like a third worlder, just so we can keep importing more people from the third world?

      • Spot on. That is where it is headed and the pure of heart and mind will embrace it and step off their pedestal of white privilege.

    • Sustainable who?
      Those people are better left to their BBQ debates.
      There is only one man in NSW Parliament who may or may not do something about this – Mark Latham.
      It would be interesting to see what he does, if I were him I’m be forming an unholy alliance with some of the minor parties and putting the $2 billion of Sydney Water dividends on the debate and legislation passage table and insist this money goes towards water collection investment for Sydney and does not go to NSW Treasury. A $2 billion dollar black hole in the states budget may make some NSW Lib’s to look around to pass the blame for this shortfall to someone else and the policies affecting water shortages – Scomo.

      • Yes, like that, but in Parliament, in the media, in rallies, at the beach, in the mall, via mail drops and word of mouth, on the side of their bus.

        A more succinct message is….”CORRUPTION!!!!!”

  6. I hear the mid north coast of NSW is shifting to category 4 water restrictions this week. The highest on the present scale, and, if they don’t get significant rain in the next 3 months it’s predicted they’ll run out.

    Showers at beaches are already turned off. Typical politicians knee jerk. People will instead go home and have a ten minute shower instead of the 30 second beach shower.

    Local, state and federal. We’re run by morons.

    Well done Labor.

  7. LEVEL 5 restrictions (The highest restrictions) in many places in NSW started at 160L/per person per day.
    So for a home of 4 people (2 kids and 2 adults) thats 640L/day.
    That’s way above normal essential use. We are not taking this seriously.
    So for 4 people:
    Drinking = 8L
    Cooking = 4L
    Clothes washing = 80L
    Dishwasher= 12L
    Shower 7.5l/min x5 min / pp = 150L
    Toilet = 100L
    TOTAL = 354L
    That leave 286L for other use like washing car or watering lawn etc…

    Tamworth, a town that only has 13% water left in one dam and 16% left in another has day zero right at its door.
    Their solution is a pipe line (not done yet) from Peel which only has 14% left. That might keep things going for another 12 months if that.

    Just like Cape Town, only miracle rain showers will save us because the people in charge are too dumb to grasp the problem before hand and have solutions already in place.

  8. I’m looking forward to the acceleration of real cause for stopping our ridiculous rates of population growth… I’ll flush the toilet three times to be sure to be sure and water the lawns with a fire hose 7 nights per week you BEAUTY. #straya #ponzi

  9. stanthorpe queensland just the next town that has run out today.
    5400 people with No water. Trucking it in.

    • To supply water to just 5400 people they need to truck water in from Connolly Dam.
      50 trucks will go back and forth every day on a 120km round trip.
      Connolly dam have only 25% left

      • Is that 50 truck trips per day going to help our quest for meeting the Paris agreement ? What are the environmental benefits of making these 50 truck movements per day…. all sounds as if we might have exceeded this lands carrying capacity in certain pockets!! the sooner the public wake up to this fact the sooner the government may face up to the science of carrying capacity,

        I’m still not convinced that the state-controlled media will explain the link between population levels and depletion of essential resources, but I have hope that eventually the people will get it regardless.

  10. Bull Hawk Bear Dove

    I want to highlight how stupid that article is. It says:

    During 2019, Sydney’s average water use was 1.585 billion litres a day.

    Then, talking about their WaterFix scheme:

    “These subsidised repairs are so far forecast to save Greater Sydney more than 190 million litres of water per year,”

    OK, so over a year, this will save Sydney Water about 10% of one day’s use! Who comes up with this? How much are the “subsided repairs” costing? And mentioning it like it isn’t a literal drop in the ocean, Jesus Christ.